Astral Pet Store Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Talk Second More


The gigantic figure of the devil, snake, and beast broke through the wall in the hall building, flew tens of meters away, fell on the square outside, and crushed some valuable vehicles parked here.

The snake head hit by Su Ping's fist burst into plasma, and even blood and minced meat were shattered by the fist.

The two snake heads on the side were also scraped by fists, and a large amount of blood spilled from the scales. They were dizzy, shaking and shaking.

And this long-established building hall with many art photos of masters also cracked and collapsed in the violent impact!

Numerous figures in it fled from all over the hall building.

Few people were affected and injured. They all came from trainers. Although the combat effectiveness was not strong, in the ordinary disaster of the collapse of this structure, as long as the third and fourth order repairs were enough, it was enough to get rid of the difficulties.


The two figures rushed out from the inside, it was Su Ping and Lone Star.

Lone Star's face was unbelievable. At this moment, he felt an unbearable sense of oppression from this boy. Is this really a title? !

"Take me a punch!"

Su Ping stared at him.

The thunder light on his feet bloomed, his figure suddenly accelerated, and he punched out.


The pupil of Lone Star shrank, and when he saw the power of the punch, he had almost no idea and turned and ran!



His figure rushed out of thousands of kilometers in an instant, and at the same time, the wind-sounding goblin also appeared beside him, imposing a lightness increase on him, making his speed increase again.

With a loud bang, Su Ping punched into the air with a punch, and the ground threw a hole of several meters in size across the ground. His body had to stop, looking up at the lone star hiding in the distance.

Compared with speed, he still has some gaps with the title limit.

Seeing Su Ping stop, Lone Star let out a sigh of relief, only to find that he was all sweating out in cold sweat and had a feeling of escape from death.

If he hadn't been killed by teleportation, he doubted that the boy in front of him was a legendary existence!

Turned his head to look at the ghostly snake monster on the ground, and when he saw the cracked snake head and the appearance of lying on the ground, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he immediately summoned a plant pet, and healed him. At the same time, two war pets were summoned again, alertly guarding Su Ping.

Su Ping stood in the sky, no longer attacked, he shot not to kill, but to find an equal opportunity to communicate.

With the power he now shows, if he can't get the serious treatment of this nurturing division headquarters, he doesn't mind the following.

Around the collapsed hall, many trainers drilled from everywhere, some train masters and guards, propped up the star shields, enveloped some of the trainers who were lowered, and escorted them safely.

Looking at this collapsed building, everyone was a little ignorant.

When I saw the back view of the young boy standing in the sky, everyone was refreshed, a little horrified. The previous scene happened too fast, many people did not see Su Ping and Lone Star, but the result is now clear, title The lone star of the extreme summoned the pet of war, but he failed to subdue Su Ping.

Where is this boy really sacred? !

With the collapse of the hall building, the blasting sound here also spread throughout the trainer headquarters.

Many title levels hidden in other places, as well as some training masters, immediately heard the sound, and saw a figure either walking in the sky, or the ground sprinting, rushing here quickly.

In a blink of an eye, there were seven or eight title-level strongmen around.

When these people saw ghosts, monsters, snakes and lone stars, their faces changed slightly, and they immediately approached the past and asked respectfully.

Lone Star's eyes were fixed on Su [51novelwww.51ksbook.com] Ping, and he was not in a mood to ignore them.

He feels that he is not Su Ping's opponent. For these ordinary titles, Su Ping is their unmatched existence. When he comes, he will also give food. Unless there are a few more titles, it is possible to suppress Su Ping.

However, even if it suppressed Su Ping, Su Ping was so fearless and dared to make trouble here.

Such a gesture made him unable to help the power behind him.

Up to now, he has not seen the origin of Su Ping.

In the title limit circle, he is also somewhat famous. He knows most of the title limit, but there has never been a person like Su Ping.

Moreover, he feels that Su Ping is not as simple as the title limit. It is not like saying that he is legendary, but the fighting power he has just demonstrated is stronger than the other title limits he has seen, and much stronger than himself. At least, he couldn't be so easy to defeat the devil, snake and beast.

You know, the power of this devil, snake and beast is stronger than his own combat power. Don't say a trick. If you fight head-on, he may not be able to hold it in front of it!

On the ground, the old master Bai and a group of masters have retreated to the collapsed ruins, all of them are full of horror. They are quite familiar with the fighting power of the lone star, but they did not expect that even the lone star can do nothing. Su Ping!

This is the title limit!

After the existence of legends, even the headquarters of their trainers are few.

Only top educators can invite and draw to the limit of the title. Other nurturing masters must be cautious and trembling before the limit of the title.

After all, the battle pets controlled by the title limit are all of the 9th rank extreme bloodline, and only the top nurturing masters can make their pet beasts more powerful!

On the other side, Shi Haochi and Lao Chen were stunned.

They never thought that Su Ping was so fresh!

One punch hit the title, and now even the lone star has been repelled!

Saying that he is a trainer, even Shi Hao Chi can't believe it at this moment.

How can there be such an exaggerated trainer?

Whoo! Whoo!

