Astral Pet Store Chapter 503

Chapter 503: Resurgence 7300 Words

Under the deterrent of this king beast, the whole beast tide fell into a short stagnation.

And the king beast that was pulling with the tyrannical fire ape beast, he heard this brutal roar, and he couldn't help but turned around, ignoring the tyrannical fire ape beast in front of him, and looked back.

"King Beast!"

At the same time, Su Ping's eyes also noticed the king beast on the top of the dragon's magic crocodile beast. When he saw it was about to hunt the tyrannical fire ape beast sold from him, he Binocular chills.

kill! !

Behind him, the vortex of three summons suddenly appeared!

Roar! !

The figure of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast roared out first, and the Infernal Dragon Flame swept instantly, and its arrogant and domineering dragon body landed on the ground!

Sensing Su Ping's will and anger, his dragon's eyes were red, and he roared into the beast directly. The dragon's claws waved, the flames burned, and the crazy killing!

At the same time, the figures of the dark dragon dog and the purple and blue squirrel python have also emerged one after another, falling on this battlefield, and immediately roared and rushed towards the herds on both sides, just like a wolf entering the flock, pushing one piece horizontally!

And Su Ping was driving the Dragon Zea Crocodile Beast, killing the king beast straight!

The king beast also seemed to sense the ferocious breath of the dragon zerg crocodile, and gave a demonstration roar, but seeing the dragon zerg crocodile did not stay, it seemed to be irritated, and suddenly beat the ground, a sharp rock column It bursts out obliquely and has a length of hundreds of meters and a large number, like countless giant spears sticking out of the earth!

Longze Demon Crocodile roared, his front claws suddenly beat the ground, and the earth rolled up!

The rolled ground was like a giant wall, and when it collided with this giant spear, it immediately shattered to each other, and the scattered large stones of several meters rolled around, causing considerable trauma to the beasts next to it.

This is the king-beast-level battle, earth-shaking!

Roar! !

The dragon's fierce crocodile is like a provocation that is majestic. The original brutal eyes are suddenly congested at this moment, and its body is accelerating suddenly. The violent acceleration makes its huge body sway on the ground one after another. The huge pit of rice.

And his body approached the king beast in a blink of an eye.

King see king!

Under the weird head of this king beast, the blood basin was suddenly opened with a big mouth, and the whole body's strange limbs suddenly extended towards the Longze Devil Crocodile. Xiang Longze's huge crocodile eyes.

The Longze Devil Crocodile was mad, ignoring it and slammed into the king beast.

Boom! !

The king beast was hit and rolled over, and the claws on his body were also torn on the dragon zerg crocodile. A little light color scratches!


On the back of Longze Magic Crocodile Beast, Su Ping held Qin Shuhai in one hand while they were striking, and suddenly jumped into the air.

When they were in the air, the two king beasts overturned on the ground, and they fought together again. The Longze Devil Crocodile's counterattack was very rapid. It bit the half of this king beast's head, and its mouth was full of greasy teeth, and it instantly broke open. The scales on the king beast's head and the rough skin on his shoulder immediately spilled blood at the bite!

Magic crocodile twisted!


The body of Longze Devil Crocodile suddenly rolled, showing extremely flexible speed and explosive power, a moment of rotation, only to see the blood spray, half of the head of this king beast was actually bitten down!


The king beast made a bitter cry, spreading throughout the beast tide!

While screaming, the body of Longze Devil Crocodile didn't stop at all, suddenly turned around, and the thick giant tail behind him swept out.

Tail Hammer!


The sturdy tail was severely beaten on this king beast, and his huge body of tens of meters was actually beaten continuously and rolled out continuously!

Rolled for four or five times, because the head was injured, in the flip, blood was sprayed continuously along the way, staining the ground red!

Roar! !

Longze Devil Crocodile growls!

The energy surging on his body, the ground rioting, a series of sharp rock pillars suddenly burst out, and the sound of the sharp rock pillar penetrated the king beast, and his body seemed to be killed by a gun. , Pierced by these huge pillars seven to eighty meters long!

Blood stained the pillar of red.

The screams disappeared and the king beast was killed on the spot!


Longze Devil Crocodile beckoned to the sky and seemed to declare its victory!

The battle in front of us shocked everyone on the outer wall of the base city.

The battle ended very quickly. This is the king beast they were in deep trouble. They were killed by Su Ping's king beast in a blink of an eye!

And it is an overwhelming slaughter!

Looking at the high wall, the body of the **** forest king beast pierced by a huge pillar of rock and the bracket lifted off the ground, everyone felt a great impact.

