Astral Pet Store Chapter 513

Chapter 513: Hidden King Beast Reinforcement Second More

"Old Qin..."

Xie Jinshui was dumbfounded. He saw a lot of knowledge and saw at a glance that this was a sign of going to heaven!

Qin Duhuang is about to break through?

Break through in battle? !

Once a breakthrough, it is legendary!

Many Qin family titles around Qin Duhuang were shocked by this scene, but then came ecstasy, and their Qin family also has legends!

Although many companions died in battle, including Patriarch Qin Feiyu, but at this moment, everyone saw that Qin Duhuang was about to break through into a legend.

Their Qin family can finally have a legend!


The dark clouds gathered, and the thunder rolled and shook, spreading everywhere.

Under the thunder cloud, the Netherwing King Snake King Beast seemed to evoke some fear memories and screamed. Instead of rushing to Qin Duhuang, he turned around and ran away.

In an instant, it rushed out from under the clouds.

And under the dark clouds of this great catastrophe, only Qin Duhuang and the Qin family were left.

Seeing the escaped King Wing Kong Snake King Beast, Qin Duhuang showed unwilling killing intent, but he didn't move. He could feel that he was locked by this day of thunder. .

"Hurry away from here!" Qin Duhuang withdrew his gaze from the Netherwing King Serpent King Beast and said immediately.

Hearing what he said, the other Qin family titles were all recovered. They also heard some secret stories about the legendary crossing of the robbery. They dare not stay here for a long time, worrying about affecting Qin Duhuang.

This is a legend that the Qin family finally hoped for!

If they fail to cross the robbery because of them, it will be the pain of all people's lives.

As the Qinjia title everyone left, the black clouds gathered faster and faster, and the thunder cloud boundary spread to the range of seven or eight miles.

In the dark clouds, thunder and light, and the strong sense of oppression, gave Qin Duhuang a feeling of facing the whole world alone.

Is this the heavenly catastrophe that the legend must go through?

He looked up and looked up.

Roar! !

In the distance, a roar suddenly sounded.

Qin Duhuang turned his head and saw that the storm and poisonous scorpion king was rushing towards here. Behind him, the mammoth giant beast had fallen to the ground without moving.

The winner?

Qin Duhuang was slightly stunned. He glanced at the Storm and Scorpion King, and he was relieved to see that there were not many scars on his body. It was unexpected that the king beast that Su Ping sold him had such a fierce combat power that it was not only dragged on. The mammoth colossus king beast can also be beheaded.

"Just right, let me go through the robbery!"

Qin Duhuang roared loudly, and he wasn't sure about his heart in the face of this catastrophe. He didn't expect there would be any hope of breakthrough in this life, and he was unprepared.


At this time, the Heaven Tribulation had been brewed, and Lei Yun reached nine miles.

With the appearance of the vortex in the thunder cloud, a thick thunder column crashed down.

Qin Duhuang roared and burst into star power. At the same time, through the energy co-harmony, he gathered part of the energy of the Storm Scorpion King, and the sword light reappeared in his hand, slashing towards the mine column.

With a loud bang, Lei Zhu burst into disintegration and turned into countless thunderbolts over Qin Duhuang.

Qin Duhuang was charged with electricity all over his body, feeling as if he was losing consciousness. He looked up, saw the second mine column fall again, and roared and waved his sword to meet him again.

boom! boom!

The thunderbolt smashed violently. Behind the second thunderbolt, there was the third thunderbolt.

Roar! !

The Storm Poison Scorpion jumped up suddenly and rushed into the Thunder Pillar, the energy of his body turned into a huge storm, and the Lightning was dissipated.

When the thunder light dissipated, Qin Duhuang's figure knelt down on his back, his hair scattered and barely supported by the sword in his hand.

And the thunderstorm continues.

"Old patriarch..."

In the distance, many Qin family titles are watching this scene nervously.

If the crossover fails, it cannot be a legend!

