Astral Pet Store Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Go To Receive An Award First

"Wait so long, and finally fully absorbed."

Looking at the blood-colored silkworm cocoon, Su Ping was looking forward to it. The small skeleton has been absorbing this skeleton king's blood veins for a long time, and the progress is slow. Now the blood veins have completely changed. The combat power should soar again. Realm Legend!

"It is a blood awakening, and it is a high blood awakening. It is estimated that it will not end in a while and a half. It is recommended that you put it into the summoning space, so that no one will interfere." Joanna said to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded.

He was also the eldest girl who got on the sedan chair, and was not familiar with it for the first time. He was always right to listen to people like Joanna.

As soon as the idea moved, the vortex of summoning emerged, absorbing the small skeleton, and the **** cocoon stood quietly in the summoning space.

After Su Ping had collected the little skull, Joanna also waved away the curious gods gathered around, and went back to her own business.

Su Ping continued to practice, waiting for the cultivation to be similar, and the remaining time will train up the two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beast. When free, they will also check the cultivation of the pets of customers.

With the help of Joanna, the pets of the customers have been cultivated smoothly. After all, they have not been cultivated by life and death. Under the pressure of death, they have inspired great potential, and they have been rapidly improved. In comparison, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is reborn.

In a blink of an eye, it was time to leave the half-god.

Su Ping saw the **** silkworm cocoons transformed from small skulls, still in the summoning space, almost a week later, and before the awakening ended, the color of the silkworm cocoons became brighter and scarlet.

Fortunately, Su Ping was not in a hurry. Listening to Joanna said that the longer it took, the better the effect, and Su Ping was more and more expecting it to become a king.

After Joanna explained to her subordinates properly, Su Ping took her directly back to the shop.

The light in the store is faint and the sky outside is bright.

Su Ping glanced at the time, it was still early, only around six o'clock in the morning.

He put the two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beast back into the foster care, he went to freshen up, shaved the scum, and then checked all the beasts he cultivated, and confirmed that there was no omission, and then opened the door and went home. .

As soon as the door opened, Su Ping saw a long line outside the shop.

It was just dawning, and there was a long line of at least a hundred people.

Seeing Su Ping, everyone in the queue was also stunned. It is rare that Su Ping would open the door so early!

However, when everyone was pleasantly surprised, Su Ping turned and closed the door again.

"I'm going to have a breakfast first, and by the way, call the staff and start business at 7:30," Su Ping said.

Everyone was dumb and could only watch Su Ping turn and leave.

Without Tang Ruyan's start, Su Ping was quite unaccustomed to it and could only let these people wait for the time being anyway. Anyway, he usually opened more than 9 o'clock. It is estimated that they are also used to it...

When he returned home, Su Ping suddenly noticed that there were seven or eight strong figures in the buildings across from the door, and there were in every building.

Moreover, these breaths are quite familiar.

Su Ping felt slightly and found out that it was Qin Duhuang and others who had met yesterday. In addition to them, there were several titles accompanied.

... these guys, are you here?

Su Ping was stunned and didn't expect to be a neighbor with these guys.

Thinking of what they said to Mayor Xie Jinshui yesterday, Su Ping was speechless. I didn't expect them to be so fast. Within a day, they had already negotiated and resolved it. The most recent property in his shop, I just don't know if there is any strong buying or selling.

Su Ping felt that he had to ask Xie Jinshui to look back.

After all, the people who lived before were considered his old neighbors, and some people even greeted them on weekdays. If there was a strong purchase, he had to intervene and talk about it. After all, it was because of him.

"Boss Su."

When Su Ping went out, a figure appeared in the original ramen restaurant directly opposite the door. It was Qin Duhuang who saw Su Ping get up so early and said with a smile: "Early."

With a bird cage in his hand, he was walking the bird.

"Early." Su Ping also said hello.

"Boss Su, the business is booming, so many people have queued up before opening." In another tailor shop, Mu Beihai's figure also walked out. He was accompanied by a senior herder's title family, who sensed Su Ping's breath. , And got up immediately, pretending to say hello casually.

"It's everyone's support." Su Ping smiled politely.

Next to the Liu family, the two patriarchs of the Ye family also went out immediately, all greeted with a smile, not willing to fall behind.

Su Ping responded as he walked. He said a few words briefly, and then set aside them. As soon as he entered the house, he saw Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong in the living room, having breakfast on the table.

"You got up so early?"

Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping, raised his head in surprise, and still had white stains of porridge water on the corner of his mouth.

"Teacher." Zhong Lingtong saw Su Ping and stood up quickly, yelling respectfully.

Li Qingru also knew the relationship between Zhong Lingtong and Su Ping, and told her to sit down and eat first. Don't be so restrained at home. Su Ping also said: "You don't need to be so polite in the future, just kowtow."

