Astral Pet Store Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Kill Only

When other dragons and beasts were discussing, the surrounding purple-blooded dragons had surrounded Su Ping, all of them were extremely angry, exuding a strong killing intent.


The few purple-blooded dragons closest to Su Ping suddenly exploded into an astonishing aura, domineering, and rushed towards Su Ping at an extremely fast speed. The huge body was like a rushing thunder, approaching like a purple cannonball, squeezing the air into a rumble and explosion.

Su Ping frowned, raised his fist quickly, and the energy in his body poured into his arms violently, the Demon God Summoning fist slammed out, bursting out with brilliant light, and pushing forward.

boom! !

The space was pushed into bursts layer by layer, and accompanied by a loud noise, a dark gray space collapsed and energy was drawn into it, continuously annihilated.

The purple-blooded dragons that rushed towards Su Ping were all shocked by the explosive fist. The dragon's body shook and flew backwards, but Su Ping didn't suffer much injury.

"Stop, I don't want to be an enemy." Su Ping said solemnly.

Seeing the power of Su Ping's punch, the surrounding dragons and beasts were shocked.

"Crush the void, is this the power of the Heavenly Dragon?"

"This low-level creature is actually a Tianlong-level, how can it be!"

"His breath is obviously weak..."

A group of dragon beasts looked at Su Ping, surprised and suspicious.

In the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, the Tianlong rank is already regarded as a first-class predator.

"Hmph, can the Heavenly Dragon class come here to spread the wilds? The mere ant creatures dare to seek the dragon source of our clan and prepare to die!"

The burly purple-blooded Tianlong in front suddenly took a step in a cold snort. A pair of dark purple dragons looked down at Su Ping coldly, exuding strong energy fluctuations, and dark gray marks appeared around its body, like tentacles. It extends around, splitting the surrounding space.

Just the overflow of energy can turmoil the void, this scene makes the dragon beasts of other races look dignified.


It lifted its dragon claws, and did not see how to move, the void in front of its dragon claws suddenly shattered, and at the same time, a shocking force suddenly rushed out through the annihilation of the void.

Su Ping's eyes moved slightly. Although he did not sense the fluctuation of energy, he felt a dangerous invasion based on his extremely rich combat experience. His body flashed suddenly, disappeared in an instant, and appeared hundreds of meters away. The next moment, in his The afterimage of the original place was suddenly penetrated, and was patted by a vacant gray dragon claw.

This dragon claw smashed the afterimage and the surrounding space to pieces.

Seeing that his attack was dodged, the face of the purple-blooded dragon changed slightly, anger and killing intent gushed out of the dragon's eyes. The energy in its body was turbulent, and it gathered in front of it into a dark purple giant hand. This hand is not like that. The dragon's claw, on the contrary, was like the palm of some ancient **** and demon.

Su Ping suddenly felt that the void around his body was imprisoned. It was extremely powerful, like a solidified cement, holding his body firmly, unable to move and flash.

At the same time, the surrounding void shattered, the purple giant palm that had previously disappeared appeared, and Su Ping happened to be in the palm of his hand.

This giant palm must be grasped, crushing Su Ping to pieces.

Su Pings eyes burst with blood and murderous intent, and his body's strength burst out. Behind it, a chaotic potential area emerged. Inside, the magic shadows were surging, and suddenly two magic shadows from the wandering state seemed to be out of control. Like, he rushed towards Su Ping's body, using his body as the straw to hold it.

With the entanglement of the two magical shadows, Su Ping's eyes were full of blood, and his aura rose again. With a roar, he exploded into the sky, suddenly broke away from the shackles in the purple giant palm, and killed the purple blood dragon.

"Take me a punch!!"

Su Ping roared.

boom! !

A punch exploded, and the dazzling punch light was like a small sun, extremely blazing.

A look of shock appeared in the purple-blooded dragon's eyes. Su Ping's punch was too fast and too fierce, and the space in front of him was cracked, and there was a feeling that he could not resist.

But it still instinctively raised its hand and displayed the bloodline defensive skills of the Purple Blood Sky Dragon.

