Astral Pet Store Chapter 453

Chapter 453: ??

"Be careful"

The two young girls who ran in the distance just spoke, and suddenly saw the scene of the rotten corpse dark star lying prone, suddenly stunned and widened their eyes.

What... what?

They are a bit ignorant.

The rotten corpse dark star dragon, who was still angry and out of control, how did he kneel in a flash?

Looking at the rotten corpse dark star dragon with a slightly trembling body in front of him, Su Ping's eyes condensed the cold killing intentions, his body momentum also dissipated, and his expression returned to normal.

"Quickly accept it!"

The short-haired girl reacted and hurriedly shouted that due to the large body of the Carrion Dark Star Dragon, they could not see what Su Ping did, but at this moment the Carrion Dark Star Dragon suddenly fell down, which was an excellent opportunity.

The Snow Skirt girl also recovered, and quickly turned a bright red flag from a bear backpack on her body, injected star power, and waved towards the Carrion Dark Star Dragon.


The flag waved, and a scarlet giant mouth appeared, but only lips, no sharp teeth, suddenly opened to more than ten meters high, swallowed the trembling dark star dragon shaking on the ground.

The trembling rotten corpse Dark Star Dragon did not struggle, but instead showed a relief in his eyes.


Seeing this scene, Su Ping looked at the banner in the snow skirt girl's hand with some surprise. This is obviously a special treasure and has a strange storage function.

As the corpse dark star dragon put away, the two of the girls quickly looked towards Su Ping, only to see that he was safe and sounded, then relieved, the snow skirt girl patted the flat chest, as if frightened Looks like.

And the short-haired girl next to her, with her lordosis and back curled up, her chest muscles full, was feeling annoyed immediately after being nervous. She stepped forward and said, "Who are you, how did you come in? Do you know how dangerous it was just now. The guy doesnt know what the dragon madness is, or youll be dead!"

"Uh..." Su Ping was a little dumb, "You are fierce to me."

Short-haired girl: "??"

"I see your doors are closed, so come in and see. Are you here for the quiz, who is the examiner?" Su Ping explained, then looked at the two curiously, looking at their ages, they were very young and a little bit Not like the examiner.

"Does the door close?"

The Snow Skirt girl was stunned for a moment, and her eyes suddenly showed a sadness.

The short-haired girl looked at the open door behind Su Ping, immediately understood it, turned to stare at the Snow Skirt girl, and then said to Su Ping: "Who are you, are you here to test the test? Here is the test of the seventh-level nurturer. local."

After that, he looked at Su Ping suspiciously.

Looking at Su Ping's age, it doesn't look like a seventh-level trainer.

"So you are the examiner?" Su Ping looked at her.

The short-haired girl did not have a good air: "Of course not. If the 7th level trainer wants to study, you need to reserve an examiner in advance. Those who can be the examiners here are masters. How can you stay here every day? You dont even know, Come here to test the test?"

The Snow Skirt girl pulled her dress corner and said to Su Ping: "This classmate, haven't you just been injured?"

The voice is soft and glutinous, and it is a tough guy at first.


Seeing that they were not examiners, Su Ping asked, "Are you practicing here?"

"Otherwise?" the short-haired girl couldn't help but yell.

Yes, asked a loneliness.

Su Ping shook his head helplessly, too lazy to ignore the two, turned around and left.

"and many more."

Shouted the short-haired girl.

Su Ping continued to walk forward.

"Hey, I told you to wait."

"You told me to wait for me to wait, then I have no face?"


The short-haired girl was a little confused, and when she saw Su Ping still stopped, she couldn't help but take a deep breath, pressing down the fragrance that was rolling in her heart, and said: "What did you just do, why did the Carrion Dark Star Dragon suddenly You lie down in front of you, did you use animal training?"

Hearing her words, the Snow Skirt Girl was also stunned. She couldn't help looking at Su Ping, her clear eyes showed a surprised and curious look.


What Su Ping asked was this. If he had no interest in staying long, he turned around and left.

I thought I was asking for a communication number...cut!

Looking at Su Ping's departure, the two girls froze and looked at each other. The Snow Skirt girl hesitated and said: "It should not be a tamer, even an eighth tamer, there is no way to tame the runaway dark corpse. Xinglong, isn't it... it's suddenly sick?"


The short-haired girl thought her analysis made sense.

"Maybe the stomach hurts."

"Maybe, by the way, is it male or female?"

"I don't know, I don't seem to see that..."

"That's the mother? No wonder..."


After leaving the passage, Su Ping glanced at the other passages, and there was no movement, and no one tested it here.

He shook his head, did not continue to move forward, and turned to leave.

After reading this level of test center, Su Ping felt that there was nothing new. He returned to the front promenade, and on the corridor, several men and women came face to face.

"It's you!"

The youth of the team leader saw Su Ping, suddenly surprised, and secretly complained in his heart.

"This brother, I was really embarrassed before, because I was so tongue-toned, wouldn't you be surprised?" This young man was Lin Feng. He came with a few companions to test together, but he didn't expect to hit Su Ping again.

"Who are you?"

Su Ping looked at him strangely.


Lin Feng felt that his style at the moment was suitable for the pale white, and he wept silently in his heart, and the other party did not take him seriously at all, and forgot directly.

However, it would be fine to save him trouble.

"This, sorry, bother." Lin Feng smiled quickly.

