Astral Pet Store Chapter 540

Chapter 540: Three Abilities Climb Longshan In 6000 Words

"Long Yilong."

Su Ping was slightly startled.

With dragon blood pouring down, he quickly propped up the star shield so as not to get on his body, otherwise the smell of blood would cause him some unnecessary trouble.

As if feeling a surge of energy, the icy eyes of the giant dragon with the weak dragon beast dangling slightly turned downwards. After a glance below, a small figure was reflected in the dark gray dragon eyes, but soon it turned away. He lost his gaze and flew straight away from this area.

"Are you aware of me, but I don't seem interested in me."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head slightly.

The oppression given to him by this giant dragon is not inferior to the other side. This is definitely a dragon beast in the destiny realm. If you fight the other side, the other side may not be its opponent. After all, this is the first line of creatures in the heavens.

"In other words, how big is this dragon world, where should I find Longyuan?"

Su Ping raised his eyes and looked around, feeling no clue or direction.

He waited for a while, seeing that there was no response, he could only ask the **** system explicitly from the bottom of his heart.

"This system does not provide the service of cultivating world navigation, please explore by yourself." The system refused simply and neatly.

Su Ping was speechless for a while.

He thought for a while. Although this is the dragon world, the dragon beast cultivation base here is generally not low, and the legendary dragon beast has the probability to learn the language of other races and can communicate.

He found a dragon beast to inquire, maybe he knew.

Thinking of this, Su Ping jumped out of the boulder and hurried towards the giant wood forest where the dragon soared ahead.

The rocks and trees in this dragon world are all extremely huge, and Su Ping feels like he has come to an extremely old age. He is here like a little bug.

Not long after walking, Su Ping saw the footprints of the dragon beast and smelled the stench of dragon beast feces.

He restrained his breath, like an experienced forest hunter, groping along the footprints and the smell left by the dragon and beast.

Along the way, I saw some huge bones, wild corpses, no one to deal with, the flesh and blood on them has been eaten away, only the white bones, covered with dust and wind.

The taste of primitive survival mobilized Su Ping's whole body, and his body was always in a hunting state.

Not long after jumping and sliding all the way, Su Ping suddenly saw a huge monster with extremely thick and thin legs, like steel needles. The wings on the back were translucent, with several blood-red eyes, extremely It's horrible, and the whole body exudes a fierce **** smell.

Seeing Su Ping, the strange bug flew towards him as if it had seen prey.

From the physical point of view, this weird worm is seven or eight meters in size, and it is normal to prey on a size less than two meters like Su Ping.

With a whistling sound, the strange insect flew in front of him in an instant, and there was still a realistic phantom in the same place. Su Ping was almost deceived by the phantom. When the strange worm came in front of him, he quickly called out the little skeleton. No fit, but let it shoot directly.

Little Skeleton reacted extremely quickly. The moment he received Su Ping's thoughts, he drew his sword, his body flashed, and the next moment the monster's body was torn apart and blood exploded.

This weird worm just arrived in the vast sea realm. Although it was fast, it couldn't get past the flashing little skeleton.

"Beast core."

Su Ping dug out a group of crystallized energy tissue from the monsters skinny torso. This is the center of the monsters body. Because of the long-term control of energy, it is crystallized by energy. It has extremely high medicinal value and can also be used simultaneously. Demon beasts with attributes eat them to increase their strength.

If it is more luxurious, it can also be used as an energy bomb to detonate an attack, but it has the same power, similar to a small missile, and can barely injure a seventh-order high-level monster.

Su Ping received the storage space at hand and could take it back to the store for sale. The monster's previous attack was of wind attributes, and this beast core could be sold to people who pet beasts with wind attributes.

Solving the strange bug, Su Ping continued on.

The appearance of the strange bug also let Su Ping know that there are other creatures in this dragon world, but it is probably not a mainstream creature.

While moving forward, Su Ping also thought about checking the situation of Little Skeleton.

Since the little skeleton recovered, he has not had time to observe it, and has been busy fighting and other things.

