Astral Pet Store Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Shot

"what's the situation?"

Su Ping immediately sat up, a little surprised.

At the same time, a sirens suddenly sounded outside the carriage.

This is an alarm for train attack!

The light flashed in Su Ping's eyes, and the field of perception immediately came out. He suddenly felt that in the deep soil outside the train, there were several monsters breathing through the rock formations, and they were approaching fast. It seemed that they were all higher monsters.

"Isn't this train broken?"

Su Ping did not worry about his own safety, but rather worried about the train.

If destroyed by the monster, his journey will be delayed.

Boom! !

Suddenly, the whole car was shocked again, as if it was hit by something from the side, and it was thrown **** the rock layer next to it. The airbags in the gaps in the car wall were shocked and popped out.

Su Ping responded faster, clinging to the carriage wall without any injuries.

He consciously sensed the past, but did not see any monsters.

The collision just happened because the car was driven by other connected cars. The other cars are being attacked by monsters!

I was really afraid of what came. Su Ping glanced at the rock layer clinging to the outside of the glass. The car has deviated from the track. With such a big fault, it is obviously impossible to continue to send him to the base city of Shengguang.

Damn it.

Su Ping's eyes flashed murderously, he received the rucksack in the storage space, pushed the door of the carriage, and went out.

At the moment, the carriage is tilted. In the aisle outside, people in other rooms are also holding the box and walking out of the way. Several of the ordinary people who are dressed but precious and starless, were injured in the collision and their heads were bleeding. , Some still naked, wearing only a pair of pants, apparently sleeping before.


"Who can help me."

"I have money, one million, no, five million, who will protect me, I will give five million rewards!"

Some tycoons supported the door of the box and wailed for help while covering their wounds.

For other hard seat cars, the material is not so good, and there is no air cushion. In the impact just now, most ordinary people will directly die. This is why the rich are willing to spend more money on single boxes.

Who says you cant buy life with money?

In the wailing of several rich people, several advanced war pet masters approached them.

And those who just wailed for help, but did not offer money, no one ignored it.

In a mess, Su Ping saw the stubborn girl and the old man in the suit, as well as the grandson and grandson of Ji Zhantang. They were all safe and sound, and the star power barrier was flowing on them. Although the previous shock was strong, as long as the cultivation level reached medium The pet master can easily resist.

Unless it is in sleep, there is no defense.

At this time, a team of high-ranking trainmen quickly ran outside the car. The middle-aged man headed with a solemn expression said, "Everyone stays in the car, don't run around. Dont leave the carriage without permission, otherwise something will happen and you will be at your own risk."

Title level!

These three words are like a pill, and everyone who was previously nervous and nervous is slightly relieved at the moment.

"It's a special situation now. You have high-level warfare masters. Please bother you to do your best to take care of others. In a special period, I hope everyone will cooperate with each other."

The train captain said that at the same time, his eyes were swept on the senior pet masters in the crowd. In the end, his eyes fell on the suit old man and Ji Zhantang.

Both of them are masters of war pets, and he can feel it all at once, even if he feels great pressure from them.

Hearing the captain of the train crew, three high-level pet masters immediately stood up and said that they would take care of the others around them.

Of course, this kind of care is also to a certain extent. For example, the shock that happened just now is fatal for ordinary people, but for them, it can be taken care of in the hand.

"If you need care, you can come to me."

Ji Zhantang looked around the crowd and said aloud.

After he finished speaking, he noticed Su Ping, not far away, and shouted to Su Ping, "Brother, please come here."

Su Ping nodded slightly, but did not pass.

He didn't need to take care of it, so he didn't join in the fun.

Nodding his head, he received the love.

Seeing that Su Ping had no action, Ji Zhantang was a little surprised, but said nothing.

Ji Qiuyu, beside him, frowned slightly, passing a bit of dissatisfaction in his eyes, and felt that Su Ping didn't know what to do.

The old man in the suit on the other side did not pay attention to the captain of the train crew, but just looked around cautiously. The only target in his eyes that needed to be protected was the lady beside him.

At this moment, Su Ping suddenly frowned.

"not good!"

