Astral Pet Store Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Shot From The Other Side

Roar! !

The purgatory candle dragon beast roared, and the whole purgatory flame swept out, melting the surrounding ground, and being in a world of fire.

In this burning and molten lava ground, suddenly a group of undead puppets all covered with burning flames, these puppets are all energy bodies, formed by condensing the dead souls ingested around the battlefield.

As a dragon beast, the infernal candle dragon beast has released the demon skills at the moment, and it is not pure demon skills. These puppets have been transformed into dragon flames, and their combat power has doubled!

Some of the undead were like skeletons, some were like monsters and beasts, and some were like dragons and beasts. After struggling to climb out of the sea of fire at the moment, they all roared and rushed towards the four-winged demon.

This four-winged demon was a little shocked. I didn't expect a purgatory candle dragon beast to be able to block its attack. What's more, this dragon beast could still have demon skills!

After being shocked, it quickly reacted and immediately killed with a sword.


The rich dark energy is gushing out, and it will summon the gathered undead puppets of the purgatory candle dragon beast, do whatever it takes to become its servant!

Unleashing the demon skills in front of this pure demon is simply an axe!

Just as its dark plundering energy rushed to these undead puppets, suddenly, a violent burning sensation passed along the energy, and the dark energy around him suddenly shrank.

Shocked in the bloodthirsty eyes of the four-winged demon, the flames on the surface of these puppets could actually burn its energy? !

What degree of flame is this? !

When the skills of the four-winged demon failed, the surrounding dragon flame undead puppets have rushed forward and succeeded. At the same time, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast also brewed another skill, gathering flames on it, constantly compressing, and in flames There is a dragon in Zhongyin.

The four-winged demon felt a dangerous breath, and became more and more angry, waving his sword to the dragon flame puppets who greeted him.

Puff puff!

Plots of dragon flame puppets were slain and killed, but at the same time, the purgatory flame on his body was like a broken spark, splashing on the four-winged demon, letting it be suppressed with energy, it could not be extinguished for a while!

On the other side, Su Ping, who was about to come to help, suddenly changed his face slightly and turned to look at another place.

Another king beast beside that shore also rushed over at the moment. This is a plant-like beast, like a giant tree, but the lower body is countless twisted vines, rolling like a jungle, although the speed Not very fast, but it is huge and exudes intense energy pressure.

Su Ping can only hand these four-winged demons to the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and turn back to meet the King of the Plants.

While facing the battle, most of his attention is still on the other side of the distance.

The other side stood there quietly, without any movement, just the body like a petal, swaying slightly, emitting a nasty smell.

Roar! !

Suddenly, another roar came from behind.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and he saw the giant tiger king beast that had been punched down the outer wall by his punch. He also awakened at the moment. The previous punch failed to kill him, but stunned him.

At this moment, this giant tiger king beast woke up and immediately aimed at Su Ping, snarling at him with an angry roar.

After hitting back and forth, Su Ping's face was gloomy, but he didn't panic. Relying on the life-saving secret of the old dragon king, he was almost a slapstick and didn't need to worry about being injured.

The breath of these two king beasts is not a king beast of the virtual cave realm, which can't cause damage to him.


Su Ping ignored the giant tiger beast behind him, but faced the plant king beast to kill.

He no longer summoned other beasts, whether it was Ziqing Gun Python, or another low-level abyss star zerg that he had subdued, they were not enough to look at in front of the king beast, and were likely to be instantaneously killed!

Although the fighting power of Ziqing Gun Python is also the ninth order limit, but the difference between the king beast and the ninth order limit is ten times!

Did not reach the king level, no resistance.

Unless it is like the two dogs, specializing in defense, it can barely resist the attack of monsters above its own level, but it is also very barely.


A bunch of vines burst into the air.

Su Ping burst into thunder and his body suddenly split into seven!

High Ray Skill, Ray Shadow Afterimage!

However, unlike the general image of Lei Ying, the number of Su Ping divisions is not two, but seven!

This is due to his pure energy after the baptism of the Heavenly Tribulation, and countless times of exercise. At this moment, it is divided into seven, and it is quickly rushing through the vines. His eyes turn into a purple, and there is a thunderbolt inside, and there is a thunderbolt in his pupil. The symbol, this is the ninth order thunder, the eye of Thor!

Can slow down the speed of objects ten times!

With the eyes of Thor, even the ninth-order monster beast can see the movement of the king beast!

It's just that even though most of the ninth-order thunder beasts master this skill, it's difficult to get out in front of the king beast, because they can't hide it when they see it.

Lei go!