With more and more thunder, Qin Duhuang felt that his body was bursting and he could no longer gather his strength. He looked up reluctantly and thunder struck down.

Roar! !

A crimson figure jumped on the ground, a tyrannical fire ape beast, its body jumped high, met the mine column, and then as if hit hard, it fell heavily on the ground.

In the back is the mine column running down.

This time, there was another figure rushing up on the ground, the dragon pet.

It resembles the tyrannical fire ape and beast, Changxiao stood up and took a thunder for Qin Duhuang.

The situation of crossing the robbery here has attracted the titles of other directions on the battlefield. I cant help but wait and see. I can see the legendary crossing of the roar with my own eyes, and I will have some sense of their breakthrough in the future.

Qin Duhuang looked at the dragon pet and tyrannical fire ape that blocked Thunder Tribulation for him, his eyes were red, he growled and stood up, roaring in the sky.

boom! !

The mine column collapsed.

Qin Duhuang and the storm venomous scorpion king at his feet greeted them together.

As the last thunder column fell, the bodies of Qin Duhuang and Storm King Scorpion also fell heavily on the ground, and there were many traces of lightning burning on the body shell of Storm King Scorpion, even if it was already a king beast, there were some Can't stand the bombing of thunder this day.

Seeing the dark clouds disappear, Qin Duhuang was relieved and finally ended.

Just then, suddenly a force poured in from Thundercloud, and when he didn't react, it flowed into his body.

This is a powerful and immense force, quickly filling his limbs and bones, and the star power inside him has a boiling feeling.

Qin Duhuang was stunned and looked down at his body. The epidermis that had been previously injured by lightning was rapidly healing at the same time. At the same time, the energy that poured into his body was majestic to incredible, from all over his pores. Infiltrated, an extraordinary momentum emerged from him.


Qin Duhuang was a little shocked, is this the power of legend?

As magnificent as the sea, vast and vast, like endless!

He felt that he seemed to be able to suppress the void!

too strong!

This is the legendary realm he dreamed of!


Qin Duhuang couldn't help but roar, feeling unobstructed, and the power between heaven and earth seemed to be arbitrarily plundered.

Waiting for the recovery, his first reaction was to look at the Netherwing King Serpent King Beast in the distance, with a strong killing intention in his eyes, and immediately drove away with the Storm and Scorpion King.

The Winged King Snake King Beast saw that the Thunder Tribulation was finally over, and the fear in the snake pupil gradually disappeared. When he saw the rushing Qin Duhuang and the stormy Scorpion King he sat down, he immediately opened his mouth to growl and greeted greedily. Come up.


Two giant hurricane tornadoes were waved in the giant forceps of the storm venomous scorpion king. The tornado that swept through the world was like two wind whips, which beat against the Winged King Serpent King beast under its waving.

Qin Duhuang's eyes are boiling, and the energy in the body is coherently injected into the body of the storm poison scorpion king under his feet.


The Storm Scorpion King exploded into a super strong momentum, and his body suddenly accelerated, turning into a residual image, actually slamming directly onto the Winged Air Snake King Beast, and its huge pliers caught one of its wings, actually pulling it from midair Dragged down.

The body of the Netherwing King Serpent violently twisted, entangled with the Storm Scorpion King.

Xie Jinshui, who commanded the audience on the outer wall of the base, was also surprised when he saw the success of Qin Duhuangs robbery. At this moment, he saw that he was controlling the beast and the Winged Air Snake King beast, and they obviously had the upper hand. Immediately. Rest assured, immediately put away your mind, order other deployments, and put all the effort to procrastinate the tyrannosaurus king.

Other titles from the reinforcements saw the Qin family's wrath for many years and became a legend today, which is both shocking and inspiring, and it is a harder fight.

As long as Qin Duhuang holds down the Winged Sky Serpent King Beast, and then come back, they can work together to solve this Green Fire Dragon King!

The defense on the east side has been able to stabilize!

"There is a legend, kill it!!"

