Astral Pet Store Chapter 497

Chapter 497: What Happened To Longjiang In 6700 Words

"You too?"

"...Not now."

Dao Zun's mouth twitched slightly and said that his heart is bitter. Since Su Ping is coming to the competition, he feels that he wants to compete for the first place, which is basically no drama.

Even without Su Ping, this time the competition was extremely fierce, he was not too sure, let alone brought Su Ping this guy.

"Sword Master, is this?" someone said.

There were two figures standing next to Dao Zun, one was a gray-haired old man with a spine back and a tall and burly figure, as strong as a brown bear.

"This is boss Su, the title... Well, boss Su, do you have the title?"

Dao Zun wanted to introduce himself to his two friends. The title was met. They both reported the title as a respect, but he suddenly happened, and he didn't even know Su Ping's title.

"I haven't got the title yet. If it's really true, just call the boss." Su Ping said.

Like other titles such as sword king, anger god, venerable god, killing god, etc., everyone has used it, and Su Ping is not interested in such a second two title. In the future, it will be a ninth rank title, and he is going to give his title. Called the boss.

What a low-key and unpretentious.

"Well..." Zun Zun was speechless, and hadn't yet received the title? You are pretending again.

What's more, the title of "boss" is not murderous at all.

He said: "Boss Su, the titles are recognized by others. You don't count yourself. Like the Qin brother next to you, his sword king's title was also killed by his own sword before he was killed. Everyone is called the king of swords. You usually live in seclusion in Longjiang. No one knows you. Just this time in the league, boss Su is estimated to be a blockbuster. You will definitely get the title that everyone recognizes you!

The next Qin Shuhai had already stood up, and nodded again and again when he heard the words of Zun Zun.

"My own title, I can't make the call myself?" Su Ping was a little speechless, but he didn't care too much about the title, anyway, he just called it.

"The titles are all like this." Dao Zun smiled, and then introduced Su Ping to the two next to him: "This is Hua Lao, the title is buried to the king! This is Brother Xiu, the title blood god, don't look at Niu Xiong's sloppy Yes, he looks fierce in battle, bloodthirsty and brutal, and even I am afraid of three points in the fight."

The middle-aged man with the blood **** title next to him saw him so boastful, scratching his head a little sternly, blushing and saying, "You're talking nonsense, how can people do this?"


Su Ping heard the scalp slightly tingling.

Looking at a two-meter-tall big man like a brown bear, claiming to be a "people", this lethality is a bit powerful.

"I have seen the blood **** and buried the two predecessors of the king." The next Qin Shuhai quickly respectfully said.

These two are also title limits, and have been famous for many years. Su Ping does not know their terrible place, but Qin Shuhai has heard many of their secrets, and they have had extremely outstanding records.

"Boss Su also came to fight for King Beast and Legendary Cheats?" Hualao looked at Su Ping with curiosity. He could feel the respect of Dao Zun for this person, and could make the proud Dao Zun so polite, He was very human, but the feeling this boy gave him was not so strong, which made him more curious.

"King Beast Pet and Legendary Cheats?" Su Ping wondered.

Seeing Su Ping's astonishment, Dao Zun also froze.

Dao Zun surprised: "Boss Su, don't you know? The championship prize of this King's League is very generous, not only the talent stone and other common rewards in the past, but also the adult king beast pet, and legendary cheats!

It is said that after practicing this cheats, even the title level can show the power of some legends, and it is also very useful for the legendary strong! "

Su Ping could not help looking at Qin Shuhai next to him.

Qin Shuhai was a little embarrassed and said: "I haven't had time to tell you this yet. It is indeed the case. This time the prizes are more abundant, so this time there are more people participating in this competition than before."

Su Ping suddenly.

However, he was not interested in these two overweight prizes, just to grab the talent stone.

"Are you all here to fight for this king beast pet and legendary cheats?" Su Ping asked.

Dao Zun smiled bitterly: "Yeah, otherwise the other prizes are of little significance to us. Although Fu Shi was a bit strange on that day, it was more of a luck, and sometimes it was useless. However, if boss Su is going to participate, look I can only quit first, I wish boss Su good luck."

Speaking of which, he was rather regretful and reluctant.

