Astral Pet Store Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Credit

Some people believe, and some people dont believe it. They think its the old man who has a good heart and cant bear to watch them continue to accuse Su Ping.

But no matter what, everyone did not say anything about this teenager, anyway, things have passed.

Su Ping ignored these people and saw that they all stopped clamoring, and he was too lazy to say anything. He just didn't want the train to be destroyed by these monsters and would delay his journey, but it wasn't for these people.

"Yellow, what about the yellow housekeeper?"

At this moment, a pretty nervous voice sounded.

Everyone looked at it, and was the master of the phantom red cat.

The girl was nervous, and after waiting for a long time, she still couldn't see the housekeeper coming back, so she couldn't help but ask Ji Zhantang and Su Ping.

The bodyguards of the two high-level pet masters beside her also looked nervous.

They had a holiday with Ji Zhantang, and now there is no housekeeper nearby. If Ji Zhantang shoots them, they can't resist.

Hearing this, Ji Zhantang could not help but glance at Su Ping.


Su Ping said indifferently.

The girl's face suddenly turned white.

The two bodyguards beside her also changed their faces. One of them quickly jumped into the compartment gap. Soon, he found the lower body of the old man in the suit on the compartment.

Beside his corpse, there is also the rock Yalong petting.

Although the contract was broken, the Yalong pet of the rock system can still feel the intimate breath from the corpse around him, and he does not want to leave.

The bodyguard wanted to retrieve the corpse, but the rock system Yalong pet showed an attacking attitude, but it seems to feel that this is a human territory, there is nothing similar in the surroundings, it did not attack without authorization, but grabbed the corpse on the ground and broke open The rock face ran away directly.

Looking at the Rock Drakes leaving, the bodyguard froze for a moment before returning to the carriage.

He whispered the news to the lady around him.

Hearing his words, the girl's face was extremely pale, she bit her lower lip tightly and glared at Ji Zhantang in the distance. In her view, even a person like Su Ping could survive, but her yellow housekeeper was dead. There is a conspiracy, and it may even be caused by the old man's sneak attack in the back!


The two bodyguards beside him looked at the girl nervously, fearing that she would make trouble again, and now that the housekeeper was not there, they could not compete with Ji Zhantang.

But the girl just clenched her teeth and said nothing.

The carriage became quiet.

After being attacked by monsters and monsters, at this moment everyone has no intention to speak anymore, and they dare not say much, fearing to attract other monsters and monsters.

In the quiet, everyone also heard the vibration sound transmitted from other places through the carriage.

Appears from time to time.

Everyone's face was a little ugly.

Every time it vibrates, it means that other cars are attacked by monsters and beasts, and may be fighting.

Time passed slowly, half an hour passed, and in the long time of nearly ten minutes, no movement came again, and when everyone thought the monster was away, a whistling sound suddenly appeared on the car.

Hearing this roar, many people's faces changed, and they immediately became nervous and looked at Ji Zhantang. This old man is their current Dinghai Shenzhen.

Su Ping looked at him, but looked up.

The roar came to the carriage and stopped, and then suspended the next figure slowly from the gap, which was the burly title that Wu Ping and Ji Zhantang had seen before, Wu Tianming.

Seeing the figure of Wu Tianming, several high-ranking trainmen were stunned, and soon they were overwhelmed with color, quickly and respectfully said: "See Senior Bro. Mountain."

Everyone else was shocked. When they saw this man suspended in the car, they were all amazed, and they were very excited. This is a title-level powerhouse!


Someone immediately approached for help.

Although they have not been attacked by monsters and beasts again for half an hour, they still want to leave the train and tunnel as soon as possible. In this dark underground tunnel, their mental capacity is about to collapse.

Wu Tianming ignored it, but glanced at the audience. When he saw that there was no blood or corpses on the scene, he was a little surprised. Then his eyes fell on Ji Zhantang and Su Ping, and flew to Ji Zhantang immediately. The situation is in a hurry, and I have not had time to thank you."

Ji Zhantang was flattered and quickly said: "The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and protection of our compatriots is what we should do."

Wu Tianming showed respect in his eyes and nodded. "I just asked the train conductor. The monster attack this time was very large. Several tier nine monsters attacked different cars and the train was damaged. Seriously, it is no longer possible to move on.

However, we have signaled to the nearest station that a new train will arrive in about 15 hours.

At that time, you can transfer to the new train for free. "

He paused for a moment and continued, "If you have any urgent matters, we can arrange flight pets to send you over here. This is a special treatment for you two, and thank you for your help."

While speaking, he glanced at Su Ping next to him.

Hearing this title-level strongman, everyone in the carriage looked at each other, both relieved and surprised, and couldn't help looking at Su Ping.

Previously Ji Zhantang said that this young man helped, and they didn't believe it, but now the titled strongman also said that, obviously it is true!

They really blamed this boy!

Thinking of this, some people looked ashamed.

Others rushed out to help, but they mistakenly thought that they were running away and accused them.

The more I think, the more I feel ashamed.

Several high-ranking trainmen were all embarrassed.

Ji Zhantang asked for help, because the latter is a master, but Su Ping, a young man who is not necessarily as strong as he is, is willing to take the initiative to come forward. Such a spirit makes them ashamed.

Ji Qiuyu was stunned for a moment, but did not expect that he really misunderstood Su Ping.