Zhong Lingtong was dumb.

Li Qingru gave Su Ping a white look and said, "Every morning there is no seriousness. Don't listen to him nonsense. You must brush your teeth to eat. Today's breakfast is bought by Xiao Tang and Xiao Tong. You are usually in the store. Be nice to them, don't rely on identity, five people and six people."

Su Ping blinked his eyes, how could I be five or six.

"I brushed my teeth in the store," Su Ping said, and sat down to eat.

"I don't know how your sister is doing in Zhenwu Academy." Li Qingru ate and whispered. It seemed that she missed and worried about her when she had breakfast with Su Lingyue.

Su Ping also feels that he has lost the guy recently, and his food has become richer. No one is fighting with him anymore. It's nice... not fit.

Shaking his head, Su Ping said: "Don't worry about it, mom. I have a relationship there. No one will bully her. Maybe when she comes back, you can see a big fat man of two hundred pounds. What."

Li Qingru gave him a white look, "You are not allowed to say that to your sister."

Su Ping smiled and suddenly thought about his father, and asked, "Speaking of mom, didn't you say that you contacted your dad and told him not to float outside? Why didn't he come back?"

When Li Qingru heard this, there was a trace of worry on his face, saying: "Your dad just came back in a letter and said that he has landed. On the way back, it should be a little far away, but he hasn't arrived yet."

Su Ping frowned slightly, thinking of the recent underground train outside the Longjiang base city, which was repeatedly attacked by monsters. I hope his father, who has never seen him, will have nothing wrong.

After quickly eating breakfast, Su Ping contacted Xie Jinshui directly.

After inquiring about the shops sold to Qin Duhuang and others, Su Ping was relieved when he learned that the owners of those shops had received hundreds of times higher value-added and higher prices.

"Mayor, are the monsters outside the base city frequent these two days?" Su Ping turned the subject and asked about the monsters outside the base city.

Xie Jinshui was a little surprised, apparently did not expect Su Ping to care about this, and his tone was a bit worried. "It's a bit frequent, but I have sent a title to clean it up, and I have cleaned up a lot recently."

Su Ping sighed and asked again: "Is the underground train route from Whale City to here still smooth?"

His dad used to work at sea, and the base city of Whale Sea is mainly based on sea work. If his father wants to come back, he must come back from the route of Whale City.

"Whale City?" Xie Jinshui surprised, said: "It has been unblocked, but only a few other routes were attacked by monsters and were interrupted for a few days. Why, do you have relatives and acquaintances in Whale City?"

Su Ping felt relieved and said, "That's good, nag the mayor."

"Good to say."

Xie Jinshui has some speculations and is preparing to send people to pay attention to this route to Xiahaihai.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping got up and went back to the store. Suddenly, his communication rang again.

Su Ping looked at the number and it was Qin Shuhai's.

"Boss Su, I finally contacted you." Qin Shuhai's voice was a little pleasantly surprised as soon as he connected.

Su Ping was also surprised that he would contact himself, "how?"

"Boss Su is really a noble thing for the nobles. Haven't you told you about the King's League before? If you want to participate, you can come now. The league has already started, but if you are a title level, you can directly participate in the back. When I contacted you before, I didnt. I heard from my family head that you dont seem to be in Longjiang. My phone number only handles Longjiang cross-city communication."

Qin Shuhai spoke quickly, explaining.

Kings League? Su Ping was stunned, and immediately thought of what Qin Shuhai said before, the crown jewel of the Kings League, has a talent stone.

This talent stone has a probability to inspire talents, which is equivalent to Kai Ling Tu Jian, but I don't know how it compares with Kai Ling Tu Jian.

"I traveled far away and went to the base city of Shengguang." Su Ping said: "Where is the league venue?"

"Go to the Holy Light?" Qin Shuhai knew, no wonder he couldn't get in touch, but he was a little surprised. Su Ping went to the Holy Light base city to do something, but that was the holy place of the nurturer.

Could it be that Su Ping was preparing for the league under the king and ran there to cultivate the beast?

Qin Shuhai didnt dare to ask Su Pings private affairs, saying, "The league venue is in A-level base city and Jidao base city."

"Okay, I will go back later, thank you." Su Ping said.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping's thoughts turned, and he was still very interested in Fu Shi that day. After all, it was not easy to refresh the psychic illustrations in the system store. Too krypton gold was pure luck.

"Come on, go back and open the store when you are full." Su Ping got up immediately and greeted Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong.

Both heard Su Ping's newsletter, and Tang Ruyan surprised and said: "Are you going to participate in the King's League?"

"Well, go get a prize." Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan dumbfounded, as he said, it seems that the champion will surely get it.

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