Astral Pet Store Chapter 441

Chapter 441: One Punch

Roar! !

The car suddenly shook, and a sharp claw appeared outside the gap, hitting constantly, the claw was extremely sharp and long, this is another monster, the eighth-order rock crystal broken lizard.

The claws of this rock-crushing lizard have very strong penetrating power. They are rock monsters and live under the ground. Even hard diamonds can be easily chipped in front of them.

Seeing that the special alloy in the carriage was about to be torn apart, Ji Zhantang's face slightly changed, and his thoughts were quickly transferred, so that one of the water elements would be spoiled by his granddaughter Ji Qiuyu. Despite the promise of the train captain, he still dared not completely treat himself Granddaughter handed over to others.

Afterwards, he summoned three other pets of war, instructed the Naya dragon pet Thunderhorn Earth Dragon Beast to release the Thunder Roll attack, and wanted to first drive the monster outside the carriage back.


A thunder ball converged out of the car, like a ball of lightning, and slammed into the claw at the crack.

The claw was struck by lightning and retracted violently. Then a hoarse and angry roar came from outside. The carriage was hit again, and other places around it were also smashed and deformed.

The people in the carriage were shaken upside down, but they were protected by the train crew and did not fall.

"Come here!"

Ji Qiuyu clings closely to the grandfather's favorite eighth-order water element. In the chaos, she sees Su Ping in the distance still standing alone, her face slightly changed. Although she was annoyed that the other side did not know how to lift, but in this critical moment , She spoke to the other party again.

Su Ping was stunned and turned to look at her. It was strange when he saw the angry and angry look in the girl's eyes, but he didn't feel it at the moment.

Looking at the monster that was attacking more aggressively outside the car, he narrowed his eyes and flashed murderously.

Boom! !

A sudden wall was torn next to it, and the car was torn apart by a dark touch, which looked palpitating.

Seeing the gap, Su Ping rushed towards the gap immediately.


Seeing this scene, Ji Qiuyu's face suddenly changed and he was a little dumbfounded.

The old man in a suit in the distance also noticed this scene. A sneer and sarcasm passed in his eyes. It was stupid enough to run out when he saw the gap. Can not be noticed by those monsters.

In this case, the first one to run in a panic is often the first to die!


Su Ping rushed out of the gap, stepped out, and his body flew directly onto the carriage.

This underground tunnel is very spacious. It is not just a train, there are other rails passing by other trains, but at these moments, there are three or four monsters crawling on the rails, all of which are huge, including more than ten meters, like Centipede-like monsters, as well as monsters with elliptical bodies like beetles.

The lava ground python that previously sprayed molten lava into the car, at this moment a huge python hangs on the car, and the black and white scales have a large slap.

And another eighth-order monster Beast Rock Crushing Lizard, also lying on the carriage, is attacking the gap, confronting Ji Zhantang behind the gap.


A low roar came from the side.

Su Ping turned his head to see that it was an eighth-order sickle stone beast with a body like a giant tortoise, but a soft touch with a sickle blade protruding under the back shell was amazingly destructive.


The cold light flashed in Su Ping's eyes, and at the moment the sickle touched the stone armor, he punched it suddenly.

Without demonstrating the fist of the town, Su Ping worried that the entire tunnel would collapse and bury the train.

But in spite of this, even with his current Golden Crow Demon Body, even the titled monster can kill with one punch!

A bucket-like thick sickle touched, and with a bang, under Su Ping's fist, it crashed and shattered into countless rotten flesh, but the fist strength was still unabated, and it was hit **** this sickle touch stone armor On the head of the beast.


The body of the sickle touched the stone armor suddenly, and his **** eyes were round and full of disbelief.

At the next moment, his body burst suddenly, as if 100,000 tons of explosives were buried in his body, his body was torn by fists, and instantly turned into countless rotten meat. All the internal organs and other organs were thrown around the tunnel and blood was splattered!

One punch to kill Sickle Touch Stone Armor!

Su Ping turned his head, his eyes murderous, and looked at the monsters in another chaos in the carriage.

He strode meteors and walked towards them directly.


At this moment, the car below was suddenly torn apart, and the figure of Ji Zhantang rushed out of it. He sat on the back of his main pet Thunderhorn, the dragon beast. The whole body of the beast thundered and wore the eighth-order lightning armor skills. Thunderbolt armor runs along its body and also covers Ji Zhantang.

One person, one pet is like one.


Just rushing out of the carriage, Ji Zhantang, seeing Su Ping beside him, was still alive, a little surprised and surprised, but he couldn't think too much at the moment, he immediately said: "You hurry back, I'll block them."

After finishing talking, he no longer ignored Su Ping, but controlled another rock pet.

With a loud bang, the surrounding tunnel was suddenly punched out of a hole. It was the handwriting of this rock family's pet, which created a passage.

