Astral Pet Store Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Holy Spirit Third

"Brother Su, let's not be embarrassed by the little girl, otherwise, let's go play with it?" Su Ping looked at Su Ping with genuine interest.

Others also love to see you and the two of them, and their eyes fall on Su Ping.

They are all familiar with Xu Yang, but they are very strange to Su Ping. Although the vice president said how Su Ping did, he didnt see it with his own eyes and did not know what it was.

"I can do it." Su Ping nodded, thinking it was good and simple.

Seeing Su Ping agree, Xu Yang smiled and immediately got up.

"Brother Su, come on!"

Hu Jiutong encouraged Su Ping.

Everyone else had subtle eyes and looked at Su Ping with interest.

The vice president glanced at Xu Yang and knew that he wanted to take the opportunity to test Su Ping. However, the performance of Su Ping's previous test, he saw with his own eyes, could not help silently mourning for Xu Yang at this moment, if Su Ping made another evolution The monster beast, this beast battle is completely crushed!

As Xu Yang and Su Ping came to power, the audience burst into cheers.

The identity of Su Ping came to the stage as a top educator, which surprised the audience.

Lin Feng and others under the stage, as well as the grandfather and grandson Ji, were a bit dumbfounded. Su Ping did not expect to sit there by relationship, but by his own top trainer status!

Just him?

Lin Feng and others are a little ignorant.

Didn't you say a master before, how can you become top in the blink of an eye? !

And even if they are masters, they feel choking enough, and now it is a real magic...

"Top Trainer..."

Ji Qiuyu was stunned, suspecting he had heard it wrong.

Ji Zhantang sitting next to him is also a bit ignorant. I saw Su Ping punching the title level, and thought it was a top title, but I didn't expect it to be a top trainer!

Is there such a violent trainer?


On stage.

Su Ping and Xu Yang stood on both sides of the arena and began to choose their own monsters.

Soon, Xu Yang took the lead in selection, and Su Ping picked one randomly. It happened to be the same kind of Zhong Lingtong's previous competition, the seventh-order iron armor ice sickle.

This is a terrestrial water monster, and it is the more powerful favorite of the water elements in the seventh order. It is not only good at defense, but also has a good attack ability.

Seeing that the monster selected by Su Ping was the same as his own, Zhong Lingtong standing next to the stadium was a little surprised, and his eyes also showed curiosity.

On the other side, Xu Yang chose the same-level overlord, the dragon beast.

Tier 7 Flame Fire Dragon!

The seventh-order dragon beast of the fire department is known as the fire elf born in the flames. It has the absolute suppression ability to the fire elements of the same order, and its flame resistance is extremely high.

The water monsters are more restrained, and only a few pets of the same rank, such as the thunder system and the demon system, can compete with them.

"This...he actually chose the water monster, isn't this a point?"

"Doesn't he know what Xu Yang is a school of cultivation, known as the Yan King, a breeding expert of the beast of the fire department, well, I haven't looked at it now..."

"It's hard to say, listening to the vice president said that he had raised the seventh-order monster before he raised his hand. If now, if he let the armored ice sickle evolve, he might be able to make a comeback!"

Hearing this, everyone looked at the vice president.

The vice president did not expect that the two sides would have such a huge disparity in the selection of pets.

But thinking that Su Ping just came and knew nothing about Xu Yang, he could only smile bitterly in his heart, and instead of other old guys, he would definitely not choose the water and Yan monsters, but would choose the devil's pet, or the thunder pet, Yan Chong waits for restraint.

Blame it, he didn't remind Su Ping in advance.

"It can only be evolved, but the thunder system cultivation method seems to have little effect on the water monsters..." The vice president secretly began to worry for Su Ping.

Everyone is not very optimistic about the iron armored ice sickle chosen by Su Ping, but they can understand Su Ping's choice, most of them are eager to accept, and want to show that Zhong Ling Tong Lu, but unfortunately, now it is counterproductive, just afraid Instead of being shocked by others, it may startle others.

Although the fighting beast has not yet begun, as a result, everyone has already foreseen it.

The only expectation is that the vice president said that Su Ping will allow the seventh-order monster to evolve easily.

On stage.

After the two chose the monster, soon, a special person in charge transported the monster.

When two monster beasts entered the field, a strong monster breath emanated, and both monster beasts entered Su Ping and Xu Yang's respective cultivation enchantment.


Xu Yang raised his hand slightly, a soft dark red star power tilted out of his palm, and touched the head of the flaming fire dragon, the violent in the eyes of the flaming fire dragon disappeared immediately, and a pair of dragon eyes became clear, After Xu Yang spoke softly, he squatted honestly on the ground.

Seeing Xu Yang raising his hand to tame the tyrannical seventh-order dragon beast, the audience was a little upset. Although he had seen other top educators shot before, it was so strong, but every time he saw it, he couldn't help being excited.