"Brothers, follow me to kill these **** beasts!"

The forces that have been reinforced one by one, their fighting spirit has become high, and the pets they summoned rushed into the battlefield to fight with all their strength.

The beast tide that has rushed into the stone forest area in the front was killed by the force. There are countless monsters and corpses lying on the ground, including corpses of fighting pets and humans.

Although the monsters suffered heavy casualties, the defensive warrior generals are also sacrificed all the time!

Monsters and beasts are originally of the same kind, but one is wild, the other is surrendered to human beings, and are human partners. At the moment of mutual fighting, corpses accumulate high and blood flows into rivers.

Xie Jinshui's command became calmer and calmer. He looked away. With the cooperation of Qin Duhuang and the Storm King of Scorpion, the Winged Air Snake King Beast had been injured many times and was completely suppressed!

"Come on, old Qin!"

Xie Jinshui shouted silently in his heart.

Just as the situation gradually stabilized, suddenly, two roars roared suddenly behind the beast tide. Then, at one of the grounds of the beast tide, the ground suddenly broke out, and a huge figure emerged from the ground, its body A hundred miles away, like a giant giant centipede.

As soon as the super giant centipede appeared, he threw the two titles around him, and soon screamed.

The pets controlled by the two titles also stopped fighting, and stood in a daze in the beast tide, seeming to be a little confused. This is what the master died after the contract was lifted.

Everyone on the battlefield was discolored.

Xie Jinshui shrank his pupils, his face showing horror.

Is it king beast again? !

And two more? ! !

The five king beasts detected in the previous information are all in the east? !

This is impossible!

Or is this a king beast that was not detected before? !

Xie Jinshui was so shocked that he could not speak, and his body was shaking, both angry and frightened.

Other titles that rushed into the battlefield were also shocked by this scene, and they were a bit ignorant.

Right now, all of them are holding a green fire tyrannosaurus king. How can I fight this!

Many generals showed despair.

In the distance, many Qin family titles that retreated from the front to help stop the beast tide were also dumbfounded, with a desperate look in their eyes.

Although Qin Duhuang has just broken through into a legend, he can't stop so many king beasts!

The five king beasts are all in the east. How is this possible!

Didn't it say that there are king beasts in the north?

Qin Duhuang, who was fighting with the Netherwing King Snake King Beast, was also shocked by these two roars, and his pores contracted suddenly, and he turned around and looked at him horrifiedly.

"This is impossible"

He couldn't help shouting.

After Xie Jinshui froze on the outer wall of the base, he suddenly reacted. He quickly took out his newsletter and asked about the defense of the other side.

If there is no king beast on the other side, he will directly send their guard force over to defend!

"General Lin, how about the north?"

"Go back, Mayor, there are... there are three beasts!"


The communicator fell to the ground.

Xie Jinshui was completely dumbfounded, his brain buzzing.

There are three king beasts in the north?

There are five of them here, isn't this... eight? !

Moreover, he has not asked about the south and west!

"Why, how could there be so many king beasts?" Xie Jinshui collapsed.

The eight king beasts, plus the other shore, this will be easily leveled even in other top base cities!

Why do so many king beasts attack Longjiang? !

He couldn't figure it out, he couldn't understand it!

Longjiang is just an ordinary second-rate base city!

Why attract so many king beasts to attack?


Roar! !

When Xie Jinshui collapsed in despair, with the addition of the two king beasts on the battlefield, the beast tide that had slowed down the previous momentum once again issued a strong impact.

The two king beasts are like two tanks, driving in front.

The titles and their ninth-order battle pets are in front of the king beast, there is no power to block them. These titles are all coming from all directions to reinforce, they are not familiar with each other, and they cannot form a mysterious array like the Qin family. Facing the king beast alone is like a mayfly shaking a tree, and immediately a title is killed by the king beast one after another!

Under the charge of the two king beasts, all titles are retreating while fighting, and they cannot be stopped!