Wang Beugong, this is what he is eager to want, and the legendary cheats, if he can get it, the combat power will be higher, and even through this cheat, he can realize the way to break through the legend. .

However, he had seen Su Ping's beast. The small skull was too cruel, and even the title limit could be slashed. This is not what he can match. It is definitely a king-level fighting power.

With such a pet battle, as long as you don't meet the old guys who haven't been in the hidden world for many years, it is possible to win the championship.

Hearing Dao Zun's words, Hualao and the God of Blood were both surprised, and they looked at Dao Zun with some unknown reasons. Before that, they were full of confidence. Now that they heard that the boss Su is going to participate, they quit?

They still know quite a bit about Dao Zun's combat power. Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him actually made Dao Zun not dare to compete with him.

The two looked at each other and looked at Su Ping's eyes dignified and curious.


Su Ping nodded.

Without persuading Dao Zun, if he quits, he can avoid them fighting on the field.

After all, they all came to the first goal. Even if they meet someone halfway, as long as they win, they will eventually meet sooner or later.

Seeing that Su Ping was so calm, Hualao and Blood God were both dumb, and their faces were strange.

"Boss Su is the first time to come to Jidao Base City. I'm here tonight. Let's eat and drink." Dao Zun smiled and said that although he was very sorry, he didn't show it again.

"it is good."

Su Ping nodded.

"Brother Sword King, come together." Zun Zun greeted Qin Shuhai next to him.

Qin Shuhai was a little rejoicing and quickly agreed.


At the same time, in a luxury box in the venue.

The view in this box can overlook the entire venue. In front of the transparent glass, three figures stand, the person in the middle holds a glass of wine, stands in front of the window, but the other two are standing behind them with their hands down, their heads also I dare not lift it, just looking at my toes.

If anyone else sees the faces of these two people, they will be shocked. Both of them are extremely famous titles, but they are so respectful to people at the moment.

"Are you ready?" The middle-aged figure standing in front of the window, glancing at the audience, his eyes mainly passing the title-level area below, and also saw some famous faces, such as Sword Respect, Blood God and others At the moment, they were chatting with people, and his eyes did not stay on them for too long.

He knows the people like Dao Zun and Blood God.

Both are extremely excellent "young" titles, and the future is expected to become a legend!

But it is unlikely to say that it is a legend now, but to say the truth, the talent is a bit amazing, and you can get a higher treatment if you join the peak tower.

His eyes glanced at Dao Zun and others, and his middle-aged figure was glancing at some other faces.

"Looking back to adults, they are all ready." An old man behind said respectfully.

"The bait has been dropped, just look at how many fat fish can be lifted this time..." The middle-aged figure squinted slightly, and the corners of his mouth sneered.


That night, Dao Zun took the lead and booked a seat in an extremely expensive hotel nearby.

Su Ping noticed that most of the food and drink in this hotel are in the title class, and some of the food prices here also make Su Ping stunned, which is simply more profitable than his shop!

"Braised dragon liver, braised chicken breast..."

Dao Zun ordered a few dishes at random, and gave the menu to Su Ping. Su Ping followed the pictures and the introduction above, and also selected a few. Each dish started with more than 100,000 yuan. I feel that I will eat a table tonight. It's more than a few million. It's still considering taking part in the competition tomorrow, without any drinks.

As we all know, drinks are always more expensive than food.

The wine here is also the same, made by higher monsters.

Su Ping is also an eye-opener. By the way, he usually eats the dishes made by his mother. Why have these high-quality ingredients been eaten?

At the end of the meal, Dao Zun learned that Su Ping had not yet found a hotel in Su Ping, he booked a room for Su Ping directly in this hotel, and when he returned to his room after eating and drinking, Su Ping greeted Qin Shuhai to go upstairs together. Zhiqin Shuhai did not book a room at the hotel, but booked a small room in another hotel nearby.

Identity, power, wealth!

These are all in the great route... I saw it in Dao Zun.

The strong names of the titles are also divided into ranks. In the general base city, they are praised by the sky, but here, only the extremely famous titles of the swords, Zun Zun, can be eaten. There are privileges everywhere, and some people know, like Qin Shuhai is still slightly inferior.