After tame, Xu Yang began to cultivate. At this moment, he was absorbed in it, and he put his mind on the flame fire dragon in front of him, and he did not mind to pay attention to others.

On the other side, Su Ping looked at the armored ice sickle that entered the enchantment without delay, and slightly released the breath of the golden black **** demon body. In the throat, two ice-white eyes twitched slightly, staring at Su Ping in horror.

Su Ping spread an idea and let it sit down.

The armored ice sickle was like a puppet, and the body involuntarily obeyed Su Ping's words, and sat on the ground obediently.

Su Ping walked over directly, without the protection of the Star Shield on his body, and reached directly to fumble with the armored ice sickle.

Seeing the iron armored ice sickle in front of Su Ping was inexplicably tame, everyone believed that this person who looks like a teenager is really a top trainer!

Shengguang Base City, another top!

This is definitely big news!

The armored ice sickle showed no viciousness at the moment, and behaved very well, allowing Su Ping to touch on its claws.

This time, Su Ping did not intend to pass on Thunder Dao's sentiment to this armored ice scythe beast, but intended to try the spiritual illustrations he had just obtained and the strength increase cultivation.

The Kailing Illustrated Book is a low-speed quick book, which can enlighten the low-speed fast talent.

Su Ping first used strength to increase the strength of the two ice sickles of this armored ice sickle, doubling their strength, and then began spiritual cultivation.

His body shook, and he came to the head of the armored ice sickle, and his feet were six or seven meters above the ground. Although the armored ice sickle was sitting, it was huge, standing over ten meters.

Seeing Su Ping standing in the sky, the audience on the scene exclaimed again, this is a title-level means.

Soon, no one dared to look down on this young-looking nurturer anymore. Be aware that, apart from some old top nurturers who rely on abundant resources to reach the title level, there are only some other new top nurturers. The eighth-order cultivation base is that alone, Su Ping is among the top educators, and has a deeper qualification.

"What is he going to do?"

"Strengthen skills?"

Hu Jiutong and others are somewhat ignorant of Su Ping's movements.

This kind of nurturing method is indeed as the vice president said, it is not their orthodox way that they have never seen before.

"Open spirit!"

Su Ping closed his eyes slightly, meditation in his heart, and the spiritual illustration in his mind suddenly turned into a spiritual light, which was printed into the forehead of this armored ice sickle along the palm of his hand.

At the next moment, the body of this armored ice sickle shuddered, and it seemed to bear a great impact.

It didn't take long for a hazy silver glow to slowly appear on his body.

This light is extremely holy, unlike star power, gently attached to the surface of the armored ice sickle.

"this is"

The vice president was stunned, and suddenly felt that this scene, some seem familiar, but for a moment, I can not remember.

His brow furrowed, and he thought quickly in his mind. Suddenly, two words jumped out of his mind, which frightened him.

Holy Spirit!

His pupil shrank slightly, Holy Spirit Trainer?

A few decades ago, he represented the headquarter of the nurturer and went to other continents to do nurturing and exchanges. Fortunately, he had seen the holy spirit nurturers from other continents take action to enlighten a monster and inspire the spirit of the monster.

The scene at that time was very similar to this, except that...

Will Su Ping in front of him be the Holy Ghost Trainer?

The vice president shook his head, feeling a bit stunned.

how is this possible.

There are only two holy spirit trainers in the world, which is much less than the legend!

Why are there so few?

He was also known only after becoming a top nurturing teacher. To become a holy spirit nurturing teacher, he must have legendary cultivation skills!

This is one of the thresholds of the Holy Spirit Trainer!

How difficult it is to become a legend, not to mention, while studying the cultivation technique, you have to upgrade the cultivation base to a legend, which is rare and desperate!

Because of this, many top educators have cut off this idea, only want to nurture the next generation, and give this kind of powerless things to the next generation.

The years have hollowed them out, and there is no such impulse and enthusiasm.

And Su Ping in front of him, the vice president can be sure that he is by no means a legend. He has seen two legends in the Asian and Asian regions, and he has also seen the legends in that tower, including some hidden legends that have not been exposed. He also heard about it, but Su Ping was not among them.

"This kind of wild road, I don't know what it is." The vice president's eyes flashed slightly.

It didn't take long for the white light on the armored ice sickle to gradually converge. At the moment of convergence, it seemed to turn into a white engraving, burned on the surface of its body, and then penetrated into the flesh and faded away.

Su Ping let go of his hand and looked at the armored ice sickle in front of him.

He felt that the spirit was very smooth and he had succeeded.

The armored ice sickle also opened its eyes, facing Su Ping suspended in front of its head, a clearer light flashed in his eyes, like a little more spirituality.

At this time, the host reminded that the half-hour incubation time has ended.

Su Ping recovered, glanced at Xu Yang on the other side.

At this time, Xu Yang also looked at Su Ping. He also just closed his hand, the cultivation was completed, and he smiled slightly at Su Ping.

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