Astral Pet Store Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Result

"I'm OK."

Su Ping said.

Although he has little confidence in winning, but it is only for fun, and even if it is passed on to others, the nurturing technique will not suffer any loss. Knowledge is the only thing that spreads out, but he will not reduce it.

Seeing Su Ping agree, Hu Jiutong laughed bitterly and said nothing more.

"Then I will give you the referee." The vice president saw that everyone was up and did not stop, but he did not end, and did not advocate Hu Jiutong's hobby.

"it is good."

Everyone else agrees.

Afterwards, one person summoned the person next to him and asked him to fetch pen and ink.

Before long, these things were sent to the crowd.

"Old guy, you write your own, don't peek at me." Lu Renwei glared at Hu Jiutong, who secretly passed.

Hu Jiutong's face was slightly red, and he chuckled: "I've written it already, who will see you."

On the other side, Su Ping was pondering.

On the way to come, he watched the top ten games, and at this moment there was a figure in his mind.

Su Ping is also more optimistic about the pastoral slaughter mentioned by everyone before. Su Ping is also a strong candidate to win the championship. He has outstanding performance in the top ten battles, and he can easily defeat his opponent.

Thinking over and over again, soon, Su Ping wrote down three names.

After writing, he sealed the paper and looked at the others without moving.

Soon, everyone finished writing their own, and then handed over their respective stationery to the vice president.

"I will keep it for you first." The vice president smiled.

"I will win this time!" Hu Jiutong said with a ruddy face.

Lu Renwei glanced at him, "Which time have you won?"

"It used to be before, I will always make a comeback!"

"Ha ha."

In their conversation, the referee walked out on the front court and the game started.

The top five players who won the top ten in the top ten are on the court. Through the lottery, the two are duel and the lucky ones take turns!

The first to appear is a man and a woman, both very young. They look like twenty-four or five. Among them, the young people are the much-anticipated animal husbandry, and the women are also the best performers in the top ten.

After the referee introduced the rules, the game started soon.

The two picked out the monsters they want to cultivate. The monsters are provided by the headquarter of the organizer's association of breeders, and they are all regular monsters that are specially raised.

The so-called conventional monster is the ability, characteristics, including personality, etc. of the monster, which are the same as the official information on the illustrated book, and the trainer is to strengthen its ability through cultivation, and then send the cultivated monster to Enter the Colosseum to see who's monster can win.

Mu Liu Tu Su chose the dragon beast.

And the woman chose the devil's pet!

This is also regarded as the needle tip to Maimang, are quite powerful monsters.

The cultivation time of the competition is two hours.

Under the stage, Su Ping, Vice President and others were sitting and watching quietly.

As the monsters selected by the two entered the venue, both of them quickly exhibited their nurturing abilities, first of all the animal training technique, which suppressed the monsters selected by them and tamed well, at their mercy.

In terms of beast tamers, the two are equally superb, and the pets of dragon beasts and demons are almost tamed at the same time, which takes less than five minutes!

Such a time is very efficient!

These two monsters are all seventh-order!

This means that it must be a very mature seventh-level tamer, to be able to tame them so quickly.

There are also many schools and types of beast tamers, such as the beast tamer used by the animal husbandry and slaughtering. After being pointed out by other top breeders, Su Ping knows that it is a kind of dragon beast tamer, specially used to tame dragon beasts, and It is a family tradition of animal husbandry by the Muliu family.

After taming their respective monsters, they begin to cultivate.

The two-hour time is very limited, and it is impossible to cultivate in all directions. Therefore, the two trainers must think about which aspect the other party will cultivate, and then think about which aspect they should cultivate, to restrain the other, so as to let their own monsters , In the next fighting beast, can win!

The trainer not only has the ability to cultivate, but also has a strong combat thinking.

Only in this way can we create a highly competitive fighting pet!

With little hesitation, the two players immediately started to cultivate their respective monsters.

In the process, the audience was very quiet, watching and watching.

Su Pingren was watching quietly.

The nurturing process seems boring, but in this game, it is a hidden opportunity.

"Mu Liu Tu Su, this kid, looks handsome, but very clever. He pretends to strengthen the energy of the quenched frost pterosaur, but actually secretly combs and strengthens its dragon claws. This is to let it tear the other party directly. Is it a monster?" Lu Renwei squinted, but his eyes showed admiration.

"This choice is good. The Frost Sword Pterosaurs are as powerful as those of the Baisha Corpse Puppets. Both are close-attack monsters, and their strength and defense are comparable. This kind of fighting beast is wonderful." Said another.

"But it seems that the other party did not intend to make a hard connection, but instead turned to the skills of cultivating the corpse puppet beast. Is this intended to strengthen one of its skills within two hours? Low-level skills, and it's quite difficult."


