Astral Pet Store Chapter 494

Chapter 494: Shock Third

When he walked to the door of the shop, Su Ping thought.

Roar! !

A vortex of space appeared, and then, the huge figure of Longze Devil Crocodile suddenly landed on the street outside the shop!

With the protection of the power of the shop, the street was not directly crushed by the tonnage of the dragon and crocodile, but the vibration of the landing was clearly transmitted.

The long back like a dragon ridge, like blue scales cast by molten iron, plus a wild and ferocious breath, the Longze Devil Crocodile gave a low roar, some dissatisfaction, amber cold blood eyes, slightly turned, glanced Qin Duhuang and others across the shop can feel that these ants are more delicious.

Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong, who followed Su Ping to the door of the store, were frightened by the sudden huge figure. After seeing it clearly, they were both dull and opened their mouths.

Across the street, Qin Duhuang and his old friends playing chess and drinking tea, as well as Mu Beihai and others nearby, were also startled by the sudden roar, waiting to see the huge figure that caused the shock. The pupil shrank fiercely, his face was horrified, and he stood up suddenly.

Is this... King Beast? !

Qin Duhuang, Mu Beihai and others were shocked and shuddered slightly.

A king beast, actually appeared in the base city, near!

That transcendent terror made them feel as small as ants, and it felt like standing in front of the **** of death.

"This..." Qin Duhuang's eyes quivered, the power that had been quiet in his body for many years, and at this moment surged into his limbs and the skeletal clock, the old man's back became more and more straight, in this terrible oppression Next, he poured all his strength and instinctively entered the strongest fighting stance.

Mu Beihai and the others next to him were horrified, their bodies stiffened, and they dared not move.

At the door of the shop, Su Ping took a finger and took out the slave contract in the storage space, used it immediately, and flung it on the body of this dragon zealot.

In an instant, the contract hit the Longze Devil Crocodile, turned into a **** vein, covering the whole body, then tightened and disappeared into its body.

This process is extremely fast, ordinary people only see the red light flashing on the body of Longze Devil Crocodile Beast, and then they return to normal.

Feeling a tyrannical consciousness in the sea of knowledge, Su Ping felt relieved and immediately jumped forward and jumped on the back of Longze Devil Crocodile.

"You are optimistic about the store and do your business well. I will go back as soon as I go." Su Ping said.

Both Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong were stunned. In front of this beast, they felt that their blood seemed to be coagulated. This kind of oppression made them breathless. At this moment, even Su Pings words, they dared not take it, just stayed. Looked at him in a daze.

Joanna sensed the breath of the king beast and walked out of the store. When she saw Su Ping on the back of the king beast, she raised her eyebrows slightly and saw that the king beast was his. She was not interested. Otherwise, she dared to pick it here. In fact, she wants to kill.

The opposite Qin Duhuang and others saw Su Ping who jumped on the back of the king beast, they were all in amazement, and their eyes were almost staring.

This king beast is Su Ping's beast? !

Before reaching legend, there is a king-level beast? !

They all felt like petrification, standing blankly in the same place.

"Control point, go away." Su Ping told Longze Devil Crocodile. This pet beast was quite helpless and could not earn the summoning space. From signing the slave contract, it could only be used outside.

Such a big block is really inconvenient to move in the base city. The entire huge body is almost as wide as the street. You know, his street has been widened twice as much as the ordinary street. If you enter other On the street, it is estimated that the building can be broken twice in half.


Under the control of Su Ping, [www.shuquge.co] Longze Devil Crocodile growled, suddenly projected a huge rock column on the ground in front of it, slanting toward the sky.

The limbs of the Dragon Zep alligator quickly climbed onto this rock pillar, and as the rock pillar continued to grow, it passed over countless buildings.

Although Longze Devil Crocodile is a sub-dragon species, it is also considered to be a half-beast of the rock system. It has a good grasp of the skills of the rock system, and the skills under the king level are basically understood.

