Astral Pet Store Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Leave

Hearing this voice, many legends were obviously startled, their faces changed.

"It's the tower master!"

"Is the tower owner actually going out?"

These old legends who joined the Pagoda in their early years looked at the void all around with shock.

In their minds, the tower owner is the undisputed first person on Blue Star, the strongest! It's just that the tower owner couldn't close the gate all the year round. I didn't expect to break the mark today. Could it be shocked by the war here?

Some of the legends that have joined in the last hundred years are a bit stunned. They didnt react until they heard the words of the old legends. They were all stunned. I didnt expect to have the luck to meet the tower owner today, and the tower owner who saw the dragon in the end. , They have always heard the legend about him, but have never seen his person.

"Tower Master!"

The face of the deputy pagoda master who was brewing the pantheon swallowed the virtual sword changed his face, the sword energy in his hand immediately collapsed, and the convergence faded. He sensed and turned his head to look at a void next to him, his eyes changed a bit, but he still said: "Master, you are out."


Hearing the name of the deputy tower owner, many legends and titles were wide-eyed.

The tower owner is actually the master of this deputy tower owner? !

Some old legends are not too surprised. They all know what amazing wizard this tower owner is. They also know the relationship between the deputy tower owner and the tower owner.


The void was rippling, suddenly showing ripples, and from the inside slowly came out a middle-aged man in a white robe.

This middle-aged man's eyes are as bright as stars, deep, with Asian face, black hair and shoulders hanging down, very elegant, some ancient style, he did not wear shoes, a pair of barefoot stepped in the void, all exudes restrained and soft Breath.

Su Ping looked at it, his eyes fixed, and felt that there was a snow-white lotus blooming in the void around the middle-aged man, exuding a pure breath, able to purify the soul and wash and kill.

He felt the inner tyranny and became much quieter.

"Fate of top destiny?" Su Ping narrowed his eyes without much waves in his heart.

At the moment, he is still in the state of covering bones, not afraid of space confinement, if he wants to go, the other party can't keep it.

"Meet the Tower Master!"

"Meet the Tower Master!"

At this time, other legends saw the tower master, all bowed and saluted, and their attitude was very respectful, like facing the elders of the predecessors.

Although everyone is a legend, the latter and they are two different realms.

The Lord of the Pagoda, who came out of the void, looked around everyone. When he saw the Twilight Mountain that was hit and sink, he couldn't help but a flash of heartache flashed in his eyes. He seemed to sigh gently and looked up. Su Ping, after a few glances, his expression suddenly became weird.

"Your Excellency, it feels like you are very young, as if you are only in your twenties?"

As soon as this remark came out, the legends and titles around them were stunned. Then they turned to look at Su Ping, and they were all stunned.


Are you kidding, this boy's appearance will not be his true age?

Su Ping looked indifferent and said, "You can feel the breath of life. It seems that you are about to touch the realm of time. It's not far from the Saint of Starry Sky."

The main tower was stunned, but he didn't expect Su Ping to know this. His eyes shook slightly and said, "I don't know what your Xiu Wei is?"

Everyone looked at them stunned, surprised by the conversation between them, Su Ping actually said that the tower master was about to become a saint of the sky, and the tower master's words surprised them even more. Su Ping's cultivation practice, but still have to export inquiries?

Could it be that this teenager is also in the same state as the tower master?

But, didnt I say that this guy is in his twenties?

How can there be a legend in its twenties!

Su Ping sneered and did not answer.

Asking people to cultivate their behavior is the same as asking the girls age.

Seeing Su Ping's attitude like this, the deputy tower master next to him changed his face slightly and sighed, "Pay attention to your attitude!"

Su Ping squinted at him, "What is my attitude? He is your master, not my master, but you, I am not close to you, you pay attention to your attitude to speak."

"You!" The deputy tower master was angry.

Su Ping glanced at him and ignored it, but he secretly confounded his killing intentions. Although the second sword brewed by the other party was not cut out and was stopped by the tower master, he wouldnt think it didnt happen. Its no longer a thing to want revenge right now, but it will definitely count in the future!

The tower master raised his hand slightly to stop the deputy tower master who was about to talk about it again, and gave him a glance.

