Astral Pet Store Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Catch A Legend In 7300 Words


Mo Lao snorted and summoned all his pets of war, turned his sleeves and turned around. Before leaving, he glanced at Su Ping and said, "In today's World War I, the old man was convinced by mouth, I just heard that you are from Longjiang, If you have a chance in Japan, the old man will visit Longjiang again!"

Su Ping said indifferently: "Welcome at any time."

Mo Lao said nothing more and flew off the field.

When he returned to the title area, he glanced at the ancestors of the Qing family who were on the sidelines. He could not help but sneer when he saw the expression of the latter smiling lightly.


The ancestors of the Qing family fluttered freely. With the courtesy of several Qing family titles around them, they flew lightly to the stadium, and landed lightly, revealing the detached breath of air and dust.

Yan Lao's eyes narrowed slightly, and this ancestor of the Qing family lived for too long, and he was in awe of three points.

"Boundary, seal!" Yan Lao said in a deep voice.

The encirclement around the stadium condenses again, blocking the stadium.

The rugged field within the enchantment, which was not trimmed, still maintains the broken appearance of the previous war.

For the title of this level, the limitation of the venue is already very small, no repairs, no impact on combat and play.

Both Su Ping and Qing Family Ancestor looked at each other.

The expressions of the two are calm and indifferent.

But the crowd under the stage held their breath slightly, feeling that the atmosphere on the scene was gradually tightening.

"Friend, if you can't do it later, you can admit defeat."

The ancestor of the Qing family suddenly smiled and said, quite elegant.

"You too." Su Ping said seriously.

The ancestor of the Qing family smiled slightly, his eyes narrowed suddenly, and three vortices suddenly appeared behind him.

These three whirlpools are extremely huge, especially the golden vortex above the sky, exuding incomparable pressure, like a golden sun!

In the audience's attention, accompanied by a deep breathing sound, a golden yellow dragon head slowly extended from the inside, followed by the golden dragon wings and the golden casting dragon body!

This is... Golden Dragon!

Titled Dragon Rank first, the most top and rarest dragon beast!

The audience suddenly fell silent.

Mo Lao, who had just stepped down and was still displeased with the ancestors of the Qing family, was stunned at the moment, with his mouth slightly open and speechless.

Golden dragon!

This is the strongest existence in the title of extreme pet. It is rumored that the golden dragon at its peak can match the king beast! Some ordinary king beasts dare not infringe easily in front of its Longwei!

This is a beast that can be cultivated by the title level to deter the king-level existence! !

Such a rare dragon pet is almost extinct, and it is rare to see it for a hundred years. This ancestor of the Qing family actually has a head? !

Moreover, it is still at its peak!

High in the sky.

At this moment, along with the huge dragon body of the golden dragon slowly protruding from the vortex, there was no roar and no sound, but a terrible coercion made the audience silent.


The feet of the Golden Dragon slowly landed, and the whole stadium shook slightly, and everyone in the stadium felt that their hearts were pounding.

Under the audience, many titles have been dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, this kind of dragon pet that only exists on the pictorial book and is hard to see in reality, I will actually see it here.

What is this better than?

Dao Zun and Hua Lao, etc., also opened their mouths slightly, and were a bit stunned, and finally turned into a bitter smile.

Sure enough, live long and hide deep!

Even the golden dragon can get it, this ancestor of the Qing family is really capable of hiding!

Such a force can completely sweep the title level!

To participate in this golden dragon is simply bullying!

In addition to this golden dragon, in the two vortexes around the ancestors of the Qing family, two pet beasts each crawled out, all devil pets! One of them is a **** demon waiter that Su Ping had seen before!

However, this **** demon waiter is at its peak.

Ninth-order extreme state!

Its physique is also far greater than that of Qin Shaotians slender, tall, and dense magical energy exuded from his body, which is suffocating, plus the fully mature twisted and cruel body, just standing there, it makes people feel covered. Tear-like discomfort and discomfort, dare not look directly.

