Astral Pet Store Chapter 520

Chapter 520: Turning Away From The Master..will Never Fall Second More

The void in the void, suddenly rippled and cracked a gap, the transparent space was lifted like a curtain, and a voluptuous and graceful figure emerged from the inside.

This is a woman with a very charming body, a red robe with a skull printed on it, as if it was soaked in blood, and it was scarlet.

The face is exquisite and beautiful, a blood-red flower is worn on the forehead, the black hair like a waterfall falls around, and each black hair shakes like a ghost.

"Humble man, you seem to have any conspiracy." This blood-robed woman looked down at Su Ping coldly, but the voice she spoke was male, and it looked very strange.

"Are you the other shore?" Su Ping's heart was shaking.

He felt like he was counted.

In addition to being able to confine space, Destiny Realm has many other space mysteries, including space folding!

Those who can hide themselves in the space and do not have the same order of cultivation are difficult to perceive unless there is a perceiving technique that transcends the same order.

"The other shore, this is what your ants call the deity, but the deity still likes it." Blood robe, the other shore said indifferently: "What was the iron ring you threw earlier?"

From the iron ring, it felt the breath of death, but it had seen that the human ring seemed to be exhausted.

Seeing it admits, Su Ping's heart was trembling, and his breathing was a little short.

Not afraid, but angry!

Two sides? Obviously not, this should be a capability on the other side.

Most of the huge body on the battlefield is just a target, maybe a doppelganger.

And in front of him, Su Ping could feel a more subtle and restrained terror from his body, perhaps the deity.

What made Su Ping angry was that he hadn't even counted it. This other shore was so insidious and insidious!

The king of monsters and beasts, led a dozen beasts to attack Longjiang, and actually hid his real body!

This real body should have been folded with space long ago and hidden above the battlefield. What is this picture? !

Su Ping didn't run anymore and couldn't run away.

He could feel the space around him shaking every moment, and he could restrain him at any time.

This is a real space imprisonment!

If it were not for the other side to ask him, it was estimated that he would be completely imprisoned directly, not even blinking.

Su Ping stared at it and said, "Why do you have to attack Longjiang? You don't seem to be just hunting for food. Is there something attracting you here, or are you afraid of the ambush of the peak tower?"

The actions on the other side are really strange.

Combined with the first wave of beasts that Su Ping came back from the Kings League to quell, Su Ping thought of a lot.

There are so many wits, so cunning, and so long lived on this other shore, there are not many base cities that have been attacked, it is impossible to do not know what is the situation of human base cities.

There is absolutely another reason for such a big move and determination to attack Longjiang.

In addition to his previous communication, although it was brief, some of the conditions he put forward were ignored by the other bank. If he did not hear it, he would at least question the other king beast.

This only shows that its determination to attack Longjiang cannot be stopped!

"Hunting food?" Bi An seemed to hear a joke, sneered a little, but quickly converged. It seemed to disdain the existence of Su Ping, showing his emotions, and said indifferently: "If the deity asks you, you only need to answer , Before the deity has started, you'd better listen to yourself, otherwise, I will make you hurt!"

Su Ping's face was gloomy, but he still said: "That's a trap ring."

Although he wished to smash the corpse in front of him, he was powerless. If he could, he was willing to be patient, as long as he could keep Longjiang.

If the terms of the talks can be reconciled, Su Ping will try his best to fight for them.

Even dignity can be abandoned!

Compared with the lives of millions of people, what is his dignity?

"What needs to be done before you can give up attacking here?" Su Ping asked.

"Beast trapping ring?" Bian raised an eyebrow and sneered: "It seems that if you don't suffer a bit, you won't tell the truth. Also, who is your skill, who taught you, the title among you humans that I know, No one seems to have this ability to teach a guy like you."

"I am telling the truth, as long as you are willing to let go of the attack here, I can tell you anything." Su Ping looked at it seriously.

"Yes, then kneel first." Pei An played with the taste.

Su Ping's face changed.


He has never kneeled for others, only his parents!

"Why, hesitated?" With a trace of contempt in his eyes, Bi An lifted her finger gently, and a dark red energy gathered at her fingertips. At the next moment, she gathered into a round ball and burst out of it suddenly.


At the same time as this energy was emitted, it rapidly expanded and shot directly at the outer wall of the base less than a kilometer behind, with a bang, and the outer wall of the base burst suddenly, making a deafening roar.

The dust and mist rose, and a huge hole appeared inside!

The soldiers near the wall were all strangled by chaotic space forces!

With just one finger, this specially constructed base exterior wall was destroyed!

The titles and soldiers everywhere on the battlefield were shocked, and they all noticed the situation on Su Ping's side.

What is this monster woman who suddenly appeared?


Su Ping's face changed.

Although he has seen a lot of gods' shots, all of which are the power of Destiny Realm, but that is in the demise of the demise, where the world mass is much stronger than the blue star, so he can't see too much destructive power, but here, This power is like ruining the world!


Su Ping quickly roared.

"I promise you!" he said angrily.

The other shore glanced at him and put down his hand, saying: "Report your master, and then tell me the origin and function of the iron ring."