Through the identification technique, the little skeleton's information immediately emerged.

Little skull

Attribute: Demon beast

Level: Nine-level median

Power: 39

Qualification: upper and lower

Talent ability: low speed talent

Bloodline abilities: the bones turn into demons, the sins of death and immortality, the bone king comes.

Skills: Reincarnation, Undead Slavery, Advanced Swordsmanship, Puppets, Undead Gate, Demon Whispers, Nightmare Space, Criminal Punishment, Dark Teleport, Death Domain...


Seeing the attributes of Little Skeleton, Su Ping was a little startled.

Regardless of his cultivation level, combat power, or the aptitude behind him, Su Ping felt a little trance and illusion, shocked in his heart.

Previously, Little Skeleton was only a seventh-level cultivation base, and his aptitude dropped to a medium level. I did not expect that after completely digesting the Skeleton King's blood, his cultivation base jumped by two steps!

From seventh to ninth order!

The leaping between these two great realms, if you practice normally, you will not talk about a few years.

The combat power is even more terrifying, reaching 39 combat power!

You know, the ordinary Tier 9 monster is just 9 points of combat power!

The little skull is 30 more points!

What's more frightening is that the general virtual cave realm legend has 20 combat power!

The battle power of Little Skeleton is close to double that of the legend of the virtual cave realm! !

In addition, Little Skeletons bloodline abilities also have three. This is something that Su Ping did not expect. You should know that even if you become the Skeleton King bloodline, it is the royal family of the Skeleton King, but most of the Skeleton King species only have one. There are only three to four when they have two bloodline abilities and good aptitude.

As soon as Little Skull awakens, he directly stimulates the three bloodline abilities, which is enough to be regarded as an extraordinary talent!

Its no wonder that if your aptitude does not drop but rises, you will get first-class evaluation. This "top-class" refers to the top-ranking of the Skeleton King clan!

If it is placed in the common skeleton species, such a battle strength leap, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the top of all times!

However, it is almost impossible for the ordinary skeleton species to achieve such a battle power leap. It is as difficult as reaching the sky. Based on Su Pings previous cultivation of the skeleton, he also borrowed the blood of the skeleton king to make the skeleton have the present. Combat power.

If you want to cultivate it to the ninth rank without changing its pedigree, with 39 combat power, it is simply a dream.

"Little Skeleton should still have the power of the Void Cave Realm now, I don't know how far away from the Destiny Realm..." Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly, and the current strength of the Little Skull has surpassed Joanna.

Of course, it's just beyond Joanna's part-time job in the store.

Her deity is the top existence in the starry sky, and the existence that is currently out of reach.

The combat power of employee Joanna is 29.6.

The little skeleton surpassed her by nearly 10 points!

However, Su Ping knew that Joanna's cultivation of this clone is mainly for training her mind. If she really wants to increase her strength, she can do it anytime.

"The previously combined skill should be this white-boned demon." Su Ping looked at Little Skeleton's three bloodline abilities, which are Little Skull's core main ability.

Each ability has a simple description.

The first skeletonized demon was the ability of the small skeleton to cover Su Ping. In the state of the skeletonized demon, the small skeleton can fully superimpose its own combat power on Su Ping. At that time, it was like a piece of The indestructible armor can provide Su Ping with a steady stream of strength.

This ability is of little significance to the Skeleton King family, but to the Skeleton King family with a contract, it can provide the owner with extremely strong combat power.

This is also the reason why the Skeleton King clan has become extremely popular among the starry sky class powerhouses.

The second bloodline ability can be called the strongest Xiaoqiang ability. No matter how much trauma it suffers, the little skeleton can gather the body again through the dark energy in the void.

It's almost hard to kill!

You should know that when ordinary creatures die, they will be pulled by the necromancy world and sucked into the necromancy world.

The Skeleton King suffered a fatal blow, and when he was pulled by the necromancy world, he was able to draw the undead energy from the necromancy world and come back to life again!

Can be called immortal!

Of course, with Su Ping's knowledge and knowledge, although this ability is strong and perverted, it is not absolutely invincible.

