Astral Pet Store Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Get Out

Who is this boy?

Ding Fengchun and the many students behind them looked at Su Ping in surprise.

How dare you talk to the young master of the Xiao family?

Even the children of the master, dare not offend the Xiao family so plainly and for no reason?

However, from Su Ping's reaction, they also saw that the two were not friends, but had a holiday.

In this way, taste the words before Xiao Fengxu... this young master Xiao is not a person who looks so elegant and warm!

The suspicions in the eyes of Lao Chen and Dai Lemao and others were even heavier, and Su Ping's reaction was a bit of anxiety after being taken off.

Both are looking at Shi Haochi.

If you are wrong, your old history will be unlucky!

Shi Haochi's face also changed, but it was not because he suspected Su Ping, but Xiao Feng Xu who was insulted by Su Ping. He was the young master of the Xiao family. The Xiao family was a family of top breeders in the base city of Shengguang, although ... The grave of the top nurturing teacher is already seven or eight feet tall.

However, there are always some savings after death, and the connections during his lifetime should not be underestimated. In addition to the Xiao family today, there are also masters who sit in town.

Su Ping's words, but it is a big trouble for yourself!

Zhen Xiang, Tong Tong, Qian Xiuxiu, Zhou Ban, and others all looked at Su Ping in amazement. Unexpectedly, his temper was so irritable, and he dared to be so disdainful.

Xiao Fengxu's face was gloomy, and Su Ping turned his face directly like this, speaking without any subtlety.

This is equivalent to a straight face.

To be replaced by other people with a little bit of quality and city mansion, even if they are irritated, but when so many big people face, at most they will sneer and irony.

This guy is good, just scold as soon as possible.

Simply poor quality!

"Brother Su, what do you mean? I don't remember if I offended you?" Xiao Fengxu said with a low face.

At this time, he scolded Su Ping, obviously not in line with his identity.

Only showing weakness and pretending to be innocent is the king.

Su Ping raised a brow.

Still going?

"Of course you didn't offend me, but you did what you did, and you know what you are. I don't like this kind of garbage and scum, and things that are inferior to beasts and animals. You are simply a beast. Say more to you, I feel dirty around the air!" Su Ping scolded.

Than acting? Learn about the self-cultivation of actors.

When they heard Su Ping's words, everyone was stunned. They felt a kind of sensation that the big melon was going to break the news. They couldn't help looking at Xiao Fengxu.

What did you do, it seems to make people angry.

Xiao Fengxu was also stunned, almost vomiting blood, we just acted according to the script, you have already started to compile yourself!

You are righteous and indignant about things that are empty, as if Laozi really did something lacking in morals!

Yu Guang felt his eyes around him. Although everyone's expressions were not obvious and restrained, Xiao Fengxu obviously felt a little strange.

This Nima...

"You bleed a little blood, what am I doing?!" Xiao Feng shuddered, biting his teeth.

Su Ping sneered, "I know what you have done!"

He wouldn't say it, but it would limit the imagination of others around him.

"you you!"

Xiao Fengxu gritted his teeth, and suddenly, he looked at Shi Haochi and Lao Chen behind Su Ping and said, "Three masters, is he your relative or student?"

Lao Chen shook his head quickly and said, "No."

He did not want to offend the Xiao family because of Su Ping.

Dai Lemao also shook his head slightly, Shi Haochi wanted to make a round, saying: "Master Xiao, I have something to say, maybe there is any misunderstanding among you."

Xiao Fengxu looked at him and found that he had the closest relationship with Su Ping, saying, "Is he a relative student of Master Shi?"

Shi Haochi shook his head. Although Su Ping was younger than him, in terms of nurturing teachers, the master was the teacher. When he was Su Ping, he was a peer and a super potential stock worth investing in.

"Since he has nothing to do with the three masters, this is a master exchange meeting, then I don't know why he is a junior nurturing teacher, why did he appear here." Xiao Fengxu gritted his teeth and said.

