Astral Pet Store Chapter 456

Chapter 456: Do You Deserve

Dai Lemao and Lao Chen also looked, and their eyes immediately dignified.

"I heard that Laoding has been in retreat recently, and he rarely goes out. It seems that he is concentrating on his thunderfire cultivation method and wants to hit the top."


"He has been a master for more than twenty years, and it's time to go further."

"You guys, don't spit an old man, don't hear it from others." Shi Haochi whispered.

Dai Lemao sighed and said with a sigh: "Also, if his research results, we will have to call others Ding old."

"People are coming soon, let's go, and we will say hello." Lao Chen is more direct, and has stood up.

It is necessary to start a relationship early, or wait for someone to break through, and then make friends, that is, kneel down.

Shi Haochi and Dai Lemao also nodded, greeted their students and came to the red carpet aisle beside them.

"Master Ding..."

Zhen Xiang, Tong Tong, Qian Xiuxiu, Zhou Ban and others, all looked at the old man with a slender figure, who was shocked in his eyes. He was also a master, and there was such a big gap in status. )'S reaction, so that they can't help but be in awe of the latter.

Su Ping also looked at the master Ding, but felt nothing in his heart. Suddenly, he glanced at two familiar faces among the group of people behind this master Ding.

He stunned slightly and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Around them, other cultivating masters also noticed that Master Ding and others who came in the door, except for a few self-assured people who sat quietly and did not move, the others all stood up "inadvertently" , And then "randomly" came to the red carpet aisle that must pass by.

When he saw the latter approaching, he immediately greeted him with a few words of greeting.

Only a short aisle, walked for more than ten minutes, came to Su Pingren.

"Master Ding, long time no see!"

Shi Haochi and Lao Chen were chatting about things after petting. When Yu Guangxu approached each other, Shi Haochi turned his head inadvertently, his face was surprised with three points, and he calmly smiled.

Both Lao Chen and Dai Lemao turned their heads in surprise and immediately greeted each other.

They used to be called Laoding, but now they are called Master Ding in person.

Master Ding's name is Ding Fengchun. He noticed the situation of these people when he entered the room. He gave them greetings and smiled a few words, but he focused more on those who were sitting still. People.

As the saying goes, others praise you, you may not remember.

But when someone slaps you, you must remember it all your life.

Those sitting, you successfully caught my attention.

"This is your two daughters, it really looks clever and clear." Ding Fengchun said to Shi Haochi with a smile, his words are not completely false praise.

He disagreed with the master Shi Haochi.

But he was impressed by his two daughters, and he was considered the best among the many masters in the headquarters!

The nurturing is very good. At a young age, it is a sixth-level nurturer. If you are less than 20 years old, you can achieve such an achievement, which is a nurturing genius!

In the future, it is very likely that both will obtain the same master status as Shi Haochi. If a family has three masters, it will definitely be the most outstanding among the many masters.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but think of his stupid son, who just wanted to fight as a pet master, and it was simply stupid.

"Where and where, Master Ding won the prize." Shi Haochi quickly humbly said.

Zhen Xiang and Tong Tong were flushed, a little excited and shy.

Su Ping subconsciously glanced at the top of their heads, with such thick hair, can they see that they are clever and clear?

"Why, how are you?!"

Suddenly a suspicious voice rang out from the figures of many students behind Ding Fengchun.

Everyone was surprised. The master is talking here. Who is so ignorant?

Looking around, it was a girl speaking.

Feeling the surrounding gaze, Hu Rongrong in the crowd immediately reacted and blushed, but her eyes were still fixed on Su Ping. It was unbelievable. Isnt the other a junior trainer who has just arrived in the base city of Holy Light? How come this master exchange meeting?

To say that Su Ping is the one of the three masters in front of him, but isn't he from another base city, he found the master so soon?

The young man beside her also looked at Su Ping in amazement, a flash of haze flashed in her eyes.

"Rongrong? Do you know?" Ding Fengchun's face calmed down when he saw Hu Rongrong. The grandfather of the other party was the top educator. This alone, no matter what Hu Rongrong said, he would not be surprised.

On Shi Haochi's side, everyone looked at Su Ping in surprise.

Zhen Xiang and Tong Tong recognized Hu Rongrong's identity. The grandfather of the latter was well-known in the cultivation headquarters. The other party is also the second generation of Pei, but their identity is more noble than them.

However, what makes them proud is that their skills are not lost to each other. Everyone is at level 6, and they are all from famous schools. It is difficult to say who will become the master in the future.

"Brother Su, do you know Miss Rong Rong?" Shi Haochi looked at Su Ping in surprise. Didn't you just come to the base city of Shengguang? Didn't even find a hotel in the foothold? Have you already become the granddaughter of a top master?


Su Ping nodded.

But it's just knowing the name.

Hearing Ding Fengchun's words, Hu Rongrong recovered, and was about to answer. Suddenly her face changed slightly. If she said something about Su Ping, wouldn't it be ugly if he was bombarded or looked down upon?

Thinking of this, she nodded and didn't elaborate: "I've seen one before and I'm not very familiar."

Ding Fengchun understood it and glanced at Su Ping, then he didn't pay much attention.

"Brother Su, let's meet again. Before you said you were a junior educator, I really believe it, and I will say, "Brother Su, how can you be a junior educator."

At this time, the young man standing beside Hu Rongrong also spoke, but said with a smile on his face.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and gave him a glance.

If you don't know the previous holiday, I think this irony is really praise.

This young man was exactly Xiao Fengxu who had previously encountered in that stadium.

Among those few people at that time, the other party seemed to be the one with the highest status and the only one who did not confront him directly.

Unexpectedly, now the other party actually jumped out to pick things up. When he walked before, he felt the killing intention of the other party, but he didn't take it seriously, but the killing intention of the ants, but now they met again, but the other party showed fangs.

"Junior trainer?"

Hearing Xiao Fengxu's words, everyone looked at Su Ping in surprise.

People such as Shi Haochi and Lao Chen were all surprised. When they saw the calm appearance of Su Ping, they were a little surprised. They couldn't tell whether the man said was true or not.

"Do you know?" Dai Lemao couldn't help asking Su Ping.

Also glanced at Shi Haochi.

He had some doubts about Shi Haochi's words before. After all, how could such a young person say that he was the one who cultivated the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon?

Even if you start practicing from your mother's womb, you don't have this ability.

Didnt see that Hu Rongrong was the granddaughter of the top nurturing teacher, and now he is only a sixth-level nurturing teacher. Even if Su Ping is more genius, it is a seventh-level, but he cant cultivate such a silver frost star moon dragon!

Shi Haochi is also puzzled, but he still believes Su Ping deeply. Through yesterday's contact, he always feels that this teenager has a kind of calmness that does not meet his identity and age. This is not something that can be disguised by hard support. This kind of detail can be observed.

"I've only seen it, I don't know it." Su Ping said, looking at Xiao Fengxu at the same time, said indifferently: "Who is it, Brother Xiao, are you worthy?"

The other party satirized him, but he was in no mood to turn around.

the reason is simple.

The other party is unworthy.

To switch to an evenly matched opponent, Su Ping still has the irony of fighting, but for the existence of being able to shoot dead, even if the fighting is won, there is no pleasure.

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone suddenly became quiet.

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