Astral Pet Store Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Bloodline Evolution Second More

After the end of the robbery, Su Ping felt that the energy in his body had solidified a lot. Although he is now a seventh-order cultivation, the concentration of energy is comparable to the peak of the ordinary eighth order!

After the increase of the prism star core, the star power alone is comparable to the intensity of the ninth order upper level!

Next, it is Su Ping and the beasts' favorite immersion **** spring link.

"Fu (Shu)... serve..."

In the Divine Spring, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast soaked half of his body in the Divine Spring, leaning on the edge, squinting with enjoyment, and suddenly uttering an unclear word.

Su Ping was stunned.

The two dogs next to the fancy dog crawling and swimming, as well as the small skeletons with scattered body bones sinking at the bottom of the spring, were stunned, and the purple and green python looked back at it.


Su Ping was a little stunned.

Just purgatory candle dragon beast... speak human language?

"Just what did you say, would you say a little more?" Su Ping quickly asked.

The Inferno Candle Dragon Beast saw everyone noticed it, blinked its dragon eyes, and said, "Wish (say)... Sa (what)?"


Su Ping glared slightly, although some words were unclear, but it was really speaking human words!

You must know that a common beast can only master human language if it reaches the level of king beast! If it is said that imperial travel is the mark of the title level, then speaking of the human language is the case of the king beast!

Moreover, not every king beast can speak human language.

For example, the Longze Devil Crocodile he had bred before, although it is a king beast, but he does not understand human language, unless he spends some time to teach, it is possible to learn.

After reaching the level of the king beast, the spirit is wide open, not only can speak human language, but also understand some other ethnic languages, it can be regarded as a complete transformation from a beast to a spirit beast!

Su Ping did not expect that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is currently only a seventh-order state, and it will be human language.

Suddenly, he thought of the spiritual grass that he had purchased in the system store before to improve his understanding!

Neither the Skeleton nor the Two Dogs can speak, but they only have the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast Association. Obviously it is because they have eaten this spirit grass. These hundreds of thousands of spirit grass really cost nothing!

Speaking human language is just a sign, although it will not improve the combat ability, but this means that the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is now extremely savvy, and may even realize some skills by itself!

"Come and talk more."

Su Ping said immediately.

The purgatory candle dragon beast now speaks human language, which is similar to that of a three-year-old child.

"Wait... Mori...?" Inferno Candle Dragon Beast blinked, innocent and dazed.

Su Ping thought for a while and said, "Report the number."

"Hug a tree?"

"Well, another simple one, don't spit grape skin when eating grapes."


Speaking of the first word, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast got stuck and blinked his eyes.

Su Ping laughed heartlessly.

The two dogs next to him also laughed, leaning forward and back, turning the waves in the water.

The small skull sinking at the bottom of Shenquan was also laughing with trembling bones.


Ziqing Gunya cracked his mouth with a smile, his long tongue twitched, and looked scary enough to scare others.

Su Ping is quite happy to speak the human language to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. This is a good improvement. He feels that not only the spiritual grass brought about by the spiritual grass, but also in the store, he always makes the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts and small skulls, two dogs stay in the foster position, and the foster position is moist.

Even Joanna likes to stay in foster care when she is okay in the shop.

The nurturing aura is moisturizing and can slowly improve your consciousness. Although it is not as effective as the spirit grass, it is still accumulating over the months.

After the Shenquan was soaked, Su Ping settled several pets and let them follow some gods to practice, and he himself took out the elixir given by the Zhong family to improve his cultivation and found a place to absorb it.

He felt that his practice was to improve quickly. Although his training speed was faster than the average person, he still felt that it was not enough.

Like this time the Longze Devil Crocodile was born, he could not directly sign the contract.

Although he did not plan to use this king beast as a permanent partner, but if he breeds the king beast of the peak period next time, and it is of the kind with super rare bloodlines, he can only watch with a dry eye, then It's broken.

time flies.

In a blink of an eye, a few days passed in the demise.

Su Ping's practice is also coming to an end, with a few medicinal materials, plus the cultivation method of Chaos Stars, in just a few days, he has been promoted from the seventh rank to the seventh rank!

Although Xiu Wei is a bit vain, Su Ping can wait until he comes in next time, and then rub a wave of heavenly disaster. By then, he should be able to suppress Xiu Wei to the seventh-order median.

Just when Su Ping was practicing, Joanna suddenly rushed to Su Plane with a very strange expression, saying: "Your little skull seems to be evolving, are you going to see it?"


Su Ping withdrew from the practice, slightly stunned, and suddenly thought of the blood of the Skeleton King inside the small skeleton, is it finally going to be absorbed?

He was a little surprised and immediately got up and hurried away with Joanna.

Soon, Su Ping came to a Yan Wuchang.

I saw a lot of true gods and gods standing outside the field. In addition, there is a **** who will be present to guard the field. In the middle of the Yanwu field, there is an oval **** cocoon!

The silkworm cocoon is two meters high and exudes rich blood. Even when standing outside, you can feel the **** smell coming, just like standing in the blood purgatory.

Through the power of the contract, Su Ping immediately felt that in this **** silkworm cocoon, there was a small skeleton!

Joanna recruited and summoned a god.

God trotting to Su Ping this day, at the advice of Joanna, immediately told the situation to Su Ping.

Su Ping knew then that the small skull was learning knife art with this god. During the course of learning, the small skull suddenly became full of blood, and then gradually turned into a silkworm cocoon to wrap itself.

"You little skeleton, is it a descendant of Skeleton King?"

Joanna glanced at the **** silk cocoons on the field, her eyes narrowed slightly, and asked Su Ping.

She had long seen the extraordinary character of this skeleton pet of Su Ping, but it was unexpected that it was actually a descendant of the Skeleton King. It is rumored that the Skeleton King family has long been dusted in the world of Chaos Undead, extinct, and did not expect any descendants to remain. , And appeared in Su Ping's hands.

Su Ping nodded slightly, without elaborating.

The small skeleton is not a descendant, but only transformed into the blood of the skeleton king through the blood of the skeleton king in the blood spirit crystal.

And that thing, he grabbed it at the foot of the bone skeleton and was discarded by the other party. It is conceivable how detached the bone skeleton he encountered at that time would be.

"The Skeleton King is a star-level creature. It is rumored that the king of the Skeleton King family has already sealed the god!" Joanna narrowed her eyes slightly. The star-level creature is equivalent to the **** general, and if the **** is sealed, it is the level of order god. The deity is similar.

The little skull in front of him, as a descendant of the skeleton king, naturally has the potential to be a god!

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