This kind of powerful, primitive battle, let them really see, what is invincible power!

Xie Jinshui, Qin Duhuang and others are stunned and unbelievable.

The same beast, the gap is so big? !


Looking at the brutal giant crocodile standing on the field without any monsters dare to approach, everyone was speechless for a while.


Su Ping in mid-air, seeing the dragon crocodile beast roaring with prestige, immediately told him.

Receiving Su Ping's order, Longze Devil Crocodile looked at him, dissatisfied that he disturbed his interest, shaking his head, but soon turned around, cold-blooded eyes, sweeping towards the beast tide .

Feeling the breath of the king's beast, this beast tide immediately evaded, and the monster inside ran away!

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Longze Devil Crocodile roared and rushed past, just like a giant tank, and a piece of high-level monster was directly trampled to death!

Seeing the Longze Devil Crocodile Beast in the beast tide and the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping turned around and flew to the outer wall of the base city. He noticed the mayor Xie Jinshui and Lao Qin at a glance. They, after all, are all strong titles, and their breath is so conspicuous.

"Don't these monsters invade the base yet?"

Su Ping asked.

"Boss Su, you came back too timely!" Xie Jinshui couldn't help but said, his eyes were full of excitement.

This is the benefit of the base city's legendary combat power!

Otherwise, with support, how can Yuanshui quench the thirst?

Without waiting for support, Longjiang was broken, and his mayor would do the trick!

On weekdays, Qin Duhuang, who is angry and silent, can't hide his joy at the moment. Without Su Ping's prompt return, his tyrannical fire ape beast is very dangerous!

For other nine-tier beasts, it is estimated that there is no room for pulling, and they are killed directly!

"Boss Su, I will replace my beast, thank you!" Qin Duhuang said deeply, his eyes full of sincerity.

He really appreciates Su Ping.

He remembered this feeling in his heart.

"Boss Su." Zhou Tianlin next to him also called out, looking at the young man who had stepped into their Zhou home alone and swept away. He had no longer remembered his hatred, but his heart was surging at the moment.

Su Ping also nodded to Zhou Tianlin.

"East of us is where the monster beasts mainly attacked. They are guarded here, and the other three sides can be guarded. If the boss Su comes back, our Longjiang will be really dangerous. No one of us can stop the king beast." Xie Jinshui His eyes were hot, and he wanted to cover Su Ping's hand with great gratitude, but he had some scruples, but he kept rubbing his palm and kept forgetting the mayor's shelves and manners on weekdays.

"That's good."

Su Ping was relieved and did not invade Longjiang.

There is a reason why he hurried back.

Although his mother is systematically sheltered within the scope of the store, there are also many acquaintances in Longjiang who are his customers. Some of the old customers frequented, and Su Ping will also chat with him, which is half Friend, although it can't be said that it is a two-ribbed knife, Su Ping can't tolerate it if he watches them sacrifice in the beast tide.

"The boss Su is here, this beast tide is not enough to fear!" Zhou Tianlin laughed. Before they felt a haze above their heads, now the clouds are scattered, and they are all agitated, and there are not many thoughts and concerns in the speech.

Qin Duhuang nodded. The tyrannical fire ape was almost killed before. He really felt a sense of despair. This feeling he hadn't realized for many years.

Su Ping smiled slightly, and then turned around, looking at the whirling beast tide outside the wall, his eyes chilled, and said, "Look back to the old, now the king beast is dead, let's expel all these beast tides. !"

"it is good!"

Qin Duhuang agreed.


Zhou Tianlin also nodded vigorously.

The king beast is not here, and they are not so scrupulous, they can play in person and let go of the hunt!


Su Ping's figure immediately flew out and killed the beast tide.

"Old man is coming too!" Qin Duhuang laughed loudly, and his arrogance dried up. He seemed to find some kind of young heroic feeling in his trance. He summoned the rest of his pets and flew out of the wall. Directly into the beast tide.

"How can I Zhou Mou fall behind!"

Zhou Tianlin smiled, also burst into a breath of breath, followed Qin Duhuang, and slid into another beast tide.

Xie Jinshui smiled slightly. When he saw Su Ping returning and bombarded the king beast with his mount, his heart was completely settled, and the pressure in his heart disappeared.

However, instead of playing together at the moment, he summoned his two darlings and let them enter the field to fight, and he immediately used communication to contact several other defenses, let them also release their hands and feet, and put these demon The beast drove all out!

Without King Beast sitting in town, plus Su Ping and several of his pets, the whole beast tide quickly collapsed, and the flood-like offensive was quickly reversed.