The meaning in this eye dissipated the anger on the deputy tower master's face, and his heart was horrified. He was always in awe of the master, and even feared that before the other party stopped himself from producing the second sword, it was most likely that he had closed the door in advance. , Just hide in the dark and see how he handles it.

But he did not notice the existence of the other party.

It is also a destiny, is the gap really so big?

Thinking of what Su Ping said earlier, his heart contracted slightly.

Starry Saint.

This is the unreachable realm of all legends. Once stepped out, it means that even in the Interstellar Federation, it is a big man!

"In the original style of Xiaji, what is your honor?" The tower owner's attitude toward Su Pingdao was actually quite polite.

Seeing the tower master's attitude, many legends were stunned. Some of the legends still preparing to complain, the words suddenly closed their mouths, a little surprised.

"The surname is Su Mingping, mediocre Ping."

Su Ping also saw that there was no killing intent on this tower master, but he did not relax his vigilance. Previously, a figure like that deputy tower master was regarded as the second in command of the peak tower, how honorable the status was, and the result was blatantly untrustworthy , Identity is never linked to the good or bad of life.

Ji Yuanfeng nodded slightly and said, "Your Excellency is enough, do you want to stay and join us, or leave?"

Su Ping said: "I'm here for medicine. I heard that you have Soul Raising Herbs here. Give me this medicine. I will leave immediately, so I don't need to join."

Ji Yuanfeng was not surprised, and expected that Su Ping would not join, he said to the deputy tower next to him: "Take this medicine and give it to Mr. Su."

The deputy tower master was stunned.

All legends and titles are also stunned.

Delivery medicine?

Isn't it true that Su Ping killed three legends and destroyed Twilight Mountain? !

The deputy pagoda master is also hesitant. He can feel Su Ping's killing intention to him. If he let this dangerous guy leave today, it would be extremely unfavorable to him, and it will be a big problem in the future!

"Master..." He opened his mouth slightly.

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him and said, "You said earlier that when someone catches you with a sword, you let the family leave. As the deputy master of the peak tower, your identity, what you have said, will be carried through to the end."

The deputy tower master's face seemed to be slapped, somewhat ugly, so he had to promise to turn around and leave.

Other legends saw that the deputy tower master was silent, and they dared not persuade them.

Su Ping watched with cold eyes and said nothing. If the other party was unwilling to administer medicine, he was already ready to rob directly and stolen into the treasure trove of this peak tower. They were all looted. He had scrolls and storage space, as well as the space treasure of the old dragon king. Its not afraid of not being able to install it, but in this case, the price will be extremely high, and it will even seriously overdraw the life.

However, now that Ji Jifeng appears, Su Ping is not too sure to be able to grab it.

If it was only the deputy tower owner, he was not afraid. The latter was not as good as the other shore, and the other shore was killed by him. If he really fought, he might not be able to kill the other party if he worked hard!

After a while, the deputy tower master returned, and the space moved directly.

In his hand was a black-gold box, which was directly thrown to Su Ping.

Su Ping's eyes were solemn, he took it seriously, and quickly opened it. I saw a fairy grass with a hazy gray mist. The fairy grass was translucent and could see the structure inside the rhizome.

"This is the Soul Raising Herb?"

Su Ping didnt dare to recognize it for the first time, but he could feel that most of it was this thing, because there was a very strong spirit of undead in this spirit grass, and a very strong spirit, these two very different breaths are in Inside the same plant, it is quite magical to get along clearly.

In the distance, Xie Jinshui and Qin Duhuang also flew over at this moment. Xie Jinshui raised his head and nodded immediately, "Yes, this is the Soul-raising Soul."

Su Ping nodded, completely relieved.

He looked up at this Ji Yuanfeng and nodded: "I have a clear grudge in my life. I have collected this thing. You are a small person. If you need it in the future, you can come to Longjiang to come to me. Of course, it is too troublesome. Dont do anything about it, you have your own count."

Ji Yuanfeng raised his eyebrows slightly, smiled indifferently, and said: "No need to be polite, this thing is not mine originally, but the legendary beheaded by you.

Su Ping whispered, said: "I took it from his hand, I can rob others, I do not owe anything, but if someone wants to send me, I will still thank you and take note of the human relationship."