She looked at the young man, but she was shocked to see the latter's face. She couldn't help but feel a little regret in her heart. She thought that she was in her place. Instead, it was her words, but she was misunderstood when she came forward to help.

She hesitated and wanted to apologize.

But at this time, Su Ping had walked past her and came to Wu Tianming, and asked, "I'm in a hurry to go to the base city of Shengguang. Can I send it over?"

Holy Light Base City?

Both Ji Zhantang and Ji Qiuyu were stunned. They glanced at each other. This is the base city they are also going to.

They and Su Ping are actually the same destination.

Wu Tianming slightly stunned, nodded and said: "Yes, I will arrange the flight pet to deliver you on time, or even in advance."

Su Ping was relieved, "That's good."

"What about you, old man?" Wu Tianming looked at Ji Zhantang.

Ji Zhantang glanced at Su Ping and hesitated, saying, "We too, go to Shengguang Base City."

Wu Tianming was surprised, but it was just a coincidence. He nodded and said, "Yes."

"Adult, we also want to take the pet of flying."

"I can pay."

"Adult, I belong to the Whale Sun family..."

Others saw the preferential treatment, and they all rushed together.

After all, there have been monster monster attacks here, who knows if those monster monsters will come back, they want to leave this place early.

Wu Tianming's eyes were slightly cold, he hummed, and immediately suppressed the noise of the audience. He said coldly: "This is a preferential treatment for them. Without them, you may die a lot of people!

If you want to take the flight pet and leave early, someone will come to settle you afterwards. You can go to apply and see if you can agree, I dont know! "

Everyone else was frightened by the momentum of this title, and they dared not speak indiscriminately.

"Two people, please bring your luggage with me."

Wu Tianming told Ji Zhantang and Su Ping that his attitude was moderate again.

"We have nothing." Ji Zhantang said with his granddaughter.

Su Ping had already collected his luggage into the storage space, and now he was alone, indicating that he could leave at any time.

Seeing that they were ready, Wu Tianming nodded and flew out along the gap of the carriage.

Ji Zhantang immediately took his granddaughter out of the carriage.

And Su Ping also easily jumped out of the carriage.


Wu Tianming opened his mouth, and an idea enveloped Su Ping and Ji Zhantang, grandfather and grandson, took them directly to the sky, and flew along the tunnel.

Su Ping did not resist this idea, and allowed him to fly himself.

Grandpa Ji Zhantang was a little nervous. This was the first time they did not fly with the aid of war pets. They looked at the tunnels that retreated quickly. This speed is comparable to that of ordinary high-level war pets.

The two became more and more in awe of the title level. Although the difference between the eighth order and the ninth order is only one step away, it is like a rift.


In the tunnel, many corpses of monsters and beasts can be seen along the way, as well as some broken and broken cars. There are many corpses of human beings crushed in the blood.

A faint **** smell filled the entire tunnel.

Seeing so many dead bodies, Ji Zhantang's grandson and grandson's expressions were a bit heavy.

Several people are speechless and extremely quiet in flight.

It didn't take long for their speed to slow down slightly, and there was an upward rock wall passage in front.

Wu Tianming took three people from Su Ping and flew up the wide rock wall passageway. Soon afterwards, he flew to the end of the passageway, and outside was the ground.

This is a desolate plain, surrounded by weeds.

At this moment there are a lot of people here, setting up temporary tents, which are basically medical tents.

There are many injured people here and are being rescued.

In a place farther away, there are also a group of people, about twenty or thirty, with different dressings, some of them are expensive, luxurious, and some are simple in dressing, but the atmosphere is restrained and deep.

Most of these people were not injured.

"They are all people who have packed private cars, and there are warriors who come forward like you," said Wu Tianming, and he landed slowly, putting Su Ping and Ji Zhantang grandson on the ground.

Grandpa Ji Zhantang looked at the dozens of people and found that most of them were not injured or even stained with blood. It seems that the attack of the underground monsters has nothing to do with them.

These people are the owners of private cars, whether rich or expensive, they are all real big men, or they are related to big men.

"Broken Mountain, are these three?"

After Wu Tianming fell, a lean middle-aged man next to him looked over, frowning suddenly: "I remember the VIPs in the private compartment, have they already received it?"

Wu Tianming glanced at him and said, "These three are the people who came forward to help among the monsters."


The lean middle-aged man raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ji Zhantang. He was slightly relieved. The latter is a master of the eighth-order battle pet. If he comes forward to help, it can really play a big role.

As for the girl holding his arm, he knew at a glance that he was close to him.

"The three of you are all together?" The man looked at Su Ping and noticed that Su Ping and the old man seemed to be less intimate.

Ji Zhantang respectfully said: "We are in the same car."

The lean middle-aged man showed his color, glanced at Su Ping, and said to Wu Tianming: "This old man helped a lot, and he can go up later, this little brother, you should take it back, just help out. There are so many people to go, dont just do a little favor, but bring it in too, there are not so many lions and eagles."

Ji Zhantang was stunned. Only then did he know the reason why the other party asked him, and he couldn't help turning his face slightly, looking at Su Ping.

Wu Tianming frowned slightly, and said, "The two of them worked together to repel a ninth-level monster, and such merits are enough to deserve such treatment."

"Heli repels?" The lean middle-aged man raised his eyebrows, then sneered, "You find an ordinary person, come with me to repel the ninth order monster, do I have to give each other a credit? ?"


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