Half an hour later, the monsters in the east were dispersed, leaving countless monsters and corpses, and the soil was difficult to absorb the blood and water on the surface!

Less than ten minutes after the monster was dispelled in the east, there were also good news from the west, and the monster was also chased away!

Soon, news came from both the South and the North.

When the news of Su Ping's return and the death of the king beast was learned, and the several large families stationed on the other three walls of the army, they also let go of their hands and feet and entered the battle as much as possible.


"Boss Su, this time you saved Longjiang, it is our hero. Tonight's celebration feast, you are coming to participate, and all the media will be there!"

When the battle was over, Xie Jinshui saw Su Ping was leaving and immediately said to him.

Su Ping shook his head and said: "I'm not a hero, I just put my hands on it. I still have to practice. You just have to celebrate the feast. You are also heroes. Those generals and soldiers have a merit!"

Hearing Su Ping's words, Xie Jinshui opened his mouth slightly, with some regret.

Qin Duhuang, who was next to him, persuaded: "Boss Su, don't hurry to practice one night. If your main hero does not come, it will be a disappointment."

"Yes." Zhou Tianlin also echoed: "Boss Su, don't you want to do business? Although you are doing good business in the store now, the daily passenger flow is full, but how popular is this thing, if you let people know your credit , There will definitely be more customers in your store in the future!"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, which is reasonable.

"Alright." He promised.

Seeing Su Ping agree, several people all smiled.

Su Ping said goodbye to them, and took them back to the purgatory candle dragon beast, and then rode the dragon crocodile beast and returned to the shop.

The size of Longze Devil's Alligator is too large. Su Ping once again felt the inconvenience of the slave contract. The size of Longze Devil's Alligator, even if it was thrown out of the store, also occupied a lot of space. Its huge body would block the whole street.

After entering the slum area, Su Ping let the Longze Devil Crocodile walk from a remote route to a desolate hill where the Longze Devil Crocodile inhabited.

It is only seven or eight streets away from his shop. The slum area is good, desolate, and big. If the city is uptown, the king beast enters the city, and it is estimated that it will sweep a building, no less than the monster beast attacks the city. Destructive power.

The Longze Demon Crocodile was ordered to not hurt anyone without his permission. Then Su Ping flew directly back to the shop.

Most people dont dare to see Longze Devil Crocodile, Su Ping doesnt worry about what will happen.

Fly back to the sky.

Su Ping saw no one outside the store and was not too surprised. He landed directly.

The shop door was open, and two figures were sitting in the hall, talking about Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong.

Seeing Tang Ruyan, Su Ping thought of seeing her sister Tang Ruyu in that league.

At the same time, I thought of what the other party said:

"If you think she is in the way, kill it."

Su Ping's eyes fluctuated slightly and walked into the door.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the two girls looked up in surprise, and when they saw Su Ping, their eyes lit up.

Su Ping saw the flash of joy in Tang Ruyan's eyes, and touched the corner of his mouth slightly.


Zhong Lingtong jumped up excitedly like a well-behaved rabbit.

Su Ping nodded and rubbed her head: "Did you fight with your sister Tang?"

Zhong Lingtong quickly shook his head: "How come, Sister Tang is very nice."

Tang Ruyan glared at Su Ping and said angrily: "Will I quarrel with others?"

"Aren't you arguing with me now?"


Tang Ruyan is angry, this guy, Buddha has to be angry and smoke in front of you!

"Have you heard of the monster attack outside?" Su Ping asked casually.

Seeing that Su Ping didnt care about business, Tang Ruyan was surprised. He said, "Of course I have heard. Now you are alert in the whole city of Longjiang. Even three-year-old children know that many kindergartens can attend classes. Some old people and The children were sent to the refuge."

Su Ping was surprised, but did not expect Xie Jinshui to react so quickly, even the evacuation was arranged.

"Don't you just come back from the outside? What about the beast tide? I heard that there is a king beast this time!" When Tang Ruyan talked about the king beast, his eyes were slightly dignified, but when he looked at Su Ping next to him, he was speechless. Wang The beast looked a little bit in front of this guy.

"It has been resolved, there will be a feast tonight, and you will follow me at that time." Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan was dumb.


The corner of her mouth twitched slightly, this guy was the real monster.

"Solved? Was it the teacher's solution?" Zhong Lingtong next to him asked like a curious baby, with great curiosity in his eyes.

Su Ping had previously controlled the king beast to leave. With Su Ping's power, if he met a king beast-level monster, he should not be afraid.

"It's about it. I solved it with other people." Su Ping said.

