Astral Pet Store Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Demonization

Ding Fengchun and Su Ping kneeled down to bet on the bet, which was funny, but the vice president did not block it. This was the two of them voluntarily, and Su Ping was researched by contract. He also wanted to see if Su Ping was true or not. .

The silver frost star moon dragon in the previous video showed some special features, which made him extremely interested. Although the gambling has not started yet, the vice president hopes that Su Ping is a real trainer.

Although, he knew this possibility, very low.

But if it is true, he really wants to know, how did Su Ping cultivate the silver frost star moon dragon, then the comprehensive skills of the whole system... Thinking about him is a little excited.

"Everyone, please move to the test center."

The vice president got up and said that it was a good idea for this matter.

Su Ping and Ding Fengchun have no opinions, and everyone else keeps up. Anyway, idle is idle, and such a big thing happened, they also want to see the final result.

Yan Zun and Lone Star are not very interested in the nurturing thing, but they are a little curious about Su Ping's test at this moment. This young man's combat power makes them very afraid, especially Lone Star. However, he knew that even if he and Yan Zun added together, they might not be able to retain Su Ping.

This is the limit in the title limit.

Referred to as pole in pole...

If Su Ping has such an exaggerated fighting power, if he still knows how to cultivate, then for them, it is a bit of a blow to self-confidence.

After all, who doesn't have a little pride in his heart?


Soon, everyone gathered at the level test center.

There are also a large number of trainers here today, come here to test and verify.

Very lively, every day.

With the arrival of the vice president and Su Pingren, surrounded by two titles and a group of nurturing masters, these nurturing teachers who came to the test were surprised.

What battle is this?

The battle in that hall was not disturbed to this side, and the distance was far away. Although the sound of the collapse of the building could also be heard here, these people did not think much.

After all, even if someone tells them personally that someone fights at the nurturing division headquarters, it will only make them laugh.

"Mr. Su, at what level are you going to start the test?"

The vice chairman asked Su Ping.

"Just from the first level." Su Ping said.

Anyway, he has come, he is also very curious, what the trainer needs to master at each level, this is also common sense for other trainers.

"First class? Good."

The vice president was surprised, but didn't say much.

Ding Fengchun sneered with a sneer. "It doesn't make sense to delay time."

Su Ping glanced at him, still looking for a fight?

Seeing Su Ping's eyes, Ding Fengchun's complexion changed, and he suffocated, but he didn't dare to give up his mouth again.

Although there are Yan Zun and Gu Xing two titles next to him, and the vice president sits in the seat, the shadow that Su Ping gave him was too large. If he could not swallow this breath, he would rather reconcile with Su Ping at this moment. Such a person It is by no means an unnamed tactical pet master, and would rather win over than offend.

It's a pity that he was guilty of speaking out, and now he has offended him, and then took the initiative to lower his face. He felt that the other party might not have brought his affection, but was even more humiliating.

After all, he will still have dinner at the headquarter of the trainer in the future. If he spreads it, how should his students and other trainers around him regard him in the future?


The vice president said to Su Ping.

Su Ping followed him into the first-level training division test site.

"The test of the first-class trainer is very simple. The first is to master the elementary animal training, and the second is to grasp the simple principle of star force resonance. The latter is theoretical knowledge." The vice president introduced.

There is no examiner at the first-level trainer, and very few trainers come to this headquarters to get a first-class certificate on weekdays.

"Theoretical knowledge?"

Su Ping touched the corner of his mouth, and suddenly felt a hint of maliciousness in the exam.

"This, let's start with the second-level trainer. Does the second level also test theoretical knowledge?" Su Ping asked.

Vice Chairman Wei Leng, this is the simplest thing, Su Ping didn't understand?

However, he thought that Su Ping had said that he was self-taught, and he was a little enlightened in his heart, and nodded: "Also, there is no theory since the second level.

"That's good."

"In addition to being able to tame the second-order monsters, the second-level cultivators must also be able to dye an ordinary white mouse with star power to blacken its hair within a quarter of an hour."

Said the vice president.

Su Ping was stunned, but did not expect the omnipotent experimental mouse, there is still a place to appear here.

"let me try."

Su Ping said that he had not tried it and was not sure.

Hair dyed black... If you use hair dye, he can do it in minutes.

Xing Li dyed his hair, and Su Ping came for the first time.

When everyone heard Su Ping's undefined answer, they all looked weird. Is this guy reliable?

Zhen Xiang and Tong Tong followed behind Shi Haochi and looked worriedly at Su Ping who was walking side by side with the vice president. Both were a little worried about Su Ping, and they were also a little worried that their father was implicated in Su Ping's affairs.

This honest old BOY dad makes them really worried.

Soon, everyone entered the second test room.

The examiner here is testing a 14- to 15-year-old boy who seems to be in the'hair dyeing' stage.

Su Ping saw that the teenager looked like constipation, holding the innocent little mouse in the palm of his hand, and was exerting force. Half of the hair on the little mouse was black.

Su Ping was a little surprised. Star Force gathered above his eyes to check the star's star flow.

It didn't take long for him to withdraw his gaze, his eyes revealing.

This control of Xingli is quite a test.

In the hands of the trainer, Xingli is like a precision scalpel, which is quite difficult to manipulate.

The vice president stepped forward and stood up suddenly with the examiner who was shocked by the battle to explain his intention.

When he heard that he wanted to give Su Ping a test, the examiner couldn't help but look at Su Ping's eyes more than once. He didn't expect Su Ping to be a troublemaker at the headquarter of the nurturing division, but regarded him as the child of a big man.

Soon, the examiner took out a second-order rotten claw lizard, a gray-brown lizard more than a meter long, quite fierce and highly toxic.

Su Ping didn't understand the beast-taming technique, but he released some star power a little, and then shocked the little thing, which was considered the first test.

Then it was dyeing the mouse.

The examiner handed Su Ping a small cage with a little white rat inside.

Su Ping opened the cage and grabbed the little white mouse in his hand. It was furry, very light, and even a little cute.

Although he was a little sure in his heart, Su Ping still had a slight sense of tension and expectation. He used the method he had just stolen from the young man to penetrate Star Force into this little white mouse.

Using the original properties in Star Force, some other pigment cells in the mouse are stimulated, and then they are warmed up and stimulated with Star Force.

Soon, the hair color of Su Ping's mouse began to change.

First it turns black, then it turns blood red.

Su Ping's heart moved, quietly injecting a hint of star power with lightning properties. Soon, the mouse's hair turned dark purple, and there was a flash of lightning between the hairs.


Seeing Su **** you, the vice president, Bai Lao, Shi Haochi and others were all stunned.

Although they can do this, what is the amount of lightning power attached to the hair?

Even Bai Lao and the vice president looked confused.

Su Ping put down the mouse with purple hair in his hands.


The little white mouse returned to the cage, seeming to be extremely excited, a little manic, and kept patting the cage, inspiring a faint amount of lightning.

Su Ping's eyes were slightly bright, and it seemed that his experiment was effective.

At this moment, this little white mouse should not be regarded as an ordinary creature, but has the potential to become a monster.

If it is thrown into the environment where monsters survive, it may inspire some potential and become a lower-level monster.

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