Astral Pet Store Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Make Up

"Damn it?"

When the girl heard Ji Qiuyu's words, she suddenly resembled a cat stepping on her tail and screamed: "How can you talk like this, I just accidentally ate some sweets for it, who knows that it can't eat sweets, let's say no more No one was hurt. The person didnt speak. What can you do if you jump out?"

Ji Qiuyu didn't expect her to be so unreasonable that her face grew colder.

Other people around didn't even see it, and shouted to the girl: "Miss, if it wasn't for the nurturing girl's sister, your phantom red jiao dog will cause a big disaster and kill you!"

"That's right, if you can't manage your beast well, don't bring it out."

"Can I be a pet master if I don't understand anything?"

Faced with the accusations of everyone, the girl seemed to be a bit unpredictable. She couldn't hold her face, clenched her teeth, and looked at Ji Qiuyu in front of her fiercely. This was the "criminal culprit" that led her to such an embarrassing situation.

"Miss, Miss!"

At this moment, three figures suddenly ran out of the carriage, all in a black suit, headed by a sixty-year-old man, with half-white hair. When he saw the girl, the figure suddenly flickered and appeared in front of her.

After seeing the girl's wronged expression, the old man was startled and looked at her up and down quickly. When she saw that she was not injured, she was relieved, and then turned her head, her face became cold, and she looked at Ji Qiuyu in front of the girl.

"who are you?"

The old man suddenly exhaled an extremely deep murderous spirit, with a great sense of oppression, and looked directly at Ji Qiuyu with sharp eyes.

Ji Qiuyu's face changed slightly, a little pale, and he couldn't help but stepped back half a step.

At this moment, everyone else's face also changed suddenly, looking at the old man in horror. This mighty power was too strong. At this moment, the old man's body stood like an infinite height, standing like a giant in the eyes of everyone, and seemed to raise his hand. , You can crush all of them!

In the crowd, several tier 7 pet masters were watching with cold eyes. At the moment when the old man exuded coercion, his face was all changed.

This is... Master of the eighth order pet!

This looks like the old man of the bodyguard, actually a master!

These high-level war pet masters are all stunned, so that a master can be called a lady. What is the identity of this tricky girl?

Suddenly they were a little blessed.

After the old man exuded a strong momentum, all the other people around who had accused the girl were silent, and they dared not speak again.

Everyone sees that this old man is very difficult to mess with.

Such a terrible character calls the girl a young lady. Coupled with the girl's arrogant and arrogant appearance, most of them are the gold of a certain powerful force.

No one wants to cause trouble when going out.

Ji Qiuyu's tip of her nose penetrated with fine sweat beads. She was just a fourth-order war pet master. In front of the war pet master, it was already very difficult to stand up.

She gritted her teeth and looked straight at the old man, but her eyes were more fearless.

There was a trace of surprise in the old man's eyes. He saw that the girl was just a fourth-order war pet master, and he was able to withstand his momentum. Although he did not explode his full strength, even the general sixth-order war pet master had the momentum at his moment. In front of him, he would be trembling, and there was courage to look at him.

"Tell me, what did you do to our lady?"

The old man said indifferently.

Before Ji Qiuyu could speak, suddenly a sneer appeared.

"Great momentum!"

Everyone turned to look around.

I saw a single man in the back of the room, walking out of a plain old man, dressed in plain, with a sneer on his face at this moment, slowly taking a step, the next moment, his body appeared like a phantom, and he appeared in front of Ji Qiuyu in an instant. Feeling close to the horizon

At the same time, a tremendous momentum broke out from him.

Another master of war pets!

Several high-level pet masters in the corner were surprised.

Unexpectedly, this girl was accompanied by master-level characters.

The other people were shocked. In their eyes, the old man with a gigantic face was as tall and huge at the moment, and he stood in court with the old man in a black suit without losing.

The old man in the black suit had a slight discoloration on his face, but I didn't expect that there was a master of pets behind this girl.

"Indulge evil dogs to hurt people, and want to use force to attack, you are really awe-inspiring!" The old man of He Fa Tong Yan sneered.

With his appearance, Ji Qiuyu's pressure suddenly lightened, like a huge protective umbrella enveloped her. She relieved and turned to the old man around her: "Grandpa, how did you come out."

"If I don't come out again, someone will bully my granddaughter of Ji Zhantang." The old man smiled lightly.

Hearing their words, the old man in a suit frowned slightly, and he said: "You misunderstood, my husband, as a master of war pets, would not be able to shoot a junior."

Ji Zhantang sneered, but he did not do it, but it was already very polite to press people with his momentum!

"Old man, I just want to know, what did you do to my lady?" The old man in a suit sneered. Although the other party is also a master of pets, here is Longjiang Station after all, and Longjiang is their place. If you really want to get started , He is 90% sure that he will leave both his grandfather and grandson!

"What did you do, you don't know if you asked your young lady?" Ji Zhantang sneered.

"Yellow Butler, they just bullied me..."

As soon as Ji Zhantang's voice fell, the girl next to him seemed to react and immediately complained to the old man in the suit.

As soon as these words came out, the old man in a suit changed his face.

If the young lady was humiliated, it was his gross negligence.

When Ji Qiuyu heard the girls words, she looked cold and said, "Its clear that your pet is out of control and almost hurt your life. Who bullied you!"

"You!" The girl glared at her.

Out of control? When the old man in the suit heard them, he glanced at the phantom red cat at the feet of the girl, and suddenly guessed something. This was not the first time that someone had bitten off his legs, but they were calmed down by their money. Is it possible to repeat the old things here?

This time, the opponent had a master of war pets sitting in town. He couldn't help being unreasonable. He looked around and found two people who looked more timid and let them come over.

The two of them were suddenly named, a little frightened, but walked past daringly.

The old man in the suit put away the might and asked them the process of the matter with Yan Yue.

The two were trembling, but still said one by one.

What the two said is basically the same.

The old man in a suit soon realized that there was something wrong in his heart, and it was indeed that they took the lead.

From the words of the two, the old man in the suit also knows that the girl in front of him is a trainer, so young but able to subdue the mad phantom red jiao dog at once, it can be seen that the talent is extremely high, and there is no shot against their young lady, it is nothing. During the holiday season, he has no reason to find the other party.

At this time, it was a test of his ability to be a butler.

Not only the combat strength, but also the skills of speaking.

Admitting mistakes directly will undoubtedly embarrass them.

If you refuse to admit your mistakes, it will be unreasonable.

"It was this little brother who was just startled, right?"

The old man in the suit directly ignored the grandson and grandson Ji Zhantang in front of him, and directly found the victim of the incident. He did this by deliberately giving the grandson and grandson a little color, meaning that others were the victims. Gossip?


Su Ping did not adapt to this description, saying: "It's true."

Hearing Su Ping's answer, the old man in a suit raised his eyebrows slightly, glanced at the suitcase on Su Ping's back, and the dress on his body. With his perennial entry and exit from the circle of high society, he could see at a glance from the vision of many famous brands such as family treasure. From head to toe, the young man spreads his goods.

The whole body adds up, it is estimated that no more than three hundred dollars.

Such a person can also run to a single room in a carriage with a fare of more than 100,000 yuan. He can't understand it. Could it be that he sold his ancestral house and was about to move out?

Without thinking much, he reached into his arms and took out a stack of stars.

As a servant, this is what he used to carry, and used to wipe the buttocks for his lady.

"This is 10,000 star coins, which can be regarded as compensation for you." The old man in the suit handed the money to Su Ping, like a beggar.

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