Astral Pet Store Chapter 465

Chapter 465: Level 7 Quiz

"Has it passed?"


The examiner nodded quickly, the hair was like a rainbow light, and it must have passed.

However, in order to be rigorous, he still tested the little mouse as usual. As soon as his finger touched the cage, he was hit by an electric light.

The intensity of this current is not low!

The examiner was a little shocked and looked at the little mouse in doubt.


Seeing the passage, Su Ping turned and left.

The vice president and Bai Lao saw that the little white mouse was a little strange, and wanted to come forward to test, but when he heard Su Ping's words, he thought about it, or followed him first, but before leaving, the vice president explained to the examiner :

"Leave this little thing for me."

That tone was like saying that I would like the whole dish in the evening.

Among the crowd, Ding Fengchun's face was a little unsightly.

Although Su Ping just passed the second-level cultivator test, but the confidence he came from gave him a kind of anticipation in his heart.

This young man really can cultivate skills.

I just don't know, can it be so smooth when facing the real monster behind?


Soon, the following three levels of quizzes will require hands on real monsters.

Quiz mission, let a monster at the peak of the second order, successfully promoted to the third order!

These second-order peak monsters are all the ones that reach the limit, not just entering the peak, so as a test, the difficulty is not so great.

These monsters are also the exclusive embryos of the three-level test. They are specially raised by the head of the nurturing division. They are all professionally tested and tested by instruments. They are absolutely accurate.

In general, the nurturing teacher will adopt the energy cultivation method in the face of this test.

Energy nurturing is to pour the nurturer's own star power energy to transform it into the energy of the monster with the resonance and compatibility of the nurturing technique. This conversion rate is low, and it will waste a lot of star power, but it is For the monster at the top of the bottleneck, these energies are enough to promote it to promotion.

During the test, Su Ping realized that many ordinary educators learned the skills that they usually acquired, but he knew nothing about it.

However, although he cannot deliver pure star power, he can deliver star power with attributes.

Such as Lei Dao.

In this three-level test, Su Ping did not use minecraft output, but used his best method.

Death cultivation method!


Just a look, the second-tiered rabbit in front of the Su plane suddenly burst into hair.

Immediately after, in a frightened squeak, it stepped directly from the summit to the third order.

This is also the peak period of the bully rabbit. The third order is the upper limit of the bloodline. If you go further, you must evolve.

Su Ping's control of killing intentions is extremely precise. The momentum he just exhaled will not scare this little thing crazy, and he can make it feel desperate and dangerous just like facing natural enemies.

Stimulated by the shock, this bully rabbit broke through directly, and the speed was so fast that even Su Ping was somewhat unexpected.

The vice-presidents next to him, Bai Lao and Shi Haochi, all looked a little stunned. They still saw the method for completing the test for the first time.

In consternation, the vice president's eyes suddenly showed a strange light. Sure enough, this kind of trainer in other base cities was prone to wild roads.

It's hard to say that Nojiko is bad. After all, some Nojiko is obtained through thousands of practices and is the most effective method, even more efficient than their systematic cultivation and teaching.

If you change to other trainers, it is estimated that you will use this energy to cultivate according to the text.


Su Ping tested all the way, from level 4, level 5, level 6... all cleared all the way.

In an instant, Su Ping came to the test place of the seventh-level nurturing teacher.

The difficulty of each rearing cultivating test has increased, and the types of tests have become more abundant. For example, the sixth-level cultivator test not only requires the cultivator to help improve the physical fitness of the monster, but also allows the cultivator to be able to Stimulate the murderous spirit of the monster, increase its hostility.

The strength of the monster is extremely critical.

A gentle monster is like a flower in a greenhouse.

The fierce monsters can often easily deter the same rank, and some fierce rare pets can even fight across the ranks.

It is said that people are good at being ridden by others.

Monsters are no exception.

Cultivating the character of monsters and beasts and making them brutal and ferocious is a major course for trainers.

Level 7 Quiz!

Seeing this brand, everyone's expressions changed slightly.

too fast.

The following test seems to be no difficulty for Su Ping. Now, no one dares to say that Su Ping is not a trainer!