The other devil's pet is also humanoid, with an angel-like body, eight dark wing wings on the back, a dark raised yoke on the chest, wrapped around like a chain, with an indescribable sense of evil, not in his eyes The eyes are white and dark, and it seems that even light can swallow it.

With the emergence of these three-headed pets, the huge venues are almost noticeable!

so horrible!

All are legendary rare beasts, any title can get one of them, can be regarded as the strong in the title! Not to mention that all three are in the same person's hands, it is unimaginable!

This is the heritage of the Qing family ancestors? !

"It's too late to admit defeat now." The ancestor of the Qing family looked at Su Ping indifferently. Surrounded by three legendary rare pets, although he was still calm and breezy, he had an indescribable momentum and deterred the audience. !

There was also a trace of surprise on Su Ping's face.

He did not expect to see so many rare pets here in one breath.


Hearing the words of the ancestors of the Qing family, Su Ping's astonishment converged and said: "If it is not in a hurry, maybe I will be in a mood to slowly appreciate your darling, but now, you still go on!"

After he finished speaking, he thought of transmission, and the two dogs sitting behind him also stood up suddenly, the laziness in his eyes turned into cold, and slowly walked the gentle pace, crossed Su Ping, walked in front, followed by the purgatory candle dragon beast Standing side by side, looked at the three darlings of the Qing family ancestors coldly.


The ancestors of the Qing family have long noticed that the pet of the dragon dog like Su Ping is a breed that he has never seen before. At the top of the pyramid, overlooking everything!


The ancestors of the Qing family passed their eyes, and their eyes cooled down.

The golden dragon behind it slowly lifted the faucet, and the golden blood eyes of pure blood veins reflected the two beasts in front. From the other side, it could feel the breath of the dragon beast.

As long as it is a dragon beast, it is the existence it looks down on!

Roar! !

Suddenly a roar sounded, roaring the audience.

The roar is hoarse, grim, and brutal.

Many people covered their ears, but soon, some audience members were suddenly surprised to find that the roar of the golden dragon seemed...as if...not so scary?

Just when many people were surprised, a brutal and brutal roar to the extreme suddenly overturned the entire venue! !

Roar! ! !

This violent dragon roar instantly covered the roar of the golden dragon!

Roar! ! !

After this roar, another roar of inferior dragon roared, shaking the entire enchantment.

The purgatory candle dragon beast and the two dogs are all raising their dragons to enter the battle state.

Under countless cultivations, once they enter the battle from the usual state of play, the strong will to survive will occupy their minds and make them violent and unbearable, but at the same time, they will not Completely mad, but in the extreme of madness and calmness.

In their eyes, there was a terrifying madness, a red glow, but with a terrible calm.

kill! !


A series of guardian shields suddenly appeared out of thin air, covering the whole body of the purgatory candle dragon beast and the two dogs. This is the skill of the two dogs. In a flash, the guardian skills of various elements such as wind, fire, thunder, rock, water and so on, appear all at once. Bless them on both of them and protect them in layers!

Advanced skills of the whole system!

At the same time, accompanied by a low roar, suddenly, an incomparably great dragon phantom appeared behind the two dogs. Its figure was as huge as a mountain, and the phantom occupied the entire stadium in an instant. It was inherited to the two dogs. The figure of the old dragon king, but at this moment does not have the will of the old dragon king, just the skills of the Dayan Tianlong family.

Dayan Dragon Shield!

This dragon phantom, its dragon head turned into a dragon shield, and stood in front of the two dogs and the purgatory candle dragon beast.

This series of defensive skills made the audience dumbfounded.

What kind of beast is this?

Full line?

The ancestor of the Qing family was also stunned. When the other party did not move before, he didn't feel much. The momentum that erupted at the moment, he faintly felt that this was some kind of detachment!

This pet is not easy...

