Astral Pet Store Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Buy Street Second More

Qin Duhuang raised his eyebrows, and only the guy Mu Beihai dared to challenge him openly. He didnt wait for Su Ping to open his mouth. He said directly: "Old guy, you are old too. You can understand whether you come first, you think others Is boss Su short of money? Is it short of your billion? Or, you think our Qin family cant afford any money?!"

Mu Beihai's face was slightly cold. Of course, he knew that if he really wanted to bid, the Qin family would naturally get the money, but their herdsman would be more willing to make a capital investment!

Ten thousand years old!

This hat has been worn on their head for many years.

In recent years, they have finally gotten closer to the Qin family. If Qin Duhuang gets these two ninth-order extreme pets, then the struggles of all the pastoralists up and down for the past ten years will be put into vain. Qin's distance!

Therefore, in any case, he must compete with Qin Duhuang to these two pets!

Even if only one of them is obtained, it can be scored 50-50.

"Boss Su, our herdsman is absolutely the most sincere. No matter how much money we are willing to buy, I know you are not short of money. If you need something else, our herdsman will not be able to afford it. Little family!" Mu Beihai didn't argue with Qin Duhuang and turned directly to Su Pingdao.

After all, this darling is Su Ping. How to sell it depends on Su Ping's opinion.

Qin Duhuang's face changed slightly, but he didn't expect the old guy to fight so hard, his eyes narrowed, and a flash of coldness flashed through him.

Su Ping heard Mu Beihai's words and shook his head slightly, saying: "As long as you don't violate the rules of this store, anyone can be a customer of this store. All customers have to come first and come first! Old Qin first arrived and paid, so beloved Return to him, the opportunity is for those who are prepared, if you want, come early in the future."

Hearing Su Ping's words, Qin Duhuang's heart was relieved, and Su Ping was not impressed by Mu Beihai.

The other onlookers in the surroundings were all zealously heard by Su Ping, so to speak, even if they were in Su Ping's shop, they would treat them as equals?

Next to Zhou Tianlin and the head of the Ye family, they noticed that the word "later" in Su Ping's words was stunned.

In the future...

Both of them rolled their throats slightly, and it felt a little itchy. Su Ping could sell it once, and then sell it a second time and a third time in the future.

Its not difficult to think of the legendary sitting in the Suping shop, with the power of legends, to capture the ninth-order extreme monster, and its no wonder that Su Ping will be willing to sell it. This is a rare thing for them. For Su Ping , As long as you find the whereabouts of the ninth-order extreme monster, you can easily get it.

This is the charm of the legend!

A realm crushes the dead!

Both of them sighed in their hearts, and the yearning for the legend became stronger, but they also knew that it was useless, not only their cravings, but all the titles were dreaming and wanted to step into that realm.

Hearing Su Pings words, Mu Beihai was anxious and hesitant, but when he saw Su Pings indifferent look, it seemed difficult to impress. He couldnt help turning his head to look at Qin Duhuang, and immediately saw the arc of the latters mouth curled up, There was a sneer in his eyes that only he could understand.

Damn it!

Mu Beihai suffocated and angry.

When he thought that he had just got the information, he suspected that Su Ping had ulterior motives and did not set off at the first time.

If it is the first time, maybe these two ninth-order extreme pets are all in his pocket!

In that case, his combat power will increase dramatically, enough to confront Qin Duhuang, and even counter him, so that their herdsmen can also surpass the Qin family!

The difference between one thought and two results is now!

Damn it! Damn it!

Mu Beihai's face was as dark as the bottom of the pot. He hated himself and the information transmission was not clear enough. He even hated Qin Duhuang, an old guy, who shot so quickly.

In other words, if someone else bought it, he wouldn't have such a lot of pressure, but it was Qin Duhuang who he least wanted to see!

Liu Tianzong couldnt help seeing the North Sea, but he had no choice but to succumb on the spot, like constipation. He looked at Su Ping and knew that things were doomed and could not be recovered anymore, and his heart was bitter. By the way, he wanted to go back and stew his bird!

Why can't you fly faster?

At this time, the old man who made the payment also stepped forward to sign a contract with the Abyssal Spirit Beast and put it into the Beast Space.