At this moment, I dont have to pretend to be in front of my companions. I apologize and apologize. He is not completely brainless. Su Ping has a Master Medal in his hand. No matter how he comes, there must be a reason. Rather than pretend to be less forced, dont be okay Look for trouble, in case you really meet a guy who is a pig and a tiger.

And this year, the big guys like to play pigs and eat tigers, which makes them really "pigs" to be slaughtered, don't be too difficult to mix!

Su Ping looked at him repeatedly. "I seem to remember you. Are you the one at the door?"

"Uh..." Lin Feng was dumbfounded again.


He wanted to slap himself in a row.

"Are you the one who ate something in the trash can?" Su Ping said seriously.

Lin Feng just wanted to explain, suddenly stunned, and immediately blushed, accompanied with a smile and said: "It's me."

"It's a good time," Su Ping said, patting him on the shoulder, and walked straight by.

Lin Feng was photographed crying without tears. After seeing Su Ping leaving, he was relieved, and then turned his head, and saw several companions around him looking at himself, very weird, all thinking.

If you want to laugh, why should you cover your mouth and squint?

"This guy must be intentional!" Lin Feng thought secretly, thinking that Su Ping must know him, saying this deliberately, in order to revenge his mocking revenge.

What a stingy guy!

Shaking his head, Lin Feng said to the people around him: "You guys all go to the queue. I and Yingying will take the sixth grade. When the exam is good, let's go to a hotel early. I just asked about it. Tomorrow. There is a master exchange meeting, the one said by the guard at the door, and this time the master exchange meeting, I heard that it is an open class, and the second half will be open to the outside. Lets line up early tomorrow to fight for a good position."

Hearing his words, the others laughed twice, and they all became serious.

"Come on! Fight for it!"


A few people encouraged for a while, and then scattered around.


After leaving the level test center, Su Ping turned around in other places in the nurturing division headquarters. This place is very large. In addition to the level test center, Su Ping also saw a plain dedicated to wild beasts. It is a separate huge park built high. On the wall, there is a title-level guard outside as the leader, guarding.

In addition, there is a library, where the materials are like sea, with the latest and most complete beast illustrations.

Su Ping, holding Shi Haochi's medal of masters, went smoothly all the way, turning around blindly.

It must be said that the headquarter of this trainer is extremely huge. Su Ping turned around for two hours, and his journey was quick, but he felt that there were still many places that had not been transferred, and he himself... had lost his way.

After inquiring about some guards, Su Ping found his way back to the manor house in Shihaochi.

It was not early at the moment, and it was four or five in the afternoon.

"You didn't go shopping?" On the stairs, Shi Haochi went downstairs and saw Su Ping's figure, and immediately came over, surprised.

Su Ping stretched out and said, "I'm tired."

A glance at him: "Are you off work?"

"Well, it's off work."

"Isn't it half past five?"

"...I got off work at five."

"Is this an early departure?"


Is this important?

Say you care about what this does? !

Shi Haochi was a little speechless, stiffly digressing the topic and chuckled: "Let's go back."

"it is good."

Su Ping got up.

The two walked out all the way and met many people along the way. They all nodded and greeted Shihaochi, and at the same time looked at Su Ping who walked side by side with Shihaochi strangely.

Accompanying the same master, instead of walking behind, but side by side?

This young man is either an idiot or a great prospect.

Some people secretly remembered Su Ping's face.

"Mission Tip: The progress of the faculty fame: 5/100!"

"Task countdown, 5 days and 08 hours."

The sound of the system came out abruptly.

Su Ping was startled, secretly vomiting: "Don't you suddenly say okay, I will soon forget that I am a systematic person."


Su Ping glanced at the progress of the mission in his mind. He didn't do anything, but his reputation value reached 5 o'clock. Could it be that he followed Shi Haochi's face?

This reputation, is it to start their own reputation?

Thinking of this, Su Ping's brain turned.

At this time, the two came to a roadside where many valuable vehicles were parked.

Standing next to the car, a strong man driver saw Shi Haochi, and quickly greeted him with respect. He greeted him, and then looked at Su Ping. He was surprised, but without asking much, he immediately turned and ran to open the door for Shi Haochi.

After getting on the bus and driving out of the headquarters, within half an hour, he came to Shi Haochi's home.

"This is my home."

It was a manor in front of me, but it was not as big as the office manor of the trainer's headquarters, but it was surrounded by walls, and the streets were restricted. There were not many vehicles, and the environment was clean.

The most important thing is that such a villa is in the city of the Holy Light District!

Say the important words three times. In the other two times, please meditate by yourself.

The luxurious luxury car went directly in and parked in the parking shed next to it. There was a servant on the lawn next to the bedding, which looked very comfortable.

Shi Haochi took Su Ping to push the door in. The thick gate also looked rare wood and was extremely valuable.

"It's Dad's back."

A sound came from the living room.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the sound of slippers wiping the floor, and then a girl wearing casual home clothes came from the living room and saw Su Ping and Shi Haochi in the slippers at the entrance.

"It's you?!"

When the girl saw Su Ping, she was stunned for a moment, then immediately glared her eyes.

Su Ping looked up and was surprised. The girl in front of her was actually a short-haired girl who was seen there by the seventh-level nurturing teacher.

"who is it?"

A soft glutinous voice next to him asked curiously, and then came the sound of slippers wiping, as if he could not lift his feet without eating, then Su Ping saw that it was the snow skirt girl.

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