Astral Pet Store Chapter 478

Chapter 478: Monster Attack First

The sky is blue, the blue is infinite!

In the thousands of meters above the sky, a huge black shadow of more than ten meters flew across the sky. This is a ninth-order black-winged saber-tooth bird, sitting on its back, three figures.

In addition to the old man sitting on the bird's neck in front, behind are a pair of young men and women, it is Su Ping and Zhong Lingtong who returned to Longjiang together.

The old man is the clan elder of the Zhong family, a mid-titled strongman, personally escorting Su Ping and Zhong Lingtong.


Sitting with Su Ping, Zhong Lingtong was obviously a little embarrassed. He was curious about the young-looking teacher beside him, but he was afraid to ask some words.

For example, teacher, you look so young, are you Gui Geng this year?

Also, is your teacher self-taught, or is there a teacher who teaches, is the master still there?

She couldn't understand Su Ping's temper, so she had to put these curious questions in her heart, but she didn't say anything along the way. She felt almost out of breath. After thinking about it, she gathered courage and asked curiously: "Teacher , Do I have any other brothers or sisters?"


Su Ping said.

so short

Zhong Lingtong was somewhat albino, and finally he had the courage to ask questions, and a word ended.

Xi Zi is like gold!

Zhong Lingtong bowed his head a little autisticly, kneading his fingers around the corners of his clothes, and there was some grievance in his eyes.

"Master Su, we will arrive in Longjiang soon."

The old man on the bird's neck heard the voice behind, turned his head and smiled, with a very polite attitude and a little respect.

Su Ping nodded slightly.

Roar! !

At this moment, a sudden roar of roar came from the ground ahead.

The roar was extremely loud. Even in the thousands of meters above the sky, Su Pingren could clearly hear. Zhong Lingtong and the old man were all startled. They quickly looked down and saw a dozen of figures on the ground below. , Fighting with a group of monsters and beasts, two of them are huge, very powerful at first sight.

"It doesn't seem to be a pioneer of the adventure group."

The old man looked twice and his face changed slightly. He saw women, children and children in this crowd, and the enchantment released by other pet masters was kept in the middle, obviously ordinary people who had not practiced.

If you are an adventurer who goes hunting, you will never take ordinary people with the group.

"Master Su..."

The old man turned his head to look at Su Ping, and wanted to ask him if he wanted to help him.

"Go down."

Su Ping said directly.

He stood up from the bird's saddle, his feet seemed to have suction, and was firmly attached to the back of the bird. As the black-winged saber-tooth bird controlled by the old man swooped down, he also faced down and his hair was blown up. Floating.

"You take care of my disciples."

Su Ping said that when he was thousands of meters away from the ground, he directly urged the star force and swept away quickly towards the ground.

When Zhong Lingtong heard Su Ping's words, he froze for a moment, and suddenly there was a deep warmth and security in his heart.


Su Ping dived down like a shell.

He had seen clearly that among the monsters and monsters that attacked this group of people, there were mainly two ninth-order monster beasts. At this moment, his body directly descended from the sky, and rushed towards the previously roaring ninth-order shock-column bull beast.


Like the meteorite falling from the sky, the roaring wind suddenly attracted the attention of some pet strategists who are fighting with monsters on the ground. When they see this human being from the sky, these pet princes are suddenly surprised. Looking at this momentum, it should be a title. Class pet master!

The stubborn bull beast roared, and the earthy yellow rock armor appeared, flicking out a claw in front of him.

Feeling the killing intent and the danger, the Kuizhu Kuixiu looked up, and the huge bull's eyes immediately reflected the dive figure.

Roar! !

It roared angrily, stomped its feet on the ground, and a thorn like a thorn was erected around it, rapidly growing around it, closing at the top of its head, and turning into a huge pointed column!


Su Ping's eyes were cold, his body did not slow down at all, and his fists waved out!

It looks like a small stone, hitting a huge stone, Su Ping's body is completely incomparable with the shock column Kui Niu beast.

However, at the next moment, there was a loud bang, the hill-like spikes shattered, the ground was shaken, and the bulls and beasts that shook the pillars behind the spikes showed horror in their eyes, and their heads were hit by Su Ping's fists , The whole body burst suddenly, and the surplus force that penetrated it pushed the ground under its feet, and also pushed out a huge pit of a dozen meters in a circle!