Some extraordinary powerhouses can confine time and space and isolate all energy. In front of such powerhouses, it is extremely difficult to use this ability.

But if you really meet that kind of extraordinary powerhouse, you don't have to think about it, it's easier to wait for death.

As for the third ability of Little Skeleton, it is an attack ability.

Bone King comes, it is an ancestor calling skill, which can call the ancestor of the skeleton king's bloodline, bless himself with the power of the ancestor, and explode beyond imagination!

This kind of bloodline ability is only possessed by the top big races of the starry sky level, and only the ancestors of the big races can leave this super powerful combat ability to the younger generation.

In addition to these three bloodline abilities, Su Ping was greatly amazed by the other skills, as if he was looking through a wide range of treasures, it was too strong!

After this awakening, Little Skeleton's combat power simply broke through the sky, and various skills were terrifyingly strong.

No wonder there will be a combat power of up to 39 points. With so many super skills, it is no exaggeration to have such a combat power!

"This is the superior qualification of the Skeleton King clan. I don't know how far the top Skeleton King clan will be..." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

With the ninth level cultivation base, it can match the strength of the virtual cave realm, and this battle power is enough to easily kill the ordinary virtual cave realm strong.

This is no longer an inverse king level, it can be called an inverse god!


At this moment, a low roar suddenly came.

Su Ping recovered from the observation of Little Skeleton. This is the cultivation world. He can regenerate. Only before did he have the courage to take out his mind and look at the situation of Little Skeleton.

Hearing this obvious roar of Dragon Yin, Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he immediately fumbled forward with Little Skull.

Soon, a rumbling sound broke out in a place in this giant wood forest, as if a great battle was going on.

Su Ping and Little Skeleton touched the edge of the battle, and as the air wave rolled over, Su Ping saw the situation of the battle clearly. It was two dragons and beasts fighting each other!

A dragon beast, with purple scales, full of noble aura, full of dragon aura, extremely fierce.

The other dragon beast is obviously another type of dragon beast, with dark blue scales. In addition to two thick dragon legs, there are four short dragon claws, each of which is extremely sharp.

The size of the two dragon beasts is quite different. The purple scale dragon is more than two hundred meters long, while the other is less than 100 meters. At this moment, in the terrorist war, although it launched an extremely fierce attack, it was obviously at a disadvantage.

"It's another dragon and beast hunt?" Su Ping's gaze winked.

Unexpectedly, the dragons and beasts in this dragon world are so cruel. I saw dragons eating dragons before, but now I see dragons and beasts hunting each other.

He has a restrained breath and does not move.

These two dragon beasts are both legendary. Su Ping waited for one of them to lose, and then shot down the other one to find out the whereabouts of Longyuan.

The fight between the two dragon beasts was fierce. It seemed that they didnt notice Su Ping, the uninvited guest. Or, even if he noticed, he didnt care. After all, Su Pings own aura is too weak, and neither is legendary. In front of these two dragon beasts. , Can only be regarded as a tiny bug.


With a burst of energy, the dark blue-scaled dragon beast was immediately knocked away, but the purple-scaled dragon beast took advantage of the situation and bit it on its dragon neck. The latter screamed.

This cry is full of despair. It is the begging and moaning of the hunter to the hunter, but the cold-blooded hunter will not let it go. Soon, the cry will weaken, and accompanied by the tearing sound, the head of the dark blue scaly dragon beast is torn. Under the bite, blood and water were like a column, immediately gushing out from the dragon's neck.

This **** and primitive scene made Su Ping squinted slightly.

He continued to lie dormant, waiting.

The purple scale dragon beast shook the dragon's head it was biting, threw it aside, then bowed its head casually and bit down the flesh and blood in the dragon's neck, taking a big bite and devouring it.

The dragon's blood splattered and dyed its neck red, and the sharp dragon teeth and big, hideous mouth were also smeared with blood, making it even more terrifying.

At this moment, it turned to look at Su Ping's hiding place.

It opened its mouth slightly, energy gathered in its mouth, and aimed at Su Ping.

