Astral Pet Store Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Ordinary Title Not Worthy Of Seeing My Beast 5000 Words Small And Medium

Hearing Su Ping's words, the audience was shocked.

Dao Zun, Hua Lao and others are all ghastly faces, but Su Ping would suddenly jump to the stage and say such crazy words!

This is to challenge the audience!

Although they all came to the first goal, no one has the courage to dare to speak out in public. After all, no other old monsters that are hidden in the world know their depth, and no one has absolute confidence. , Can beat everyone in the audience!

This first competition will inevitably be a battle between dragons and tigers.

The king beast pets and legendary cheats are not something that can be obtained casually. Anything thrown on any occasion is enough to make people fight for blood!

At this moment, Su Ping actually faced the audience and threatened to take the first place!

What kind of arrogance, what kind of pride, what kind of death!

In the brief silence of the audience, the referee next to him reacted, his face slightly changed, and he said coldly: "This friend, this is the King's League, I can understand you want to take the first mood, but here is The rules here are that you are also an identified person. What number do you have? When our turn comes to power, our staff will notify you."

Su Ping turned his head and looked at him.

Sharp eyes like a knife!

"I know this is the King's League!" Su Ping said seriously: "I also know your rules, but your rules are nothing more than to select the king under the fair and fair!"

He looked up and looked around the audience. His eyes fell on the titled area and said, "This first, I'm going to fix it! Second to tenth, to one hundred! Whatever you want to fight, I'm in a hurry, I won first and left!"


Everyone in the audience was shocked by Su Ping's crazy words.

Take the first place and leave?

Are you in a hurry?

What a big man you are! So many big guys are still sitting there, waiting for the process. Are you in a hurry? !

The referee's face was gloomy and said, "Friend, you are making trouble. If you don't play again, I will send you off personally!" After he finished, he burst into a powerful breath, which was the limit of the title!

He is a worship of the Free Trade Union. This league is organized by the Free Trade Union. The venue and the person in charge are provided by the Free Trade Union. This worship is also a referee here.

Su Ping's face also sank, without a smile, his eyes stared at the referee, saying: "I have finished speaking, today this is the first, I am Su Ping to make up, the legend is useless!"

"If you don't agree, I will be your first challenger!"


The referee was really angry, and his body was climbing up like a giant mountain suspended behind him, exuding the extreme oppression of the title limit.

Su Ping was about to take action, and someone from the audience suddenly shouted, "Why don't you need to talk about it, madman, let me teach you first!"

Between the speeches, a wind roared and landed on the field.

This is a strong man with a burly figure. When the soles of his feet land, he will feel like an iron tower. Your title and name, my cold king will not fight the unknown!"

"Do you want to challenge me?" Su Ping looked at him, his eyes narrowed, and then said: "You are not worthy!"

He ignored the burly man with a sudden change of face, but glanced over his shoulder and looked at the title area: "There is no limit to the title, don't delay my time on stage!"

It's crazy!

The whole audience was a suffocating silence.

They have seen crazy, but never seen such a crazy!

There is no title limit, don't go on stage?

This sentence will anger all the titles below the limit of the title!

"Stinky boy, you're looking for death!!" The burly brave man who was named the cold king, his eyes flashed with horror, and his face was faint, and said to the referee next to him: "Speak old, don't intervene, this kid, I've learned the lesson !"

"Yes, old words, let them fight!"

"Where is the title, I don't know how high it is!"

"Han King, give him a breath and let me beat him!"

Many titles from the audience shouted angrily.

Not deserving of power without a title limit?

Ever heard of the leapfrog challenge?

Many of them have titles that are comparable to the ultimate fighting power of titles!

Su Ping's sentence completely regarded them as flat!

Too rampant, too angry!

The referee saw Su Ping arouse a lot of anger, and his face was gloomy. He looked at Su Ping coldly and changed it to another title. He will also give first aid when he must lose, but Su Ping in front of him, he promised, even if he was killed , He will never move!

This is Jidao Base City!

It is the site of the Free Trade Union!

No matter where the title of Su Ping came from, dare to pick things up here, only two words, find death!


The referee nodded and took his breath: "You know the rules of the game, you can't get a killer, you can't kill someone deliberately!"

After he finished speaking, he turned to the staff at the stage and said, "Open the border!"

Han Wangcai smiled and said: "Relax, I will not deliberately!"

He will not deliberately... But, he will kill people!

Insult him in public, even if the dignity of the title is of the same rank, it cannot be humiliated!

"It's not necessary to open the boundary, I said, don't delay my time!!" Su Ping's eyes also burst out of anger, looking at the cold king's ugly face in front of him, he didn't keep his hand, the whole star Suddenly violent vent!

Chaos Star tries to make it work!

All the cells in his body were spinning rapidly, and the star power swept out like a hurricane!

The star power after the baptism of the Heavenly Tribulation is light, yet powerful!

Prism star core increase!


The momentum exploded in an instant, and the dust at Su Ping's feet suddenly shattered around, and then Su Ping's body burst out like a shell!