He turned directly to the topic and stopped arguing with Su Pinghu in that matter. The other party fabricated it first. He said nothing, and he seemed a little weak.

Now that he has torn his face, he will come straight.

At that time in the stadium, he heard with his own ears that Su Ping was a junior trainer.

If it were not clear what Su Ping had to do with these three masters, he would have called the guards directly and blasted Su Ping out, and he would also recommend Master Ding next to him to pull this kind of person into the trainer headquarters In the blacklist, let it never turn over!

At that time, Su Ping left, and he managed the road administration. Although he knew Su Ping's route, he could no longer catch up with revenge. Now that the ghost messenger met here, how could he easily let it go.

When others heard him, they all looked at Shi Haochi and others.

Shi Haochi did not know where he came from. Su Ping was a junior trainer. He explained: "Master Xiao, Brother Su is not brought by us. He has his own invitation letter, but the invitation letter is lost, he is our nurturing The master of other base cities specially invited by the division headquarters."

He didn't say it was okay, everyone said nothing at the moment.

Only Zhen Xiang, Tong Tong and Dai Lemao, who knew Su Ping in advance, did not react much at the moment, but their eyes fell on Su Ping.

They all listened to Xiao Fengxu's words.

Junior educator? Is the news true or false?

Zhen Xiang and Tong Tong looked up at their dad, and there was a trace of worry in their eyes.

Dai Lemao and Lao Chen glanced at each other, hesitated, and finally sighed secretly without persuading Shi Haochi.

They also don't know why Shi Haochi believes that Su Ping is that person.

"He is... nurturing master?"

Ding Fengchun stared at Su Ping in a daze.

The two middle-aged men and the intellectual woman behind him were also dumbfounded, suspecting Shi Haochi was wrong.

Many of the students behind them were stunned and looked at each other, then their eyes looked strange one by one.

Such a young... nurturing master?

Or is it from other base cities?

Even the cradle of trainers, the base city of Holy Light has never seen such a young master of cultivation, is this a joke?

Hu Rongrong was stunned and couldn't help but look at Shi Haochi. She heard Su Ping say she was a junior nurturing teacher. At the time, Su Ping was very polite to her, not like lying to her.

I don't know why I came to this master, it is a master trainer.

Xiao Fengxu did not expect to get such a reply. After he was stunned, he suddenly couldn't help but say: "Master Shi, you said... he is a master of cultivation?"

Seeing their expressions, Shi Haochi knew that this matter was a little too shocking and difficult to accept. He said: "Brother Su Ping has not been tested, but the beast he cultivated is hardly cultivated by masters. You Dont underestimate the age of the Suping brothers. For some geniuses, age is not a problem."

Xiao Fengxu smiled, and suddenly the whole person relaxed.

Originally, he just wanted to drive Su Ping away from his eyes, to teach him a lesson, and let out.

But now, pretending to be a nurturing master, this can no longer be solved by driving away, it is a death penalty!

And he will die miserably under torture!

"Master Shi, this kid has a sharp tongue and you are cheated by him." Xiao Fengxu said with a smile, "I heard him say that he is a junior nurturer himself."

Shi Haochi froze and looked suspiciously at Su Ping.

Ding Fengchun also recovered, looked at Shi Haochi, shook his head and sighed, and was very disappointed with him.

Su Ping glanced at Xiao Fengxu and said, "Then did you hear it with your own ears? I said I was your father."


The smile on Xiao Fengxu's face was stiff again.

It's enough!

Scolded again and again!

What are you talking about? !

"You are looking for death!" Xiao Fengxu's face was somber, staring at Su Ping.

Su Ping wanted to say it again. Suddenly a cold hum rang, Ding Fengchun narrowed his eyes and looked at Su Ping coldly, an impassioned spirit enveloped him, saying:

"Speaking of swearing, as a trainer, no one like you will get out immediately. From today, your trainer will be cancelled and you will never be allowed to participate in the trainer assessment!"

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