More and more figures came together, and in an instant, there were twenty or thirty figures in the upper air, all of which were title levels! These people looked at this collapsed building with their faces full of surprise. They have been here for many years in the nurturing division headquarters. They have never seen it before. Someone dared to fight here.

"what happened?"

Suddenly a group of figures flew by, headed by an old man over sixty years old, with half-white hair, looking energetic and clear-eyed, like a teenager.

He was wearing a black robe with gold trimmed nurturing robe, a neat dress, and a black hexagram star medal on his chest. This is the top educator medal.

Most of the top trainers are celebrities in the headquarter of the trainer. No one knows it. They no longer need to prove their identity by wearing medals. Even the trainers robe is too lazy to dress and the dress is extremely casual, but the old man is meticulously dressed. It looks clean and tidy.

Seeing this old man, everyone below was stunned and suddenly relieved.

"It's the vice president."

"Look, look, Yan Zun is next to the vice president."

"Even the vice president was alarmed, I don't know what to do with this person below."

Everyone looked up.

Seeing the vice president and Yan Zun behind him, Lone Star sighed with relief, immediately flicked his figure, and flew past. He glanced at Su Ping on the opposite side and quickly told the story.

After listening to his words, the vice president was slightly stunned and looked up at Su Ping in front of him.

The Yan Zun behind him, his burly figure, his hair like flames, and his eyes were not dark, but with a hint of dark red.

After listening to the lone star's narration at this moment, a glance of surprise flashed through his eyes and narrowed slightly.

He and Lone Star are both title limits. Although they haven't fought each other in life and death, they have also studied one or two on weekdays, and they feel deeply about the lone star's ghost, devil, snake, and beast.

Take another look at the distant ground, the ghostly demon snake beast receiving rescue treatment, his expression became dignified.

"You are the trainer of the Longjiang base city we invited?" The vice president asked Su Ping after looking at it for a moment, but his voice was not angry, but it sounded very gentle.

Su Ping glanced at him and nodded slightly: "My invitation letter is lost, but you are the one who invited me."

The vice president nodded slightly and said, "What is the conflict here?"

"Master Shi testified for me, but they still didn't believe my identity. The master Ding threatened to block me, and I opposed it. As for others, I had to give a small punishment without asking Qingsao indiscriminately."

"You bullshit!"

A figure emerged from the ruins. It was Master Ding who was kneeling in front of Su Ping. Without Su Ping's suppression at this moment, he had already climbed up. The humiliation of kneeling in front of Su Ping in public made him mad at the moment. Abnormal.

"Vice President, don't listen to him. He just talked nonsense and killed him. This kind of person should be mortal! If you don't kill him, what is the face of our training division headquarters?!"

His angry and fierce roar spread all over the quiet square.

Everyone saw the gaze disguised by his disheveled hair, and he was slightly stunned. I didn't expect that Master Ding was so stimulated, but it was also difficult to bear such humiliation.

Su Ping glanced at him, his fingers flew, and a ray of star power shot away like a sword.


Yan Zun's face slightly changed behind the vice president. Su Ping didn't expect that in the face of the vice president, he dared to commit murder!

A sudden flash of red light flashed through his eyes, and a scorching star force flew out quickly, and then came first, hitting on Su Ping's ray of star force to cancel each other out.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at him.

The vice-chairman also saw Su Ping shot, and was a little stunned. He didn't expect that Su Ping was so murderous. He said: "I remember the person we invited, called Su Ping, you are that Mr. Su Ping? There must be a misunderstanding in this. , I hope we can sit down and talk about it. If Master Ding is really at fault, I will let him apologize to you."

Su Ping did not expect that the vice president spoke so well.

For someone like Bai Lao before, it is estimated that as soon as he came up, he was questioning and scolding.


Seeing Su Ping agree, the vice president was relieved, and the lone star next to him was also relieved. He was really afraid of another conflict, otherwise he and Yan Zun shot at the same time, he was not sure to suppress Su Ping, after all, he The main favorite of the game, Ghosts, Snakes and Beasts have no combat power at this moment.

By himself, he did not have the guts to approach Su Ping and take a punch.

"Mr. Su came with me, Bai Lao, and several of you, also came together and talked about things." The vice president said to Su Ping, and then said to Bai Lao and Shi Haochi and others below, also called Ding Fengchun in the ruins.

"Vice president!"

Ding Fengchun couldn't help shouting. Su Ping pointed out his hand before, and the ray of killing woke him up, and now he regained his senses, but it was still a little difficult to be reconciled when he heard the vice president's words.

The vice president did not look at him, but said to an old man behind him: "Take care of your hard work here. The news here is temporarily blocked, and communication will be postponed until the afternoon."

"Good." The old man nodded and glanced at Su Ping.

The vice president said nothing more and turned away.

Yan Zun glanced at Lone Star and Su Ping and followed him away.

Bai Lao on the ground was stunned. Su Ping made such a big noise and caused such great damage that the vice president did not get angry and directly suppressed it.

Are you worried about Su Ping's strength?

His face changed, but he followed his head daringly.

He thought that Su Ping couldn't help even the lone star, and he felt a little embarrassed in his heart.

For other titles, he may not be too afraid, but this madman who dares to spread wild in the headquarter of the trainer, he has to be careful. After all, no one knows what the madman will do.

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