Su Ping's eyes were slightly cold, and he was not too surprised. With a move of his mind, Little Skeleton directly used the Skeleton Demon.


An extraordinary and strong aura suddenly burst out from his body, and a steady flow of power gushed out. Su Ping felt like he wanted to chant for a long time, but he suppressed it, his eyes bursting with blood full of light, his body suddenly It flashed instantly, and rushed towards the purple scale dragon beast.

The purple scale dragon beast saw Su Ping, who suddenly looked like a different person, and was visibly startled. When he saw his breath, the cold dragon's eyes showed shock.

It roared, with a bit of demonstration and deterrence.

But Su Ping is immune to the dragon roar, the old dragon kings starry sky-level Dayan real dragon roar, he listened to it as the background. At this moment, his body was like a cannonball, and he instantly came to this purple scale dragon beast, the demon **** fist burst out brightly. The divine light crashed down.

boom! !

The purple scale dragon burst out with an energy impact, but the energy burst instantly, and the Demon God Fist fell on its dragon wing without any hindrance, punching its dragon wing through a hole.

Su Ping's figure flashed instantaneously, tearing the sticky space around his body, and stepping on its neck with one foot. There was terrifying power on his foot, which would be trampled down at any time.

"If you don't want to die, just be obedient to me." Su Ping said coldly while thinking through voice transmission.

The purple scale dragon beast looked at it in anger and horror, but its body didn't move anymore. It understood Su Ping's thoughts, and soon Su Ping also heard a thought coming back.

"What do you want to do? I gave you this prey."

This idea is in dragon language, but through communication, it is automatically translated into words that Su Ping can understand.

"Who wants your prey?" Su Ping snorted coldly and said, "Do you know Long Yuan?"

"Longyuan?" The purple scale dragon was startled and looked at Su Ping suspiciously, "What do you ask this for?"

"Do you know that?" Su Ping immediately said, "Where is Long Yuan, do you know the way, take me over!"

The purple scale dragon was frightened and angry, and said: "Dragon Origin is the origin of our Purple Blood Sky Dragon clan, what do you lower race want to do?"

"Purple Blood Dragon?" Su Ping glanced at the purple scales on its body, and suddenly thought that this nurturing world is called the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, and the system also said that every dragon realm has a main dragon family, this Purple Blood Dragon Abyss. The world should be the world of this purple blood dragon, they are equivalent to the masters here.

"Since you know, then lead the way obediently, otherwise, this one next to you will be your fate!" Su Ping said coldly.

Feeling Su Ping's icy killing intent, the purple scale dragon was a little humiliated, and a cruel and cruel killing intent appeared in its eyes. Longyuan was in the core place of their purple-blooded dragon clan, and the other party wanted to go, and it was simply a trap.

"Okay, I'll take you there!"

It agreed to Su Ping, enduring the killing intent in its heart.

Seeing it honestly agreed, Su Ping immediately turned over and jumped onto its back, flipped his palm, and the bone knives picked up by the little skull from the Chaos Necrosphere appeared. He directly inserted it into the dragon's back and said, "Go!"

The sharpness of this bone knife was greater than Su Ping had imagined. The dark aura surrounding the bone blade easily broke the hard scales on the back of the purple scale dragon.

Su Ping held down the handle of the knife, as if holding down the rudder, as long as he was willing, he could directly tear the purple scale dragon.

Feeling the murderous intention behind, the purple scale dragon frightened, waving its wings in humiliation, and marching against the wind.

One of its dragon wings was pierced by Su Ping. At this moment, it could only fly with a single wing and be driven by energy. In a blink of an eye, it soared into the sky and entered the clouds.

The giant wood forest under his feet shrank rapidly, and Su Ping also saw the face of the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss.

On the ground, in addition to the continuous forest, there are winding mountains, swamps, and primitive peaks standing in the forest.

The whole world is a barren zone.

Hunting and hunting in the violent wind, Su Ping drove this purple blood dragon, soaring in the exotic sky of the purple blood dragon abyss.