The night of the single dog was unremarkable.

It was the next day.

Su Ping got up on time, washed, and then left the hotel room and came to the lounge.

He first ordered some breakfast for himself. Anyway, it was a star coin that could not be converted into energy, and Su Ping did not feel distressed. The breakfast was quite hearty. When he paid for it, he had to settle more than one million star coins before he was slightly distressed. .

However, this meal is not too much to eat. Last night, Su Ping discovered that the food in this hotel is expensive, but the ingredients are really good. It also contains a little star power. If you eat more meals, you feel that the star power is all It can be slightly improved. Of course, this weak star power is negligible for the strong title.

"It turns out that the days of rich people are not as happy as I imagined, but as happy as I never imagined!"

Su Ping said with emotion.

Soon, Dao Zun also came out and greeted Su Ping, preparing to invite Su Ping for breakfast.

Su Ping said that he had already eaten it, and he invited him to go down after the knife was eaten.

"Today is the day of the real challenge, but today is just the prelude, all of which have just stepped into the title of the stage to absorb water and be hot." Zun Zun said, he had also participated in the Kings League before, and had a great reputation here. , Very familiar with the game.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said, "When was the fight for first?"

"It's estimated that I have to fight for a few days." Zun Zun said.

He glanced at Su Ping and said: "However, boss Su can also show his hands today. After all, you were not well-known in the title circle. You came out on stage today to show your face, so that everyone can know and know where to go in the future. Its just a face, and its easy to make some good contacts."

Su Ping snorted, undecided.

When they arrived at the venue, they met Blood God and Hualao again. The two subconsciously glanced at Su Ping and knew that it was the title that came to power today. Maybe they could see Su Ping's performance.

Dao Zun glanced at the two of them, and he wanted to persuade them to give up. He knew that they were also fighting for the first place. Sooner or later, he would meet Su Ping, a monster with a high probability of losing.

But when it comes to the mouth, think about persuading people to give up this sentence, it is a bit big to say, but it is easy to backfire. After all, the title limit, who has not been arrogant? Nothing to say at the moment.

After entering the venue, Su Ping saw Qin Shuhai again, and he also took the initiative to come over.

In the distance, Su Ping also saw everyone in the Tang family. In addition, there was also Xiangan Ge he had seen before, but Xiangan Ge didn't seem to notice him. He sat among several titles and chatted with the people around him.

"That's the main star of the starry sky organization, which is the title limit." Dao Zun noticed Su Ping's eyes and introduced to him.

Su Ping nodded.

Hua Lao's eyes flashed and he was curious: "Boss Su knows the stars?"

"Know." Su Ping nodded. "Having dealt with each other."

Dao Zun listened to the corner of his mouth, and he really "fighted" the contacts, and they almost killed people.

Both Hua Lao and Xue Shen gazed slightly.

"It's about to start." Dao Zun saw the situation on the front stage and said to several people.

Several people found a seat and sat down. The rest of the venue was full of people. They were all pet mentors. There were very few ordinary people. This level of fighting was not understood by ordinary people. All are beyond the speed of sound, ordinary people's vision can't see clearly, and the experience of watching the game will be very boring and bad, far better than watching the elite league.

The more high-end, the fewer the audience. This is the norm.

Soon, a referee appeared on the stage, standing in the sky and reading the rules of the King's League.

There are two kinds of rules.

The first is the way of drawing lots. All the finalists, including the title to be on stage today, can choose opponents by drawing lots.

Everyone has two chances, one failure, you can draw again to challenge others.

If it fails both times, it can only be "unfortunately not you".

The second is to stand up.

Some well-known titles can be put on stage directly. If there are two consecutive unattended challenges, they can be promoted directly. This is a convenient way for masters to save effort and effort, and also demonstrate their status.

"Isn't that the old patriarch of the Qing family? He is rumored to have died, but he is still there?" Dao Zun's eyes swept, and suddenly he looked at him, his eyes narrowed, and said in a low voice.

Both Hualao and Xueshen looked over, and their face slightly changed, Hualao whispered: "This old guy, this has disappeared for more than a hundred years, but he hasn't died yet?"