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him, but didn't speak.

"Let's go." Su Ping put away the Soul Raising Herbs, and without further ado, he turned around and left.

Xie Jinshui immediately followed Su Ping. He came with Su Ping. Su Ping was leaving. He dared not stay here, and he did not dare to step into this peak again in the future.

Who would have thought to come to seek medicine today, which resulted in the death of three legends, including the legendary strongman, the level of Pluto.

Such casualties are no less than the losses caused by several beast attacks.

Thinking of the beast tide of Longjiang, he didn't let the legend fall. Instead, three of them are now dead. Xie Jinshui felt sighed and felt sorry.

But he didn't feel that Su Ping was doing something wrong. In exchange for him having the power of Su Ping, he would also show his anger. After all, this kind of thing is too annoying.

"Boss Su, wait for me." Qin Duhuang shouted and followed.

Su Ping surprised, could not help but glanced at him, "What are you?"

Qin Duhuang smiled at him, then saluted the Jiyuanfeng respectfully, and said: "Tower Master, in Qin Duhuang in Halongjiang, I just joined the peak tower, but I plan to quit, but, in the future, if the peak The tower needs my words, such as guarding the abyss cave, what should I do, I will still fulfill my obligations, I hope the tower owner will be accurate."

Ji Yuanfeng glanced at him and nodded slightly, "Yes."

Qin Duhuang was slightly stunned. He didn't expect that he promised to be so happy. He felt relieved in his heart. He felt that the tower owner was quite easy to speak. He arched his hand again, and then caught up with Su Ping, laughing: "Boss Su, I will I followed you."

Su Ping glanced at him, said nothing, and took the lead to fly away.

The legendary faces of the previous ones changed, but they still gritted their teeth to avoid them.

Looking at Su Ping, Xie Jinshui, Qin Duhuang and others leaving, all legends are ugly and have complicated eyes.

Let such an outsider come to the tower to show off his power and finally let it go.

Some legends looked at the tower master, and there was some anger in their hearts, but they did not show it.

Watching the back of Su Pingren leave, Ji Yuanfeng smiled softly and said to himself: "It's such a cute little boy."

After Su Ping's figure completely disappeared, the indifferent smile on his face also converged. He glanced at everyone and said, "What the boy said, but it's true? The base outside was attacked by monsters and monsters. You all gather here to do it. What, who will explain it to me?"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone's face was transient, and his sweat persevered on his back.

From this, it is enough to show that the tower master has already arrived, and everything is known!

If this is the case, then Su Ping beheaded three legends...that is, the tower owner acquiesced!

The reason for this made them a little bit trembling.

"In the first generation, the peak tower was built, and the top bluestars were gathered. They wanted to hold up an umbrella and bless the bluestar!" Ji Yuanfeng's eyes were cold, and he said: "Our bluestar is the original star abandoned by the Federation. We dont save ourselves, who will save? Waiting for more and more cracks in the starry sky, waiting for the things in the abyss cave to crawl out?"

"Those people outside are weaker than you, but they are hope and fire!"

"Who knows that the second first generation will not be born in it?"

"The boy you saw today is a miracle fire. Who knows that there will not be a second such fire in the destroyed bases?"

Everyone is trembling and afraid to speak.

The deputy tower master also changed his face, realizing that the other party came out of retreat this time and had to rectify the peak tower.

Ji Yuanfeng's gaze glanced at all legends, and the legends he had seen all lowered his head.

The chill in his eyes suddenly converged, and he shook his head slightly. He knew that some spirits were meaningless just by saying that everyone had their own way of living, saying that no more could be changed. Only established rules and order can regulate.

"The other side...Longjiang..."

Ji Yuanfeng raised his head slightly, looking at the cloudless sky of the pagoda, with a touch of worry in his eyes.

Suddenly, he seemed to react, forgetting something.

The other side appeared in Longjiang, and the result was... captured, or failed?

"With the ability of the boy, I should be able to hold it..."

He said silently in his heart.

"I can't keep it, and the Skywalker there should also be shot."

"In other words, did I feel wrong, this young man's breath of life is only more than twenty, and his cultivation level is only seventh-order, strange guy..."

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