Everyone showed some interest.

The cultivation is not over, and they cannot see the result.

Su Ping heard their comments and felt that these two days were in the library. They didnt wait in vain. At least they could understand what they were saying. Not only was the nurturing teacher so simple to cultivate, but he also had a deep sense of other monsters. Understanding.

Only in this way can we cultivate war pets for targeted cracking.

Normal pet masters go to the breeder for help, but it is nothing more than encountering difficult opponents. If the breeder they find is unable to do targeted cultivation, then they can only buy new pets to restrain, but this will cost more In addition, it will occupy another spiritual position. After all, the number of beasts that can be concluded is limited.

Although it is possible to cancel the contract, each time the contract is cancelled, it is weaker than the female relatives. This period of weakness is fatal for some petting divisions who fight all year round.

Soon, two hours passed.

"It seems to be winning."

"Nine out of ten."

With the end of the cultivation, Hu Jiutong and others all saw the players' intentions, and with rich knowledge and experience, they already had results in their hearts.

On the field, both of them were relieved, and they both felt sweaty.

Next is the audience's favorite fighting beast.

The beast is in the middle of the game.

Under the suppression of the title-level referee, both monsters were locked in. As the game began, the imprisonment on the monsters was released. At the next moment, the hundred evil corpses and puppet beasts immediately roared and rushed out. Incomparably.

And that Frost Sword Pterosaur seemed less fierce, the first was to send a dragon roar to deter.

But a strange scene appeared, Dragon Roar Deterrence did not work!

Baisha's corpse puppet beast continued, rushing towards the Frost Sword Pterosaur.

"It's so fierce, not bad."

"Is it just secretly bred, I didn't pay attention to it."

Everyone was surprised and smiled immediately.

Soon after the war broke out, the two monsters released their various skills, fighting together and fighting together.

Their original power is evenly matched. As the battle heats up, the strengthened dragon claw of the Frost Sword Pterosaur gradually gains the upper hand. The appearance of the dragon claw has not changed from the previous one, but if you look closely, you will find that there is a pattern on the surface of the dragon claw. The dark silver luster can easily cause extremely deep wounds on the corpse puppet beast every time.

With mutual damage, the skills of the two sides bombed each other, and it was not long before the victory and defeat were scored.

Winning Frost Sword Pterosaur.

When the Baisha Corpse Puppet was about to be killed, the titled referee shot in time, deterred the two monsters and sent them away from the Colosseum.

"The ability to cultivate is available, but the direction of cultivation is not well considered."

"If you cultivate the Yinsha skills of the Baisha corpse puppet beast, there should be more frost and sword pterosaurs that cause good damage."

"Yinsha skills are not easy to develop. Such a short period of time is too difficult. If you don't complete the training, you will definitely lose."

"Actually, it was mainly deceived by Mu Liu Tu Su kid. He didn't expect that he strengthened the limbs of the Frost Sword Pterosaur, otherwise, it would only be possible to strengthen the body armor of the Baisha corpse puppet beast. , Plus the ferocity that this secretly inspires, the victory is very much assured."

"That's what Mulu Tusu played is real enough. It's not easy to spend so much star power to perform."

Around Su Ping, other top educators are commenting and communicating, each with their own views.

But in general, the results speak for themselves.

To lose is to lose.

There are thousands of reasons for losing, but none can change the result.

As the result was announced, both parties stepped down.

Next comes the second group.

"Both are excellent, and the outcome is hard to tell."

"They are all from a large family, and it is estimated that they all have a treasure."

Su Ping and the vice president continued to watch.

Still choose the monster first, then tame, nurture, and then fight the beast.

In the process of fighting the beasts, the breeder cannot intervene. Otherwise, if you can command it, it is the competition of the pet master. They are only responsible for bringing the cultivated monsters together to see who can defeat them.

The potential, fierceness, and combat response inspired in the desperate situation are all variables that the educator knows in advance and has to consider.

Soon, the second set of results also came out, the girl named Yu Yundan won.

Immediately after, there are two losers who challenged each other.

The winner will challenge the lucky bye and compete for three places.

These three men, then continue to draw the game against each other, to win the top three!


Time passed by quickly, and it turned to the afternoon.

The top three rankings finally won after a few fierce competitions.

With the end of the final championship game, the moment the championship was decided, the entire venue broke out for the first time with uncoverable cheers!

The champion is Mu Liu Tu Su!

The runner-up is Yu Yuntan!

The third runner-up, a girl named Zhong Lingtong, is the lucky winner.

However, when he won the championship, Hu Jiutong looked towards the vice president for the first time. His eyes showed incredible colors, which were both amazement and surprise, and some doubts about himself.

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