Astral Pet Store Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Draw Second More

In the field.

After the evolution, the ghost of Blood Mist flinched in front of the Su plane, and neither moved nor dared to move.

Su Ping was also surprised. His original intention was to let him feel thunder and master low-level thunder skills. He didn't expect to stimulate it...evolution.

Is it so exciting?

In the past, this method was used to cultivate two dogs and purgatory dragon beasts. Why haven't they seen evolution?

Turning his head, Su Ping looked at the vice president off the court and saw him in a daze, asking: "Am I qualified?"

Are you qualified? The vice president recovered, and was a bit dumb for a while. This is more than qualified. You use the techniques of top educators to make a seventh-order monster, which is simply overkill.

"Mr. Su..."

The vice president quickly opened the enchantment and walked in. His face was complicated: "I don't know where your teacher is?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, why did he ask this again?

"You don't know what you said, just let me teach myself."

The vice president was stunned, and his heart moved slightly, so to speak, is there?

Sure enough... he nodded secretly in his heart, this is reasonable... a fart!

Even if it is self-study, it can compete with the limit of the title like Lone Star, and it is top-level in terms of cultivation. Who can teach this monster?

He did not dare to think about it, and felt that the legends he knew had no such ability.

Su Ping had never heard of his name in the circles he knew before. It was like being born out of nowhere. The background of this boy was too mysterious.

The vice president was more fortunate that he had not directly blamed Su Ping for the trouble.

Although this incident makes them a shame for the headquarter of the nurturing division, compared with monsters such as enmity, this face would rather be abandoned.

"Mr. Su, do you want to continue the test? If I read correctly, you should have the ability of a top-level trainer. I don't know how long it took you to train that silver frost star moon dragon before?" The vice president asked curiously. Road.

"Top trainer?"

Su Ping was surprised.

That's it?

Just top?

"It took half a month to nurture that." Su Ping thought about it, and he didn't remember the exact time.

Half a month?

The vice president froze.

In only half a month, the silver frost star moon dragon was bred? !

He stared at Su Ping, wondering if he was joking with himself, but when he saw Su Ping's casual appearance, he seemed to have no idea how appalling he was to say to himself.

For half a month...the vice president felt that he would judge Su Ping again.

This level, even among the top cultivators, is a very strong existence. At least, with his ability, he wants to grow a seventh-order dragon beast into a battle comparable to the ninth-order monster beast in half a month. Force, that is absolutely impossible!

At least three months!

This also saves time for preparing various cultivation materials in advance.

His face changed for a moment, the vice president looked at Su Ping again, no matter what time he said was accurate, but the difference should not be too big. In addition to the scene in front of him, obviously the possibility of unexpected evolution is low, which also shows , Su Ping is a top cultivator's business, almost iron and steel.

"Mr. Su, do you want to join our trainer headquarters? With your ability, you can get the status of honorary MP." said the vice president.

Su Ping was surprised, would you like to invite him?

There was a contradiction just now, but now it's time to pull him in.

He doubted whether the old man was forgetful.

Bai Lao, Shi Haochi and others outside the court were all shocked. Unexpectedly, the vice president actually wanted Su Ping to be an honorary member!

In addition to the chairman and deputy chairman, the upper professional structure of the nurturing division headquarters is the major members of the council!

If you want to be a member of Parliament, you must be a top trainer!

There are only a dozen or so lawmakers in the whole trainer headquarters!

The identity of each member of parliament is extremely distinguished, especially in the holy place of the nurturer like the base city of Holy Light, which has many enviable and jealous privileges.

Here, the legislator is the existence that countless people yearn for!

Ding Fengchun's face became as ugly as pig liver, and his legs could not help trembling slightly.

If Su Ping becomes an honorary MP, then he kneels lightly. If Su Ping intends to target him in the future, unless he can make a breakthrough as soon as possible and become a top trainer, a master will only struggle with the MP. , Not as good as the guard at the door.

"Well, is there any benefit to being an Honourable Member?"

Su Ping asked the vice chairman.

The vice president was stunned, and apparently did not expect Su Ping to ask such a question.

Was this the first time he saw this question during his tenure as vice president? This identity alone is the longing of countless people. For ordinary people to have this opportunity, why dont you be so excited and thank you immediately, and what benefits are you talking about?

However, thinking of Su Ping from other base cities, and their previous performance, it seems that they are not familiar with their nurturing system, and they soon relieved, saying: "There are naturally many benefits, you can easily mobilize large quantities of Resources for your nurturing research."

"In Holy Light Base City, you have all the powers, in short, you can do whatever you want!"

"In addition, if you are a member of parliament, there will immediately be major families throwing olive branches at you and inviting you to become their family members."

"And if you become a member of parliament, you still have the opportunity to serve the legendary strongmen in the peak tower, and take this opportunity to have a relationship with them. You should know how rare it is to have a relationship with a legend. ."

The vice president finished his breath and looked at Su Ping with a smile.

Su calmly waited, seeing that he didn't follow up, stunned: "No?"



The two stared at each other with big eyes.

The vice president was a little dumbfounded, his eyes blank.

Did I just fail to make it clear, or did I speak a language you do not understand?