His eyes changed slightly, and he didn't wait any longer. He immediately confessed to his pets of war, and at the same time, five vortices emerged behind him, and five elements of the ninth-order extreme elements appeared.

Than the whole department? Although his fighting pets cannot release all the skills of the whole line at one go, he has elemental pets close to the whole line!

Storm and thunder!

At the same time, the five-series war pets released the guardian's shield. At the same time, the energy was activated simultaneously, and the energy in his body suddenly injected into the body of the golden dragon and the **** demon.

Roar! !

The golden dragon is furious and roars again. It feels fear from the purgatory candle dragon beast in front of it, which makes it feel that its dignity is trampled. At the moment, it roars. Eruption!


Golden yellow dragon flames swept through the pillars of fire. The broken rocks on the ground of the stadium were scorched and black, and there was a sign of melting. The temperature in the air instantly reached the boiling point. If ordinary people stay in the enchantment, they will burn themselves up in a moment. Even if there is resistance to the enchantment, outside the field, everyone feels that the air is heating up rapidly, and they are in the middle of the fire.


This golden dragon slammed into the front of the Dayan Dragon Shield, and was totally resisted. It could destroy all the Golden Junyan. At this moment, it failed to break through the defense of the Dayan Sky Dragon Shield. The flames were like waves, smashed and scattered. On the court, the ground burned out lava caves.

invalid? The ancestors of the Qing family changed slightly.

On the other side, the body of the **** demon waited like a ghost, and flew out at the same time. The sickle blade of the whole body suddenly rotated, and the limbs of several blades were united together, turning into a huge scimitar. On the Dayan Dragon Shield!

No one would doubt the extreme attack power of the Bloody Demon Acolyte, but the eye-popping scene appeared. The Bloody Demons scimitar body was rebounded, and the body bounced back and flew out, but when it was about to fall , His body twisted flexibly in the air and landed steadily.


This scene reversed too suddenly.

Everyone was shocked. I never imagined this strange defense skill I had never seen before. It was so solid that it resisted the simultaneous attack of the golden dragon and the **** demon!


The Golden Dragon became more angry and spewed out Longyan again. At the same time, the golden light burst on his body. At the same time as the Longyan spewed out, the golden light flashed on his body and turned into countless afterimages. The dragon flame sprayed by himself, then slapped **** the dragon's shadow shield.

With a loud bang, the giant claws were kicked back, and the body of the golden dragon was too strong because of the impact, and it shook itself back a few steps.

On the other side, the **** demon also attacked again, entangled in demon qi.

Shadow whirlwind, **** slaughter, soul hunting... a series of **** demons' frightening skills, all show.

But neither physical attacks nor energy penetration attacks failed to destroy this dragon phantom giant shield. Even a spiritual shuttle attack like [Hunting Hunt] can allow the **** demon to lurking into the spiritual realm of prey instantly. Then through the refraction of the spiritual realm, the skills that appear outside the body to hunt and kill are no longer valid.

Under the blockage of this giant shield, it failed to sneak into the spiritual world of the purgatory candle dragon beast behind the shield and was blocked out.

At this moment, the scene on the field looks a little strange.

On one side, Su Ping and the two fighting pets stood still, while on the other side, the golden dragon, the **** demon, and the eight-winged demon, who seemed to have an overwhelming advantage, were desperately attacking, but it was difficult to shake that defensive skill. , Blocked by the outside world, exhausted all kinds of top skills, failed to break through!

This can be called absolute protection!

"Hey, what the **** is this?"

Off stage, many titles were **** stunned.

I thought that the ancestors of the Qing family with the top legendary pets such as the golden dragon and the **** devil will easily push all the cards of Su Ping, and may even win easily, but I did not expect that this funny scene will appear.

The ancestors of the Qing family looked a little ugly, and there was a hint of dark and deep shock in their eyes.

