Astral Pet Store Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Fresh And Refined Su Ping Fourth More

The ninth rank is high, the blue feather phoenix eagle!

Recognizing this huge bird and beast, everyone on the street is amazed. It can be used as a mount for flying birds and beasts of this level.

And it is not an ordinary title!


A figure swept down from the bird's back quickly, and behind it, followed another figure, all of which were title grades. They flew down quickly from high altitude. When they left the ground, they quickly reduced their strength and rolled up the dust on the ground. Slowly falling, two old men.

The person who came was Qin Duhuang, the owner of the Qin family.

Next to him is his old friend, also a once-famous title class, but now he is just traveling around in the mountains, and recently happened to be a guest in Longjiang to find Qin Dudun.

"Boss Su!"

As soon as Qin Duhuang landed, he saw Su Ping at the door and screamed with a smile, then arched his hand and said: "It's in a hurry and disturb."

After he finished speaking, a summoning vortex appeared above his head, and the blue feather phoenix crested eagle was taken in.

The old man beside Qin Duhuang's eyes narrowed and looked at Su Ping. These days, he was a guest of Longjiang. He also heard some things from his old partners. The shop in front of him, this young man, was the one who forced back the Star Organization. , Who swept the flying feather army of the Tang family?

In this shop, there are legends sitting?

His eyes swayed slightly, without showing a strange color, and also followed Qin Duhuang, raised his small hand to Su Ping, said hello, treated as an ordinary person, without frame.

"Good to say."

Su Ping nodded slightly.

After Qin Dudun greeted him, he glanced at the side of the shop. When he was on the back of the blue-feathered phoenix eagle, he noticed the two beasts with a vicious atmosphere, but at a glance, he knew that these two It is only the ninth order limit, not the ordinary ninth order.

The fierce power of that body, and the hidden energy of depression, made him feel a little bit of pressure. This is probably not an ordinary title limit beast!

The intelligence news was basically true. He couldn't help but warm up. After carefully looking at it, he said to Su Ping: "Boss Su, I heard that these two beasts are going to sell?"


Su Ping nodded.

Qin Duhuang shook his heart, and the old man next to him shrank slightly. Qin Duhuang quickly said: "I don't know how to sell? Can the old man be qualified to buy?"

"As long as you can control, you can buy." Su Ping said.

With systematic supervision, he cant select customers. Those who cant control these two beasts, he can refuse, but if he has the ability, anyone can buy, and the customers are the customers. .

And for Su Ping himself, he did not plan to choose. If he really wanted to choose, he could first pass other things, invite others over, and then push out this thing, then the person he invited could immediately The first to seize the opportunity to buy.

It's just such a small action. Su Ping didn't plan to do it. If he wanted to, he had to wait until the king beast was sold.

After all, the king beast is different, any one is equivalent to a nuclear bomb level.

If you really want to sell, you have to find reliable acquaintances to sell, otherwise it will be bought by some unclear people, if the king beast is used to make chaos everywhere, it would not be good.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Qin Duhuang and his old friends all felt shocked.

Can you buy anything you can control?

Qin Duhuang only understood why his intelligence officer was so eager to inform himself that even the tone of his speech was somewhat offended, not awe-inspiring. It turned out that this thing was like a pile of gold. Don't be too dangerous, there will be no more drops when you come later.

"Boss Su, I want to buy!"

Qin Duhuang said quickly.

"I also want."

The old friend beside him also quickly uttered a voice.

Qin Duhuang glanced at him, his eyes slightly changed, but he recovered again in an instant. He felt a trace of regret in his heart. If he knew this, he wouldn't bring this old man over, he would be able to buy two at once!

However, since the other party spoke, he couldn't say anything.

For a ninth-order limit, tearing the face with many years old friends is also ugly and not worth it.

It is very valuable to maintain old friendships for a lifetime.

The old man next to him also looked at Qin Duhuang after seeing it. When he saw that he didn't respond, he was slightly relieved, and he felt a little embarrassed in his heart. He felt that he was exposed to light, and he was a little sad.


Su Ping nodded: "Then prepare to pay."

Qin Duhuang had just asked for a price, and suddenly a roar came from afar, and I saw another giant bird and beast flying, also a ninth-ranked high, no less than the previous blue feather phoenix crest eagle.


