Astral Pet Store Chapter 485

Chapter 485: First Come First Serve Third

At this moment, Xu Yingxue had no doubts. This terrible atmosphere, even if it was more than a dozen meters away, and there were people all around, it still gave her a feeling of entering the cold winter. The whole body of cold hair couldn't help but erect, heart Uncontrollable beating like a drum hammer, blood torrents, accelerating the secretion of cold sweat.

This is the ninth order extreme beast?

Xu Yingxue felt breathless and was speechless.

Everyone in the audience was shocked by the two beasts summoned by Su Ping. The scene was a little quiet. Su Ping glanced at the two beasts and was relieved to see that they were all treated well.

When putting them on the list of selling beasts, as long as they are within the scope of the store, they have to be restricted by the system, and they can only be used as an exhibit and cannot attack customers.

When the shop rises to the fourth level, there will be a separate exhibition hall for the sale of beasts, but now, it can only be left by the street.

"Just watch if you want, but you can't touch it." Su Ping turned around and said to the customers who wanted to see later.

Hearing Su Ping's words, everyone recovered, all of them wanted to laugh but couldn't laugh.


I'm kidding. Some of my legs tremble at a glance here, and I still feel... Is Shou Xing eating arsenic and hanging, is it too long?

"Okay, those who want to breed beasts, come and line up."

Su Ping entered the store and greeted by the way.

Looking back, the business still has to continue.

Under the greeting of Su Ping, some people did not move, still standing at the door and carefully watching the two beasts, and some people saw the free drill and rushed in immediately. After the cultivation is completed, it is not beautiful to look back. Anyway, I can't run away after a while.

After being in a daze for a while, Xu Yingxue reacted immediately, quickly grabbed the communicator again, continued to dial the captain's communication, and urged him more eagerly.

Hurry up!

Xu Yingxue can't wait to ingest the captain directly from thousands of miles away.


The news of the two 9th-order extreme beasts soon spread like wings from the outside of Suping shop.

And those intelligence groups arranged by the major families to pay attention to Su Ping's news, the first time they got the news, they passed the terrible news back to the family.

Qin family.

In an old garden.


Qin Duhuang, who was drinking tea and bragging with his old friend in front of him, suddenly felt his wrists shake. He frowned, and could directly contact his communicator. It was either his closest friends or the most important and urgent things. Report to him.

Quickly raising his wrist, Qin Duhuang's eyes slightly condensed, and looked at his old friend in front of him. Without avoiding it, he took the channel: "What's the matter?"

The voice was majestic and calm.

"The patriarch is coming!"

The excitement of a middle-aged man suddenly came out.

Qin Duhuang was almost scared.

"Patriarch, please come to the small naughty shop immediately. At the fastest speed, there are nine-order extreme beasts for sale, which is a kind of unprecedented!" said the middle-aged boy hurriedly, speaking at a fast speed, with words revealing Strong excitement, just listening to this voice, it is difficult to imagine this person is usually a calm, unsmiling person.

Qin Duhuang froze, small naughty shop?

These few words made his nerves react instinctively.

Tier 9 Extreme Beast...Sell?

He froze for a moment, his heart was shaken, he couldn't care what to say anymore, he immediately got up and said to his old friend in front of him: "Old man, accompany me out!"

After he finished speaking, he quickly set off and walked directly into the air, summoning his flying pet while flying.

The old man across from Qin Duhuang was also stunned. What was so anxious that the tea was not finished!

He didn't care about questioning, he hurriedly got up, and asked... whoever caught up with Qin Duhuang first.


Pastor, in a pavilion.

Mu Beihai is examining and approving some projects. Before the Liu family provoked Su Ping to cede half of the property, now other families are aiming at the other half of the Liu family. They want to eat away. Some projects that have been eaten up need to be merged and operated, which costs him a lot. Some brains.


Suddenly, the wrist communicator became hot.