"No wonder the Qing family can firmly occupy the base city of Hukou in these years. It turns out that this old guy is behind his back."

"It seems that this time the king beast pet and the legendary cheats are still very attractive. Hang the old guy out."

Seeing Su Ping's puzzled and curious look, Dao Zun said to Su Ping: "The old patriarch of the Qing family was the title limit a hundred years ago, and then disappeared in a terrifying battle. I thought he was dead. Now, this is the old title limit. When I became famous, my grandfather is still playing soy sauce."

Su Ping glanced over there, it was an old man with blue hair, wearing a green shirt, which looked more elegant, surrounded by a group of titles wearing the same shirt.

Seemingly feeling the gaze, the old man in the blue shirt glanced at Su Ping, and when he saw Dao Zun and Hualao, his brows were slightly raised, and he nodded slightly, and then his eyes were taken back.

As for Su Ping, the face he didn't recognize was directly ignored by him.

It is also Su Ping who has no hidden eyes, and is alarmed by his perception. He is even less concerned about this kind of person who can't even hide his sight.

"The old patriarch of the Lin family over there also came. Hey, it seems that this time the king beast pet, don't take it." Hualao looked to another place, his eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth sighed, but there was a look in his face There is not much fear.

Blood God also glanced, his expression slightly dignified.

Dao Zun also noticed that when he heard Hua Lao's words, he smiled bitterly, shook his head and sighed softly. Not only was it not easy to take, but Su Ping, who was sitting next to him, was a monster, but he had already extinguished the fight Heart, it should be seen lively, otherwise it will really stress.

When several people spoke, the draw on stage had ended and the first battle had begun.

Su Ping, Hua Lao, Blood God and others did not participate in the lottery, but prepared to stand up.

The rules of the lottery are the default to give those "newcomers" the opportunity to perform, and those who have the ability to compete for the top ten, or even the first, will naturally not make up.

The first stage came with two titles.

The battle was on the verge, and both sides summoned all their favorite pets, but it seemed that they were different from each other, and soon the title of one of them was directly crushed.

The opening battle was quite hot, and soon ignited the atmosphere of the audience.

Next is the second group, the third group...

With the game, the atmosphere on the scene became more and more fierce.

Suddenly, Su Ping saw the new group, and one of them was the Tang master who he saw yesterday.

She wants to fight too?

When Su Ping was surprised, the opponent of the Tang master was a title and had already come to power.

The battle soon broke out.

The young Tang family's pets are all very rare ninth-order pets, and they are all grown-up. The main pets are close to the peak period. They are currently ninth-ranked. Under the calm command of this girl, just rely on When the main pet rides first, it will easily break through the titled Beast Formation and defeat it.

Winning simply and neatly, without being defeated, and even harder!

Beat the title with a master!

A leapfrog challenge, and it succeeded!

The whole audience is boiling, and almost all of them are bat pet masters. They understand how amazing this step-by-step is. The gap between the title and the master is difficult to be surpassed. The master can share part of the body of the pet, such as sharing pets. The beast's vision, perception, etc., but the title is even more terrible!

The title can synchronize its own energy with the beast!

You can not only direct the power of the beast to yourself, but also inject your own star power to the beast!

That's right... this is not as simple as one plus one equals two, of course, it is not equal to three.

A beast of the ninth-order lower rank, with the same energy as the lower title, can explode into the mid-ninth rank of combat power! Can cross the challenge!

If it is a ninth-order extreme pet with a title limit, it can exert the power close to the king beast!

This is just like Su Ping's previous boxing through the border, which was mistaken for the title limit.

But it is only close to the weakest blow that has just become the king beast. After all, the gap between the ninth-order limit and the king beast is extremely large. The combat power is 0.1, and the number of decimals is hidden behind the insignificant.

In the case of energy homology, the title was still defeated, and the girl's name instantly resounded throughout the audience!

Su Ping also knew her name, Tang Ruyu.

One is like smoke, the other is like rain.

It's just that the smoke is soft and the rain is cold.

Su Ping looked at the figure enjoying the cheers and standing in glory, frowning slightly, and Tang Ruyan's face appeared in his heart, and he sighed.

Tang Ruyu!

Many of the Tang family young masters seem to already know each other.