In the distance, Qin Duhuang saw this scene and was very anxious. He wanted to rush for reinforcements, but although the Netherwing Snake King Beast in front of him was suppressed, it could not be solved for a while. This is after all a king beast, not If you can kill it in a random way, the vitality of it will take a lot of time to solve.


Just as everyone was desperate, the ground behind the outer wall of the base shook suddenly.

The whole earth is shaking and the outer walls are shaking!

Many of the darling masters who reinforced Longjiang looked in horror, and saw a huge figure sprinting out. Its huge body and fierce breath are another king beast!

"The king beast has... broke the base?"

Many people have such thoughts in their minds and despair in an instant.

But at the next moment, this huge figure suddenly jumped from the ground, a rock pillar held its body, flew over the outer wall, and jumped into the battlefield on the outer wall of the base.

"...Boss Su?"

Seeing this king beast, Xie Jinshui in despair was stunned.

This is Suping's king beast mount!

The other Qin family titles and the city government's title were also recognized. They were all stunned, and then they showed ecstasy in their eyes. Is Su Ping's reinforcement coming? !

They immediately searched for Su Ping's figure on the king beast, but they couldn't find it.


At this moment, the communication that Xie Jinshui had just dropped sounded.

Xie Jinshui quickly picked it up and saw that the communication number was Su Ping.

"Mayor, I just heard from your intelligence staff that there are three king beasts in the east. I'm afraid you will lose. I sent my mount to it. Has it arrived now?"

In the communication, Su Ping's voice was solemn.

Xie Jinshui's heart turned hot. When the three-headed king beast appeared before, Su Ping sent his beast to come, but he couldn't arrive in time because of the rush.

It is estimated that Su Ping does not know at the moment, the east is not a three-headed king beast, but five!

However, Xie Jinshui did not say this to Su Ping. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and took a deep breath, saying: "Thank you Boss Su, it just arrived, Lao Qin Gang broke into a legend, plus your favorite pet, Hopefully hold on!"


At the other end of the communication, Su Ping, who was sitting in a small naughty shop, was stunned.

It was unexpected that Qin Duhuang would actually break through.

However, if he breaks through, wouldn't he be able to control the beast of the virtual cave realm?

Thinking of this, Su Ping's eyes brightened, and he had a virtual cave realm king in his hand!

However, he couldnt move the beast to the outer wall of the base, and he could only let Qin Duhuang come to the store to buy it. Can also take the time to let him rush to buy the contract.

"When the situation in your east defense stabilizes, if the Qin patriarch can pull away, let him visit my shop, and I will give him another king beast." Su Ping said immediately.

Xie Jinshui froze.

Give another king beast?

Su Ping still has King Beast in his hand? !

Xie Jinshui shook his heart, reacted and immediately agreed to Qin Duhuang.

Waiting for the communication to hang up, the Longze Devil Crocodile that jumped into the outer wall of the base made a loud roar, and stepped directly on the tide to meet the two king beasts.

The three-headed king beast immediately fought together, and a terrifying battle broke out.

Earth movement, storm, and the sky is falling apart!

In the battle of the Three-Headed King Beast, various legendary skills are released, and the destructive power to the surroundings is extremely great. Other beast tides are not afraid to come close. Wherever the Three-Headed King Beast battles, there will be a large space.

In the distance, Qin Duhuang saw the Longze Devil Crocodile King Beast, and he was stunned, and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Soon, he discovered that the Longze Devil Crocodile King Beast was extremely terrible. In a dozen or two situations, It actually took the upper hand!

There is also a gap between king beasts.

Qin Duhuang had not seen it before, but at the moment, it was a little horrified.

This king beast is much more powerful than his storm poison scorpion king!

too strong!

This is Su Ping's mount? !

The other reinforcements and the generals of the city government were also shocked by this king beast. After seeing its battle, they realized that it was the reinforcements coming.

Some Longjiang darling teachers have heard some rumors and vaguely guessed their identity, while those who reinforced Longjiang were shocked.

