Astral Pet Store Chapter 481

Chapter 481: King Beast First

System: "A tyrannical fire ape is detected, and the selling price is being calculated..."

"Price, 590,000 energy."

Su Ping: "?"


I spent a million energies on it, did you sell me 590,000?

So to say, I lost 310,000 directly in this wave of operations? !

My Nima...

"System, you are not mistaken, this is the monster with the title limit, 590,000 energy? The selling price is less than 100 million star coins, which is too exaggerated!"

Su Ping couldn't help but shouted.

This is equivalent to spending 5900W star coins, you can buy a titled extreme monster in his shop!

This is a sale, it's a free delivery!

"The selling price is based on the monster's combat power, qualifications, bloodline and other comprehensive conditions. In this shop, the monster is worth this price. The host must not secretly insult in the heart, warn once..." The system is blunt.

Su Ping's lips wriggled slightly.

"The host can't abuse anymore, warn the second time!" The system said seriously.

Su Ping stopped the catharsis and gritted her teeth. "System, do you know that you are doing charity? If you sell monsters of this level in other stores, it will cost at least a few hundred million yuan to start. You have shrunk by more than ten times. what!"

"Host, please dont compare this shop with those of the small and charming shops outside, they are mixed with your human desires to make money, and middlemen make the difference! And this system is absolutely objective and fair to treat any favors. Beasts, all priced monsters, their value is in line with the price set by this system!"

"Sophie, continue to quibble."

"Host, please listen, don't force me."

"...My sister."

"The warning is over, the punishment is executed!"

In the room, a weeping wailing suddenly sounded.

After a few minutes, the system said again: "Does the host have an objection to the price of the monster?"


"Is the price reasonable?"


"Very good, the pattern of your host can be improved, this system is very happy."

"Well, meow~"

There is a saying that when you are raped by life, then you **** life, and if you cant **** life, then you enjoy it.

Su Ping glanced listlessly at the tyrannical fire ape and directly received it in the pet beast warehouse. I saw a vortex appear. Inhale the tyrannical fire ape at the chaotic spirit pool directly, and then the vortex shrank I don't see it. At the same time, Su Ping saw through the shop panel that in the grid of the pet beast warehouse, there was a cute little head of the tyrannical fire ape beast.

What a lovely little thing, I really want to strangle.

Shaking his head, Su Ping withdrew his eyes and looked again at the chaotic spirit pool in front of him. When you stared at the spirit pool, the spirit pool was also staring at you... the energy in your pocket.

Not thinking about it, not thinking about it, Su Ping will continue.

Do you think a small setback can knock me down?

That's right, it needs to be done twice.

"Are you sure?"


-1 million energy.

A strange light emerged from the chaotic spirit pool again, and an orange-yellow light emerged from the edge of the spirit pool. The previously silent pattern revolved and flew up again. A channel of aura of light converged at the bottom of the chaotic spirit pool. Fiery, a figure appeared in the light.

Then the light suddenly scattered, just like the Big Bang, and then a fierce breath swept out. Su Ping quickly looked at him, and saw a gruesome and burly strange shadow lying in the chaotic spirit pool.

Su Ping glanced, his face gray.

There is no breath of king beast.

What is special is a ninth order monster, and it is still an adult. Although it is a ninth order extreme state, it is obviously a money-losing goods.

"Congratulations, you gave birth to the last era, the abyss spirit beast."

"Ha ha."

Su Ping said directly: "How much does it cost?"

"The Abyssal Spirit Beast Qualification is detected, the price is medium, and the price is... 650,000!"


Still lose money.

Su Ping broke his finger and forgot about it, he gave birth to these two, and lost more than 700,000 energy at once!

This is really ghost!

"Last time..." Su Ping gritted his teeth without thinking and chose to conceive.

Pay attention to is fast and ruthless!

As long as the speed is fast enough, the disaster will be too late to respond!

-1 million energy!


Chaos gave birth to the spirit pool again, and a mysterious and complicated pattern flew and energy gathered quickly. A moment later, a creeping giant figure appeared, and from it, a wild and majestic atmosphere was emitted, deep and terrifying.

Su Ping's eyes suddenly brightened.

This breath is inside taste!

As the light dissipated, Su Ping also saw the giant beast in front of him.