"In that case, would you let it go?"


The casual attitude of the other side made Su Ping clenched his fists in anger. This is the fearlessness brought about by the power crackdown. This kind of negotiation is only a unilateral compromise.

But, knowing that this is the case, even if the other party is playing, Su Ping has to agree.

"The iron ring is still there, but it's not on me. My master has passed away." Su Ping said looking directly at it, but secretly tense in his heart, if he wanted to **** the remaining iron ring, he could just use it Take it to the store.

"Yes, then you asked someone to fetch me." The other shore said indifferently.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and he said in a low voice: "This thing can only be retrieved by me in person. As you know, such a treasure, I can't put it anywhere that anyone can take it out."

The other bank glanced at him and nodded slightly: "Also."

"In this case, I will leave you a little life, wait for me to solve the matter here, and then slowly excavate the secrets in you, I have time." Bi An said.

Su Ping's complexion changed, and he was about to speak, and suddenly, the surrounding space quickly pressed over.

Space imprisonment!


On Su Ping, the golden light suddenly appeared, which was the secret treasure of the old dragon king.

But as soon as the golden light appeared, it shattered and could not be stopped!

This can only resist the attack of the virtual cave realm, and is as weak as paper in front of the power of the destiny realm.

After this treasure was broken, another defense treasure appeared.

Su Ping, who can resist the attack of the virtual cave realm, has three full pieces.

Soon, the second secret did not last long, and was broken on the spot.

Su Ping was so angry that he wanted to speak again at this moment, but time was running out. Should he run or stay?

He also has a self-protecting treasure, although it is not defensive, but can directly break through the void and send it to any place, which is also the life-saving treasure of the old dragon king.

But once used, it was sent out of Longjiang, and when he came back, Longjiang should have been destroyed!

Between this minute and second, his thoughts fell into an extremely painful struggle.

At this moment, a roar of indignation suddenly rang and spread throughout the battlefield!

This dragon roar, Su Ping is very familiar, is the purgatory candle dragon beast!

boom! !

The air was suddenly pushed like boiling water. Then, a cannonball-like figure rushed into it, like a burning meteorite, and broke into Suping's airspace.

It is the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast that hurried over!

Su Ping stunned.

He didn't call it!

In front of the other shore, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast has no resistance and no fighting power at all!

Roar! !

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast controls the flames and soars.

It has a huge pair of dragon eyes, and stares angrily at the other side. Through the contract, it can feel all the emotions of Su Ping, whether it is pain or anger.

On the battlefield behind it, the king beast of the plant family has fallen down, and the corpse has been minced!

With a lower combat power than the king beast of the plant department, it will kill the opponent!

There is a credit for attribute restraint, which is also its own explosion.


The other bank also noticed the purgatory candle dragon beast, with a slightly raised eyebrow. Since then, it has noticed this dragon beast, and its cultivation is very low, just like the human beings in front of it, but the outbreak of combat power is very amazing, even called On the weird.

Weird humans, strange pets!

This is its interest in Su Ping.

"The potential is good, unfortunately, the bloodline is too low!" The other shore glanced at the beast of the plant that was beheaded in the distance, his face did not fluctuate much, and said indifferently.

It didn't make any movement, but the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast flying towards us suddenly shuddered, as if it hit a wall, and it fell down.

It was only halfway down, its dragon wings waving and roaring again.

Su Ping could feel the anger of the purgatory candle dragon beast, his eyes were red, and he said, "Don't come, leave here!"

Roar! !

Responding to him was the incessant roar of the purgatory candle dragon beast.

The roar was full of anger and determination, and the dark red purgatory flame on his body, burning the golden divine power Long Yan on the surface, rushed straight.

Su Ping froze.

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast rarely defies his orders. Except for the beginning, when he cultivated the world to cultivate it with the death training method, he let it resist. Later, he basically listened to what he said.

It seems to know that resistance is useless.

But unexpectedly, at this moment it actually resisted his words again.

And this time he resisted not because he was afraid of death, but because he came to save him!


I can protect myself, you go! !

At the moment, he was imprisoned by space, and Su Ping couldn't do it if he wanted to return it to the summoning space!


Su Ping couldn't help but growl. This time, he ordered through the power of the contract, with an irresistible force of the contract.

The body of the purgatory candle dragon beast shook and seemed to be hit by the mysterious power in the void, but the next moment, it roared more crazily and angry, like a burning meteor, roaring.

Su Ping's face was pale, he never thought that the purgatory candle dragon beast would actually violate the order of the contract.

This is not an ordinary verbal command, but an order of blessing of contract power!

Beasts must obey the instructions!

If it violates, the beast will pay a very heavy price. Previously in the elite league, that Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon fought for her in order to protect Su Lingyue, and she disobeyed her order and almost died. Fortunately, Su Lingyue Withdrawal in time, plus treatment in a timely manner, nothing serious happened.

Undo! Undo!

Seeing the figure of the purgatory candle dragon beast, Su Ping hurriedly withdrew the previous order, but he saw that the flame of the contract had been burned on the purgatory candle dragon beast, that was the trigger for breach of contract!

