Astral Pet Store Chapter 452

Chapter 452: Shock Third

These people are Lin Feng and Yue Yingying who have met Su Ping at the door. They have already come in and are waiting in line here to test the test level.

Seeing the young man being treated respectfully and respectfully by the guards at this moment, they recognized at a glance that it was the troublemaker who was brought in by the nurturing master.

At the moment the other party's hands are... Master Medal?

Lin Feng and others all have their eyes wide open. Is it true that this young man is a master? !

Yueying Ying opened her mouth slightly, her eyes were full of shock. The other party was about the same age as her. She was still struggling for the sixth grade, but the other party was already a master?

When they were surprised, Su Ping in the distance saw some commotion due to the guard's words, frowned, and immediately left quickly from here, walking directly to the exclusive passage next to him and entering the test center of this level.

Looking at Su Ping's back disappeared, Lin Feng and others recovered for a long time, looking at each other, several other people looked at Lin Feng subconsciously.

Lin Feng was slightly embarrassed by the eyes of his companions. He felt like his face was burning. He had come in all the way before, and he kept telling his companions that the kid must be dead.

Unexpectedly, this kid appeared in a blink of an eye, and he still held the Master Medal in his hand, and was respectfully respected by the guards.

Regardless of whether the Master Medal is this kid, this kid can be safe, enough to explain that there are some reasons he did not know.

To say that the nurturing master was fooled by this kid, Lin Feng himself felt unlikely. After all, if the cultivating master is not a fool, how can he be fooled by a little devil.

"Damn, this stupid boy won't remember me?" Lin Feng felt uneasy in his heart, his face fluctuated, and he didn't have the mood to ignore his companion's eyes.


In the rating test center.

After Su Ping entered, walk straight along the promenade inside.

On the left side on the outermost side, there is a passage with the word "First-Class Nurturer" posted at the entrance. This is where the first-level Nurturer is tested.

There is also a test channel for the second-level trainer on the right.

Further to the left is the third-level trainer channel, and the right is the fourth-level trainer.

With a long interval between each channel, Su Ping walked forward. When passing the third-level teacher training channel, he glanced curiously into the channel, which was deeper. He walked in, and at the end of the channel was a heavy iron gate At the door stood a guard wearing silver soft armor and said to Su Ping: "Here you come to the test?"

"No, come and shop."

"Wander around?"

The guard was stunned.

Su Ping saw that there were guards and guards.

After returning to the corridor, Su Ping continued to move forward.

Su Ping found that in the 4th, 5th, and 6th level trainer channels, the largest number of people, many people lined up in the channel, especially the level 5 trainer test channel, there are dozens of figures waiting in line for the test.

Su Ping continued to move forward, but this time there was no passage ahead. At the end of the promenade was a corner. Su Ping entered along the corner and walked for a while. Suddenly he saw an empty place.

In this empty round hall, there are several passages.

On the walls of each channel, there is a slight fluctuation of star power energy, which is a blessing of enchantment.

Su Ping looked around and suddenly heard the sound in one of the passages, it seemed that someone was taking the test inside.

Su Ping was curious and walked over.

There was also a heavy iron door at the end of the passageway, but there was no guard at the door. Su Ping stepped forward and gently pushed the door, but the door was not locked, and was suddenly pushed open a gap.

Seeing this, Su Ping directly pushed the door and went in.

Roar! !

A low roar came suddenly, and the roar was low, like a lion, like a tiger, Su Ping knew when he heard it, it was a dragon roar!

However, it doesn't seem to be a dragon beast with a high level.

When he looked away, he saw that this was an extremely spacious and huge room. It was said that the room was more like a huge square, and in the center of the room, a dragon and beast crawling seven or eight meters tall was a rotten dark star. Dragon!

This is an eighth-order dragon beast!

However, strictly speaking, this can not be regarded as a dragon beast, not pure blood, but a mixed species of dragon beast and demon **, which belongs to both the dragon beast and the evil warcraft.

In front of me, this rotten corpse dark star dragon, looking at the size and appearance, is just a grown-up, about seventh order.

However, its bloodline is eighth-order, and there are some bloodlines of evil warcraft, making it extremely violent and bloodthirsty, more violent than the average dragon beast!

At this moment, in front of this violent corpse dark star dragon, stood a snow skirt girl, reaching out to touch the head of this corpse dark star dragon, with a hazy azure blue light in his palm, like star power, but more than Xing Li's color is deeper, the azure blue light keeps flashing, changing the halo, it seems to be controlling the rotten corpse dark star dragon.

The girl's forehead permeated with fine sweat, and her eyes showed a strenuous color.

"Come on!"

There was a voice beside him, another young girl with short brown hair, who looked more capable. At the moment, she was clenching her fists, and she seemed to be eager to put her energy on the snow skirt girl.

However, after she said "Come on", the creeping Carrion Dark Star Dragon on the ground suddenly seemed to be stimulated, her angry eyes suddenly rose to blood, and a very loud dragon roar burst out of her long neck and throat. This time, it is not an ordinary roar, but a deterrent technique, Long Xiao!

Long Xiao, with stun and deterrence effects, immediately interrupted the Snow Maiden's control and shook her body away.

And the protruding majestic figure also suddenly raised his head, as a proud dragon beast, let it prostrate on the ground is a shame!

"not good!"

The short-haired girl next to him was taken aback, and hurried forward to catch the girl in the snow skirt who was flying off.

"Failed again."

The Snow Skirt girl was caught by her, but was not injured, but her face was pale, and she was frustrated in her eyes, looking towards the Carrion Dark Star Dragon who was out of her control.


The carrion dark star dragon's eyes were blood-red and roaring in anger, but its remaining reason did not rush towards the two girls in front of them, and they could still feel some kind of feeling that made it extremely unfit.

Soon, it found the vented prey and immediately turned to rush towards the other side.

The two girls saw the rotten corpse dark star dragon and ran away, but did not panic. They were preparing to shoot. Suddenly, they saw the direction of the corpse dark star dragon rushed to the door of the room, and there was no idea when to stand there. A young man, that door was actually open!

The two girls were suddenly shocked.

too fast!

At such a long distance, they are too late to try their uniforms!


The short-haired girl hurriedly shouted at Su Ping.


Su Ping looked at the Carrion Dark Star Dragon that had suddenly rushed over. When he saw its violent anger, his eyes were also cold, an extremely cold and full of terrible killing breath, burst out of him, his eyes changed. It was extremely cold, as if treating a ant.

In his eyes, this carrion dark star dragon is indeed a ants. Even if it reaches the eighth level of the peak period, he can hit it with a punch!


The rotten corpse Dark Star Dragon, who was crazy, suddenly felt an unusually sharp murderous breath coming out. The dwarf human in front of him suddenly seemed to exude an extremely demon atmosphere. It had a delusion in his trance, and there seemed to be countless evils. The shadow flew from behind this man.

The appearance and momentum of each evil shadow are extremely powerful and powerful. That is the realm it can never understand, and the realm that it dare not imagine.

At the next moment, it braked violently with its feet and stopped quickly, and the **** red color in his eyes quickly subsided, looking at the dwarf human with horror.

As it has half of the evil Warcraft bloodline, at this moment, it feels the deep familiar breath of death, coming from this boy.

It's hard to imagine how much killing this caused, and the death anger that it possessed. Its body couldn't help trembling and trembling, then looked at Su Ping pleadingly, and slowly squatted down, prostrate down in front of this human teenager, Its huge head slammed tightly on the ground, like a rotten dragon wing holding his head, shaking.

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