This is a monster resembling a giant crocodile, but the **** layer of the whole body is like a blue dragon scale. Its pointed long crocodile mouth, full of fangs protruding, looks extremely terrible, it is not difficult to imagine this violent mouth What kind of pain will the tooth bite, at the tip of its tail, it is a sharp sword-shaped, and the left and right are beneficial to the blade scales.

"Congratulations, you gave birth to the last era, the dragon zealot!"

This time, the system's prompt sound made Su Ping feel slightly more comfortable.

King beast!

This is definitely the king beast!

However, to Su Ping's regret, looking at the appearance of this king beast is obviously an adult, and it is very likely to be the peak period.

With his current authority, he can't take the King Beast to cultivate the world, and if he takes it to death, he will really die.

"Look at what price it is." Su Ping said, although he was not willing to sell, but also wanted to ask, as for the sale... It is estimated that there is no store in the entire Asian region that can sell King Beast.


"Price 2.13 million energy."


Su Ping didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

Fortunately, if he sold this king beast, he had lost money before, and he would have earned it.

But sadly, the price of a king beast is actually only two million energy, which is equal to two hundred million!

Su Ping was unable to vomit.

"What kind of **** luck is today, all of them are grown-ups, and it's not enough to have a baby pet." Su Ping shook his head and didn't continue trying.

The rest of the energy is retained, and when you look back at the system store, you need to buy energy. You feel that this breeding pool is a devil's bottomless hole.

"Look at the data of this king beast." Su Ping said in his heart.

This king beast was born in the shop, he can directly see the most comprehensive information.

Longze Magic Crocodile (King)

Attribute: Demon.

Level: Late Hanhai Realm.

Combat strength: 19.5

Qualification: Inferior

Ability to control: Moze Realm, brutal impact, broken bite, crocodile twist, magic soul suppression...

Talent: None


"A plain king beast?"

Su Ping shook his head slightly, inferior qualifications, not surprising.

The combat power of 19.5 is slightly stronger than that of the small skull, but he now masters the Spiritual Illustrated Book, which can enchant the small skull and the two dogs. I believe that after receiving the low-speed talent, their combat power will jump again.

"This guy is a little tasteless for me. Is it going to be sold?"

Su Ping is thinking about it. This dragon zealot crocodile is the blood of the king beast. It is now an adult, and with his current cultivation practice, he can only sign up to the nineth-order cultivation monster.

If it is a young king beast, he is no problem.

But this adult, his mental strength will be directly exploded.

As for keeping this guy at the store... There is Joanna, a more kind guy, who doesn't need it.

And no one dared to make trouble in his shop.

"It seems really useless. When I can sign the king beast, it is estimated that the little skeletons have surpassed it." After thinking about it, Su Ping was helpless.

These three gestations, although not losing money, but I didn't feel like making much money.

"If you sell it, at such a cheap price, you have to find an acquaintance to sell it, and you can earn a personal feeling." Su Ping secretly said.

The person who can sign the king beast must be at least title level.

He knows many titles, but many of them have been killed.

And the relationship is good...it seems few.

Well, I feel that few of them are considered humble, there should be no one...

At this point of view, Su Ping suddenly felt that he was a little bad.

"Forget it, for the time being."

Shaking his head, Su Ping didn't think about it any more, and took the Dragon Zep alligator to the store's beast space, and immediately turned away from the chaotic spirit pool room.

Closing the door behind him, Su Ping felt like sealing the devil behind his back. If he really wanted to get above it, he had to accumulate all the energy he had accumulated. This chaotic realm was so tempting. He really missed heaven and hell.

Back in the store, Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong were chatting. Su Ping didn't blend in the past, came to the test room, called up the system store, and checked the updated products today.

Several new products appear.

Dont know, needless, useless.

Su Ping scanned it again and began to refresh.

"Come on a skill book..." Su Ping secretly prayed.

After brushing three times in a row, Su Ping bought two high-level traps, and a rare medicinal material that can improve the fire monsters consciousness. There are many things that can improve the consciousness. The aura in the foster position can also be moisturized, but the consciousness is this thing There is no upper limit. The higher the understanding, the better. You can comprehend more skills, and you may even realize your talents.

"Slave contract?"

The last time I refreshed, I still didn't get the cultivation skill book, nor the pet master's skill book, but a dark purple scroll inside attracted Su Ping.

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