Soon after flying, other purple blood dragons roared in the distance, seeming to be fighting with something, calling for help.

The purple-blooded dragon at Su Pings feet was about to speak when he heard Su Pings cold snort, and then Senhans murderous aura followed the bone knife on its back and penetrated into its body, causing it to close with interest. Mouth, anger and aggrieved.

Flying all the way.

After passing by mountain peaks and huge continuous forests, and also passing several large rivers, huge shadows in the rivers move in the water, and the outline can be seen very clearly from the high altitude. There are many huge bones of monsters along the river.

for a long time.

In Su Ping's sight, a huge mountain appeared.

This is a real "giant mountain"!

Even in a savage place like the Dragon Realm, it can be called huge, straight through the sky and through the clouds.

Those huge peaks and forests are like small gravel grasses in front of this huge mountain, unremarkable.

From that huge mountain, Su Ping could feel a pressure that made his heart tremble.

At this moment, Su Ping saw other whistling noises in the air in the distance. It was a giant purple scale dragon flying by, all heading towards the huge mountain.

"Where is Longyuan?" Su Ping asked.

The Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon at his feet replied: "That is the Holy Land of our Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon, and it is also the source of the dragon you are looking for."

Su Ping nodded slightly, staring at the giant mountain.

As the purple blood dragon flew, the huge mountain got closer and closer, gradually filling the entire line of sight, and the rock structure on the huge mountain could be seen.

The purple-blooded Tianlong flew to the mountainside and landed slowly.

Su Ping saw that there were many purple-blooded heavenly dragons here. In addition to this, what surprised him was that there were other dragon beasts here, but these dragon beasts were extremely powerful, even more powerful than the other shore Su Ping had seen. It was much more terrifying, giving him the feeling of facing a starry sky-level creature.

"What are these dragon beasts doing here?" Su Ping asked.

He thought this was the situation where dragons were eating dragons. These dragons, which were obviously not purple blood dragon beasts, appeared here, didn't they give the purple blood dragon food.

"They are here to pay tribute, and some are just like you, trying to seek the dragon source." The Purple Blood Tianlong at Su Ping's feet said contemptuously.

As it landed, other purple-blooded dragons around also noticed the purple-blooded dragon under Su Ping's feet. When they saw Su Ping on its back, their expressions changed, revealing an angry look.


"Dare to let me use the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon as a mount!"

"What a lowly race this is, **** it, kill him!"

The surrounding purple-blooded dragons roared in anger.

The other alien dragons and beasts also looked at Su Ping in surprise.

There are creatures that dare to step on the back of the purple blood dragon?

The purple-blooded Tianlong at Su Ping's feet immediately called for help, shouting: "Help me, this despicable creature sneaked on me, held me over, and had a plan against Long Yuan!"

Su Ping looked around at the purple-blooded Tianlong, all of them were legendary, with strong and weak auras.

He didn't intend to force it. He immediately jumped from the back of the purple-blooded dragon at his feet, stood up in the air, and said, "Under the human race Su Ping, I have come to ask for the dragon source. I hope the nobles can exchange some for me. I am willing to use it. Anything in me is exchanged."

"shut up!"

"Insulting my clan, attacking and injuring my clan members, and trying to get Long Yuan? Is Long Yuan what your humble race can get, guards, kill him!"

A burly purple-blooded Tianlong stepped out and roared angrily at Su Ping.

The other purple-blooded dragon beasts roared and the sentiment was excited.

The dragon beasts of other races all looked at Su Ping in amazement. They are dragon beasts. They are still useful for seeking the source of the dragon, but Su Ping doesnt have the aura of a dragon beast from head to toe. source?

And also came here holding a purple blood dragon?

"Human...seems to have heard it."

"A race from a long time ago seems to have been extinct long ago."

"Are you talking about the bugs that appeared in that long time ago?"

The dragon and beast powerhouses of other races are whispering.

The aura exuding from them far exceeds that of other purple-blooded dragons around, but they dare not act rashly here, and are quite respectful and humble towards the surrounding purple-blooded dragons.

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