All seven Su Ping exhibited the Thunder Walk skill. This is an enhanced version of Thunder Walk, which allowed Su Ping's speed to explode to the extreme. It easily escaped the attack of the Plant King Beast and, like seven fleas, instantly approached it. Around.

In an instant, seven Su Ping punched at the same time.

A brilliant light burst out on the fist!

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom!

Seven magical demon fists slammed down, and in various parts of the body of this plant king beast, in an instant, the vines were broken and the bark burst [Biquge www.biquger.info], with dark green plasma splashing inside Shoot out.

The king beast of the plant system screamed, and his body seemed to fall.

But at this moment, Su Ping's pupils shrank and hurriedly shrank.


Numerous vines suddenly broke out on the ground, rising into the sky, forming a forest prison net, and covering Su Ping inside.

At the same time, where the king beast of the plant department was injured by Su Ping, the blood and flesh healed quickly, and he recovered again in an instant.

hiss! !

The king beast of the plant department made an angry and sharp cry, and sharp thorns suddenly appeared on the prison vines covering Su Ping, like countless spears, blocking all the space inside!

Even a mosquito will be shot!


All the dark stinger spears fired suddenly, filling the entire prison net.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

A stinging spear broke suddenly, and Su Ping shone with golden light outside his body, protecting him from injury.

Although there is no danger, this scene still makes Su Ping a little shocked. He still has some gaps with the king beast, and although this plant-based king beast is not in a virtual cave realm, it is definitely superior in the vast sea. level!

"After all, it's only Tier 7. If I'm a title level, I might be able to defeat it head-on!" Su Ping secretly gritted his teeth. After all, his strength was still weaker. Even the strongest Demon Demon Fist could not kill this plant. Wang Beast, the vitality of this thing is too tenacious. With his attack power, he can't be killed directly!

Su Ping felt weak, but at this moment he did not retreat to discourage him!

If you can't die once, then ten times, one hundred times!


Su Ping snarled, and the star power in the body exploded again, slamming with the demon **** fist, crushing the prison net, rushing out of the cage, stepping on the thunderbolt, and continuing to kill the king of the plant series!

The king beast of the plant department was shocked when he saw Su Ping rushing out. It seemed that he had not been able to rush out of its lore skills.

Seeing him kill, he suddenly screamed angrily, and the ground around it suddenly collapsed. At the same time, Su Ping felt a strong force pulling his body and falling towards the ground.

It's gravity!

Su Ping's face changed slightly, this is the ability that the plant-based king beast could have, and the plant-based king beast clearly realized it in front of him.

In this field of gravity, Su Ping felt that even with the thunder away, the speed became extremely slow.

He carried a giant mountain on his back, which was difficult to accelerate.


The king beast of the plant department again waved countless vine whips and whipped towards Su Ping.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Su Ping was unable to dodge, letting the vines whip, and the golden light on the surface of his body resisted all these vines, but his body was flicked out.


The giant tiger king beast chasing from behind suddenly roared and swallowed Su Ping with his mouth open!

While biting, there was a dark flame burning in its mouth, enough to bomb Su Ping in his mouth!

Roar! !

On the other side, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast happened to see this scene, a pair of dragon eyes suddenly blood red, and a deafening roar suddenly broke out, and the flame on his body skyrocketed like a pillar of smoke, and turned and rushed towards the giant tiger king beast at full speed.


A sword gas chopped down on its side, and the four-winged demon chased from behind, slashing a dark sword gas.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The back of the purgatory candle dragon beast was bombarded with sword gas, and the golden light on the scales was a little sad, and there was a wound, but regardless of it, it still rushed towards the giant tiger king beast.

Seeing the crazy momentum of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, the Giant Tiger Beast was scared and wanted to retreat, but soon stopped, it suddenly remembered that it was the King Beast, and this Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, although it is a rare dragon beast , But it's just a rare dragon pet at the title level. No matter how rare it is, it's only of the ninth blood.

In front of the king beast, the ninth rank bloodline is low and worth mentioning.

Was you actually scared by a ninth-order bloodline?

The giant tiger king beast also reacted with anger, and immediately roared towards the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Just as it was about to approach the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, suddenly, its body suddenly went out of balance, rolling forward, and then suddenly there was a sound of thunder and thunder in its body. After several consecutive sounds, suddenly, with a bang, its Suddenly the body burst apart, split apart!


Su Ping's figure rose from the inside, bathed in blood and covered with visceral debris.

Seeing Su Ping coming out of trouble, Mu Beihai and Liu Tianzong, who had just fallen into despair on the outer wall of the base, were all wide-eyed. Those titles that had been reinforced were also dumbfounded. Su Ping was swallowed by the king beast. , Actually still alive!

