Astral Pet Store Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Come To Collect Fifth

"The novice task is completed, the host panel is unlocked..."

"The Beast Shop is officially open for business."

"Establish [Currency Conversion] module, establish [Chaos Incubation Spirit Pool]..."

"Is the novice task reward issued, do you want to receive it now?"

The familiar system prompt sounded Su Ping's thoughts. When he heard the reward, his eyes lit up, and he said nothing, "Get it!"

"The host acquires a primary'beast identification technique'."

Beast identification technique?

Su was equal for a few seconds, but he couldn't help but glared at the prompt.

Is this gone?

Exhausted after three days of torture, he actually got a beast identification technique? Still elementary? !

There is a federal family of beast illustrations. This beast identification technique appears to Su Ping as a tasteless skill, so that it can't be garbage anymore.

"The beast identification technique issued by this system can give insight into the types of pets of hundreds of millions of stars, and the illustrations of beasts such as Feir are comparable."

The system responded coldly, obviously dissatisfied with Su Ping's indignant complaint.

Su Ping was shocked.

Insight into billions of stars?

In his memory, even the most authoritative and comprehensive collection of pet beasts in the Federation seems to have only a few million kinds of star pet data, including many extinct star pets.

This is the legendary system, must it be a fine product?

Su Ping's grievances disappeared. Although this was different from the reward he expected to increase his strength immediately, it was also an extremely precious skill.

Moreover, if he enters the ancient land like Thunder Clouds and Seas again in the future, he can also identify those ancient star pets with this identification technique. After all, those star pets are mostly extinct, and their data is not much recorded in the Federal Atlas.

As soon as he got the skills, Su Ping was thrilled, eager to try, and looked around before suddenly thinking of the Lightning Mouse.

"What about this little thing?"

Su Ping quickly ran to the pet room in the back, and saw that the Lightning Mouse was lying in one of the ancient stone fangs and was sleeping soundly.

Obviously, these three days of **** training have already made it exhausted, so I just went back to this familiar place and fell asleep.

Compared with three days ago, the appearance of the Lightning Mouse was not much changed, except that there were a few more dark purple in the light purple hair, and the body was slightly leaner.

However, the presence of a gloomy fierce beast from his body made the moon chaser tremble in the stone tooth array on the other side, extremely disturbed.

Seeing that it was okay, Su Ping was relieved. Although the contract had been lifted, they could no longer have emotional communication and transmission between them, but in just three days of getting along, he was already reluctant to let this little guy.

It is a pity that it is someone else's favorite star, and it will eventually be returned.

"Do you use beast identification?"

When Su Ping secretly sighed, a prompt suddenly appeared in his mind.

Identify this little guy?

Su Ping froze for a moment and chose yes.

Lightning Mouse

Attribute: Thunder Beast

Level: first order

Combat strength: 3.6

Qualification: middle and lower

Ability to control: lightning fast charge, lightning flash, lightning shadow afterimage, lightning break, lightning coat

Su Ping suddenly froze.

Thunder flash?

In his ability to control, he actually saw "Thunder Flash"!

Has it really learned this top-level thunder secret? !

Su Ping was a little shocked. In the battles that followed, he did not see the Lightning Mouse exhibiting Thunder Flash again. He thought that he had been dazzled by mistakes.

Everywhere in the Federation, the lowest-level Lightning Mouse has actually mastered the "Thunderbolt", which is difficult for the seven-eighth-order high-level thunder stars to master. This is so shocking. I am afraid that others will think that he is crazy. !

"This little guy... doubled in value!"

Su Ping passed his breath, his eyes glowing.

A lightning mouse that masters the secret technique of Thunder Flash is more than a hundred times more valuable than its counterpart?

Not to mention there are several other skills.

In addition to the lightning flashes commonly known to the Lightning Mouse, which of "Thunder Broken" and "Thunder Shadow Afterimage" is not a must for high-end stars?

It is no exaggeration to say that the Lightning Mouse, which controls so many powerful skills, is a low-level beast.

But the strange thing is that in its attribute qualifications, it is actually given the "middle and lower" qualifications?

"The qualification assessment is based on the comparison of all the Lightning Mouse data from the beginning of the endless chaos to the present, and the host need not doubt it."

Sensing the doubt in Su Ping's heart, the system said indifferently.

"All the Lightning Rats..."

Su Ping was stunned and speechless.

The number of Lightning Rats born each year in the Federation is hard to count, not to mention counting from a long period of chaos.

Calculated like this...

This thunderbolt rat can be ranked in the middle and lower qualifications, it is already terribly strong!



Su Yanying raised her head slightly, and could already see the sign of the small pet shop at the end of the street-the small naughty pet shop.

The sun is shining today, but Su Yanying's mood is a haze, terrible.

She didn't expect that she was so unlucky that she was forced to a desperate situation in the preliminary selection stage of the Beast Contest.

This is an annual event of the college. The strengths and weaknesses of the students will be displayed in the competition. Through the competition, they will enter the eyes of some star pet masters and get better teacher teaching. It is also a brilliant resume when they enter the star pet team in the future!

However, for three consecutive rounds, she met fierce and powerful opponents, which led to the careful care of several pets in her hands, all of which were wounded.

Stopped in the primary election?

This is unacceptable to her!

She has already paid a lot of money for her family and invited a senior beast therapist to help her heal one of the battle pets.

But only one is not enough, only as a killer.

She also needs to play the striker and test out the enemy's ace pet.

If it were not for the Academy to prohibit the pets who completed the contract within a month, she even wanted to temporarily buy a few more pets, although that would cause a great burden on her spirit and even cause problems.

But now, there are no other pets around her, and there is only a thunder-light rat fostered outside.

A very ordinary low-level lightning mouse.

Not surprising.

She originally intended to give up directly, after all, this Thunder Lightning Mouse could not keep up with her footsteps, facing the opponent she met now, only to die.

Fortunately, at that time, she was a little soft-hearted and did not directly cancel the contract, which led to the fact that this Lightning Mouse became the only second favorite pet beside her.

Although it is weaker, it should be no problem to be a test stone.

"Is the boss there?"

Pushing the door open, Su Yanying entered the beast shop, casually glanced at the environment inside the shop, and found that it was empty and seemed to be moving.

Is this going to fail?

Su Yanying thought, fortunately, I came in time.


Su Ping heard the sound and immediately exited the Beast Room, and saw a pretty girl standing in the store and looking around.

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