The stadium was shocked, Su Ping's body was as fast as a flash of light, and thunder and lightning ran on his feet!

Almost instantly, Su Ping came to Han Han.

Han Wang stunned!

too fast!

As soon as he was in sight, his consciousness did not have time to react!

When Su Ping disappeared and appeared again, he only saw a pair of cold eyes like wild wolf!

Star Shield! !

The terrifying breath of death was approaching, the self-defense function of the cold king's body instantly poured a chill, so that the cold king was awakened from the brief stunned **** in less than 0.1 seconds, and the energy in his body madly vented, and a star shield appeared, and at the same time, he A cold water recipe of practice broke out.

A strong cold erupted from his body, and the temperature around him dropped rapidly!

The air freezes and turns into a wall of ice all over the cone!


Su Ping growled.

Punch out!

Boom! !

The ice wall just frozen broke instantly, and the star shield behind the ice wall was also fragmented instantly, like countless pieces of glass flying, beautiful and ultimate.

Before the Han King could see it clearly, his back suddenly arched, and then his body flew out like a cannonball, shooting at the seat in the title area behind.


Under the audience, the two titles suddenly flew out to catch the cold king.

But as soon as he caught his body, both of them were driven by the huge impulse carried by them, and they drove down to the seat below, smashed the seats four or five times, and fell to the ground, very embarrassed.

Both of these were high-ranking titles, and they quickly stood up from the ground and raised up to catch the cold king, their faces changed.

I dont know if I havent been in touch. The power of Han Wang is too strong!

They glanced at the cold king and found that the soft ones had passed out!

With a punch, the audience was shocked!

The well-known cold king, was actually punched out? !

Although the King of Cold is not the limit of the title, it is also the median of the title, and has its own unique cheats. It has also made a big reputation in the title. As a result, it was defeated in seconds before the Su plane!

This time, many people's expressions are serious.

The referee called Yan Lao beside him was also slightly stunned. He hadn't had time to react, because he didn't expect that the cold king could not take Su Ping's punch!

"Who else?"

Su Ping closed his fist, his eyes fell on the title area: "I'm in a hurry, hurry up if I want to go!"

In the huge stadium, only Su Ping's voice remained.


It's too rampant!

It was just that the darling teachers who came to watch the game were shocked by this scene.

A boxing defeat title, where is this ruthless person? !

In the short silence, a cold voice suddenly came out from the audience: "Hugh is going to be wild again, I will come!"

During the speech, a figure in his early thirties flew to the arena, and behind it was a lance with a special structure. The barrel was very thick and the dragon pattern was coiled on it.

"It's Zun Zun!"

"He is here to participate."

Many people saw this person and immediately recognized his identity.

Seeing a gun is like seeing a person. This unique gun is the handle of the entire Asian land. Its owner is the gun master with the title of title!

He once shot and killed the ninth-order extreme monster, which is famous all over the world!

Gun Zun's title is also derived from this!

Su Ping looked up and squinted slightly. After sensing his breath, a cold light flashed in his eyes: "I said, there is no limit to the title, don't go on stage!"


He suddenly leaned forward, walked with thunder light on his feet, and stepped out in the void. The air seemed to be on the ground, and he was pressed down hard!

With a loud bang, the ground ground shocked, and a deep footprint was dented, while Su Ping's figure, like a thunder, greeted the ascending gun respecter in the air!

Gun Zun's face flashed murderously, but he didn't expect Su Ping to wait for his shot when he came to power, and he didn't keep his hand. He pulled the gun suddenly, and at the same time, three whirlpools suddenly appeared behind him!


Roar! !

Two roaring sounds burst out from the inside, two ferocious beasts, the other is the ninth-order dragon beast, the extreme flame dragon beast ranked twelfth in the dragon order! At the other end is the devil's pet, ranked tenth in the devil's rank, the body is like a huge octopus, with countless dark black tentacles.

The two beasts broke away from the whirlpool and roared with deterrence.

The other pet is relatively small, with a body that is almost transparent and surrounded by the blue wind. As soon as this pet appears, it releases a wind circle on the gun.

At the same time, when the other two beasts roared, the energy in the body flowed rapidly and poured into the body of the gun.

All of this happens in an instant. The stronger the player, the faster it will be in summoning war pets, and the well-trained war pets, while rushing out of the calling space, are already communicating through contracts and brewing skills.


Gun Zun's black hair was flying, his body was soaring, and he soared to the point of being close to the title limit!

A three-foot gun burst from the spear in his hand, and he stared sharply at Su Ping.

At the same time, Su Ping rushed in front of him. He didn't glance at the spear in his hand. A pair of extremely cold eyes stared at him directly and said coldly, "Go!"

Raise your hand and punch!

"court death!!"

Zun Zun is also furious. He has never been looked down upon by others. Even other titles will sell him a little face, at least on the surface.

The spear shook, the others' spears and one, the guns on the spears skyrocketed, like a rotating cone, stabbing towards Su Ping's volley!