"I'll lead them away!"

Ji Zhantang shouted, the thunder horned dragon beast that he sat down suddenly released a piece of electricity, hitting all the monsters around, and after successfully attracting and angering these monsters, he slapped the head of the thunder horn dragon beast directly towards The channel opened up rushed to lead these monsters away.

Seeing that he wanted to take these monsters away, Su Ping was a little stunned, and immediately called out the purple and green python, and slaughtered quickly, lest these monsters and monsters all chase the old man.


The body of the purple-green squirrel appeared in the vortex of summoning, and a huge python body of more than thirty meters long fell on the carriage. The huge body pressed the deformation of the carriage slightly.

Some people in the car can't see the situation outside, but feel a sudden shock on the car, followed by a breath of cold air, even ordinary people can smell a **** and rich smell , Coming in from the gap in the car, like a fierce beast, slowly swimming in the car.

The old man's face suddenly changed, he could feel a big guy appear.

"You protect the lady."

He immediately commanded the other two advanced pet masters around him.

The two were a little nervous and quickly promised.

The old man in a suit immediately rushed out along the gap.

At the same time, on the carriage, the purple green python has hurriedly swam forward to the lava ground python. They are all pythons, but the bloodline of the lava ground python is higher than the purple green python!

After all, the lava ground python is an eighth-order monster.

Feeling the same kind of breath, and extremely oppressive, this lava ground python is a little uneasy, not daring to chase Ji Zhantang with his back to the purple and green squirrel python, turning around, the python's body is coiled up, dying like a big enemy Staring at Ziqing Gun Python, hissed demonstratively.

Ziqing Gun Python is unaware, even if it is a legendary monster, it has seen it many times, not to mention that the bloodline is only two orders higher than it. This bloodline oppression, it directly Can be ignored.


It swims extremely fast and rushes directly towards the lava ground python.

The lava field python immediately launched an attack, spraying a dragon breath flame. This flame is extremely lethal. Even other eighth-order monsters must avoid it. Once burned, it is difficult to heal.

However, Ziqing Gun Python did not shy away, hitting his head in this dragon breath flame.

At the next moment, his body passed through the flames, his body...unharmed!


Its green eyes, gleaming with cold light, suddenly opened its mouth, the big mouth of the blood basin suddenly accelerated, and actually bitten the head of the lava ground python.

At the next moment, his body suddenly rolled, and the mouth of the snake swelled up, followed by a burst of low roar.

The struggling lava ground python suddenly stiffened, and then was bitten by the purple-green python and swallowed in inch by inch.

Although the lava ground python is an eighth-order monster, it is an elemental favorite, with a body of only a dozen meters, which is not as good as the over-grown purple-green python.

The old man in a suit just jumped out of the car, and he was shocked when he saw this scene of python swallowing python.

With the appearance of Ziqing Gun Python, the other monsters all felt the fierce breath from this big guy, and they stopped for a while, and they no longer chased the old man who had attacked them before, and watched Zi with vigilance. Qing Gu Python, slowly close to each other, staring at each other, both vigilant and not intending to leave.

Su Ping's eyes flashed at this sight.

In the cut rock channel, Ji Zhantang's figure turned back again.

Seeing that there were no monsters to follow, he was a little surprised and had to fold back. At the moment, when he returned to the passageway, he was attracted by the huge purple and green python on the carriage.

Just a blink of an eye, there is another big guy?

And, is this a purple-and-green python?

Ji Zhantang is quite deliberate about pet beasts. It has been seen by Ziqing Gun Python. It is the weakest fighting beast. It does not have any ability to control elements. It is cheaper and generally used by the poor.

It's just that this purple-and-green python is somewhat unusual.

Ordinary Ziqing mangled python reaches the peak of the sixth order, but it is only ten meters long. This is more than thirty meters?

This volume is twice as large!

Seeing a piece of scarlet snake tail sucking into Ziqing's mouth, Ji Zhantang suddenly froze, and then looked around, suddenly found that the fierce lava ground python was gone.

Then think of the snake tail just now...

Was swallowed by this large purple and green snail? !


Ji Zhantang was a little surprised.

But at this moment, the ground suddenly shook violently, and immediately next, the rock layer next to it was suddenly broken, accompanied by an extremely fierce deterrent roar, a whole black body, a monster with a length of more than 20 meters crawled out, the body was like a giant The python, however, has a sharp blade, and behind it there is a sharp backstab.

Seeing the beast, Ji Zhantang and the old man in a suit suddenly changed their faces, revealing horror.

This is the ninth order black poison hundred claw dragon!

The ninth-order Yalong! !

The sub-dragon species has the blood of dragon and beast. Although the combat power is not higher than that of dragon and beast, it is far stronger than the elemental pet of the same rank.


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