Astral Pet Store Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Father And Son Second

In addition, there are some medium and low-level cultivation areas of Dragon Realm.

Divine Fire Tyrannosaurus Realm (medium breeding ground)

Eight-winged Sea Dragon (medium breeding ground)

Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm (medium breeding ground)


Su Ping searched all the way and saw many dragons with different names, some dazzled. He couldn't help but inquire into the system and said: "With so many dragons, which dragon are I looking for?"

The system said: "Every dragon world has its own dragon source. The dragon family is a big family in ancient life. There are 4827 kinds of main branches. Your purgatory candle dragon beast is a sub-branch. There is no own dragon world. The purgatory candle dragon beast Mainly inhabiting the world of Purple Blood Dragon Abyss, this is a medium cultivation area."

Su Ping was shocked, and he had just seen this Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm just now.

"So, if I go to this Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm and find the Dragon Source inside, can I revive the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast?"


Su Ping immediately called up the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm and checked the plane introduction inside.

The most powerful fighting force in it is a starry sky!

The general combat power is legendary, but many of them are Virtual Cave Realm and Destiny Realm.

Su Ping suddenly felt some pressure, but it is not surprising that the medium-cultivated place has such a combat power. Like the semi-goddess meteor as an advanced nurturing place, the starry sky levels are everywhere, even the supreme gods beyond the starry sky.

Su Ping didn't hesitate, when even ready to enter.

"It is recommended that you accumulate one million energy before entering." The system prompted.

Su Ping froze for a moment, and then thought of the fact that he had to consume energy to enter the cultivation ground. He also blamed him for being too eager and a little messy. He immediately brought up the store panel, which seemed speechless.

When he dealt with the other shore before, he gave birth to a lot of king beasts, and his energy was almost exhausted. Today, he only has hundreds of thousands of energy. Although the ticket delivery fee is more than enough, the ticket for the cultivation place is only the minimum cost, and there is no systematic unlimited resurrection reward. The most energy consuming is the resurrection.

"How long can this soul-cultivating fairy grass warm up the purgatory candle dragon beast?" Su Ping asked.

"Thirty days."

Su Ping was stunned, and he was relieved. With such a long time, he could really slow down for a few days and make preparations. After all, this is the Dragon Realm. There is no internal response like Joanna. It is still a very dangerous place.

Putting up the cultivation list, Su Ping turned and left the beast room.

There was only Tang Ruyan left in the shop. She saw Su Ping coming out and wondered: "Aren't you busy with something?"

Su Ping couldn't explain it and asked, "What about the little bell?"

"Go tell your parents that you are back."

"Oh, you are ready to open the store later," Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan froze for a moment, glanced at him, she didn't expect that Su Ping was still in the mood to open a store and do business, but she was relieved in her heart. It seemed that Su Ping's mood was recovering well.

Nodding, Tang Ruyan said: "I will prepare for this, but the business has not been very good in these two days, you know, just after the attack of the beast tide, many people are dealing with family matters..." Speaking of which, she looked at Su Ping glanced.

Su Ping's face changed slightly and nodded silently.

After leaving the shop, Su Ping also went home, mainly to see this unmasked dad.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Su Ping ran into Zhong Lingtong who ran out of the house. The latter was surprised when he saw Su Ping. Su Ping also said that he had something to do before, and he couldnt wait to say hello to his parents. It came.


"I'm fine, you go play with mud first."


Zhong Lingtong shook his face, Su Ping entered the house.

Su Ping had already felt that there was an unfamiliar atmosphere at home. At this moment, a voice came from the living room. He slowly walked over. On the living room table, a middle-aged man with a beard full of faces was sitting on the table. , The longitudinal lines are darker, and the skin color is quite dark.

Listening to my mom, this dad used to be a seafarer to make money, and Su Ping felt that she could smell the faint smell of the other person.

In this era, being a seafarer is a fate.

"Yeah, you are back."