Only he knows best how terrifying the attack power of his golden dragon and **** demon waiter, even the king beast, can hurt! However, this defensive skill can't help it!

The most important thing is that he has performed energy co-ordination and secretly increased them so that they have exceeded the usual peak period!

However, no effect!

"This skill... is absolutely king-beast-level, and it is a very high-level king-beast-level skill!" The ancestors of the Qing family flashed light, hesitating and struggling.

In front of him, the golden dragon, the **** demon servant, and the eight-wing demon guard are also desperately attacking, but in any case roaring and slamming in anger, it seems futile.

Even the enemy's defense can't be broken, how to fight this? !

Just give up like this?

The ancestors of the Qing family looked ugly.

On the other side, Su Ping looked at the three beasts that were attacking in front of Dayan Tianlong Shield. His brows were slightly wrinkled. He glanced at the two dogs, and his thoughts directly came into his mind: "I still want to be lazy, give me speed The battle is over!"

Light defense is fart, and he wants a few battles to end!

Hearing Su Ping's words, Er Gouzi's body obviously shivered slightly, turned his head to look at Su Ping, and when he saw Su Ping's cold eyes, he immediately knew that this time it was true.

It did not dare to slacken his teeth, and slightly turned his head to look forward again.

Legendary skills, Shadow Slaughter!

Roar! !

The two dogs groaned suddenly, full of dark magic gas all over his body!

It was originally of the blood of the dark dragon dog, half of the devil pets the blood!

At this moment, this magic energy was extremely strong, and its body was covered by the magic energy, and the body suddenly turned into a black mist. Mowei!

The Eight-Wing Demon Guard noticed the attack of the two dogs, and suddenly fluttered its wings. The black giant sword held in his hands burned a black flame, which had the effect of cutting energy, and slashed towards the black mist of the two dogs!

But at the next moment, there was a sudden flash of electricity in the black mist, and the black mist suddenly dispersed, followed by a weird acceleration, and immediately wrapped the eight-wing magic guard.

Seeing this scene, the ancestors of the Qing family changed their faces slightly, and quickly rushed to support the **** demon and the golden dragon.


The golden dragon flame rushed out, breaking through the black mist.

When the black mist broke open, people also saw the figure of the dark dragon dog, which was pressed against the eight-wing demon guard, and the greasy fangs bit the other person's head!

Facing the bombardment of the golden dragon flame, the dark dragon dog didn't look at it.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The advanced guardian skills of each department on its back are broken, but at the same time, they are quickly built. When the fifth guard shield is broken, Dragon Flame disappears, and all the guardian skills are built again. .

The release of this guardian skill seems to be effortless for the dark dragon dog, as simple as drinking water.

This made countless people on the spot look dumbfounded. This is all top defensive skills. How can it be released so easily? !

The ancestors of the Qing family changed their faces.


The two dogs flicked their heads violently, and the eight-wing demon guard's head in his mouth was torn down.

With a growl, the two dogs turned and rushed towards the golden dragon.

Legendary skills, dragon shape!

The two dogs suddenly burst into a strong dragon spirit, their bodies changed, their limbs became sharp, their bodies elongated, and they turned into a huge dragon!

It is a true dragon!

Roar! !

The two dogs roared violently, and their bodies swooped on the golden dragon with extreme speed. They immediately entangled the golden dragon, waved their claws, and fluttered golden dragon scales.

The golden dragon is suppressed!

Roar! !

The two dogs roared endlessly, their bodies coiled around the golden dragon, and the huge and grisly dragon's mouth bit toward the neck of the golden dragon.

The golden dragon erected with scales all over his body, trying to resist and withdraw his two dogs, but what scared him was that the dragon beast, famous for its strength, was the king of the dragon beast, its power was not as good as the other!


The ancestor of the Qing family suddenly shouted at this scene.

A terrible grief flashed in his eyes, and the previously indifferent and elegant face now became a bit daunting.

