Astral Pet Store Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Misunderstanding


In a blink of an eye, this title-level figure flew to Su Ping and Ji Zhantang, looking forty or so, with a burly figure.


The burly title glanced at Ji Zhantang and Su Ping, and looked at Ji Zhantang.

He saw that the old man had a strong breath, and was an eighth-order master of pets.

Is it a passenger?

He nodded to Ji Zhantang, and the messy scene of the fighting around was obviously the old man's help.

Seeing the half body in the distance again, the face of the burly title changed slightly, is it too late?

"Thank you Mr. Old for your shot." The burly title nodded to Ji Zhantang slightly, it was a thank you, and then asked: "Just here there is the breath of the ninth order monster, did you run away?"

Ji Zhantang stunned slightly, his face slightly changed, and looked at Su Ping next to him.

I didn't run.

It's just... swallowed by this young man's pet!

Noting the response of Ji Zhantang, the burly title was a little surprised. He also looked at Su Ping next to him. His gaze stayed on the purple-green mantle with a huge body in front of him. He had noticed this over-grown purple-green mantle earlier. Python, however, no matter how it grows, after all, it is only a sixth-order monster.

"already solved."

Seeing this burly title, Su Ping said casually.


The burly title was stunned for a while, he had just sensed the breath of the ninth-order monster, and hurried to come, but within a few minutes before and after, this ninth-order monster was actually solved?

Even if it's a title-level shot, you can't kill it so fast?

When in disbelief, the burly title glanced around, and soon saw the blood of the black poisonous Bailong dragon remaining on the ground rail, and his face could not help changing.

This is exactly the ninth-order monster he had previously sensed. Was he actually injured here?

However, there were no corpses around, and most of them ran away in shock.

Was this young and old working together?

The burly title withdrew his gaze and turned his head to look at Su Ping and Ji Zhantang. There was a bit of respect in his eyes. Both of them were not level nine, but they could work together to repel the black poisonous hundred claw dragon.

"Under Wu Tianming, thank you for the two heroic shots." The burly title seriously said that it is one thing to have this strength. The two are willing to stand up and fight against the ninth-level monster. This courage and kindness are enough to get his Respect.

Ji Zhantang quickly waved his hand.

A title-level thanks made him a little flattered.

Su Ping said nothing, but asked: "How is the condition of this train now, can it continue to depart?"

Wu Tianming was stunned and shook his head: "It's hard to say, I don't know very well in this respect. After I repulse all these **** monsters, I will come back to find two people. Let me help you to continue protecting here."


He solemnly thanked.

Then he didn't wait for Su Ping and Ji Zhantang to say anything, the figure roared like a shell and hurried away again.

After the burly title left, Ji Zhantang withdrew his eyes and looked complicated, looking at Su Ping next to it.

He steered the thunder-horned dragon beast that sat down, came to Su plane, jumped from the back of the war pet, and smiled bitterly: "I didn't expect the little brother to have such a skill. Previously on the train, we were troubled."

The power that Su Ping now shows is powerful among the eighth-rank masters. He was beaten on the train by the mad phantom red jelly dog. Even without his granddaughter, Su Ping can easily suppress it.

"The old gentleman is polite, you and your granddaughter are courageous, and I will remember this relationship." Su Ping easily withdrew Zi Qing Gu Python and said calmly.

Ji Zhantang saw Su Ping's arrogant appearance, nodded slightly, and felt a little emotion in his heart. Such a young man has such a power. This genius, he only heard it in the first Zhenwu Academy in the mainland. I didn't expect such a teenager. Hero.

The monsters around were all scared away, and Su Ping didn't stay here, and returned to the carriage with Ji Zhantang.

At the moment, the fighting outside has calmed down. With the return of Ji Zhantang, everyone in the car was relieved. Ji Qiuyu's frosty cheeks were also full of tension. The moment he saw Ji Zhantang, he faded away and ran away. Come over and fall in his arms all at once.

Everyone else looked at the old man with respect in his eyes.

Someone asked in a low voice: "Master, the monsters outside...are they all killed?"

The others looked at him breathlessly.

Ji Zhantang glanced around and nodded: "Some killed, and the rest ran away. Just now the title-level strongman came and is now going to help other attacked cars. It should soon be calmed down."

Hearing this, all of them let out a breath, their eyes eager.

The title-level powerhouse has just appeared.

Just above their carriage!

This makes many people feel that their sense of security has doubled.

"Old man is a true hero!"

I don't know who took the lead, someone called.


"Welcome heroes!!"

The others immediately shouted, all excited.

Only by being rescued in the face of disaster will we know that this world is still so beautiful!

The human heart is sinister and the human heart is evil. That is in the usual scam, but in the face of the danger of this ambush, only compatriots are the only existence that can be relied on!

Hearing the cheers from everyone, Ji Zhantang was a little embarrassed and not very embarrassed.

He knew that he didn't help much. The most fierce black poisonous claw dragon was still beheaded by Su Ping next to him. The one who shocked away the monsters was also Su Ping's favorite pet, the overgrown one. Purple and green python.

Ji Qiuyu has left her grandfather's arms, and after hearing the cheers around, her eyes have become much softer and proud of her grandfather.

But soon, she noticed Su Ping standing next to Grandpa.

Her eyes suddenly changed slightly, and she felt a little angry and cold.

Before Su Ping saw the gap, she ran away regardless, she could see clearly, this greedy and scared guy is still alive?

"You still have a face back."

Ji Qiuyu snorted coldly, and she always speaks directly, and does not talk about emotions, just as she used to show mercy to the girl who condoned evil and spoiled others.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly.

When Ji Zhantang heard the granddaughter's words, he was a little shocked, and he was suddenly startled, and quickly said: "Shut up, no nonsense!"

Ji Qiuyu was a little stunned, but he didn't expect Grandpa to protect Su Ping.

At this time, other people also noticed Su Ping, his face suddenly cooled down, somewhat disdainful.

"Miss Ji is right, this kind of greedy life-and-death person, you don't need to save him."

"That's what I saw before, but he was the first to run."

"Huh, the first person to run in the movie is always the first to die. This kid is lucky, but I really have to thank the old man."

Hearing everyone's words, Ji Zhantang opened his mouth slightly, feeling a sense of panic.

Only he knows how terrible the teenager around him is. It is definitely a arrogant existence. It is very likely that he will become a title-level in the future!

Seeing everyone talking more and more, he immediately raised his hand, a coercion of pressure enveloped the audience, and stopped all sounds. He solemnly said: "Everyone, I have just been able to repel these monsters, and this... brother helped me. He was able to repulse all those monsters, and the ninth-order monster beast he led was killed by his help!"

He wanted to introduce, but suddenly found out that he didn't know Su Ping's name. He had to match his brothers, but he didn't dare to add a "small" in front of him.

Hearing Ji Zhantang's words, everyone was stunned.

Ji Qiuyu was also somewhat stunned by what his grandfather said, saying: "Grandpa, what are you talking about, you said he... he helped too?"

Ji Zhantang smiled bitterly and said, "It's not a help, it's a big help!"

Ji Qiuyu was a little stunned and looked at Su Ping in disbelief. This guy ran out first, was he going to help?

So, she misunderstood each other?

Everyone else had a weird face, and looked at Su Ping up and down. I didnt think it seemed that this boy could play any role in front of those fierce monsters, let alone Ji Zhantang just said, there are nine-tier monsters in it, At this level of monsters, can this teenager have room to intervene?

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