In the cheers, the girl came to a quiet end, her face flustered, and she seemed not to be praised.

Only when she went down the stairs, she glanced at Su Ping and saw Su Ping's line of sight within a 0.1 second collision.

In that line of sight, Su Ping saw a hidden deep coldness.

Although it was only a moment, Su Ping was extremely keen on the murderous capture. He could feel that the girl had a killing intention towards him. Although it was well hidden, it was still leaking...

Su Ping narrowed his eyes slightly.

Tang family, still not convinced?

However, he did not want to trouble the Tang family because of that. It was the same sentence. The previous grudges were gone. Unless the Tang family provokes trouble, otherwise, even if there is a killing intention, it will have to hold back.

Suppressing a lifetime of killing thoughts is not killing thoughts.

But miss... a fart.

It is obsession!

Soon after the girls got off the stage, the latter group took the stage.

While fighting on the field, a beep sounded next to him, Su Ping glanced at it, it was Qin Shuhai's communication.

Qin Shuhai was also surprised. He looked up and found that the number belonged to his father. He was surprised. He came to ask if he had received Su Ping.

He immediately connected and said, "Old man."

"Shu Hai, has your league started?" Qin Duhuang's voice came, and his tone seemed extremely dignified, and there was a faint urgency.

Qin Shuhai was surprised, and rarely saw the old man getting panicked. He said: "At first, why, did you want to ask boss Su, I have already received it, he is by my side."

"That's good, since boss Su is gone, you don't want to participate. Hurry back and Longjiang has an accident!" Qin Duhuang was relieved and immediately said in a deep voice.

Qin Shuhai was startled, his face slightly changed: "What happened?"

"There are monsters and beasts gathering outside Longjiang. It seems that a beast attack is about to happen, and the figure of the king beast is detected. When you come back, avoid the east side and be careful." Qin Duhuang seriously asked.

"Beast attack?" Qin Shuhai's face changed suddenly. "So what is the situation now, has it invaded the base?"

"Not yet, the monsters are still gathering. I won't tell you any more. I have to notify some old friends and let them come over to help." Qin Duhuang said quickly, and then hung up the communication.

Qin Shuhai's complexion changed.

"Why?" Su Ping saw that Qin Shuhai's face was wrong, the other party used a soundproof barrier to connect the communicator, and he didn't have the intention to explore privacy and didn't perceive it.

"Boss Su, Longjiang is going to have an accident. Just now my old man said, there are monsters and beasts gathering outside Longjiang, and there are traces of king beasts, which may attack the base." Qin Shuhai's complex face, there is a trace of eagerness between the eyebrows.

Su Ping was startled.

Monsters attack the city?

Dao Zun and others nearby also heard Qin Shuhai's words in a daze. Dao Zun couldn't help but look at Su Ping. Su Ping lives in Longjiang. This is Su Ping's hometown.

"How is the situation now, have you already attacked the city?" Su Ping quickly asked, thinking of his mother immediately, but they thought of the security area of the store, where the mother lived in the area, even if the monster was attacked Enter, as long as the mother does not leave, there will be no accident.

"Not yet, the old man said that the monsters are still gathering." Qin Shuhai frowned, and he got up: "Boss Su, I won't be with you anymore. I'm going to find some of my friends and I'll go back to the reinforcements."

Su Ping was relieved, just not attacked.

So he had time to rush back.

I glanced at the stadium and the battle above was just over. Su Ping's eyes flashed a bit of hesitation. Finally, he gritted his teeth and stood up. He said, "Okay, go back first, be careful on the road, and I will come later."

After he finished speaking, he suddenly jumped into the air, jumped from the viewing area, and flew directly to the field.

Seeing Su Ping, who suddenly landed on the field, the referee on the sideline was stunned, and the two titles ready to take the stage were also surprised.

"Are you?" Seeing that Su Ping was coming out of the air, the referee's attitude was slightly milder, but only a little puzzled.


Su Ping said to him, and then looked around the audience, looking at the block area under the stage, saying: "In Ha Long, Jiangsu Ping, I came here to come first, I am in a hurry and want to take first Yes, lets go to the first battle. If there is no one, this will be my first!"

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