The old man in a suit changed his face.

At the same time, Ji Zhantang, who was being surrounded by other people, also changed his face suddenly. He suddenly supported a star power barrier and enveloped all the other people who were close to him.

boom! !

The entire car suddenly violently swayed, hitting again against the rock wall outside the rails, and withstanding the previous shocks, the high-strength glass was still intact. Under the impact of this moment, it was suddenly broken!

At the same time, in the middle of the carriage, a violent smash sounded, and the hard metal was suddenly recessed, and a claw shape was recessed!

Everyone sees this scene, their pupils shrink, and some of the ordinary people have been frightened by this scene. Their legs are soft, their bodies are trembling, and some are timid, and they are even scared. people around me.

The five high-ranking trainmen did not expect that there were monsters attacking here, and their faces changed, and they hurriedly summoned their respective pets, but their pets were large in size. Although the area of this carriage was not small, they were always in a hurry. For Mi's pet, it seems a little narrow.

Boom! !

The carriage was suddenly torn apart.

A monster with a sharp and pointed horn above his head flashed out of the torn gap. At the next moment, a hot stream of lava fire sprayed in from the gap.

"That is"

When the trainmen saw the flashing monster face, their pupils shrank, and they recognized that it seemed to be an eighth-order monster, lava ground python.

This is an extremely rare rock attack monster. It has both rock defense skills and fire attack skills. It is a more difficult variant of the rock monster.


The captain of the train hurriedly summoned a pet of the rock system to let him release his skills. A mound appeared out of nowhere in the carriage, and he lifted up like a beam to block the gap.

However, as soon as the mound blocked the gap, it burst suddenly. With the explosion, the molten slurry poured into the mound also sprayed out.

Ji Zhantang's face changed, and the Star Force Barrier was raised again, turning into a huge shield. Those hot molten splatters spattered on the shield, rippled, but failed to penetrate.

On the other side, a person who didn't have time to approach Ji Zhantang, no one around him was protected. At this moment, under the sputtering of the melt, he could only watch.

Just when he was about to be splashed by the melt, he suddenly passed the melt of his body, turned quickly, and passed by his body without hitting him.

At this moment everyone's attention is on the monster outside the gap, no one noticed, only this person himself, watching this scene in a daze, a little suspicious of life.

Su Ping glanced back, then looked back.

Sensing the disorderly eighth-order monsters lurking outside the car, his eyes shone coldly.

"Two Senior Masters!"

The captain of the train crew failed to close the gap, a flash of self-blame flashed on his face, and when he saw that no one was injured, he was slightly relieved, and then he quickly said to Ji Zhantang and the old man in the suit: "We come to protect the others, please two Senior Master's contribution will help to delay these monsters, and the title-level seniors should arrive soon."

Seeing that he had just shot a lava ground python, he knew that it was difficult to suppress it alone.

With his words, everyone else looked at the two old men.

Some passengers who got on the train later did not know the identity of the two old men. Hearing the title of the train captain, they realized that they were masters of pets. In despair, they could not help but see a little light of hope in their eyes.

Ji Zhantang nodded and said to him: "Take care of my granddaughter."

Ji Qiuyu was worried, "Grandpa."

"It's okay, I can hold it." Ji Zhantang smiled.

The old man in the suit on the other side, with a cold face, said nothing, and ignored the captain's words.

He is not obliged to help with the shot, in case of his leaving, the lady around him has an accident, the sky is really falling for him!

Seeing that the old man in a suit was indifferent, the train captain was anxious and a little helpless, but he couldn't say anything. He had to hurry to Ji Zhantang and bring all the passengers around him into the protection of his pets. The old man said gratefully: "Thank you senior for your help."

"Before the demon beast, the same family should contribute."

Ji Zhantang chuckled, but his expression quickly dignified, and four vortices appeared beside him, and four huge monsters emerged from it.

Among them, two elemental pets, a fighting pet, and an Yalong pet.

The most valuable and most powerful of these are the Yalong pets, and the cultivation behavior of this Yalong pet is indeed the strongest of several pets, and it already has the atmosphere of the eighth order.

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