Astral Pet Store Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Those Who Humiliate Will Humiliate Themselves

Several people were startled and a little surprised.

No one expected that Su Ping actually dared to shoot!

Moreover, the speed of Su Ping's shot was so fast that they failed to react!

Xiao Fengxu's face suddenly gloomed and looked at Su Ping with a bad look.

"You, how can you hit someone?" Kong Lingling next to her reacted and could not help screaming.

"This is light."

Su Ping said indifferently.

Xiao Fengxu stared at Su Ping and said, "Are you a high-level war pet master? Do you know what happens if you randomly attack an incubator of Tianlong College in the base city of Holy Light?"

Advanced pet master? !

Kong Lingling and Hu Rongrong were both stunned and looked at Su Ping in surprise.

Seeing that Su Ping's age is not old, there are actually the cultivation practices of the seventh-order advanced pet masters? !

The light flashed in Hu Rongrong's eyes, and Su Ping shot very quickly, and she didn't see clearly. Although she majored in nurturing, but the nurturing also needed star power, her cultivation practice had fifth order, and she knew that Xiao Xiu's cultivation practice, one level higher than her, is the first person of their third year at Tianlong College.

The latter said so, mostly based on their own cultivation.

"You have good eyesight."

Su Ping said, did not deny.

"It's ridiculous!"

The young man beside him saw Su Ping's indifferent appearance, and was a little angry, saying, "Even if you are a high-level pet strategist, what is the high-level pet strategist? If you usually ask us for help, you have to line up to please. ! You kneel down and kowtow to admit your mistake, and you have to save it, otherwise, you wouldnt want to step out of here!"

"Not a fart?"

Su Ping narrowed his eyes and looked at him: "Your nurturing teacher is just a person who serves the war pet master. If there is no war pet master, your nurturer is nothing. The monsters are invading. Fight? Now I want to kill you, do you think you can hide!"

Cuntou's face changed, and he said angrily: "Dare you!"

"I dare!"

The cold light suddenly flashed in Su Ping's eyes, and his body stepped out suddenly.

Xiao Fengxu's pupils next to the station shrank, but he didn't expect this boy to be so unscrupulous.

If they train the master to dare to fight against the pet master, then it is naturally that the egg is touching the stone, not to mention a high-level pet master, even if he is, he can't beat each other.

"Brother, there is something to say."

The hero does not eat the loss in front of him, Xiao Fengxu quickly whispers, stepping out at the same time, his star power explodes, and a diamond-shaped star shield appears.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Su Ping raised his hand to the palm of Cuntou Youth, and swept across the diamond-shaped star shield. Suddenly, the sound of fragmentation sounded successively. These special star-shaped thick star shields shattered instantly, and Su Ping's palm was still unstoppable. No slowdown!

Xiao Fengxu was horrified in his eyes, his secret magic star shield could withstand the attack of the ordinary seventh-order monster beast, in front of Su plane, was actually defeated in an instant?


A jade pendant flew out of his collar suddenly, and the jade pendant glowed dimly, turning into a round shield, blocking Su Ping's palm.


As soon as the green-light round shield appeared, it was photographed by the palm of the hand and shattered, and the jade clattered with a click, cracking a trace.

However, although the green light shield was shattered, Su Ping's palm was bounced back by a recoil force. He raised his eyebrows slightly. He didn't expect that there was a high-level treasure on the latter's body. .


Xiao Fengxu was overwhelmed with panic, looking at the fissures on the treasures of his body, his eyes were horrified.

His body-protecting treasure can resist the attack of the ordinary eighth-order master, but was actually smashed by Su Ping at this moment? And it is still such an understatement that the young man in front of him is actually a master of pets? !

The young man at the back of Xiao Fengxu was also scared, his face pale, he felt the terrible oppression of the fighting force for the first time. On weekdays, those high-level pet masters came to the line to stand in line, making him look down upon him, but this scene in front of him, But it made him very palpitated, if Su Ping really wanted to kill him, he could not hide!

Although the nurturing teacher is more precious, but the pet champion is the king!

This is simply a lunatic!