Many of the titles in the audience changed their faces.

"It's the Dragon Gun!"

"Gun Zun, this is killing people!"

Many people recognize that it is his famous shooting technique that Zun Zun is playing at the moment, and it is this gun that killed a 9th-order extreme dragon beast!

Everyone does not know the real name of this marksmanship, but like the title, it has already been given a name, but I didnt expect that I would actually see this killing dragon shot here!

Yan Lao also changed his face, instinctively wanted to stop, but in the moment of action, he hesitated again and paused.

At the same time, Su Ping's fist also burst out!


Su Ping's eyes were murderous.

He could feel the murderousness of the other party. He had originally suppressed it with brute force, but at this moment, he was also angry!


Boom! !

The guns and punches collided and the violent impact sound exploded, which was triggered by the mutual impact of each other's star power!

Afterwards, everyone saw that the gun statue flying towards the stadium, the man-gun combination, suddenly flew back! The man-gun combination has also been broken up, showing a figure, faster than entering the field, and slanting from the midair to the back of the zone!

This time, there was no one to respond, and the whole venue was shocked. The area where the gun shot was just a few rows behind the title, where no one was sitting.

The viewing seats there were smashed and scattered, and a deep pit was smashed on the ground. The figure of the gun lance was buried in the deep pit. The unique spear had left his hand and fell beside the deep pit.

When everyone saw the spear, their pupils shrank.

The gun head was interrupted! !

The guns are all bent!

You know, this is Gun Zuns eating guy, many people know that this is the Gun Zun spent a lot of money and precious materials to make people, even the ninth-order limit dragon beast body can penetrate, it is obvious!

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the gun head was actually cut off!

As for the gun respecter, many titles also see that although he is not dead at the moment, he is also hanging in one breath.


Everyone turned around in horror, looking at the figure standing in the sky above the stadium.

At that moment, the figure of the young man was still so incomparable, arrogant, but at this moment, everyone saw that this young man did have arrogant capital!


Su Ping's figure landed slowly on the field. His eyes were cold. He said: "The ordinary title is not worthy of seeing my beast. I said, there is no limit for the title. Don't delay my time on stage!"

His words spread clearly throughout the audience.

Reverberating silently in the grand stadium.

Many people just noticed that Su Ping had just shot and defeated the gun master who borrowed the power of the beast, and he had not yet summoned his own beast!

Just kill it with your own power!


Some of the title limits on the scene have already noticed this. At the moment when Gun Zun lost, he stared back and no longer looked down upon Su Ping.

On the stage, Yan Lao beside him was also stunned.

His face changed, it was a bit ugly.

He wanted to say anything, but he didn't know what to say.

It is too late to stop Su Ping now.

In the previous words, Su Ping came to power to make trouble, and he could drive him away because of disrupting the game. But now, Su Ping's outstanding fighting power is definitely the title limit level.

This is already the strongest state of the king!

This is also the real group competing for the league's first. Although there are still gaps between the title limits, but the competition is cheats, beasts, treasures, combat experience and so on.

At this moment he wanted to speak out to drive Su Ping, but could not find a reason.

After a brief silence, some turbulent discussion sounded in the venue. In the back of the audience, everyone was pointing and whispering.

Its not too much to watch the excitement, but many viewers are looking at the block area instead, wanting to see if there is anyone else fighting.

As for the rules of the game?

The game is to compete for the first.

Now some people directly challenge the stand and challenge the audience, which saves the game flow. Unless someone beats it, this first name really belongs to others!

Under the audience, everyone in the title block looked at each other.

Some of the first-entered titles, or those with higher titles, have changed their faces slightly, and no longer say anything.

Although they were very angry with Su Ping, they asked themselves that they were unable to fight Su Ping.

Gun Zun is already strong enough. It is considered to be the more advanced person in the title. Other people with higher titles are not able to defeat Gun Zun, but it is not so easy!

The most important thing is that Su Ping did not summon a pet of war!

Haven't borrowed the energy of war pets to synchronize!

This is the most daunting.

These titles are looking at those who have been famous for a long time.

Today, only the real old guys who can fight against Su Ping are crazy.

Tang family.

Tang Mingqing and several Tang clan elders around him were stunned. They didn't expect a good game. Suddenly it happened like this. Su Ping came to power and put aside his words. The result was two consecutive shots, which directly shocked the audience.

"This guy is really crazy..." Tang Mingqing smiled bitterly.

In that shop, he saw Su Ping's madness.

Dare to provoke the Starry Sky organization and their Tang family at the same time, except Su Ping, no one else can be found in this world.

Several Tang family elders beside him all changed their faces slightly. They heard Su Ping's terrible from Tang Mingqing's mouth, but they didn't expect that this teenager was not only fierce, but also crazy!

In this top league that gathers the most masters under the king, dare to come on stage to challenge the audience, this is not crazy, but crazy!

Tang Ruyu, who was sitting surrounded by them, looked at the young man's posture on the stage, and his eyes were also shocked.

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