Astral Pet Store Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Dragon Beast Break 10 First

In an instant, Qin Duhuang and others hurriedly and hurried away.

The outside of the store was suddenly cleaned.

The onlookers outside saw two of the ninth-order extreme beasts being bought by these bigwigs, leaving only sighs and sighs, and some people had already moved their minds, although they competed, but these often took out the group, or the golden shopping street The big brother, can't afford to shop on this street, but you can buy the surrounding ones!

It can be predicted that with the arrival of these big brothers, the surrounding area will inevitably rise and the price of houses will be radiated.

Many people also quietly left to go back to business.

Seeing that the two beasts had been sold, Su Ping turned to the store.

It didn't take long for a roar to roar, and it was another high-flying pet.

Jumping from the back of this flying pet, the next figure landed on the street, then hurried to the outside of the store, looked around, and soon saw Xu Yingxue standing in front of the store.

"Yingxue, how is it, the beast is still there?"

The man asked hurriedly.

Xu Yingxue saw his captain suddenly smiled bitterly, and now came, the green cauliflower was yellow.

"It has been sold by others and is the owner of the Qin family." Xu Yingxue smiled bitterly. "The owners of several other large families have also arrived, and they haven't had time to grab it."

The man was stunned.

Sold out? The owner of the Qin family?

"Is it really the ninth-order extreme pet?" the man couldn't help asking.

"Of course, otherwise the masters of several large families, how come they come in person, you did not see the picture they just scrambled..."

Xu Yingxue was a little speechless. She was not in a mood at the moment. If she was stronger, the opportunity would fall on her head just now. In that case, if you think about it, you will know how terrible she will suddenly increase in strength. , Can fully crush the ordinary titles with the attitude of the eighth-order master!

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just passed by in front of my eyes.

The man was dumb and thought so. He also felt a little bit of pain and asked, "How much did the ninth-order ultimate pet sell?"

The heads of these big families personally robbed them, and they will inevitably bid. If in the end it is too expensive for him, he will feel better.

Xu Yingxue gave him a glance and said mulan: "60 million."



In the afternoon, when the customers are gone, Su Ping is also preparing to cultivate the world.

Before going, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to take Zhong Lingtong, left the shop, and stayed in the staff dormitory where they lived, so as not to shock them when he sent them back, and also expose his little secret.

Seeing that Su Ping wanted the mysterious and mysterious breeding of the beast, Tang Ruyan gave him a glance, and he didn't say much. It is always better than before. In the past, she was thrown into the secret treasure of the scroll. Now at least no longer restrict her Her body was free, but she had nowhere to go. Just at this time, she took Zhong Lingtong and said she would take her to Longjiang for a walk and go shopping.

Zhong Lingtong readily agreed to be curious about the base city where Su Ping lives.

After the second daughter left, Su Ping also closed the shop door, called Joanna, and then found the pet to be professionally cultivated from the pets, opened the demigod, and sent it in.

Going back to the half-god meteorite again, not only Su Ping, but Joanna also missed it.

During the time Su Ping left, she could not enter the demigod meteor. At this moment, she was worried that her subordinates would be panicked. After all, the time she returned to the demise meteor was quite fixed. It's been a while.

Soon, under the leadership of the contacted god, the two returned to the **** city where Joanna was located from a floating island randomly sent.

Seeing His Highness return, the temple was boiling up and down, very excited.

Su Ping did not rush to let Joanna do her work, let her appease her subordinates first, and wait for everyone to return to peace, Su Ping would like to professionally cultivate the favor ** to Joanna, still the same, let her send someone to take Experience in a vicious place, he only needs to be responsible for resurrecting it in the temple.

During this time, he can also rub the sky disaster again.

Moreover, you can also find the gods who taught him secret techniques before continuing to explore some confusions in the secret techniques.

On the Shenshan Mountain, Su Ping summoned the two dogs, purgatory candle dragon beast, and small skeleton. Before letting the small skeleton and the gods learn the sword, he first used the newly learned spiritual illustrations to help the small skeleton. Psychic.

The spirit is very smooth, and soon, in the attributes of the small skull, the talent has changed from "none" to a new talent: the low-speed talent!

Talent ability:

Fully increase your own speed by one time, last for one minute, and cool for five hours!

The word "comprehensive" is very particular, not only the speed of physical explosion, but also the speed of energy flow, including the speed of life aging and so on.

In the area of aging, it is naturally a disadvantage, but the acceleration of one-minute life is still affordable. The most important thing is the increase in energy flow rate. This is very terrible. For example, the skill that originally required five seconds to brew is in the low grade. Under the fast talent, it can be done in 2.5 seconds.

This talent is extremely versatile, and it can be used no matter for hurrying, eating, physiological excretion, etc.

After the opening of the spirit, the fighting power of the small skull increased unexpectedly, reaching 19.9!

Seeing this figure, Su Ping was both happy and somewhat bitter.

This 9.9 is really his nemesis.

You dont post it anymore. What is the whole thing? The final 0.1 must be a very difficult level, otherwise it is impossible to be so accidental and stuck here.

What a stingy combat value.

With a sigh, Su Ping didn't care about it. The current combat power of the small skeleton, corresponding to the realm, should be the pinnacle of the legend of Hanhai Realm!

The final 0.1, the goal, is the key to stepping into the legend of the virtual cave realm.

"The seventh order is comparable to the pinnacle of the legend of Hanhaijing, and it also fits in."

Su Ping's self "consolation".

The current qualification of the small skull has risen to the middle and upper grade again.

The ups and downs, Su Ping quite want to know, after the first class, what else, will there be a racial qualification ranking in the future?

Shaking his head, those who are too far away, Su Ping sent the small skull with the end of the spirit open to the side and let it go to play with the uncle Tenjin who knows how to use the sword.

And he went on to keep the two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beast one by one.

Inspiring, increasing, and conveying the perception of Thunder Dao!

Su Ping's nurturing skills are used all over his pets, and he is not stingy.

Not only the two dogs, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast will also display the thunder skills. Even the purple and green dragon, the fighting beast known as the "primary pet", has mastered many thunder skills.

After opening the spirit, Su Ping was pleasantly surprised to find that the fighting power of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast finally rushed to 10 from the limit of 9.9!

And it is 10.5!

Sure enough, once it reached the peak, it would shoot a little.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast has now also been upgraded to Tier 7, and it is officially entering the adult stage. Tier 7 is comparable to the King Beast, and its qualification is middle-to-superior. Su Ping feels that it is still "adequate".

The qualification of Ziqing Kong Python is still 9.9, and its cultivation level is still sixth-order. After all, it is a sixth-order bloodline. Without evolution, it cannot break through the upper limit of the bloodline. It is imprisoned by the bloodline. Once absorbed, it exceeds the realm. Star Force will only break up and overflow in the body, and cannot save.

After the opening and closing, Su Ping took them to rub the sky.

Joannas announcement of the "recruitment" breakthrough legend is permanent and effective. Listening to the **** in the temple said that a lot of people have come during this time, but because he didnt wait for Su Ping, he couldnt suppress it and could only break through. But there are still a few left.

Su Ping had some regrets, so he had to rub against the remaining few.

It didnt take long for the sky-tribulation ritual to begin. On the Shenshan Mountain, which had been silent for a long time, thunder and thunder broke out again, and those hundred-mile-level sky-tribulation thunderclouds also appeared one after another, bringing some strong people living in the nearby God City Alarmed to attract.

For some old residents, after being surprised, they are used to comforting the gods who have just arrived, without fuss, as long as they stay here for a long time, they can see it again.

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