The inch-sized young man suffocated in his heart, clenching his teeth, but he didn't dare to brave himself.

"Brothers, all misunderstandings, we have something to say." Xiao Fengxu said to Su Ping quickly.

They all say that they are afraid of ruthlessness. He was really scared when he met ruthless people like Su Ping. They didnt have bodyguards when they went out. If Su Ping was killed here, even if Su Ping would be sanctioned, they would not die. Get up!

Who is willing to accompany this madman's limit for another

The two girls next to me were also frightened. I did not expect Su Ping, who had a gentle attitude before and seemed to speak very well.

"Misunderstanding? Why misunderstanding?" Su Ping looked at Xiao Fengxu with a smile.

Xiao Fengxu's face slightly changed, a little ugly, and said, "Below Xiao Fengxu, I will pay you a compensation for my brother."

"Why not pay?"

"...It was my brother who was wrong and offended you first." Xiao Fengxu felt Suping's humiliation and gritted his teeth.

"It turned out that he was wrong, I thought I was wrong."

Su Ping showed a sudden look, but his eyes were full of ridicule.

Hearing Su Ping's old yin and yang tone, Xiao Fengxu and Cuntou Youth both had some ugly faces, but they also knew that it was Feng Yiliang who caused the trouble first, and changed to other people. Can only admit to security, but who knows but kicked this iron plate in front of him.

"Since you know you are wrong, please kneel down and kowtow to admit it." Su Ping said with a smile.

Hearing this, several people's faces changed.

The inch-sized youth suddenly looked up at Su Ping.

This was exactly what he said to Su Ping earlier, but the latter is now returned to him intact.

Xiao Fengxu's face was ugly and he said to Su Ping, "Brother, I can't pay it anymore. It's just a little bit of argument, shouldn't it be like this?"

"Acknowledge mistakes must be correct, otherwise how do I know you admit mistakes?" Su Ping smiled and said indifferently: "And the person who provokes me is not you, you don't need to apologize to me, whoever said this just stood The most basic thing about being out is to be at least what you say. You must be able to do it so that you can ask others, right?"

Xiao Fengxu's face changed, and some did not come to Taiwan.

"Why are you like this, but we brought you in!" Kong Lingling next to her couldn't help but open her mouth. Seeing that Xiao Fengxu was so embarrassed, she was unacceptable. Xiao Fengxu, the senior in her impression , Has always been smart and calm, how could there be such an embarrassing time.

"It's her, not you, you shut up for me." Su Ping glanced at her, and said indifferently, without giving any affection.

Kong Lingling was stunned and suddenly anxious. She took Hu Rongrong's arm and shook, saying, "Rong Rong, please talk about him."

Hu Rongrong hesitated and said to Su Ping: "Student Su, this matter is a misunderstanding. Senior Xiao also apologized, or else, even?"

Su Ping stared at her, "I owe you a little favor, are you sure to plead for them?"

Hu Rongrong was a little stunned. When she saw that Su Ping was willing to relax, she let out a sigh of relief and said, "They are all my classmates. I hope that Classmate Su will not embarrass them."

Su Ping looked at her for a moment and nodded slightly, "Okay."

Seeing Su Ping agree, several people were relieved.

Xiao Fengxu also let go of his heart, and immediately his heart burst into an extremely angry murderous intention. How he was humiliated in public, or was threatened by a pet strategist, dare to speak out, this is something he has never had in his life Experience.

This made him mad!

However, he didn't show anything in his face, so as not to lose again.

Su Ping glanced at Xiao Fengxu in front of him, and then glanced at the two people beside him. A cold color flashed in his eyes, wanting to take revenge? He had already expected it, but since he agreed to Hu Rongrong, Su Ping did not plan to shoot any more. Even a few trainers, even with hostility, were only the hostility of the ants.

In the entire Asian region, Su Ping is not afraid of legend.

Even if the legend comes, he may not be without the power of a battle, not to mention, it is impossible for the ordinary Hanhai legend to kill him.

At this time, Feng Yiliang, who fell on the ground, also crawled up and shook his head.

The previous slap made him stunned.