Zhong Lingtong showed some respect in his eyes. Before the invasion of the monsters and beasts, the army was under pressure. The entire Longjiang was in a state of panic. Now that Su Ping had just returned, the tide of the beast was resolved. Obviously Su Ping was indispensable in this.

"In other words, didn't you go to participate in the King's League? This is only one day. Why did you come back? Did Tang deliberately come back to rescue?" Tang Ruyan asked, raising her eyebrows. She felt that with Su Ping's strength, if she competed, It is impossible to return so quickly, after all, there should be few people who are better than this monster.

"Take the first place, don't you come back and stay there for the New Year?" Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan froze.

"Take the first?" She glared slightly. "Aren't you just gone?"

"Is this number one calculated according to the length of time it is waiting?"


I'll call you Su Zui in the future.

No one will die!

Tang Ruyan was indignant.

Su Ping glanced at her, and suddenly said: "You will work hard here in the future. If you perform well, I will give you some special rewards. For example, if there is a ninth-order monster next time, I can buy it for you first, or even , Waiting for you to become a master, my mount beast can also be sold to you."

Tang Ruyan froze.

Her eyes widened and her eyes quivered, and she couldn't tell whether Su Ping was serious or just kidding.

Can King Beast sell it to her?

"Are you... kidding?" Tang Ruyan couldn't help it.

Su Ping said indifferently: "The premise is that you have to behave well and be a temporary shop assistant."

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping staring blankly. With the shop clerk she had worked here for so long, she contacted Su Ping. She felt that this guy was not kidding.

"Why...?" She lowered her head slowly.

"Employee welfare, don't think about it too much." Su Ping patted her head, then stood up and said, "Okay, I'll go home first and tell my mom."

Tang Ruyan looked at the back of his departure, biting his lower lip slightly, and the fingers on his knees were also clenched.

She is not stupid, on the contrary, she is smart and keen.

Su Ping's remarks were abrupt, and this time when Su Ping went to the royal league, the Tang family would definitely participate in the league. Su Ping would definitely meet the people of the Tang family.

It's just that she couldn't guess what happened after the meeting.

But she vaguely felt that Su Ping suddenly treated her so well, mostly related to this time going to the league.

Tang Family...

Tang Ruyan felt his heart hurt.

Once these two words were heard and spoken, they were full of pride and honor.

But now, these two words are like two knives, and every time I hear and think about it, I feel my heart is stung so hard!

The Tang family is very large, and expensive is one of the four.

However, she felt that she could not find a piece of soil where she stood.

Zhong Lingtong looked at Tang Ruyan, who was suddenly in a low mood, a little puzzled and puzzled.


Su Ping returned home, reported safety to his mother, and also told the mother that the tide was resolved.

Unexpectedly, when he said it, the mother actually said that she already knew it, and it was broadcasted on TV. It turned out that the first time the beast tide was repulsed, when Su Ping was still riding the Longze Devil Crocodile, the news was It has passed through the government and spread to various media, and at the same time, spread to Longjiang!

At the moment outside Longjiang, there was already an uproar.

Carnival everywhere!

Su Ping was a little bored when she saw that her mother had already known the matter. Then she said about the feast, and asked her if she wanted to participate. The answer was actually not going.

The reason is that he doesn't want to be on TV and he doesn't want to be too public.

Su Ping did not expect that his mother could afford such a glorious opportunity to appear. On weekdays, she and her neighbors brag about their sons and daughters. As a result, they can now be famous in Longjiang.

When Su Ping persuaded again, Li Qingru said helplessly: "You and your sister are so good-looking, I just have a light on the face in front of those neighbors. On such a big occasion, if I go, I am afraid to say the wrong thing. Its not good to smear your image."

After listening to this, Su Ping was silent.

"You won't discredit me. I raised it by you. Whatever you do, you won't discredit me!" Su Ping looked at his mother seriously and said, "And, there is no gossip that can hurt me. My son is my title, rumors can only defame ordinary people, it has no effect on me!"

At the request of Su Ping, Li Qingru finally had to agree.

That night.

The celebration banquet was held in the city hall.

All the famous media reporters gathered, and the patriarchs of the five major families were also present, including some generals who performed outstandingly in the fortifications. They also wore military uniforms and medals of honor.

This celebration feast will be broadcast live throughout the Longjiang media.

"I'm Mayor Xie Jinshui!"

Xie Jinshui came to the stage with a solemn and solemn look: "This time the beast tide invaded, with a king beast as the leader, 57 nine-tier monsters as the core charge, plus 200,000 high-level monsters, this catastrophe, Enough to overwhelm the vast majority of base cities, but we, Longjiang, hold on!"

