Astral Pet Store Chapter 529

Chapter 529: Pluto Second More

"Senior Yuanhai, the legendary master is here."

The middle-aged title came in front of the old man, standing in the distance, stooped and said respectfully.

The old man's face was pleasant, he raised his head, and glanced at Qin Duhuang lightly. When this middle-aged title was announced, he perceived Qin Duhuang at the door through his thoughts.

Very strange legendary atmosphere.

Obviously newcomers.

"How do you call it?" Yuan Hai said.

Qin Duhuang's eyes flicked, and he felt a little dangerous feeling from the other party. He did not dare to despise and said, "Qin Duhuang in Halongjiang."

"Longjiang Qin Family?" Yuan Hai nodded slightly and said, "Who is Qin Tianshan?"

Qin Duhuang slightly stunned, said: "You know my third uncle."

"Three uncles?" Yuan Hai raised his eyebrows, glanced at him, and fell back: "I was dealing with him in my early title, but unfortunately he was no longer there. I didn't expect that his descendants were talented."

Qin Duhuang opened his mouth slightly, but was speechless, only holding back a sentence: "The junior has seen the senior."

I have to say this.

When the other person came up, he knew his third uncle, and he was a lot older than him.

Even if it became a legend, I never expected to be a younger brother.

Qin Duhuang sighed in his heart, a little stubborn, he became a legend too late, the foundation has not accumulated, compared to other legends, it should be considered a very weak level.

"Brother Qin is polite, since you are already a legend, practice together, the master first, we can be considered as ordinary people, secular life, do countless here." Yuan Hai smiled indifferently, although he said so, but his previous words However, he is beating Qin Duhuang, suppressing these newly-promoted legendary arrogances, so as not to suppress the title for too long, once the promotion breakthrough, excessive arrogance, no one in the eyes.

Qin Duhuang nodded slightly and said, "Since that is the case, then I will call Yuanhai Brother directly."


Yuan Hai nodded slightly and greeted: "Come and sit."

This remark only speaks to Qin Duhuang. As for Su Ping and Xie Jinshui next to him, he hasn't looked at it from the moment he entered the door. Under the legend, all ants are ants, and they don't care.

"Senior Yuanhai."

Seeing that the other party ignored him directly, Su Ping did not get angry, but said: "In Ha Long, Jiangsu Ping, I heard that there is Soul Raising Herbs. Will the seniors tell me which legendary hand this Soul Raising Herb is in? Swap with treasure, or something else, as long as I own it."


Hearing Su Ping's words, Yuan Hai frowned, and he looked at Qin Duhuang and said, "Is this your servant?"

Qin Duhuang suddenly knew that he had misunderstood, and quickly waved his hand: "Why dare you, Brother Yuanhai, you misunderstood? This is boss Su and my benefactor. Although boss Su is not a legend, his fighting power is definitely not Young legends are stronger, even me, they are not rivals of boss Su."

He knew that combat power is the standard for measuring everything, especially identity, so he directly pointed out Su Ping's extraordinary combat power.

"Are you kidding me?" Yuan Hai raised his eyebrows slightly, and said a little displeasedly: "Brother Qin, you can't talk nonsense, you just became a legend, and you don't know what the legend is, so let me listen and see On Brother Tianshans face, I dont care, but it must be a surprise to change to another legend!"

Qin Duhuang was stunned and his face was slightly ugly. What he said was definitely not an impulse error, but a conclusion after judgment and consideration.

In his view, Su Ping's combat power indeed surpassed most legends.

After all, which legend can kill the other side?

If there is such a strong legend, wouldn't the peak tower be sent to Longjiang soon?

Yuan Hai snorted in his heart.

Qin Duhuang sat down next to him, somewhat disdainful.

Anyway, it has become a legend, and the vision is so narrow and short.

Beyond many legends?

He saw at a glance that Su Ping was not a legend, nor their kind.

Even if the title is limited, if there is a background and talents, it is indeed possible to compete with the legend, but it is only against the weakly promoted legend like Qin Duhuang.

Normal legends, once all the beasts have been replaced by king beasts after precipitation, the power erupted by ordinary people is unimaginable by ordinary people, and it is also dozens of times that they have just been promoted to legends!

For example, he.

If you really kill your heart, you can kill Qin Duhuang immediately!

Although he hasn't reached the virtual cave realm yet, seven of his beasts are king beasts, even if he doesn't have to do it himself, these beasts alone are enough to crush Qin Duhuang!

After all, there will not be too many king beasts in the newly promoted legend.

"Legends have three major realms. Brother Qin will know in the future that legends are also very different. Strong legends can easily kill you and me. Weak ones, even the title limits of some demon points, may not be beaten. Yuan Hai said indifferently. The latter sentence he said was mainly for Qin Duhuang, referring to Qin Duhuang.

As in their peak tower, there is no such weak legend.

Only this newly promoted little pink is.

But the kind of title limit that can surpass the king is also rare, and it is good to have one in hundreds of years.