Li Qingru, who was facing the door, was surprised when he saw Su Ping, but when he saw the blood on Su Ping's shirt, his face suddenly changed, and the dough kneaded in his hand fell on the table, and he rushed over in a lightning, panic. : "You, why are you so injured, it doesn't matter, I, I, I will find a therapist for you."

She was so anxious that she talked a little, her head stuck.

Hearing her words, the middle-aged man sitting at the table turned his head, and when he saw Su Ping, he suddenly rushed over.

"Ping'er, are you okay?" He reached out and held Su Ping's shoulders, his palms were wide and gentle.

Soon, he seemed stunned for a moment, obviously relieved, and said, "Hurry up and sit down and take off your clothes. How are you doing this?"

Su Ping let him pull and sat down at the table. He thought about many scenes where he first met this dad, but he didn't expect that.

Seeing the tension and anxiety on the other person's face, the feeling that the blood was connected made him familiar.

"It's okay." Su Ping let the other party strip off his jacket without blocking, just letting them see that there were no wounds on their body, they can be more at ease.

Sure enough, Li Qingru was stunned when he saw that there were no scars on Su Ping's body, and apparently recovered from the panic. He quickly said, "What's going on with this blood, isn't it yours?"

Su Ping wanted to say that it was his own, but not an injury in the ordinary sense.

He didn't explain. There are always many things in this world that cannot be explained.

"Relax, I'm fine." Su Ping said, glancing at the dough on the table and turning away from the mother's attention, said: "Do you eat dough tonight?"

"Why don't you eat the dough? This is not your dad's back. I'm going to eat dumplings tonight."

"Good dumplings, are they stuffed with leeks?"

"of course."

Su Ping smiled.

Very good, the topic has passed.

However, in front of him, a pair of eyes stared at him, it was the daddy.

These eyes were deep and restrained, and they looked at Su Ping carefully, with an indescribable look in their eyes. It was nostalgia, appreciation, pride, and debt.

All kinds of emotions are very complicated.

"I heard your mother said about you." Su Yuanshan took a deep breath and whispered: "I didn't expect that so many things happened when I left this time. It is my son of Su Yuanshan, you are... good of!"

Su Ping smiled, "Who made you not at home, as the only male in the family, I naturally want to stand up."

Su Yuanshan glanced at him and patted the back of his hand without saying anything.

Some words don't need to be said, it's enough to understand.

"Come on, let your mother make dumplings here, our father and son go up and talk." Su Yuanshan said.

Li Qingru didn't have a good air: "If there is anything you can't say here, you still have to carry me."

"This is a matter between men, and women have less inquiries." Su Yuanshan hummed softly.

Li Qingru rolled his eyes, "Don't want to be lazy, wait for you to mince the meat stuffing later."

"Of course." Su Yuanshan looked domineering, and then led Su Ping upstairs.

When he came to Su Ping's room, Su Yuanshan glanced around this room. He seemed to be looking at his son's residence. When he saw some hot posters on the wall at a high altitude, he coughed softly and said, "Son, At your age, you are full of qi and blood, and look at these as inappropriate."

Su Ping was a little speechless, thinking that I was still full of blood and blood, this time the other side of the battle did not slow down, and he worked at the peak tower, and almost did not kill me.

"I didn't expect that I could see Longjiang almost this time when I came back." Su Yuanshan sat on the desk, sighed, and gave Su Ping a deep look. He said: "I heard that you are now a legend, this time Longjiang Can be preserved, thanks to you defeated the strongest king beast, you are the great hero of Longjiang."

"In front of the disaster, someone had to stand up, and I was forced." Su Ping sighed and sat down on the bed.

Su Yuanshan looked at him for a while, then smiled softly, and said, "After I go out, I can also talk to my seafarers and brothers. My son of Su Yuanshan is a great hero who saved Longjiang. Ha ha, they will all be stunned... "

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