Scattered fragments of stumped cattle and beasts were scattered all over the ground, and at the place where it was originally standing, the black-haired and black-eyed Su Ping stabilized his body with the momentum of attack. Turning his gaze to another ninth-order monster, his body flew away suddenly.


Hearing the roar of wind, the ninth-order monster beast reacted with the fight with a pet in front of him, and when he turned his head to look around, he saw the corpse of his companion who was torn apart behind the flying human.

Its fierce eyes shrank suddenly, a little frightened.


Su Ping's eyes were icy, fast approaching, and a punch!

Boom! !

This huge monster-like body was blown out of a hole by Su Ping, and flew out, and he was dying in an instant, on the verge of death.

The other siege beasts nearby saw that both leaders were killed, and immediately they screamed and turned to escape.

This scene happened too quickly, and many of the fighting pet divisions who were fighting did not have time to react, and the ordinary people under their protection were even dumbfounded, and their eyes were almost staring out.

In the blink of an eye, two powerful ninth-order monsters died like this!

Looking at the young man suspended in the field, the scene was very quiet for a moment, this scene was too shocking.

"Yes, it's you..."

Among the crowd, a middle-aged man immediately looked at Su Ping's appearance and immediately glared, a little stunned.

Su Ping looked around and found that this man was familiar, and thought about it for a while, only to remember that the train was attacked before, and arranged for him to take the bird and beast to the title of the Holy Light base city.

"It's you again?" Su Ping raised an eyebrow. He suddenly thought of something and glanced around: "You wouldn't tell me, was the underground railroad attacked by a monster?"

Wu Tianming quickly flew to Su Ping. He was deeply impressed by the fierce man who had previously punched and killed the title. He did not expect that the other party was more terrible than he had seen before. Easy spike, this is definitely the power of the title limit, no doubt!

"Thank you for your help."

Wu Tianming quickly stepped forward to thank him. He heard Su Ping's words, and his face was a bit embarrassed. He smiled bitterly: "It was indeed a monster attack again. Recently, monsters and beasts have been extremely active in this area nearby. This attack After that, the above should consider temporarily closing this line, and wait until it is cleared before opening."

Su Ping was speechless.

Although it is common for underground railroad tracks to encounter monsters and beasts, it is at least once or twice a year, but it is good for the moment. I have come back and forth twice, and I have encountered them, less than a week apart.

Was he thinking back, or were these monsters thinking back?

Shaking his head, Su Ping waved his hand and said, "Fine, nothing else, I'm going first."

After talking, he turned and flew upward.

In the high altitude of seven or eight hundred meters, Zhong Lingtong and the Zhong family are all terrified. Although they know that Su Ping is a title-level cultivation practice, they thought he was only up against drugs. They did not expect that the combat power was so terrible. It seems that the rumor they heard earlier seems to be true.

This Su teacher is the cultivation of the title limit!

Thinking of this, the old Zhong family looked at Su Ping's eyes, and suddenly it was extremely hot, and the title limit distance was legendary, only one step away!

Su Ping is both a title limit and a top breeder. If he could become a legend, wouldn't he hope to become a Holy Spirit trainer? !

It is no wonder that the patriarch told the teacher so that the young lady should follow the master Su no matter what, no matter what, it turned out that she knew the potential of the master Su and she would be sanctified in the future!

The old family of the Zhong family secretly said that when Su Ping came back, he quickly drove the mount with respect and welcomed him.

Su Ping flew directly back to the bird's saddle chair and said, "Let's go."

Solving these two Tier 9 monsters was effortless for him, even breathless.

Hearing Su Ping's understatement, the Zhong family sighed with emotion, and immediately took the mount to continue to fly away.

On the ground, Wu Tianming and other war pet masters, as well as those ordinary people who were rescued, all looked up and sent Su Pingren away. Several of them knelt on the ground and knocked Su Ping to bow his head.

For Su Ping, it was done smoothly, but for them, they were pulled from despair to light, and they were very grateful.

After continuing to fly forward for dozens of miles, Su Ping noticed that there were more monsters and beasts in the wilderness nearby than in other regions.

This amount seems a bit unusual.

Su Ping frowned slightly. Wasn't it the accident of the monster attack?

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