"Can he defeat you now?" Yuan Hai looked at Qin Duhuang.

Qin Duhuang nodded. Although he became a legend, he knew that he was not Su Ping's opponent. After all, his strongest force is the storm scorpion king, and this king beast was sold by Su Ping to his.

Since even this kind of beast is sold, it is conceivable how strong Su Ping's own beasts are.

Yuan Hai raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Su Ping's eyes. There were not many people who could rebel against the king. He didn't expect to appear again now.

"The soul-cultivating immortal grass you want is something of the legend of Pluto. This thing is not very useful, that is, to keep the remnant soul for a period of time. If you want, go to Pluto to exchange it." Yuan Hai Dan Ran Road.

"Where is Pluto?"

"How would I know."

The nearby Xie Jinshui quickly said to Su Ping: "Boss Su, I know, but the legend of Pluto is a legend of Northern Europe. I have never waited to see our people in the Asian region, just afraid to refuse to exchange."

"Try it first."

Su Ping said, at the same time a cold light flashed in his eyes.

If he really didn't want to exchange, he would just grab it!

Yuan Hai glanced at the two of them, and then looked at Qin Duhuang next to him, shaking his head slightly, and said, "Well, looking at Brother Qin's face, I will take you to a trip, the old guy of Pluto, now estimated to be still On Twilight Mountain, it's very busy now."

"Twilight Mountain?" Qin Duhuang was curious and had never heard of it.

Yuan Hai didn't explain, just stood up and turned to the red-scale python behind him, said: "Well count, before I come back, I will count it, no mistakes, one wrong count, a fine thunder whip!"

The red-scale python confuses the snake letter, saying wrongly: "Good... difficult..."

The words are jerky, but they are already able to speak.

Wang Shou can speak human language, which is not too strange. Qin Duhuang is mentally prepared, but just asks curiously: "It is counting leaves? Is this... exercise?"

"Yeah." Yuan Hai nodded, showing a little bit of pride and complacency in his eyes, and said, "Don't look at it talking slowly, but its perception is not low, it just gave me the seventh place in the Shenzhou competition."

Magic calculation game?

Qin Duhuang and Xie Jinshui are puzzled.

Yuan Yuan walked to Qin Duhuang: "Brother Qin, you just became a legend, but can you have a king beast? You have come in time. If there is a king beast, let your pet beast come to compare."

"The king beast... there is one." Qin Duhuang was a little puzzled and said, "Is it better than the god? What is the significance of this...?"

Yuan Hai laughed and said, "You don't understand. The games of the king are all more fun than the pets of the battle. That is more boring? And the battle is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It does not say much about the destruction of the venue. Easy to hurt and angry."

"But it won't be better than others. Like the math calculation game we are talking about now, it's very simple. It's faster than who's beast counts! Is it fun to let the beast count? Don't think it makes no sense, in fact this The same is a game that reflects the strength and weakness of the beast. Our legend picks the beast, the combat power is the second, and the perception is the main thing!"

"The higher the savvy, the higher the probability of comprehension skills and talents, even if the combat power is lower, it can be quickly improved!"

"On the contrary, some are very powerful, but the perception is very low, just a silly big man, all supported by Xiuwei, there is no excavation."

Qin Duhuang was stunned and puzzled in his heart. He understood it, but he still thought, what is this interesting?

Xie Jinshui's face was a bit ugly, and there was no voice.

And Su Ping didn't listen to these at all. He just wanted to find the legend of Pluto immediately and get the Soul of Immortality.

Soon, Yuanhai went out, went directly to the sky, and flew towards the distance.

Qin Duhuang flew on the same side.

Su Ping and Xie Jinshui followed.

Shuttle through the large halls suspended in the air, not long after, a few people saw a suspended mountain. In the high altitude, the mountain was surrounded by a river. The river was also suspended, and it seemed that there was no gravity around it.

On that mountain, there is a lot of strong breath.

Qin Duhuang is not yet close, his face has changed, he feels a lot of legendary breath, and there are several of them, which actually makes him feel terrified, that is also a legend?

Several people flew directly to the top of the mountain.

This mountaintop is extremely lively. In addition to legends, there are many titles serving legends.

Sitting on or lying down on some strange Hualiens are legends.

There are many rare flowers and fruits beside them, and some legendary arms are still left and right, all are title-level women, beautiful appearance, at this moment Yingyingyanyan snuggled in the legendary arms, feeding and slender fingers The fruit shows a very obedient look.

In the open space in front of the crowd, the two giant beasts were squatting in front of a stone wall, and a simple math problem was written on the stone wall.

At the moment, both heads can threaten a king beast whose base is dead for thousands of years. He is squatting on the ground, scratching with his paws, and solving the problem in a fool...

Both Su Ping, Xie and Qin, who had just arrived here, were stupefied.

They didn't expect to see so many legends here, and even more so, they would see these legends and do such boring things.

In this regard, can you see the beast understanding?

Su Ping looked at him stunned, and suddenly, an uncontrollable anger came straight from his heart.

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