Astral Pet Store Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Zhong Jiahe.. Return Fifth

After Su Ping picked Zhong Lingtong, there were only two left on the court.

But after waiting for a while, the rest of Hu Jiutong and Lv Renwei didn't start fighting again.

Ning Que is indispensable. Although these two talents are not bad, they are still a little short of their requirements.

The apprenticeship session ended and the nurturing division meeting officially ended.

Su Ping and Vice President and other top trainers left the field and walked out of the exclusive channel. The Vice President followed Yu Yundan, and Su Ping followed Zhong Lingtong.

Su Ping came in the vice chairman's car, and went back in a car.

Fortunately, the vice presidents luxury car is more spacious, even if it is eight people.

In the car.

"Brother Su, do you want to start a course? I believe that after today, your name will spread throughout the base city of Holy Light. If there is a course, there will definitely be many people willing to come to the class." The vice president said with a smile.

Yu Yundan and Zhong Lingtong sat aside, and they all looked at Su Ping curiously. Their bright eyes were full of brilliance. Su Ping was the top trainer in other base cities, which made them feel more mysterious.

"No, I have been out for a long time, and I want to go back to Longjiang."

Su Ping shook his head and refused, but now the students also accepted it, and it didn't make sense to stay.

"Go so anxiously?" The vice president was surprised and sat up suddenly.

"I have been out for a few days. You should know that I still have a shop. I want to go back to see the shop." Su Ping said, he gave the shop to Joanna, but if Joanna alone, the efficiency of making money is definitely not as good He sat down in person and could only say that he was barely losing money.


The vice chairman was dumbfounded. He naturally knew that Su Ping had a shop, including Su Ping mentioned earlier when he said that the medal was made, but he didn't expect that Su Ping regarded the shop so seriously.

Don't you need to visit the shop?

The vice president was completely blind to Su Ping's behavior.

Zhong Lingtong and Yu Yuntan were also confused.

Speaking of going back, Su Ping thought of Zhong Lingtong next to her and said to her, "Do you want to go back with me and wait for the teacher to come back?"

Zhong Lingtong froze for a moment, looked at the vice president, hesitated, but did not hesitate for a long time, and quickly made a decision, saying: "Where the teacher goes, I will go."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, but he was quite right.

The vice president was still unhappy and regretful about Su Ping's departure. Longjiang and Shengguang were separated by many distances. Although Su Ping's skill was not a trouble to go back and forth, but because of his contact with Su Ping Judging from this, most of this guy is going back, and he will never run here to hang out.

If you want to invite this guy over again, no big things happen, but please dont move.

"You follow your teacher and study hard. Your teacher's skills are much better. Among the top nurturing teachers, they are very powerful." The vice president looked at Zhong Lingtong next to him, to the amiable little girl of the Zhong family, It also looks very pleasing.

Zhong Lingtong and Yu Yundan were both stunned, but the vice president gave Su Ping such a high rating.

Very powerful among top educators?

Isn't that the top of the top?

Zhong Lingtong felt his heartbeat speed up again, so shy, so excited, he couldn't help but look at Su Ping, and suddenly found that he really won the grand prize, this teacher is not only powerful, but also very handsome!

"Hmm, I will learn well with the teacher." Zhong Lingtong nodded again and again, his head nodding like a chicken pecking rice.

"Well, when I come over next time, I will ask you to take a look at the school, and then let you compare with Yun Dan. You can't be thrown too far." Vice President Xiao Yin said authentically.

The origin of Su Ping is mysterious and the background is not clear. He cant get started, but he can have more contact with the student Su Ping. Moreover, the little Zhongjia girl cultivated by Su Ping will become the headquarters if she joins the trainer headquarters in the future. The master in here is also equivalent to adding bricks to the headquarters.

Hearing the words of the vice president, the two girls looked at each other and smiled at each other. They were very kind, but they all remembered this secretly in their hearts.

When we meet again, one is higher!


The next day.

Su Ping followed Zhong Lingtong to the Zhong family.

The Zhong family is a medium family in the base city of Shengguang. If the financial resources, channels, and contacts are integrated, they can also be included in the top ten families.

