Astral Pet Store Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Escaped Dizang Toto

"Zang Zang, beat it!"

Lan Lele also issued instructions to the Dizangtou in front of him. Raising his hand was a breeze. He saw a whirlwind wrapped around the Dizangtou, making it lighter and more powerful.


Dizangtou Tuo was standing on one foot, like the ancient Buddha standing up, and felt the master's idea. The foot that was set in midair suddenly fell to the ground, and the four eyes on the face opened suddenly, and a roar!

This roar is like a Buddha's fury, and it is full of deterrence.

Ordinary low-level beasts have been scared back when they heard this roar. After all, this is the most basic deterrent technique for high-level beasts. It has an absolute suppression effect on low-level beasts. Although Dizangtou has not reached adulthood, no Reached the high-end, but it was a bit scary.

Su Yanying immediately looked at the Lightning Mouse in front of him, but he saw that her hair was standing upright, as if frightened.

However, she felt a strong sense of war in the emotions from the Lightning Mouse, which was even a little crazy, like a wild horse, letting her feel a kind of hard to pull.

"Earth movement!"

Lan Lele took the lead to let Di Zangtou Tuo directly attack.


The ground in front of Di Zang Tou Tuo suddenly cracked, and the crack quickly extended to Lei Guangshu and Su Yanying behind it.

In the eyes of the slightly red bloodthirsty rat, the figure of Di Zangtou was reflected in front, the rich bloodthirsty color poured out, countless crazy kills, and under the influence of that crazy killing, the moment when entering the battle, thunder light The bloodthirsty desire of the mouse reached its extreme.

Fighting is killing!

This is what it learns.

Just as it was ready to act, a will came suddenly: "Quickly use multiple Rayphan Image!"

This consciousness is Su Yanying.

When she saw the attack of Di Zangtou Tuo, she immediately responded. As soon as she came up, she let Thunderlight Mouse use its strongest pet skills, multiple afterimages of Thunder Shadow.

She mainly wanted to see if the Lightning Mouse's "Multiple Thundershadow Afterimages" could deceive Di Zangtou Tuo's judgment and defeat it? She never thought about it.

after all,

This place is a fifth-order pet beast, don't look at Lan Lele is not a celebrity in the Academy's battle list, but her beast strength is one of the only in the Academy!

The reason why he didn't show his talents in the game is entirely due to Lan Lele's interest in playing, and the skill level of his own pet master is too low.

You must know that pet beasts only have strength, and the control and command of the war pet master is also very important. An excellent war pet master can give the role of the pet beast and even allow the pet beast to leapfrog!

At the moment when Su Yanying's will was received, the bloodthirsty color in the eyes of Leiguang Mouse struggled a little, but the power of the Star Power Contract made it have to give priority to the instructions of the pet strategist, and the energy circuit in its body suddenly turned. Dao Pentium's figure of lightning flew out of the body quickly.

There were three Lightning Rats on the field in an instant.

However, the three Lightning Rats did not scatter in different directions, but concentrated toward the Dizangtou Tuo, which did not mean to seduce each other.

Su Yanying froze for a moment, did you want to fight hard with Di Zangtou Tuo? But it is a fifth-order beast, and it is still the bloodline of a higher-level beast. It has more natural abilities than other fifth-order beasts, and it also has inherited advanced pet skills!

"The afterimage is scattered, bypass it!"

Su Yanying hastily directed.

The bloodthirsty color in Leiguang's eyes weakened again, flashing a struggling color, but in the end, he obeyed Su Yanying's instructions, and it divided into three paths, rushing towards Lan Lele behind Di Zangtou Tuo.

"Yingying, let it fight Zangzang, my star shield is very weak." Lan Lele saw three thunder-light mice rushing in and quickly shouted.

Don't look at the beast is usually cute, but these little guys' combat power can easily kill people!

"Rest assured, I just try to see if your Dizangtou Tuo can distinguish its body." Su Yanying said, and at the same time spread her will to the Leiguang mouse, let it pretend to pretend to be blue Lele.

The thunder fractured slightly on the forehead of the Lightning Mouse. When Su Yanying's will came, he suddenly shrank back, and it immediately ran around the field.


Di Zhatou Tuo saw two lightning rats running towards his master, snarled in anger, clapped his palms, shook the ground around Lan Lele's body, and quickly erected several earth walls to cover it.

Then, his body rushed to the ground suddenly, as if jumping into the water, his body immediately merged into the ground, less than three seconds later, suddenly, it broke out of the ground and stood in front of a thundering rat.


The whole body is like a sea urchin, covered with a spiky spiked shell. Di Zangtou Tuo broke this thunder rat with a boxing.


Su Yanying saw this scene and was a little surprised. Even the fifth-order beasts were misled. It can be seen that the thunder mouse's disguise was extremely successful.

If you can deceive the eyes of the beast, then you can naturally deceive the eyes of other warlords.

After all, the pet teachers she is now in contact with are all those of the same age in the college. Such advanced pet skills are not knowledge that can be learned in college. It is estimated that only some very powerful teachers can Identify the nuances of true and false carefully!


Di Zangtou Tuo shattered the afterimage of the Lightning Mouse, and was also shrouded by the electric light of the afterimage, but it was a fifth-order terrestrial beast after all, and the body shell conducted all the lightning to the ground without being injured.

It shrank, and dived into the ground again.

The two lightning rodents on the field stopped at the same time, and the lightning on one of the lightning rodents became more and more chaotic. This is an afterimage. The longer it is, the more it is out of control and can be easily identified.

However, the body of the Lightning Mouse remained motionless, but it was close to the ground, and the reddish mouse blinked.


Its mouse eyes flashed slightly!


The ground suddenly burst beneath it, and the soil clumps up.

The terrible figure of Di Zangtou Tuo broke out of the earth and seemed to hit the Lightning Mouse.

Lightning flashes!

Teleport in the air!

Previously, the Lightning Mouse was very rusty in mastering Thunder Flash, so it was rarely used, even if it was not used for a long time, it would be forgotten!

But in the world of Chaos Necromancer, it has to rely on Lei Shuang to get close to each shot, and now it is the most adept at mastering this ability!

In the dust,

Di Zang Tou Tuo was a little stunned. He didn't feel he hit his opponent.

At the moment of its consternation, the thunder and lightning suddenly appeared, and suddenly a flash of thunder flashed in front of him, and a figure appeared instantly.

It was a pair of extremely brutal and bloodthirsty eyes, full of violent hostility!

Thunder break!


The thunderbolt, which was almost instantaneously condensed, swept violently and chopped on Di Zangtou Tuo.

However, Dizangtou Tuo was in a panic and responded extremely quickly. The whole body instinctively erected the earth armor, and with a click, its body was split and fell to the ground.

When it fell to the ground, its body fell into the water, sinking into the ground, and escaped.

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