"Not only hold on, but also successfully dispel all monsters!"

"The leader's king beast was beheaded on the spot, and the remaining ninth-order monster beasts killed 34! The rest, flee!"

Hearing Xie Jinshui, the media in the audience was silent.

Countless Longjiang citizens in front of the media, no matter how old or young, are silent at this moment.

Just these few words, they don't need to be rendered in thick colors, they can make them feel shocked!

A king beast!

57 order nine monsters!

Two hundred thousand higher monsters!

How vast and terrible this is together!

Can actually hold it!

And not long after the news broke out, in just one day, this catastrophe was defeated!

Even the leading king beast was beheaded!

"In this battle, we have many soldiers who are paying, bleeding, and even some people are buried in the British soul, and they can no longer reunite with their loved ones, they are all heroes!"

"It is their commitment to exchange our peace!"

"In this, I would also like to thank one of the most important people, it is he who killed the invading king beast for us!"

"Without his words, we may die more people, more soldiers, and no longer see our loved ones!"

"He is the owner of the small naughty shop, Mr. Su Ping!"

Xie Jinshui's impassioned voice spread throughout the audience. As his words fell, the light turned to Su Ping who had already prepared. At this moment, all the shots and the entire line of sight of Longjiang converged on Su Ping.

Su Ping was not nervous, his expression remained calm.

At the invitation of Xie Jinshui, he also took the stage.

"I just did what I was supposed to do. It was the others who held the demon beast, thanks to them." Su Ping said.

Seeing that Su Ping had finished speaking so briefly, Xie Jinshui responded quickly, and immediately accepted the words: "Mr. Su is polite, it is you who promptly responded and beheaded the king beast, so that we can expel other monsters so smoothly, this The greatest credit is yours!"

Su Ping said nothing more, just listened.

The media in the audience were shooting Su Ping.

Some people are still unfamiliar with Su Ping, while some people have known Su Ping since they were small naughty shops and the previous Elite League. At the moment, they are surprised. Except for a few customers, most people, even if they come The customers in Su Ping's shop didn't expect that Su boss, who received them every day, had the power to kill the king beast!

Xie Jinshui then said some thanks, in addition to Su Ping, but also to the five big families, as well as those soldiers who died in the battle.

Including how to settle their families, they also made a statement.

When the press conference is over, there will be a celebration feast behind.

Serve, serve!

Eat and drink!

The city hall, which has been solemn and quiet, has become extremely noisy tonight.

In the banquet hall, the patriarchs of the five major families came up to hold cups with Su Ping, and also met Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong around Su Ping, as well as Su Ping's mother.

Especially Su Ping's mother, this is Su Ping's family, Qin Duhuang and others are all greeted with a smile, it is a little difficult to get in touch with Su Ping, and it is not too obvious to please, but it is much easier to start with relatives around him .

Su Ping did not worry about exposing his mother. After all, he really wanted to deal with his people. After a little investigation, he knew his interpersonal relationships, including his mother and Su Lingyue, even when they were born, they could be investigated.

Therefore, since it is a moment of honor, it is naturally shared with relatives.

It's a pity that the old man hasn't heard the news yet, and Su Ping can't find a place to respond, so he can only wait for him to go home.

At this banquet, in addition to the senior and elite children of the five big families, there were other people who made meritorious deeds while defending the city, as well as famous people from the upper circles.

Xie Jinshui's words made everyone know Su Ping before. At the banquet, when Su Ping was busy eating, someone kept approaching and chatting, and he had to deal with it in a hurry.

After the banquet in the middle of the night, Xie Jinshui, who accompanied the guests, suddenly had a wrist communication shaking.

He glanced at it, a little surprised, and apologized to the human voice in front of him, walked aside, laid a soundproof barrier and connected the communication: "What's the matter?"

"Mayor, it's not good. In the recent C-12 area, there is another figure of the monster, and in the area B-04, I just received a message that a starry sky crack was invaded by the monster from the outside. , There are constant monsters rushing out of it, as if they are gathering..." The voice in the communicator was extremely urgent.

Xie Jinshui stunned, his face changed.

The dispelled beast tide has not completely retreated?

However, the king beast is dead.

He changed his face for a moment, raised his head, and looked through the figures. He looked at Su Ping, who was eating and drinking in the banquet hall. He was calm in his mind and immediately said: "Go and investigate now, I want the most accurate and detailed Intelligence!"

"Observe, mayor!"

The communication hangs up, but Xie Jinshui has no mood to eat and drink again, and walks across the crowd towards Su Ping.

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