Astral Pet Store Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Attacked

Hearing the old man's words, everyone looked at Su Ping, and when they saw Su Ping's shabby dress, they were a little surprised.

Several of them secretly envy Su Ping. Although this guy was unlucky, he was almost attacked by the mad phantom red jiao dog, but the result was good, and the injury was not hurt. Instead, he picked up ten thousand coins.

This 10,000 is not a small amount, which is worth the monthly salary of the average white-collar worker. For the shabby young man in front of him, it is an expensive compensation.

Both Ji Zhantang and Ji Qiuyu's grandson frowned slightly when they saw this scene, and they could all feel that the old man in the suit disdain them for their busy work.

Just as everyone thought, this young man accepted the money. At the end of this episode, this young man did not take the money, but said lightly: "The money is not necessary, and there is not much to do, but you, it should be good. Thanks to this young lady, if she didnt help, its mostly about seeing blood. This is not something you can solve if you lose some money."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned and stunned.

The smile on the face of the old man in a suit froze, looking at Su Ping in a daze, even if the boy didn't confiscate the money, actually the other way around... educate him?

Although the latter said the tone was calm, this calm tone made the old man in the suit hear strange and uncomfortable.

Still seeing blood?

Even if you are bitten to death, what can you do? The big deal is to sue, isn't it a loss in the end?

Could it be that 10,000 yuan is too small, want to lose more? !

The old man in a suit looks a little unattractive. Previously, Ji Zhantang dared to compete with him because the latter was on the same stage as him, but a shabby kid in front of him dared to talk to him like that, and he couldnt bear it. This made him tolerant. .

A faint coercion was accumulated between his eyes. The old man in a suit stared coldly at Su Ping. There seemed to be two giant mountains on his back. As he stared, he gradually moved from his back to the top of Su Ping's head. This is a great shock. He wants to let this young boy kneel down on the spot and bow his head to admit his mistake!

"Oh, an old bone, but also know the junior."

There was a light laughter next to him, Na Ji Zhantang didn't know when he came over, glanced at Su Ping slightly, and then glanced at the old man in the suit, saying: "People don't need your money, what they say is very pertinent, Its not money that can be solved if people are killed, what else do you want?

As he spoke, a momentum erupted from him, protecting Su Ping and resisting the oppression of the old man in a suit.

The old man in the suit looked slightly cold and squinted at him.

Just as the two were fighting each other, a jet sound suddenly sounded, and the huge metal door of the side car opened. From the inside, a group of guards wearing green leather armor came out. And the medals on the shoulders are all high-ranking trainmen.

There are a total of five people, all of whom are high-level war pet masters.

"The train is about to start, go back to their rooms, no trouble on the train!"

A middle-aged man, headed by, came to see the breath of the suit suit man and Ji Zhantang, his face slightly changed, but he said with a cold face.

They are the people in the system. If they are not afraid of anyone and provoke them, they will be enemies against all the base cities!

Seeing that a trainman came to maintain order, the old man in a suit frowned slightly, snorted, and said nothing more. He turned around and returned to her lady, but just glanced at Su Ping before leaving, remembering the boy.

Ji Zhantang noticed the eyes of the old man in the suit and raised his eyebrows slightly.

At this time, under the cheering of the train crew, the other people who watched the bustling also found their own private rooms and entered. Soon, only Su Ping and Ji Zhantang grandson were left in the aisle.

"Brother, our box is here. If you have anything, you can come to me at any time." Ji Zhantang said to Su Ping with a mild attitude.

Su Ping didn't explain anything, only nodded.

The old man in the suit exuded the murderous intention before he left, but he didn't care. The other party didn't find him the best. If he really wanted to trouble him, he all rubbed into fly ash.

Ji Qiuyu glanced at Su Ping and said nothing. Su Ping's rejection of the suit's old man made her look at Su Ping slightly, but it was only limited to this.

Ji Zhantang finished talking with Su Ping, and said nothing more. After all, it was just that Pingshui met, and he led his granddaughter back to their private room.

When they left, Su Ping also took out the door card embedded in the ticket and inserted it into the door card of his box. The reading was completed quickly. The door opened and there was a small private room with an area of only seven or eight square meters. There is a bathroom and a bed, so there is very little space for activities.

However, on the train, it would be nice to have such a room alone.

Su Ping threw the backpack on the side table, then sat directly on the bed, using the bed as a chair.

The base city he was going to on this trip was Holy Light Base City.

This is the holy place in the minds of countless nurturers.

Similarly, Shengguang Base City is also an A-level base city, commonly known as a first-level base city.

There are hundreds of base cities in the entire Asian region, which are divided into three levels, ABC three levels. Among them, there are only seven A-level base cities!

Each A-level base city is far ahead of other base cities in all respects, especially the safety factor, even the king beast is difficult to break through the A-level base city!

Although there are two legends in the entire Asian land, which is equivalent to the king beast among the monsters, some of the treasures obtained by human beings and some scientific research weapons developed by them can deter many king beasts.

Even a general B-level base city has room to fight back under the attack of the king beast, and at least it can delay the arrival of reinforcements in other base cities!

The journey to Shengguang Base City is a bit far away. It takes two days and two nights for Su Ping to see the journey written on the ticket!

This is almost across half of the Asian land!

Su Ping leaned on the bed and looked at the high-strength synthetic glass next to it.

Through the glass, you can see the railroad tracks outside.

There are several railroad tracks, and the rock walls built outside the railroad tracks are built by the pets of the life department at first glance. They look natural, like caves made by monsters.

Outside the train is a row of headlights with tentacle projections. When viewed from a distance, it looks like a giant centipede monster walking under the ground.

Su Ping looked at the monotonous rocky scene of retreat outside. At first, he was still interested. Later, he became bored and bored. He simply sat on the bed and closed his eyes to practice.

time flies.

The train will stop every few hours.

Every time you stop, someone gets on and someone gets off, and there are some sounds of footsteps walking outside.

Su Ping is still immersed in cultivation. When this train is galloping underground, the surrounding star power is full of rock power, and Su Ping feels that it is very suitable for the cultivation of pets in the rock system.

However, he didn't have a rock beast.

Fortunately, he doesn't need it, because Er Gouzi is his shield.

A day passed.

Su Ping was a bit hungry for cultivation, so he stopped training and went to the restaurant on the bus.

There is a restaurant not far from their private compartment. The food here is much richer than the restaurant outside the hard seat. It is said that in those private cars with a million tickets, there are also dedicated senior chefs who are always waiting to eat any food. Everything can be ordered.

When Su Ping came to the restaurant for food, he met the grandson of Ji Zhantang again.

After meeting his eyes, Su Ping nodded and said hello.

After waiting to pick a good meal, Su Ping took it to an unmanned table and ate it.

Although they met, they were unfamiliar, and there was nothing to say, and there was no need to talk to others in the past.

Halfway through Suping's meal, the grandson of Ji Zhantang had already eaten. The two passed by Su Ping's table, and Ji Zhantang smiled and said, "The boy eats slowly."

Ji Qiuyu just glanced at Su Ping, with an indifferent expression.

"Well." Su Ping nodded, saying hello.

Soon after, Su Ping finished his meal and returned to his room again.

After a little movement in the small space of the room, Su Ping sat back on the bed and continued to practice.

This time, after practicing for a few hours, Su Ping suddenly heard an extremely harsh sound, and at the same time, the whole train was violently shaken. The fluctuation of the shock was extremely strong. Leaning on the bed.

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