Jumping from the bird and the beast quickly, the owner of the Zhou family, Zhou Tianlin.


Before the people arrived, Zhou Tianlin had already hurriedly called.

He fell to the ground, looked at the two ferocious beasts next to his eyes, and when he saw the wild and ancient breath from his body, his face changed slightly, and he became more anxious, saying to Su Ping: "Boss Su, these two beasts, I Can you buy it? I'm willing to make a billion!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone on the street was boiling, and was shocked by the price.

The opening is one billion? !

For many people on the scene, this is money that cannot be earned in a lifetime.

Qin Duhuang's face changed, and he turned to look at Zhou Tianlin, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes, but he just wanted to be angry, and suddenly the anger in his eyes was restrained again, thinking of Su Ping behind him.

Now Zhou Tianlin is opening his quotation, which is regarded as competition. If he uses his power to persuade him, he fears that Su Ping will be dissatisfied.

Glancing coldly at Zhou Tianlin, Qin Duhuang turned to Su Ping and said: "Boss Su, I am willing to spend 1.5 billion with my old friend Jia!"

The audience was again sensational.

In a breath, it went up by another 500 million!

This is five hundred million yuan, not five dollars, enough to buy ten streets nearby!


At this time, another roar came flying in mid-air.

The person who fell from the back of the birds and beasts was the head of the Ye family.

"Where are you?"

Seeing Qin Duhuang and Zhou Tianlin, the head of the Ye family raised his eyebrows slightly, but didn't expect that he would move fast enough, or he would slow them down one step.

Zhou Tianlin also changed his face slightly. Since Su Ping had crossed his house, he knew better than anyone else. Su Ping was terrible. Therefore, as soon as he got the intelligence, he set off and rushed over. He knew that the intelligence would never say Wrong, although the news was appalling, he felt that Su Ping could do it.

This teenager is a weirdo, ruthless!

"These are the two beasts?" The Ye family leader saw the fierce fire ape beast and the abyss beast spirit beast, his face slightly changed, and from these two beasts, he felt a dangerous feeling.

Thinking of the information, he immediately said to Su Ping: "Boss Su, these two beasts, our Ye family wants it, you can open the price as you like!"

Qin Duhuang and Zhou Tianlin both had cold faces, and they also looked at Su Ping. Judging from the current situation, would they really want them to bid on the spot?

When they saw it, they saw Su Ping's complexion...


Several people are confused.

Su Ping took a deep breath and ignored the Ye family chief, but said to the system at the bottom of his heart: "Listen, do you listen, is your heart hurt?!"

"No heartache." The system answered.

"You don't care, of course you won't feel pain!" Su Ping gritted his teeth.

The system said: "No, it's because I didn't sell anything but yours, so I won't feel heartache."

Su Ping: "!!"

This Nima...

Su Ping's heart was about to be broken, not only did he not feel happy about the offer of these landlords, but he felt stubborn.

Taking a deep breath, Su Ping sullenly said, "I have already said the price, it is about 60 million yuan, one less point, no more points!"

Before switching to money, although he couldn't exchange energy, he still wanted it a lot, but now, with half of Liu's family property, plus a lot of secret treasures, Su Ping is no longer short of money, his money It was so much that I didnt even bother to watch it, and I was too lazy to care.

In short, as long as you dont gamble, you cant spend it.

After all, he is not a person who spends a lot of money, there is no chance to spend money.

He has become a person who is not interested in money, of course, only refers to money that cannot be exchanged for energy.

"60 million?"

Several people were stunned.

The surrounding crowds, when they heard Su Ping's words, were shocked, and their eyes were almost staring out.

I thought that the quotations of these blockbusters had already shocked the world. I didn't expect this boss Su to be more exaggerated, his eyelids were not lifted, and it was not taken seriously at all!

Don't need more than one billion yuan, you have to sell 60 million yuan?

Doesn't this mean giving away for nothing?

For a time, many of the onlookers were a little bit enlightened, and it seemed that they could understand Su Ping's realm.

It turns out that when people open a store to do business, it is not for money, but for interest.

Yeah, people in the league have punched through the enchantment, and are the characters with the title limit. How can they really do business here for money?

Thinking of these, everyone looked at Su Ping again, and felt that this Su boss was a little different.

Fresh and refined!

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