Astral Pet Store Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Communication

Su Ping gritted his teeth slightly, retracted his gaze, and turned his back to the outer wall of the base, and all the pet masters on the outer wall, his eyes looked deeply towards the other shore.

A thought came out, and Su Ping let the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast on the other side face the King of the Plants, and did not seek to defeat, only to be able to contain it.

This other side can only be blocked by him.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is currently only level seven. Although the combat power reaches the middle of the Hanhai Realm, there is no combat power in front of the other shore, and he relies on the secret treasure of the old dragon king, and he has a bit of self-preservation.


Su Ping's killing intention was firm in his eyes, and his body suddenly burst into thunder. His eyes turned into the eyes of Thor, capturing his every move on the other shore, and his body stepped on the sky to approach quickly, preparing to attract the attention of this other shore first, and wait for it to anger it After that, he used himself as bait to lead him to the store.

Only in this way can we kill!

Roar! !

After receiving Su Ping's Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, he glanced at Su Ping's back, and finally succumbed to the repression of the contract. He had to obey Su Ping's will and rushed to the plant-based king beast.

Su Ping can no longer be distracted to command the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, and all his mind is concentrated on the other bank in front of him.


Suddenly, in the blood pupils erected on the other bank, the color changed slightly, Su Ping's face changed suddenly, his body split in two, and he rushed to the left and right.


A dark beam emerged from the **** vertical pupil, bursting through Su Ping, and its figure disappeared.

The afterimage is hit!

On the other side, Su Ping was a little shocked, too fast, even if his golden black **** demon body made his vision comparable to the ninth-order extreme monster, and then cooperated with the pupil of Thor, he could only barely dodge.

Thor's Arrow!

The star power surged inside Su Ping, his hands were pulled apart, and his fingertips thunder and lightning flew, instantly forming an extremely wild thunder bow, a thunderbolt arrow was condensed inside, Su Ping aimed at the vertical pupil of the other shore, and shot Out.


Thunderbolt popped out instantly, bursting into popping sounds, and instantly reached the other shore.

But at the next moment, Thunderbolt was blocked by a dark red transparent energy cover before it hit the vertical pupil, and burst.

The scattered thunder and lightning flew across the dark red energy hood, dissipating in a blink of an eye.

Su Ping's gloomy eyes, as he expected, had no effect. After all, it was only a ninth-level skill.

At this moment, the red light on the other bank's vertical pupil suddenly became bright, and in an instant, dozens of dark beams spurted out.

Su Ping's face changed slightly.


His body flickered rapidly, and a faint afterimage appeared, but as soon as the afterimage appeared, he was penetrated by the dark beam, and he himself was caught up by the remaining dark beam.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Successive concussive forces appeared on the front, Su Ping could not feel the pain, the attack was resisted by the treasure, but the impact of the attack caused Su Ping to be unable to control his body and was hit **** the ground.


Su Ping rose again.

But the other shore didn't attack again, a pair of indifferent and emotionless vertical pupils, seemed to turn slightly, staring at Su Ping.

Su Ping didn't stop, he just wanted to anger the other side and let it chase himself, so that he could plan success.

Ten Thunder Prison!

A thunder column appeared over the other shore, and suddenly fell down, turning into countless thunder snakes.

However, the dark red energy shield hidden outside the other shore appeared again, and resisting this mine column had no effect.

Su Ping's face was gloomy, and the other shore was most likely destiny. In that case, even with the treasures of the old dragon king, he would be in danger of life!

"Different humans... Why do you have the breath of stars?"

Suddenly, a cold but distorted voice appeared in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping was startled.

The voice is...other side?

At this moment, Su Ping couldn't think of anything other than the other side in front of him who could hear the sound directly in the sea.

His mental strength is very powerful, comparable to the top of the ninth order, only Wang Beast can directly break through his knowledge and transmit sound in his mind.

Now that he can communicate, Su Ping has raised some expectations in his heart: "You are the other side? Why should you attack here, can you stop the truce, I can give you something else to compensate."

He knew that what he said at the moment was a bit naive.

But to these monsters, it is better to say it directly. Anyway, for the other side, attacking the Longjiang is nothing more than hunting for food. There is no difference between eating people and eating monsters. Su Ping can satisfy his appetite in other ways.


"You low-lying people are still as funny as ever. Give a little hope and immediately show a humble gesture."

The voice with a high attitude, said with a slight sneer at the moment.

Su Ping's face changed slightly.

Obviously, this voice is from the other side, and this has been equivalent to admitting it.

Moreover, while speaking at the moment, he saw that the other shore did not attack again.

"If you want to eat, I can take you to other places to make you eat. You can eat whatever you want, even the piles of king beasts, if you need something else, I can also be satisfied!"

Su Ping continued: "Trust me, no matter which option you choose, it's better than a massacre like you."

"Interesting human."

The other shore did not answer Su Ping's words, but slowly and reasonably said: "I can feel that your star power cultivation is only at the level of 7th order, and it is less than the 9th order. With this kind of cultivation, it can break out comparable to the king beast. Fighting power, you should be the strangest human being I have seen in two thousand years."

Su Ping felt a shock, two thousand years?

Human beings want to live for two thousand years, they must have a destiny to cultivate their behavior!

But the words of the demon beast vary from race to race, and some races are only king beasts of the Hanhai Realm, and they can live for thousands of years.

In front of the other side, I lived a full two thousand years. No matter what its cultivation is, two thousand years is an extremely long and terrifying time.

"There are a lot of secrets in you, a human being. I was going to kill you. Now it seems that it is more interesting to catch you alive than to kill you." Bi An said softly, with a bit of evil charm in his voice.

Hearing this, Su Ping's complexion changed, and he saw that the vertical pupil of the other bank was shrinking slightly again, which was a sign of activating his skills.

In Su Ping's heart, he did not know whether to fear or to be happy. The nature of fear was his own life's safety. What he liked was that his success had also attracted the attention of the other side.

The next step is to escape!

Run away with all your strength!


Without saying anything, Su Ping turned around and ran.

Since the other shore wanted to catch him alive, he ran hard and led it away.


When Su Ping's figure just moved, all of a sudden, it was extremely red, and the vines all over the thorns suddenly sprang out of the ground, very thick, and seemed to have an endless length, winding around Su Ping.


Su Ping growled in his heart, and all the strength in his body erupted at the moment. He hated not to grow a few legs and rushed directly to the outer wall of the base.

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