But Ergou obviously wouldn't ignore him, and Su Ping on the other side didn't mean to ignore it, unless the ancestor of the Qing family said he would admit defeat!

But when the two dogs were about to bite, the golden dragon that was suppressed by it suddenly burst into an unprecedented golden light, intense, and then a shocking weather broke out, and the unprepared two dogs will be retreated open.

The second dog's body turned upside down and fell to the ground without injury. It was just the fierce light in his eyes, which was a little thicker.

Seeing this scene, Su Ping was stunned.

Is this... king beast breath?

He has seen many king beasts, and he will never be wrong.

At this moment, the power exploded from the golden dragon exceeded the normal level, and it was definitely the king beast level!

"Can push me to this step, boy, you should be proud of your loss." The ancestor of the Qing family came.

Su Ping looked away.

The ancestors of the ancestors of the Qing family, who were cold and elegant at the moment, were as if covered with frost, and their eyes were staring at Su Ping directly, and there seemed to be a deep hatred that was not common.

The most terrible thing is that behind him, a vortex appeared again!

This vortex is extremely huge, even bigger than the previous call of the Golden Dragon!

Roar! ! !

A roar burst out of it.

Immediately afterwards, a sturdy claw with scales spread out from inside, and then a huge body. This is a fat monster like a giant frog, but unlike the giant frog, its limbs are all The sharp claws are very thick, and they are as huge as a mountain of meat. They have sharp horns on the surface. Although they are not scales, they are as hard as armor.

A detached breath swept through and spread throughout the audience.

This mighty world, even the majestic golden dragon before it, appeared small and weak at this moment.


Some individual titles suddenly shrank.

"King beast!" Someone lost his voice.

Dao Zun, Hua Lao and other people also stared in shock.

King beast!

This is indeed a king beast!

Moreover, they recognized the type of this king beast, this is a devil stone clam beast!

It is a terrible rock king beast, and at the king beast level, a single attribute is not enough to summarize. This demonic clam beast also has some demon bloodlines. In addition, it also has some very difficult poison skills. It is easy to poison the ninth order monsters, even the amazingly resistant dragon beasts are hard to escape!

This ancestor of the Qing family actually has a pet of king beast!


The ancestor of the Qing family growled.

At this moment, he is no longer indifferent and indifferent, with only killing and hate in his eyes!

He hated that Su Ping forced him to this step!

Su Ping saw this sudden appearance of the king beast, raised his eyebrows slightly, but was not too surprised. In theory, the title level can sign the king beast pet, but only ninety-nine of the titles are unable to capture them individually. King Beast.

If someone helps, it's easy.

King Beast...

Su Ping looked indifferent, just kill!

The idea spreads.

The dark dragon dog growled, his eyes showing killing intent, and the breath of the king beast, which aroused some of his not-so-good memories, which were nurturing painful memories in the world.

kill! !

The eyes of the two dogs are red, it knows that when the king beast appears, it is time for you to die again and again!

war! war!

It roared suddenly, letting out a rash voice of Long Dragon!

It has many defensive skills, but few attack skills.

Although its combat power is 14.2, which is stronger than many king beasts, its attack power is very weak, but it is comparable to ordinary king beasts! However, it has the inheritance of the Dayan True Dragon. The blood skills of the Dayan True Dragon family have extremely strong attack skills. At present, it has mastered one.

This is also one of the core inheritance skills of the Dayan Zhenlong tribe.

Dragon Soul Elegy! !

That kind of desperate oppression, let the two dogs burst out of the body's strength in an instant!

The power of survival!

The desire to survive!

Roar! !

On his back, the phantom of Dayan Straight Dragon emerged, and he roared together!

The power of the dragon in its body suddenly exploded, and the whole body was burning with dragon flames. At this moment, it looked more and more like a real big Yan true dragon!

call! !

The two dogs rushed and rushed towards the plate of magic stone clams.