Looking at this tremendous rock pillar and the huge figure on the pillar, Qin Duhuang and others were speechless for a long time, shocked to be speechless.

They thought that Su Ping was strong enough, even if there is no legend behind him, he will become a legend in the future. You can follow the legendary wrench wrench wrist!

"This guy"

Qin Duhuang opened his mouth slightly, and suddenly he understood why Su Ping was willing to sell those two ninth-order extreme pets yesterday.

They thought that Su Ping was already rich enough to not lack the ninth-order limit pet. Now it seems that there is no shortage of people, but they simply don't look at it!

Even the king beast, what is the ninth-order ultimate pet?

The difference between a realm is like a sky, ten tenth-order extreme pets are not as good as a king beast!

The neighboring Beibeihai and Liu Tianzong also recovered, and all smiled bitterly.


The tonnage of the Longze Magic Crocodile is really too large. In order to avoid trample on the streets and cause water and power cuts to residents in other slums, Su Ping can only travel from the sky.


The rock pillars continue to stretch forward like waves.

This striking rock pillar spanning more than a dozen streets also attracted the attention of many residents. They all looked up, but could not see Su Ping and Longze Devil Crocodile above the rock pillar, but such a huge rock pillar suddenly appeared. It is clearly a top-notch skill, which scares many residents and is worried about the broken rock pillar.

It didn't take long for Su Ping to drop the Dragon Zeal Alligator after finding an open space, and then reinforced the rock pillar, as long as it did not attack, it would not break.

As for how to eliminate this rock pillar, let the mayor send them a pet of the rock to come and nibble slowly.

Coming to the suburbs, Su Ping let Longze Devil Crocodile go forward at full speed.

Boom Boom Boom!

Longze Demon Crocodile beasts flicked off their limbs, ran wildly, shake the ground violently, and stepped out huge pits of footprints.

It must be said that it is indeed the king beast class, and the speed is extremely fast. Less than half an hour, Su Ping came to the outer wall of the base.

The momentum and sound of the martial arts dragon dragon beast alarmed the soldiers who were stationed on the outer wall. This was the rare thing for them. For the first time, they used the watchtower to turn around and watch the situation in the base city.

When they saw the huge figure of the dragon zealot, some soldiers were scared.

However, the outer wall did not sound the alarm, but did not wait long. Two title-levels flew over and tremblingly came to the route of the Longze Devil Crocodile.

Su Ping let Longze Moguo stop and look at these two titles.

"Yes, boss Su?" Both titles looked at Su Ping in shock, barely squeezing out a smile.

They did not dare to be too far away from Su Ping, fearing rudeness and offense, but close, the body of Longze Demon Crocodile at the foot of Su Ping was extremely long, and their mouths were pointed, and they felt a bit forward, and they could swallow them.

At the moment, both of them had scalp tingling and stiff body.

"Huh?" Su Ping looked at them.

"City, the mayor just informed us, let us wait for you here, yes, what is needed, you can tell us." Both titles are trembling and authentic.

The beast at the foot of Su Ping is really too powerful. With their knowledge, they can see at a glance that this is a king beast.

The king beast is synonymous with terror in the world.

At this moment, Su Ping was riding at his feet, which is a legendary thing!

"Oh, give me a map to the base city of the pole." Su Ping said.

The two titles glanced at each other, and one of them said, "Wait a moment, I'll get it for you right away." After that, I quickly turned around and left only another companion, who accompanied Su Ping here.

The one who stayed here was dumbfounded and reacted, and immediately greeted the three generations of that man's ancestors cordially.

Su Ping let Longze Devil Crocodile walk forward, waiting for the title while walking.

And the title that was left had to fly next to it, carefully accompanied, but it was terrified in my heart. I have long heard of the legendary town in the beast shop in the base city, and the owner of that shop is even more ruthless. The character, but I didnt expect it to be so ruthless, not a legend, but a king beast!

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