Astral Pet Store Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Ride The King Second More

However, thinking of their Tang family visiting before, several old clan elders with extreme titles were easily suppressed by Su Ping. It is really possible for Su Ping to win the first place in the King's League.

Tang Ruyan was also a little bit impulsive, saying, "Can you take me with me? Anyway, you go, you don't open a store, and it's useless for me to stay in the store."

Su Ping glanced at her: "Who said I wouldn't open the store, when the store was handed over to Anna, she was too busy alone, and the two of you were responsible for fighting."

Tang Ruyan opened his mouth slightly, and finally pouted again, somewhat refuted.

However, the interest in her eyes quickly dimmed. She thought that if she went to the Kings League, she would probably encounter some Tang family elders. At present, she does not want to face those Tang family uncles.

Zhong Lingtong stood side by side and did not speak. She actually wanted to ask Su Ping at the bottom of her heart, when she began to teach her nurturing skills, but she was also afraid of life and cowardice, and dared not ask.

Back in front of the shop, Su Ping saw that Qin Duhuang and his old friend at the opposite side were playing chess at the door, while Mu Beihai in the shop beside him also sat in a brand-new, completely unmatched shop At the desk, looking at some documents, it seems to be dealing with the pastoral affairs.

These guys are too hard.

Su Ping shook his head, thinking about the king's league, called Lao Qin.

Qin Duhuang also noticed Su Ping. Hearing him take the initiative to call himself, he couldn't help but wonder, he was secretly happy, and he looked up and said, "Boss Su?"

Mu Beihai next to him also withdrew his gaze from the documents on the table, and could not help looking up at Su Ping, his face slightly changed.

Beside, Zhou Tianlin and Liu Tianzong also stopped from their own affairs and looked at Su Ping, a little nervous. Could it be that Su Ping wanted to sell beasts again?

They secretly charged and were ready for a 100-meter sprint.

"I heard that the King's League has started. Are you not going to participate?" Su Ping asked curiously. The King's League started, but Qin Duhuang seemed to be very leisurely and had no plans to participate.

Seeing Su Ping was asking about this, Zhou Tianlin and Liu Tianzong and others, suddenly relaxed, a little disappointed, Liu Tianzong stood up and took the initiative to answer: "Boss Su, you don't know about this, this king's league is for you Young and talented geniuses, we old guys, have already laid down half of our bodies, which is not suitable for that field."

Although Su Ping had asked them half of the Liu family's property and almost broke the Liu family, he had no resentment against Su Ping. Let us not say that Su Ping has a legend behind him. Just Su Ping himself, he was very worried. Over time, it is also very possible to become a second legend.

In the face of such a guy, he now only wants to resolve their previous grudges. Otherwise, if Su Ping pulls their Liu family into the store blacklist, they will sell their beasts in the future, specifically leaving their Liu family, then their Liu family will be really finished. Sooner or later, they will be crushed by other families, and can only withdraw from Longjiang.

Qin Duhuang saw Su Ping's question, and was taken over by Liu Tianzong. He couldn't help but glance at him, old guy, how much would you lick?

"Boss Su, don't you go to the league?"

Qin Duhuang laughed and said: "With the ability of boss Su, you should have no difficulty in winning a championship. I heard that the treasure that won the championship is quite magical, and it can awaken the beast of the talent! The awakened talent of the beast, But one out of one million is extremely difficult to find. Dont miss Mr. Su."

"I'll go back," Su Ping said, and asked by the way, "With your combat power, how many do you think you can take?"

Liu Tianzong interjected again and said with a smile: "Boss Su doesn't need to worry. If you go, it must be the first. As for some of our old guys, it's good to be in the top ten. After all, other base cities still have some shameless old people. Guys, they will fight for it. The last ten must be the competition of the title limit."

Qin Duhuang looked at him angrily. Didnt he see that boss Su was talking to me? !

"The title limit..." Su Ping nodded, and understood.

Without further ado, Su Ping turned and entered the store and started business.

The many customers who lined up at the door heard Su Ping's conversations with the old men. Somewhat ignorant, King's League? Title limit? I feel that these conversations have completely exceeded their cognition.

With the opening of the business, Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong also stood at the door, entertaining customers, and occasionally helping Su Ping get things and run errands.

"I'm here to collect the beast."

Xu Yingxue came to the counter again to pick up the beast she had cultivated yesterday. Su Ping was impressed by her. She opened the register, found the beast she had cultivated, and immediately asked Joanna to pick it up.

Soon, Xu Yingxue's seventh-order element pet came out of the beast room.

Compared with yesterday, the change of this elemental pet is extremely obvious, and Xu Yingxue can't recognize it. Even if she feels the maintenance of the contract from this beast and knows that it is her own beast, there is a feeling of panic at the moment. Strong murderous, fierce eyes!

In just one day, the change is so obvious?