Being able to pass the level 6 test, Su Ping is already a level 6 trainer.

According to the age of Su Ping's appearance, the 20-year-old sixth-level trainer is already quite excellent.

And now Su Ping's performance proves one thing from the side, he is not fake.

With the same name and same surname, they came from the same place, and they were also nurturers. Although the eighth level has not yet been tested, everyone already knows that Su Ping is indeed the one who was invited.

The vice president's eyes suppressed excitement.

Thinking of the magical silver frost star moon dragon, which came from Su Ping in front of him, he wanted to find a place at once and have a good discussion with him.

Shi Haochi is also more excited, his trust is indeed right, Su Ping is really the person they are looking for!

In the crowd, Ding Fengchun gradually became silent along the way.

At this moment, he only hopes that time will go slower.

In this way, he was a little further away from the time he gave Su Ping to kneel following the gambling agreement.

If time could go back in time, he wished to give himself a few big mouths. The Xiao family behind Xiao Fengxu had a good relationship with him. He saw that Su Ping was fighting with him before he spoke out to help the latter. Great trouble!

They all say that they dont help their relatives. What the ancients said made sense.

If he was an assistant, how could there be so many things now?

At this moment, Ding Fengchun had no thought of fighting Su Ping at all, a monster who was both fighting and nurturing, and was extremely good at both. This is to say that no one cultivated, he would not unscrew his head. Believe, this is not the person he offends.

"This guy is really a trainer."

Yan Zun and the Lone Star, who stood by the vice president, felt bitter in their hearts.

Both were slightly injured and were hit.

They don't have such a good energy. In addition to practicing, they also take care of studying with the trainer, and have achieved quite good results.

"Mr. Su, there is usually no examiner sitting here. Let me give you a test."

The vice chairman said with a chuckle, his eyes showed a bit of expectation. He wanted to see for himself how Su Ping completed the test. So far, all the methods that Su Ping passed the test are the same as those he has seen before. Not the same.

Every time it was Nojiko, which surprised and surprised him.

"I can do it," Su Ping said.

He wasn't afraid of the other party's ghosts. It was really fictitious, and it was a big deal.

The vice president smiled and led Su Ping through the Beast Taming Passage. Instead of going in, he came to the Cultivation Passage beside.

"Mr. Su's combat power, the monsters under the ninth order, it is estimated that they will be stunned in front of you. There is no difference between the beast tame technique."

The vice president smiled.

Through the previous observation, he knew that Su Ping did not seem to be able to tame the beast, but in view of Su Ping's own terrible combat power, this had no effect.

After all, beast Taming is a skill used to tame pet beasts that is cultivated below the monster.

In front of the Su plane, those monsters were shocked and shivered, letting them do whatever they wanted, the effect was better than tamer.

Hearing the vice president's words, Su Ping nodded, and the test of beast tamers did not make much sense to him.

Behind the crowd, Zhen Xiang and Tong Tong, who were behind Shi Haochi, had complex faces. They suddenly thought that when they first saw Su Ping here yesterday, the out-of-control carrion Dark Star Dragon almost hurt Su Ping. , But the result suddenly fell down in front of Su plane, trembling.

At that time they thought that something went wrong with this monster.

After all, people have three anxieties, and there will be so many days of unsmooth every month. The same is true for monsters and beasts.

But now it seems obvious that the monster has sensed the dangerous breath of Su Ping and was shocked by him.

I thought of the monsters who were struggling and unable to subdue. In front of Su plane, they were shocked only by their momentum. Both women felt a sense of frustration. The gap between people and people would be so big.

"The seven-level cultivation test, you can choose one of the three monsters below to help them improve their physique or enhance their skills. The time is two hours, as long as the effect meets the standard, it is considered qualified."

The vice president said to Su Ping.

At the same time handed Su Ping three monster beasts.

They are combat system, element system, and demon system.

Among them, it is the most difficult to cultivate beasts of demons, and once it is successful, it can also get a higher score.

Although it is also a level 7 trainer after passing, the level 7 trainer also has high and low scores, just like the same entrance into a university, but some scores have just passed the pass, and some are full marks.

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