At this moment, he suddenly realized the despair of Su Lingyue in the war.

The feeling of hurting your own beast by hand.


"Cheesy dragon beast, can't be stupid." The other shore sneered slightly.

Su Ping suddenly looked up, eyes red, staring at it: "I don't allow, you insult my beast!!"

Seeing Su Ping's **** eyes, the tyranny and killing there almost came out, and the other bank's face also changed slightly, and he was stunned.

It has never been seen before, killing such strong human beings.

Is this really human?

It feels more like a ghost!

And it is the evil kind of evil!

Feeling that he seemed to be scared, a flash of anger flashed in Bi An's eyes and snorted coldly.


The space oppression was several times more intense. Su Ping's body of defensive treasure burst instantly, his body was completely imprisoned, his blood-red eyes remained, and he stared at the other side.

"You die too." The other shore looked at the dragon beast roaring in the distance and said indifferently.

Although the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is the third dragon rank, it is only the title dragon rank, not the king-level blood. In the eyes of the other beast of the destiny realm king, it is no different from the ordinary mouse.


Space Strangle!

The body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was suddenly fixed, and at the next moment, a large amount of blood burst out of his body, as if squeezed.

Including its dragon wings and bones, they are all deformed!

As the other shore closed, the body of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast fell directly from the sky.

This blow is enough to directly kill the ordinary king beast.

Su Ping, who was trapped in space, had blood-red eyes trembling. Although the space trapped his body, he could not forbid his perception and thoughts. Seeing that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast fell down, Su Ping felt that his brain was burning like A feeling of madness.

At this moment, suddenly, the falling Infernal Candle Dragon Beast suddenly slowed down his body.

Its deformed and twisted dragon wing touched twice and waved again.

Its body slowly stabilized, covered with blood like blood, but after gasping, it was once again uttering a roaring and roaring roar.

Long Xiao is in the wild, the world is still together!

This roar is a dragon roar from the starry sky, coercing the entire battlefield!

Everyone, all the monsters, couldn't help but tremble, looking at the roaring figure, the dragon beast covered with blood and distorted.

It's all like that, can it still emit such a powerful dragon roar? !

Everyone was shocked, but sad.


The other shore was a little surprised. With this blow, he failed to kill the dragon beast? Impossible, even the defensive Hanhai Realm King Beast is **** it!

It frowned slightly. Forget it. Once it didnt die, just add some force.

Roar! !

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast roared, and roared into the sky again.

Just halfway through, the strong space power came from all directions. The purgatory candle dragon was suddenly stiff, and then exploded more blood in the body again. This time the bleeding volume was larger than before, and it seemed that the blood in the body, All squeezed out, the dragon wings twisted and shrunk completely.

But at this moment, the body of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast did not fall, but burned the more powerful dragon flame slowly, slowly, step by step, in the void, flying towards Su Ping.

Until, flying to Su plane!

His eyes, soaked in blood, looked at Su Ping, then stepped out, crossed Su Ping's body, and met Su Ping in front of him, making a defensive posture.

Is this to... protect him?

Su Ping's blood-red eyes suddenly burst into tears.

Useless, useless!

Why don't you obey!

The other shore was also stunned. I didn't expect that this time I hadn't been able to kill the dragon beast. This was unreasonable.

"Somewhat annoying." He frowned, his fingers condensed with dark energy, and a beam of light shot out instantly.


This beam is too fast, the Inferno Candle Dragon Beast propped up all defense skills, and at the same time lifted the dragon scale to crack, **** arms blocked in front, but the beam directly penetrated its arms and shot through the heart!

The body of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast swayed slightly, crumbling, but when it was about to fall, it stood still again.

It burned a reddish gold flame on its body, and there appeared a ghost image of the dragon's soul behind him, and once again made a defensive posture, sending a demonstrative roar towards the other shore.

It's like a loyal dog defending the owner.

Su Ping's imprisoned body looked at it blankly.

In his mind, he felt that the power of the contract with Infernal Candle Dragon Beast became extremely thin, and seemed to dissipate quickly.

This is a sign that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is dying.

He couldn't help telling through the contract.


Why is this so?

The purgatory candle dragon beast reluctantly turned his head, like a mechanical, pressed and broken keel at the neck and neck, making a clicking sound, but it still responded to Su Ping's words, hoarse and jerky and authentic: "Back, back to the master... ...I must not...fall down...this is you...teach me..."

The jerky discourse just learned floats in the air.

With a loud bang, Su Ping's brain burst like a buzz.

He thought about what he said casually when he just cultivated the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast a long time ago.

Unexpectedly, it has always been remembered!

However, this cannot be done now!

It will die! !

A master like me is not worth it!

When the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast opened his mouth, the other side in front of him also had some surprises: "Spirituality is so high, no wonder that the fighting power is so strong, although the bloodline is low, but it is also a strange species, but it is still dead."

When he had finished speaking, he raised his hand and gave it a void.


The body of the purgatory candle dragon beast burst instantly.

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