Is this not enough? !

Su Ping was slightly disappointed. It seemed that none of the benefits could attract him.

He does not need any resources to engage in his own cultivation and research, nor does it need other families to solicit, as for making legends...

Isn't Legend used to kill?

"Okay." Su Ping sighed. These benefits should be very good for the average person. He can't ask for too much, they can only say that they are not suitable for each other...


The vice president was speechless, okay?

Senator! This is the status of a parliamentarian, so reluctantly said? !

The people outside the stadium were also speechless, especially some of the nurturing masters inside, their cheeks could not help but twitch slightly, if they could not beat this kid, they really wanted to beat him up.

This is their dream identity!

This kid is still bargaining!


Are you sincerely angry?

"Mr. Nasu, what do you mean?" the vice president asked with a wry smile.

Su Ping thought for a while and said, "If you don't need me to do anything for you, that's okay."

The corner of the vice president's mouth twitched. Is this want to be a white lady?

"Honorary MPs really don't need to do much, but occasionally they still have to give lectures, and if the association receives some larger tasks and urgently needs staff, they also need help." The vice president said euphemistically .


Su Ping was surprised, can anyone still give the nurturing division headquarters a task?

Soon, he thought of the peak tower.

From this point of view, although the headquarter of the nurturing division is superficial, it actually has its own pressure. It seems that the things that each behemoth bears are not as relaxed as those seen by outsiders.

"This, forgive me." Su Ping said.

He still wants to open a store, and he doesn't want to be caught in these things any more. After all, opening a store is his main job, and the rest are sideline businesses.


The vice president didn't expect that Su Ping would really refuse, and at the moment he felt a little poor and speechless.

Shi Haochi, Bai Lao and others outside the court all stared at him stunnedly.

"Since I say that I have a top educator level, then give me a top educator medal, so that I will be more convenient later." Su Ping said.

This time, if there is a top-level nurturing teacher certificate, he is very common along the way and will not provoke anyone.

As the saying goes.

When you are in a humble status, you will rarely meet good people around you, all of which are disgusting!

But when you are in a good position, there will be no wicked people around you, all are kind and good people.

You won't hear a bad word and get a cold eye.

The vice president opened his mouth slightly, and wanted to persuade Su Ping again, but when it came to his mouth, he suddenly felt a little unsure how to persuade.

He met him for the first time in such a situation. He never thought about it. Given the identity of a member of parliament, he still needed to use words.

In the past, people often applied for it, asking for it, hoping to get such an identity.

In Su Ping this was reversed.

A person who didnt ask for anyone, and suddenly asked for someone, didnt know how to speak. The vice president was like this at the moment.

"Okay, Mr. Su, you think about it again. Let's go back to this matter." The vice president said that although he wouldn't beg very much, he wasn't stupid. He didn't directly conclude this after shelving it in advance.

In this way, after he sorts out his thoughts in the future, he can find another way to draw.

Su Ping nodded and asked, "Do we need to continue the test?"

The vice president smiled bitterly: "There is no need for this."

"Also." Su Ping nodded.

Before he started the quiz from the first level, mainly to see what the quizzes of various levels, but after testing a few levels, he found that listening to the other person's oral explanation, it is enough to understand, there is no need to manually operate it, that is too Trouble, some delay.


"The prestige of the host's accumulated breeder, 100/100!"

"The mission of "The Fame of the Trainer" is completed."

"The draw starts, please collect it as soon as possible."

"Countdown to 59:59..."

The sound of the system popped up.

Su Ping was frightened by a little. After hearing the countdown, she reacted and immediately traversed the task list in her heart, discovering the reputation of the trainer, and wondering when she had reached the standard.

So fast?

Su Ping was stunned, and he was a little confused, not knowing how this reputation was calculated.

When I followed the face brushing by Shi Haochi, it increased by 5 points, indicating that the face brushing is effective.

"Is it because of the previous fights, plus the current cultivation tests?" Su Ping secretly said, he glanced around. In addition to the vice president and the white old man, there were many cultivation masters present.

In the previous fight, the system did not prompt, indicating that it is not enough to just brush the face.

It is now reminded that most of them are related to the cultivation test, so that these people recognized his identity as a nurturer.

"It seems that this task is not difficult." Su Ping secretly said.

However, the thought of obtaining the status of a top educator is generally difficult for the average person. Fortunately, he just completed the junior educator task not long ago...

Thinking of that task, Su Ping's mouth slightly touched, the junior trainer in the mouth of the system, but easily obtained the status of top trainer here.

This system is as good as ever!

"Is there a bathroom?" Su Ping withdrew his thoughts and asked the vice president.


The vice president froze for a moment and nodded, "Yes, come with me."

After talking, he turned and took Su Ping to go.

Others did not expect that in this atmosphere, Su Ping actually had to go to the bathroom. Seeing Su Ping's appearance, it did not seem to hold back, this guy really took it when he wanted to.

Next to the passage, there is a toilet. The vice president led Su Ping. Su Ping asked, "Do you want to pee together?"

"Uh, no."


Su Ping nodded and entered the bathroom, where he began to draw.

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