I thought Longjiang was running out of water, but I didn't expect that at this juncture, I was still hiding behind!

Whose king beast is this?

Obviously it was not Qin Duhuang who had just become a legend, otherwise he was directly summoned.

Is there a legend sitting in Longjiang? !

With this in mind, some pet lovers who retreated because of despair ignited their fighting spirit again in their eyes.


kill! !

The screaming roars were connected together, and as the Longze Demon Crocodile Beast suppressed the two king beasts, the morale of the other people rose again, and the unprecedented excitement, all the titles rushed into the beast tide again and kept hacking.


In the base city, in a small naughty shop.

Su Ping sat in the shop with Tang Ruyan, Zhong Lingtong and others. Next to him, he was an old clan of the Zhong family.

Of the three clan elders from the Zhong family, two have already rushed to the outer wall of the base to join the war. The remaining one, staying in the shop, to be precise, stayed with Zhong Lingtong.

To prevent Longjiang from being breached, you can take Zhong Lingtong away in a timely and tough manner.

Beside them, there are a bunch of instruments and several city government intelligence personnel.

Once the presence of the other side is monitored, these intelligence personnel will immediately notify Su Ping.

Through these intelligence personnel, Su Ping was also aware of the current front-line battle reports in various places. When the three-headed king beast appeared in the east, he directly ordered the dragon beast crocodile beast and asked it to rush for reinforcements.

After talking to the old Xie Tong, from the intelligence staff, Su Ping knew that there were two more king beasts in the east!

"There are three in the north, five in the east, two in the west, and one in the south!"

Su Ping looked somber.

The air in the entire store is frozen.

Very silent.

Several intelligence personnel were also desperate.

The old Zhong family was so frightened that it seemed difficult to breathe.

So far, eleven king beasts have appeared!

The most terrifying other side has not yet appeared!

The king beasts that appear now are more than double the number they have previously detected!

What is the concept of the eleven-headed beast, even the top base city has to find a way to move away and transfer, without two or three legends, it is impossible to keep it!

And it must be an old legend. If it is a new legend like Qin Duhuang, it wont work!

After all, the new legend has no foundation, there are not many king-level beasts, and the old legends are different. Some legends with stronger backgrounds have already replaced their own beasts with king beasts!

A legend can sign ten pets!

An old legend with a strong enough background can control ten king beasts, plus himself, to be able to withstand the situation in front of him!

"There is Grandpa Qin in the east, and if it just breaks into a legend, with the Storm King of Scorpion, plus the long-term dragon crocodile beast, it is also counted as three legendary combat powers. Not a problem..."

Su Ping took a deep breath and waved his arm, calling for a vortex to appear.

The figure of the dark dragon dog jumped out from inside. Su Ping glanced at it with some hesitation, but in the end it was still determined: "You go to the north, help the Ye family."

Through the idea of a contract, the dark dragon dog realized Su Ping's meaning, and Wang Di screamed, which was a promise.

Su Ping touched its head and let it set off immediately.

Sending the dark dragon dog, Su Ping is also a last resort. With the fighting strength of the Ye family, it is difficult to guard the three-headed king beast in the north!

Although they also bought a king beast, it was only a king beast with a medium sea, not too strong. In battle, it would contain at most one king beast, and it would take time to win or lose. The other two king beasts, just Enough to let the other defensive forces on the north end.

The reason is that the dark dragon dog, rather than the purgatory candle dragon beast, Su Ping is still a bit selfish after all.

He was worried that if they were not around, they would be in trouble.

Su Ping is not worried about Longze Magic Crocodile.

But the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is also just a king beast, and it belongs to the middle and low Hanhai King Beast. Without his care, he is worried that he will be killed by other king beasts.

Only the dark dragon dog, Su Ping is more at ease, it has a unique ability to escape, and a defensive skills, may not be able to kill the enemy, but will definitely protect themselves!


Happy Zongzi Festival~~!

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