Moreover, this giant tiger is completely dead this time!

Su Ping reached out his hand and wiped the flesh and blood from his face. The world in front of him became **** and brutal. He looked at the plant king beast who had charged, and roared and rushed to kill it again!

On the other side, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast saw Su Ping appear, somewhat stunned, and his body quickly slowed down. At this time, the four-winged demon behind it quickly approached, and several consecutive sword qi cut at its neck and neck, He cut the head of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast to the ground, but soon, it climbed up again.

Roar! !

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast roared angrily, suddenly turned his head, staring at the four-winged demon.

Its flames flickered and flew towards it.

Exterior wall.


Mu Beihai saw that Su Ping was not dead, and felt that she was returning to heaven from despair. She was so surprised that she couldn't help but burst into roar!

Liu Tianzong next to him also exploded into star power once again, rushing to the beast tide of the hole gap, slashing and killing!

kill! !

Seeing that Su Ping was not dead, the morale of all the soldiers recovered a lot, and the battle with the beast tide became more intense.

On the other side, Su Ping is also inseparable from this king of the plant, the other party cannot hurt him, and his attack power cannot directly bomb the king of the plant. The other party is too huge. If Su Ping's Demon God fist practiced to the second level, there might be a chance to kill.

But he has only recently stepped into the first floor and has not touched the threshold of the second floor.

kill! kill!

Su Ping fists wildly.

In punching again and again, he felt his own limit more and more.

This limit includes star power, physical strength, and boxing power limit.


Even stronger!

Su Ping poured the power of roar into his fist.

boom! !

With a punch, the huge fist shadow roared, and the main pole of the plant-type king beast hit a hole of seven or eight meters, and the blood flowed across, but did not wait for Su Ping to pursue it again. This plant-type king beast's vines quickly Intertwined, lay a thick vine shield in front of the wound to prevent Su Ping from continuing to attack.

Su Ping was a little unwilling, but his body was a bit weak. He took out a pot of medicine in the storage space and quickly took it. This is the material distributed to each soldier. He also asked for some, that is, to prevent star power consumption in the battle. At the moment, when it really comes in handy.

However, this can make the A-level potion that the title level fills up all the star power. After he takes it, it only supplements half of his star power.

Su Ping had to take out another tube and wait for the star power to return to full, and he felt a lot of energy back.


At this moment, a roar came suddenly from the distance, the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Su Ping was shocked and hurriedly looked around.

I saw that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast actually grabbed the four-winged demon and took a bite of the dragon to headshot it!

Blood was sprayed, and the wings of this four-winged demon were torn off!

The purgatory candle dragon beast has already divided the victory and defeat!

Su Ping was shocked and happy, but did not expect that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast performed so well.

Although this four-winged demon king beast is not as good as this plant-based king beast, it is also about the middle of the Hanhai realm. In terms of combat power, it may even be slightly better than the purgatory candle dragon beast. I did not expect to be killed by it!

After looking at the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping found that it also had some scars on his body, but the injury was not too heavy. Although the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast was not like the two dogs, majoring in defensive skills, but a dragon scale was also Su Ping in In all kinds of dangerous environments, it is extremely hard, and with its own dragon body, it can easily hold most of the ninth-level skills.

Su Ping immediately called it over and prepared to work together to solve this king of beasts.

Receiving Su Ping's idea, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast tore the body of the four-winged demon, threw it under his feet and trampled into meat, and then rushed towards Su Ping.

The beast tide around, made every concession, and dared not fight it.

At this moment, besides its terrible dragon spirit, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is also stained with the blood of the four-winged demon, just like the evil dragon stepping out of the abyss!

Suddenly, Su Ping's face changed suddenly when the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast rushed, and the whole body of lightning suddenly exploded. The whole person seemed to turn into a thunderbolt, blinking instantaneously.


A dark red beam suddenly penetrated the position where he stood.

There is a bottomless hole in the ground shot by this beam!

Su Ping's pupils contracted slightly, and he looked up, and saw the distant shore. At that moment, the petals around the body suddenly stretched out, and a huge one-eyed rose from the stamen inside.

This one-eyed eye is seven or eight meters huge, bloody, and there is no emotion in the pupil, looking down on the entire battlefield indifferently.

Su Ping could feel that this one-eyed stared at him at the moment.

Has there been no movement on the other side, is it finally going to join the war at this moment?

Su Ping glanced at the hole pierced through the ground, his face slightly changed, he turned to look at the outer wall, where countless soldiers, including Mu Beihai and others, were fighting with the beast tide.

You can see monsters all the time, falling down with the pet master, and the body split.

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