There was a loud bang, and the mountainside was shaking.

A large amount of dust and fog gushed out, the dust was filled, and then was swept away by the wind.

In mid-air, Su Ping's figure was panting and Ling Li, in front of him, the purple-blooded Tianlong was unharmed, but there was a pit hundreds of meters wide beside it.

"I just came to seek Longyuan and I don't want to be an enemy." Su Ping gasped, his men were merciful.

This purple-blooded Tianlong was stunned, seeing the big hole next to it, the dragon's eyes shrank slightly.

After hearing Su Ping's words, its eyes flickered slightly, and then stepped back a certain distance. Just as Su Ping was about to talk, suddenly the purple-blooded dragon roared, "End the formation, kill it!"


The other purple blood dragons roared.

The surrounding purple-blooded dragons burst out large patches of purple qi, which are connected to each other, like an ancient formation.

Among them, the purple-blooded dragon who had gathered the strongest was the purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon who was fighting with Su Ping. It was in the eye at the moment, and its strength was rising steadily, exploding with a more terrifying and powerful aura than before.

"Seek Longyuan? Even with your ant creature?"


The purple-blooded Tianlong roared, and the purple qi poured down all over his body, and his physique skyrocketed. In a blink of an eye, it was four to five hundred meters huge, like a huge mountain.

It waved its dragon claws, and the turbulent energy gathered on its chest and turned into that dark purple giant palm again, but this time it was not only the giant palm, but also the forearm behind the palm was condensed, and the forearm was wrapped with ancient spells. .

This palm exudes an extremely ferocious aura, as if it is going to sweep across the sky, and with a powerful force, it quickly grabs Su Ping.

Su Ping was startled.

He didn't expect to show mercy twice, and he failed to get a chance to exchange and negotiate.

Looking at the ancient giant palm flying at extremely fast speed, his fists slowly clenched, and the blood gushed out in his eyes. He knew that peace talks were no longer possible, only...kill!

Kill them until their heart trembles, kneel down! !


Su Ping soared into the sky, bursting out with a deafening roar, burning with blood all over his body, igniting an overbearing and invincible force. In the potential area behind him, a third evil shadow climbed out.


Su Ping's aura increased again, and he yelled up to the sky and met the ancient giant palm.

boom! !

This giant palm seemed to be suppressed from the sky, crushing Su Ping to pieces.

Su Ping roared with a punch against the sky.

The coercion of the Demon Suppression Fist broke out, and the golden shadow of the fist rushed out and hit the ancient giant palm.

The ancient giant palm was extremely strong, its momentum was slow, and it still fell straight down. In its palm, the space was confined, and in it, Su Ping felt that the power in his body seemed to be creeping away, although it was very weak. But he has a feeling of being deprived of time.

This ancient giant palm is actually a starry sky level skill!


Su Ping didn't depart, and ran into it with a roar.

The next moment, his body shattered unexpectedly, exploding into a blood mist, and the little skeleton possessed by him was also shattered, but the little skeleton was not dead, and condensed in the void again.

And Su Ping's body condensed in the same place at the same moment.

When he was resurrected, the ancient giant palm that fell from the shot had already passed from here, and at this moment, it hit the ground directly behind Su Ping.

The murderous aura in Su Ping's eyes filled, without turning his head, he called the little skull to cover his body again, and when he was wrapped in white bones, his blood burned again, and the raging power continued to gush out from the abyss.


Su Ping roared forward, and slew towards the purple blood dragon.

A sneer just appeared on the purple-blooded Tianlong's face, but when he saw Su Ping who appeared out of thin air, his pupils shrank, revealing a deep shock.

The surrounding dragon beasts of other races also widened their eyes, and their scales were trembling, with a sense of horror.

This is... the flow of time?

The power of time that can only be mastered by the starry sky class? !


At the moment when the purple blood dragon was shocked and absent, Su Ping flashed in front of it, and slammed a punch on the soft part of its lower jaw and neck. The surging fist burst out, and the scales of its lower neck broke and turned into a huge blood. hole.

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