Astral Pet Store Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Up To Nine

"it is good!"

Fan Yujing's eyes immediately became serious, "The world inside the starry sky crack is a habitable world, suspended in an unknown star field outside the interstellar chart. As for whether it is land or a planet, it is not yet Know.

In this, there are a large number of indigenous star pets. These star pets are mostly devils, and they are extremely aggressive. From the perspective of the current entrance, they are generally low and medium star pets, but our team explores the depth of the area. , But met a lot of middle and high-level beasts.

Among them, the strongest star pet encountered was an eighth-order ghost flame dragon. Fortunately, it was detected by us in time and avoided in advance. "

Speaking of which, Fan Yujing suddenly realized that he had said too much. The eighth-order Youyan Bone Dragon was not a mess. Even though Su Ping was very strong, he was only in his early twenties. The eighth-order star pet game.

He glanced at Su Ping's expression secretly, but unexpectedly, he didn't see any dignified color on Su Ping's face.

"How deep is the depth area you entered?" Su Ping looked at him directly.

Fan Yujing said: "At present, we have not yet explored all the areas, and we do not know how vast the world is. The so-called depth area is only relative, but from the information detected by our instruments, we should be close to The inner layer of this world.

According to our previous exploration experience, there are more than one eighth-order star pets living in this world, and there should be a greater probability that there is a ninth-order star pet! "

He told the truth completely.


He knew that if he said this, it might dispel Su Ping's interest. After all, the ninth-order star pet is already the strongest star pet under the king, even the first-class team among their pioneers is a matter of change!

"Rank nine?"

Su Ping narrowed his eyes.

The only ones who can subdue the ninth-order star pets are the title war pet masters, and the title war pet masters are numbered in the entire Longjiang base city.

However, this is not what he cares about most. He asked: "Is the highest level nine, is there a possibility of a king beast?"

If the ninth order star pet is a bomb, then the king beast is a small nuclear bomb, and the gap is the difference between cloud and mud!

A king beast can even destroy more than half of the base city!

"King Beast?" Fan Yujing's face changed slightly, and for people like them walking on the verge of life and death, these two words are very taboo.

Seeing Su Ping's dignified appearance, Fan Yujing quickly shook his head, "Impossible, according to the food chain guidelines, if there is a king beast, then the number of eighth-order star pets and ninth-order star pets in it will be far more than found now. More than that, otherwise the king beast is not enough to eat, unless that is the herbivorous king beast.

However, this world is extremely dead, and there are almost no herbivorous star pets, let alone grow into a king beast. "

Su Ping stared at him, nodded slightly, and asked, "How is the strength of your team?"

Fan Yujing said: "Our pioneer team is a group of five, not counting my two injured teammates, the current combat strength is me and the captain, and there is another team member, I am a sixth-order median pet favorite , My strongest star pet is the seventh order lower rank.

Our captain has the strongest strength. He is a Tier VII senior pet strategist. He has an Tier VIII star pet. However, it is incomparable with a demon star pet like a flame bone dragon, and the other companion has the same strength as me. "

"So, the highest combat power barely reaches the eighth order?" Su Ping frowned.

This is too weak.

Not to mention the encounter with the king beast, even in front of the ninth-order star pet, there is no resistance.

Even a stronger eighth-order star pet can make them extinct!

Seeing Su Ping's dissatisfaction and disgust over his words, Fan Yujing was stunned, slightly embarrassed.

In fact, he was very proud when he said it. After all, they were considered to be mid-stream teams that could explore the star cracks, and most of the pioneer teams could only be explored in the third-tier barren areas opened up on Blue Star.

Fan Xiaoyu, next to him, was annoyed to see that his brother was abandoned. In her mind, from young to old, his brother was a genius ahead of others!

In the academy, there are great characters. After leaving the academy, they have achieved their current strength and status in just a few years, and they have become a second-class team. It has a promising future!

But now it is rejected!


If she hadnt thought that Su Ping could easily break off her brothers arm, she would sneer at the spot, but the world spoke with strength. Although she was dissatisfied with Su Pings attitude, she had to admit that this abominable boss was older than her. Brother's stronger genius, moreover, is a weird genius!

At a young age, I ran here to open a pension and open a store, not to go to the wilderness to fight to improve, it is a waste of talent!

Su Ping ignored the two's reactions and frowned, thinking about the risks of this trip.

"System, are there any life-saving props?" Su Ping asked silently.

System: "None."

Times Olympics!

This dog system cannot be expected.

Su Ping gritted his teeth.

Although encountering the ninth order star pet is the worst and worst case, it has to be guarded against.

Both Fan Yujing and Fan Xiaoyu did not speak, waiting quietly for Su Ping's answer. After all, Pioneer was not a joke of every family, it would be dead!

After a long time, the light in Su Ping's eyes gradually calmed down. He looked up at the brothers and sisters and asked, "Do you want to buy something?"


The siblings' eyes were full of hope, and they almost burst out of blood.

Is your mind going back?

Have you said so much in co-authoring? !

"Old, boss..." Fan Yujing's mouth twitched slightly.

Su Pingdao: "Don't get me wrong, I will go, but before you go, do you want to buy something first?"

"Huh?" Fan Yujing suddenly stunned, opened his eyes, said in surprise: "Are you really willing to help?"

Su Ping nodded slightly and said again: "Let's pick something first. The goods in this shop are all quality-guaranteed. You know, uh, try to buy more expensive ones. Why don't you keep the money?"

Although pleasantly surprised, when I heard Su Ping's words, both brothers and sisters were in a daze.

However, they did want to buy something more when they came over this time. Seeing that Su Ping agreed to go to the frontier, they also felt relieved and picked it up on the container.

"Huh? This..." Fan Yujing's eyes suddenly saw a pale white lotus, and when he saw the price, he was amazed. "One, one hundred and two hundred thousand?"

Su Ping's eyes brightened, "Want to buy?"

Fan Yujing stunned.

Is this money snatching?

Even at the speed with which their pioneers make money, it's a bit difficult to make millions.

"Why is this... used?" Fan Yujing couldn't help but ask, the last time the spiritual treasure, which was known to enhance consciousness, was only sold for 20,000, but this time it was sixty times higher? !

Su Ping said with a smile: "Let the advanced undead beasts be directly promoted to first order. If you have a ninth order undead beast, there is a 5% chance that it will become a king beast."

The brother and sister were dumbfounded.

Let advanced pet beasts advance directly?

And it also allows the beast of the ninth order peak to break through to become a king beast? !

Such a treasure, even the well-known Fan Yujing, has only been heard in rumors, but never seen it. He only listened to the rumors. Is it actually sold here? !

"Do you want to buy it?" Su Ping urged.

Fan Yujing recovered, his mouth twitched slightly, and he smiled and said: "This, we have not concluded the undead beast, so don't buy it."

Su Ping suddenly lost his face.

Don't buy and laugh at you MB!

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