Zhong Lingtong, who was in charge of entertaining customers next to her, was also surprised by this beast. Although she was timid, she was good at observing. The elemental pet that the lady sent to cultivate yesterday was quite impressive. After all, she was very rare and superior. Beast, but also selected a professional training worth 100 million.

She was quite curious about what Su Ping's professional training looked like. I didn't expect to see it at this moment, but it made her doubt her eyes.

Is this professional training?

It's a change of pet!

In just one day, there has been such a big change. This should be cultivated in all aspects from personality to strength, energy and other aspects? !

How can one day be enough? !

"It's current combat power should be comparable to the ordinary ninth-order monster, you can try it in the test room, and its newly learned skills are written on the label on it." Su Ping said.

His current management has become more handy. After the breeding of each beast, the breeding effect is written on the sticker, so that when the beast owner comes to collect it, he can immediately know the changes of his beast.

Xu Yingxue's eyes widened, "comparable to the ninth order monster?"

But her beast is only Tier 7 and in just one day, Su Ping tells her that it is comparable to Tier 9? !

how can that be!

However, she had heard that the nurturing effect in the Suping store was extremely amazing, and the beast's momentum at the moment made her feel a lot of pressure. At the moment, she was a little doubtful and said: "Then I... try ?"


Su Ping nodded and asked Tang Ruyan to take her to test the room.

Zhong Lingtong waited for Xu Yingxue to leave, and couldnt help but be curious about the cultivation. He gathered the courage to get to the counter and said to Su Ping: "Teacher, was that really cultivated yesterday, but just one day, how could it be cultivated? degree?"

In her view, such a short period of time combined with this level of cultivation, even the top trainers are difficult to do!

Su Ping glanced at her, no surprise, and the words were serious and sincere: "Time is not how much you have, but how you use it!"

Zhong Ling froze for a moment, nodded, seemingly incomprehensible.

Su Ping sent her away and asked her to continue to meet customers at the door, and he also continued to entertain the people in front of him, so he had to finish the business today so he could rush to the league.

Soon after, Xu Yingxue came out of the test room and walked all the way. She walked like a sleepwalker. If she saw it with her own eyes, she couldn't believe it. Su Ping said it was true!

It is really comparable to the power of the ninth-order monster!

too strong!

The new advanced skills that I learned are more powerful than [Teana's novel www.23txt.xyz], and the change in just one day is completely beyond her cognition.

This one hundred million... it's bloody!

"Boss Su..." Xu Yingxue came to Su Plane like a dream, a little sober, could not help bowing deeply, thanking Su Ping: "Thank you very much, this great grace, Ying Xue remembers !"

Su Ping was surprised. She didn't expect her to be so excited, but he also knew that the customers before coming to his store were also frightened by the cultivation effect.

"Hurry up, don't be so polite, you paid for it." Su Ping immediately asked her.

The old customers who lined up next to them did not react very well. They are accustomed to this situation. Some new customers who have just arrived are cultivating beasts in Suping, but the effect of ordinary cultivation is very exciting. Thank you to Suping. They also wanted to buy gifts to give thanks to Su Ping, but they were all turned down by Su Ping.

Hearing Su Ping's words, Xu Yingxue smiled bitterly.

Pay? That 100 million is nothing compared to this.

"I will remember this kindness." Xu Yingxue said, without listening to Su Ping's persuasion, he bowed to him and turned away.

Seeing this, Su Ping was also speechless, and the girl was quite stubborn.

After Xu Yingxue left, Su Ping continued to receive customers in the back, but today he was greeted by the professional training customers he received, and he would wait for a few days to wait for the notice and come back to collect it.

After all, he will go far away to get a talent stone after a while.

A few people who want to cultivate professionally have no opinion on Su Ping's words. If they change to other stores, it is normal to cultivate pets for several months. Not to mention in the Su Ping store, it only takes a few days.

After a few hours, the cultivation is full.

The customers who lined up behind could only sigh with excitement and left the shop.

Su Ping also handed over the shop to Joanna, let her help set up the shadow avatar cultivation, can complete the ordinary cultivation.

"Teacher, when are you coming back?" Zhong Lingtong asked Su Ping to go out and couldn't help but ask. This person was not familiar with her life, so she knew Su Ping and was quite reluctant.

"Relax, soon."

Su Ping rubbed her head into a chicken coop, feeling happy.

Zhong Lingtong was not as hot-tempered as Su Lingyue, did not respond, and still just looked at Su Ping reluctantly.

Su Ping didn't like the feeling of parting, he waved his hand very easily, and then he thought about it. He called out the Dragon Zep alligator. When he went to participate in the King's League this time, he was worried about encountering a legend. In the blood awakening, there is no way to fight. The only king-level combat power in his hand is the infernal candle dragon beast that has just broken ten. It is slightly unsafe.

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