Mu Beihai's thoughts were interrupted, his eyebrows were frowned, and his wrists were lifted, and his face immediately became dignified.

"What's the matter?" He immediately connected, and asked Shen Sheng.

"Hui Hui patriarch, the Su boss you let us pay attention to, just summoned two unknown kinds of beasts outside his shop. We just found out that these two beasts are the ninth-order extreme beasts, and it seems that To sell, I heard that the price is still very low, only tens of millions..."

The intelligence personnel on the other side of the communicator talked about the matter, and the return was very calm...and very slow.

Mu Beihai was stunned. When he heard the sale, his pupils shrank.

He is not surprised to say that Su Ping has a beast of the ninth order limit.

But... if he wants to sell, he can afford it? !

And sell for tens of millions?

What is this Sao operation!

Mu Beihai couldn't figure it out, and suddenly thought of another thought, would this be a fraud? The purpose is to attract these old guys in the past?

Could it be that Su Ping wanted to take this opportunity to attract them to the past and get rid of it all? !

Then... annex the five big families and dominate Longjiang? !

Mu Beihai wanted to be more and more startled, and the more he felt this possibility.

After all, who is really a ninth-order extreme beast, who will sell it!

Even if it is not qualified to be the main pet, can it not be a vice pet?

When the title is reached, nine pets can be signed. Will Su Ping's pets still be available? There are nine more than nine limit pets?

Mu Beihai shook his head, even if he was only three, the old guy of the Qin family, similar to him, may have hidden a hand, but this is already very strong.

If the nine beasts are all the limit of the ninth order, it is definitely the existence of monsters in the title class. Even the big forces in the first-class base cities are all phoenixes.

After thinking over and over again and again, Mu Beihai finally felt that he should go and see.

He feels that if Su Ping wants to annex Longjiang, it seems that there is no need to use such a method. There are legends to sit in town. Whether he wants Longjiang or not, it is all his territory. His words here are like military orders. From!

A Longjiang has not necessarily been seen by others.

Thinking of these, Mubei Haiyin felt that his previous guess might have been disturbed, and there was a trace of anxiety in his heart, and he immediately set off.


The rest of the Liu family, Zhou family, Ye family and other major families also received news at the same time and responded differently, but they all rushed over.

At the same time, in the high-end wealthy circle, I also received this news, all shaking, rushed here one by one, want to see the true and false.

At the city government headquarters.

Xie Jinshui received a report from his subordinates, which was also stunned. Unexpectedly, Su Ping just came back and did such a big thing.

Sell ninth-order extreme beasts?

Can't you think of it, and you're not a pet master?

Or is it that you are saturated and can't use it?

Without much thought, Xie Jinshui also hurried to the small naughty shop, and the titles of the offerings at the municipal government were also informed that they were all dispatched.

If the news is true, they have to buy it!

This is an opportunity that allows them to step into the title of strong!


Outside the little naughty shop.

More and more people gathered, and people in several nearby streets also received news and hurried to watch.

They are the closest and come the fastest, but they are ordinary people living in slums. In some homes, dragons and phoenixes are born, and darlings are born. However, due to the limited conditions at home, they are unable to cultivate, but they are only at the low and medium level. Unable to buy and conclude contracts.

Moreover, although tens of millions are sold at a low price, it is equivalent to giving away for free, but tens of millions are a huge sum of money for people living in slums!

In the store, Su Ping received all the seats to be cultivated today.

Seeing that no one has bought in the store yet, Su Ping is a little surprised. It's been half an hour, and the action is too slow.

He left the counter and came to the door of the store.

The third and third floors outside the store are surrounded by crowds, all pointing and watching through the street, not daring to get close.


Suddenly, a sharp whistling sound came from above and alarmed everyone.

Immediately afterwards, everyone looked up and saw a huge flying bird and beast of ten meters or so, galloping like a huge cloud, leaving a large shadow on the street.

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