Astral Pet Store Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Star Crack


Su Ping was shocked.

On this Blue Star, wilderness outside the base city where humans live is divided into different areas. There are more than 500 wilderness areas in the world.

The barren area is not suitable for human habitation.

There are two reasons for the formation of the barren area. One is the trauma caused by the outbreak of war in mankind, and the pollution of science and technology has made the land unable to live anymore.

The other is the frequent occurrence of star cracks in this area, which is an unstable zone.

The so-called star cracks are twisted gaps in space that lead to unknown mysterious places.

Some are a strange land suspended in the starry sky, with fierce beasts inside.

Some are a dead star that is not explored in the federal interstellar map, without any plants or living beings.

There is also a star that leads to the sun, which will be destroyed as soon as you enter!

In these unknown mysterious places, most of them have strong star pets. Most of the star pets on the blue star are also from the unknown world in these cracks.

The starry sky crack is like a portal to these unknown places.

In these dangerous deserted areas with star cracks, defensive fortresses are basically built, and federal troops are stationed to prevent untamed wild and ferocious beasts in these deserted areas from sneaking into the base cities inhabited by humans and slaughtering.

When the barren areas appeared, the federal government also set up targeted special departments to specifically sweep the barren areas and maintain the stability of the barren areas.

The people in this department are collectively called pioneers.

Pioneer is an extremely dangerous profession, but the same, great rewards!

Pioneers live in the base city and have a lot of benefits. There are also generous subsidies and rewards every month. In some special cases, they have the convenience of power.

For ordinary people, the best way to obtain money and power status is to join the pioneers team and become a pioneer, even if it is just ordinary pioneers, the status is higher than the soldiers. The mayor had to be politely received.


Fan Yujing saw that Su Ping was still thinking, and quickly said: "Boss, with your strength, don't you think it's too small to open a store here, our pioneer team is very short of masters like you, if you can come, all treatment Its up to you, I believe the money you make is definitely more than 100 times what you are now!"

Su Ping recovered, and said indifferently: "Sorry, not interested."

Go pioneering?

Just kidding, being able to lie down and make money comfortably, why go to such a dangerous place in the barren area to take risks?

In case of death, Xiaoming will be gone.

You know, where is the barren area, there is no guarantee at all?

In case of bad luck encountering the monster of king beast level, it is properly given.

Fan Yujing froze.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping would refuse so simply.

Isn't he scarce?

Also, it is not difficult to make money with Su Ping before abolishing the strength of his arm.

For this kind of master, perhaps only want to do challenging things.

Fan Yujing thought for a while and said, "Recently, in the barren area outside our Longjiang City base, there seem to have been some changes, there are a lot of middle and high star pets, I think this is a good exercise opportunity, you have Are you interested?"


Su Ping looked at him like a fool.

There are such dangerous changes, you still call me to go?

Are you afraid that your brain is pitted?

Do you still exercise?

I forge your uncle!

"I want to say three words." He said.

"Huh?" Fan Yujing's eyes lit up, is it my willingness?

Su Ping said with no expression: "Brother Eun."

Fan Yujing suddenly stunned.

"How do you scold people?" Fan Xiaoyu next to him reacted angrily.

Su Ping said indifferently: "Look at the goods, if you have nothing else, you can leave."

Fan Yujing looked at Su Ping's unwavering expression and smiled bitterly. He didn't expect money and challenges, and failed to arouse Su Ping's interest. His draw was ended in failure.

With a sigh, he said bitterly: "Actually, I was also helpless to invite the boss. Last night, in the barren area outside our Longjiang city base, a new starry sky crack appeared.

Our team went inside to explore, but because of the unfamiliar environment, two teammates were accidentally injured. Unfortunately, one of the beasts was also accidentally lost inside, so we can only go again as soon as possible to find Back to his beast.

However, both teammates were injured, and we couldn't find any other combat power to fill at once, so I thought of the boss. I thought the boss would be interested..."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, but nothing happened.

This matter has nothing to do with him, there is no need to blend in.


There is one thing, but it is only limited to a little sympathy.

And this sympathy is not for their team, but for the beast that was left behind in the cracks of the starry sky.

Thinking about the pet's feelings of loneliness and helplessness at the moment, Su Ping's brows deepened a little. This team's pioneering exploration is rich, they are not greedy, but the pets are innocent.

"Sorry, I can do nothing." Su Ping refused with a cold face.

Fan Yujing was a little lost and said nothing more.

Fan Xiaoyu glanced at Su Ping, but said nothing or blamed him for being cold-blooded. She knew how dangerous pioneering was, and Su Ping was normal if she didn't want to.


"Congratulations to the host for triggering the side mission to find the lost beast."

"Mission Reward: A Mysterious Skill of Forging the Body."

"Mission failed: Host score reduced by 10."

The prompt of the system suddenly appeared in my mind.

Su Ping suddenly stunned.

What triggered this?

"System, you are not mistaken, what is my strength, let me help them find the lost beast, is this not asking me to die?" Su Ping couldn't help but shouted.

The system said indifferently: "As the owner of a beast shop, anything involving the beast should not be ignored, please host to complete the task as soon as possible."

"your sister"

Su Ping couldn't say it, and he cried in his heart.

He is just a scum with a combat strength of 3.5. Let him go to the frontier. What is the difference from delivering food?

He just wanted to give up the task.


Seeing the failure punishment, he hesitated again.

When the score fails, it will be killed.

This dog system has been scoring itself!

Moreover, the task reward seems to be not small...

After ideological struggle for a long time, Su Ping gritted his teeth slightly and asked Fan Yujing in front of him: "You talk about the world in the crack of the starry sky first, and what kind of beast did you lose?"

Fan Yujing froze for a moment, his eyes lit up suddenly, and said in surprise: "Boss, are you willing to join our team?"

Su Ping said sullenly: "You answer me first."

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