Su Ping accepted Zhong Lingtong at the nurturing division meeting, which attracted much attention.

Whether it was yesterday or today, Su Ping appeared in the news of various media. In a day, he became a household name in the base city of Holy Light.

The new top trainer, just this identity, is enough to make countless people curious.

After all, top educators are not masters. They are available every year. The entire educator's headquarters has maintained a dozen or so in these years.

Su Ping's acceptance of Zhong Lingtong was a happy event for the Zhong family.

It is almost 90% possible to be a top-level trainer and become a student.

As for being top-notch... it depends on fate, no one can guarantee it.

In any case, this is a great thing for the Zhong family.

Yesterday, the Zhong family sent a middle-aged family member to personally send the invitation to Su Ping, to invite Su Ping to the banquet, and to give Su Ping a feast for the teachers.

Su Ping did not refuse, just happened to take Zhong Lingtong to Longjiang, he had to speak with the branch in their house.

When Su Ping and Zhong Lingtong came to the door, they also saw the magnificent style of this holy light base city. A few streets away were red carpeted floors. Both sides of the street were expensive luxury cars, and some Zhong's children were both on the street. Standing on the side and waiting, it was very heavy. Outside the street, the head of the Zhong family personally waited outside to meet him. The etiquette was impeccable.

Su Ping also deeply felt the status and charm of a top trainer.

Even the title-level powerhouses are very polite in front of him. After all, the title-level powerhouses are the most stingy, they are top nurturing masters, their darlings, nurturing ordinary masters, the effect is generally not said, not a year Half a year, I still can't get it out. Only the top educators can easily deal with the ninth order monsters.

At this teacher banquet, Su Ping sat with the head of the Zhong family, and the two had a great conversation.

The head of the Zhong family didnt do anything. When he heard that Su Ping was going to take Zhong Lingtong to Longjiang, he didnt hesitate. He agreed on the spot, and prepared an exclusive flying mount for them. Send them back to Longjiang.

With regard to the courtesy of the Zhong family, Su Ping didn't have any words at all and promised to cultivate Zhong Lingtong well.

Before leaving, the warm and hospitable Zhong family prepared a lot of "thin gifts" for Su Ping, which are some rare and precious materials, mostly for pets, and there are several elixir in it, which is to improve the cultivation of It is something that nurturers generally love. After all, nurturers dont have much energy to cultivate, but they have to use star power to cultivate beasts. These elixir that can directly improve cultivation are the nurturers favorite.

And some war pet masters are also lacking, but they are not as scarce as the nurturing masters. After all, the practice of improving through the elixir is not so stable. In the same level, there is some vain. This is for some war pet masters with aspirations. , Not a good choice.

Su Ping was also polite and accepted them all.

These elixir of ascension and cultivation are also useful to him. As for the vainness that cultivation brings to the explosion, he can be stabilized by the baptism of heaven during the cultivation of the world.

After saying goodbye to the Zhong family, Su Ping didn't stay much, and he and Zhong Lingtong took the Zhong Family's flying beast that day and left the Holy Light base city.

At the same time when Su Ping left, some people in the base city of Holy Light were also relieved, both unwilling and depressed, and finally could only helplessly sigh.

The young master of the Xiao family was shot to death by Su Ping. This incident naturally came back to the Xiao family's ears, but when they heard the information, the news they got made the Xiao family not angry, but rather a little uneasy.

In the news, the ruthless man who killed their young master is not only a top trainer, but also a titled extreme strongman who punches the ninth-order extreme monster!

The mysterious background is born!

Such a ruthless person, the Xiao family can do nothing but hold back.

This thing they can only swallow, just as it did not happen, the young master is gone, and can be regenerated, but to put the entire family into it, the other few houses may not be willing, and those shareholders in the Xiao family industry will not Agree, this matter is doomed.


The cold is not completely good, the head is still a little dizzy. Fortunately, it is not humiliating. The head is about to explode, but after finishing writing more, I feel that I can finally breathe out and go to sleep zzz~

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