Turning his head to look around, he found the person who beat him. Feng Yiliang's eyes suddenly turned red and he said furiously: "I'm **** you..."

Without finishing the speech, Xiao Fengxu's face next to him changed slightly, and his eyes were fast, he hurriedly covered his mouth and pulled him back, fearing that he would provoke Su Ping again.

The inch young man and the short young man also stepped forward and pulled.

Previously they persuaded Su Ping to leave quickly, but now they want to send Feng Yiliang to leave, fearing that he will anger Su Ping again.

Su Ping glanced at the ring, and did not know whether it was the halftime break, or whether the game was over, no one came to power, he suddenly had some interest, he ignored them, turned back and left, and walked out of the venue.

Looking at Su Ping's departure, Xiao Fengxu's tense bodies were completely relaxed.

"I tm fuck!"

The inch-sized youth broke out violently, kicking on the audience chair next to it, kicking the chair to the ground.

Xiao Fengxu's face remained calm, but his eyes were gloomy and full of anger.

Feng Yiliang was released, and he was startled when he saw the reaction of the inch-headed youth, stupefied: "What, what?"

The inch-sized young man kicked a few chairs hard and said furiously: "This stinky kid is a high-level war pet master, I am fucking! What's wrong with the high-level war pet master? Its threatening, really, I must kill this kid!"

"Advanced pet master?"

Feng Yiliang froze, looking at the expressions of several people, his face slightly changed. Although they looked down on the war pet master, they had to say that in terms of combat power, the war pet master could easily hang them.

It's just that, under normal circumstances, which war pet master dares to offend them? This is like a billionaire rich man, but he was threatened by a bully, and he didn't dare to utter a face-to-face fart. This shame is crazy enough!

"Call someone immediately and find him to settle the accounts!"

Feng Yiliang suddenly angered, the pain of his slap, his face was still hot, and at the moment it was full of murderous intent.

Kong Lingling and Hu Rongrong next to each other looked at each other and were shocked by the reaction of these boys. Kong Lingling said nothing, and she was also angry with Su Ping. Su Ping's words didn't catch her in the eye.

It was Hu Rongrong, a flash of worry in his eyes. The original good thing was that Feng Yiliang said it quickly.

If something happened to Su Ping, she felt a little guilty in her heart. If she knew this, she would not bring him in.

Thinking of this, Hu Rongrong glanced at Feng Yiliang and heard his clamoring voice, and his eyes grew more disgusted. After all, nothing would happen if he didn't cause trouble.

"Senior Xiao, we still have things. Let's go first." Hu Rongrong was not in the mood to continue watching the following game, and said to Xiao Fengxu.

Xiao Fengxu glanced at them and nodded.

Kong Lingling also wanted to stay for a while, and when she heard Hu Rongrong's words, she had no choice but to leave with her. She only complained to her when she left.

"Rong Rong..."

Feng Yiliang saw that Hu Rongrong was about to leave, and recovered, he quickly wanted to say something to keep, but only saw a back view.

"Okay, call it so intimate. Didn't you see people don't like to take care of you." Cuntou Youth saw him with pity, and said politely, it wasn't Feng Yiliang's trouble before, they wouldn't be humiliated, and they had a few feelings about the latter. Furious.

Feng Yiliang glared at him and said, "I will, what does it mean not to take care of me, she will be my woman sooner or later!"

Xiao Fengxu frowned slightly and said to him: "Grandpa Hu Rongrong, I heard that he is from the headquarter of the Instructor Association. You'd better be a little bit of a bit, otherwise even your Feng family may not be able to offend."

Feng Yiliang's face changed slightly, but he didn't dare to refute his words, nodded, "I know, Xiao Bo."

"Let's go, I'll ask to see where the road administration is, to see where the kid is." Xiao Fengxu said, walking as he said, and pulled out the communicator to dial a number.


After leaving the venue, Su Ping walked along the street for a while.

The surrounding characteristic buildings remind Su Ping that he is in a foreign land.

Soon, Su Ping hit a car on the roadside and asked the driver to take him to the headquarters of the Association of Trainers.

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