The disc magic stone clam beast squatted on the ground, a pair of giant magic pupils showed cruel light, and the surface of the body was instantly stoned. At the same time, its mouth opened, and the huge frog mouth was a bottomless mouth, There was a dark light gathering inside, and then a dark light wave erupted from inside.

Pan magic stone clam beasts, but feed on some weak dragon beasts!

There are not many dragon beasts that it has eaten. In order to feed it, the ancestors of the Qing family have purchased many dragon species for their enjoyment.

It disdains the dragon beast and dragon prestige!

boom! !

The dark light wave instantly hits, smashes everything, and annihilates everything. The stones on the ground of the stadium that passed along the way disappeared instantly, without even breaking, directly annihilating into dust.

The dark light wave hit the two dogs fiercely, and a huge shock erupted, but at the next moment, the two dogs roared wildly, its body was not broken, there was no injury, and the dragon soul power became golden and shining!

His blood-red eyes showed a terrible light, roaring all the way to meet the dark wave of light, constantly moving forward, moving forward! !

Roar! !

This dark light wave was pushed hard and smashed, and then a golden dragon soul roared from the body of the two dogs, and it slammed through the fat belly of the magic stone clam beast. With a bang, this magic stone clam beast The body flew out, hitting the back junction, and the chest collapsed into it.

The second dog's body roared, rushed in front of it, trampled on its feet, its claws poked hard in its magic eyes, blood burst out, and the roar of the dragon roared, spreading the whole audience!

The huge venue is silent at the moment.

Only the roaring dragon roar!

Step on the king beast and roar the world!

Everyone was shocked and speechless.

This is a majestic beast!

No one expected that this magic stone clam beast would lose, and lost so suspiciously, was suppressed by a trick! !

The ancestor of the Qing family was also dumbfounded, his face dull.

Would the beast actually lose?

When the ancestors of the Qing family were sluggish, after the two dogs roared, they suddenly opened their blood basins and gnawed at the disc magic stone clam beast, and at the same time, their bodies quickly wrapped around the body , Keep tightening.


The enemy will never die, never let go!


The ancestor of the Qing family woke up and saw this scene, his eyes suddenly turned red.

This is his favorite beast!

He nurtured and reared countless days and nights!

"I'm going to kill you!!!" The Qing family ancestor stared at Su Ping suddenly, and suddenly there seemed to be some unfettered **** on his body, and a breath of aloof and unpretentiousness suddenly burst out!


His body flashed suddenly, blinking!

With a bang, his figure appeared in front of the Demon Stone Clam Beast, and then punched hard with a punch, hitting the head of the dark dragon dog caught off guard.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang! !

With a punch, all the top defense skills on the dark dragon dog are broken!

And the dark dragon dog's head was hit by his fist, it was also tilted and rolled to the ground.

A lot of people stood up suddenly and their eyes widened!

This, this is...

legend? ! !

Some of the slower titles are showing horror at the moment.

They just read it wrong? Impossible, that flash of flash, coupled with the frightening power of that punch... and the attitude of the ancestors of the Qing family at this moment, this is absolutely legendary! !

Over the field, Yan Lao saw this scene, his pupils shrank, and he was stunned.

But soon, he suddenly thought of something, turned his head to look at the box, but saw that there was a shadow in the glass of the box, but he couldn't see the real, he couldn't help but looked back at the blue that changed greatly on the field. The ancestor of the family, his face changed, knowing that this is the existence of the big man to fish out.

It's really a legend!

Hidden legend!

On the field.

The appearance of the ancestor of the Qing family is completely different from the previous one. He is no longer aging and looks like a young man, but his hair is still white and elegant and scattered behind his back. , Said: "The old man is approaching and he doesn't care to continue to hide. The old man knows that there must be a conspiracy this time, but now the old man does not matter. Today, even if you don't get the prize, the old man will kill you! "

Su Ping narrowed his eyes: "Are you also worthy?"

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