Seeing this old man, Mu Beihai narrowed his eyes. It seemed that it was not Qin Duhuang who bought the two beasts. This old man, he knew, was a friend of Qin Duhuang, but his friend was a friend after all, he couldnt It can be regarded as the core strength of Qin Duhuang and the Qin family. In this case, he could barely accept it.

"Thank you Boss Su." Qin Duhuang thanked Su Ping again, very polite.

"If you really want to thank, just find materials for me." Su Ping said indifferently.

Qin Duhuang was slightly stunned, thinking of the materials that Su Ping had handed to the major families to find, he immediately nodded and said: "I have used all the channels of our Qin family to search for the boss Su, I think there will be soon news."

Mu Beihai and Zhou Tianlin and others heard Su Ping's words, and their eyes lighted up slightly. Su Ping did not love money and wanted materials. If he could use that material to get closer to Su Ping, would there be such a good thing in the future? Can they fall on their heads?

Thinking of this, several people spoke to Su Ping and said that they would do their best to search for Su Ping.

Su Ping said good bye one by one, selling two pet beasts to return to the capital slightly, but also urging them to expedite the search for the refining materials of the Jinwushen demon body.

Xu Yingxue at the door of the store saw Su Ping's two beasts have been sold, and was a little disappointed and lost. She didn't expect these big figures to come so fast. Her captain was destined to catch up.

Beside her, Tang Ruyan was also surprised. Unexpectedly, Su Ping really sold it. Even the top pets in their Tang family are very cherished. Even the more powerful clan elders will fight for it. , The result here, actually tossed the beast at the price of "cabbage".

When did this guy learn to do charity?


The next Zhong Ling stared at this scene in a daze.

Two top beasts, actually said to sell it, too exaggerated!

This kind of thing, even if she was in the base city of Holy Light, had never heard of it, which is too bold!

But why do teachers have to sell such a low price?

She was a little shocked and puzzled.

Outside, Qin Duhuang suddenly turned his eyes and seemed to think of something. He immediately said goodbye to Su Ping and prepared to leave.

At this moment, a tank suddenly came off the street.

The crowd was frightened by the license plate of this tank, and they all avoided it. This is the mayor's special car!

As the car stopped, Mayor Xie Jins underwater vehicle quickly waited when he saw the onlookers on the third and third floors outside the Suping shop, and Qin Duhuang and Mu Beihai standing in the middle. I did not expect this small place to be so lively, and once again gathered the top power of the whole Longjiang.

The presence of the people together is enough to turn the entire Longjiang bottom, and then turn it over again!

"Boss Su."

Xie Jinshui came over, and the first was to say hello to Su Ping. Even Qin Duhuang was left by him for a while. He was distinguished. Su Ping was the most terrible person in Longjiang right now.

"Mayor." Su Ping was also surprised and shocked the mayor?

"Is this the beast you want to sell?" Xie Jinshui saw the fierce fire ape beast next to him, his eyes narrowed, and he immediately felt the heavy brutal and fierce breath of this beast, feeling it was an extremely powerful pet beast.

Su Ping nodded slightly, "Both are sold out. If the mayor wants to buy, you can only wait for the future."


Xie Jinshui froze, such a terrible beast, actually selling two at a time?

In the information he got, he only knew that Su Ping was going to sell, but did not say the quantity.

At this time, the old man who bought the Abyssal Spirit Beast next to him smiled at Xie Jinshui and said, "Old Xie, the other one was bought by me."

Xie Jinshui noticed that he knew him naturally and was a little dumb.

He looked around Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong around him, and when they saw that their faces were not very good-looking, they immediately understood what was going on, and smiled bitterly at the old man: "You guys, our Longjiang family didn't find anything cheap. , It's cheaper for you."

"Luck, luck."

The old man chuckled and felt that this time he came to Longjiang to play, it was the most correct choice he had made. He was thinking about whether he would take them and settle in Longjiang in the future.

"It seems that I have come one step late." Xie Jinshui said helplessly, and did not conceal his idea of buying.

Beasts of this level are sold out, saying that they don't believe if they don't want to buy ghosts.

"Mayor, you came just right!"

The black-faced Mu Beihai beside him suddenly opened his mouth and said, "I bought this street, including within ten miles of this neighborhood!"

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