Astral Pet Store Chapter 542

Chapter 542: I Will Make You The Strongest Dragon

"Die to me!!"

Su Ping broke out and roared, and this time he had no mercy anymore. Following the huge blood hole, he gathered his whole body strength and slammed a punch into the skull of the purple blood dragon.


The violent fist burst instantly, and the purple blood sky dragon's eyes were full of panic, and he opened his mouth to ask for mercy, but as soon as his mouth opened, the top of his head burst suddenly, leaving only half of his head, and his brain splashed.

Seeing this scene, the other purple-blooded dragons were all stunned and extremely furious.

Su Ping actually dared to move a killer!

This is the sacred mountain of the Purple Blood Dragon!

It's their home!

Someone dared to hit the door and kill their people!

The sin is unforgivable!

Roar! !

A series of dragons roared out in anger, and the surrounding purple-blooded dragons immediately displayed legendary dragon skills. The energy in the air was boiling, the space stirred, and the chaotic energy storm condensed on Su Pings head, like a purple cloud. But there is violent energy inside, and any ray is enough to easily kill the legend!

This is the energy of all the purple-blooded dragons present, and the racial group skill released through resonance!

"kill him!"

"Let him die!!"

The purple blood dragon all roared in anger.

The dense purple storm rushed towards Su Ping head-on, and wiped him out into ashes!

Su Ping raised his head, his eyes are bloody, here he no longer has to worry about consumption and sequelae. At this moment, he is screaming in his heart, and he needs more power! !

Eat my blood and give my strength! !

Roar! !

Behind him, a huge Skeleton King phantom appeared, roaring thousands of years ago.

The white bones covered by Su Ping were shrinking, and a large amount of blood burst out of his body. The whole person was like a **** man, but his aura was unprecedentedly prosperous. The murderous aura was boiling, and his blood was sacrificed in exchange for power. , All condensed on the fist.

"Break it for me!!!"

Su Ping roared, the dazzling Demon God Fist burst out, and his fist slammed upward, as if a dazzling golden sun was rising, crashing into the sky full of purple energy.

boom! !

The world was silent and huge, and the hot and dazzling light burst out like a mushroom cloud, but there was no sound. The blazing light was swallowed in an instant, and the space collapsed into a huge dark vortex, like a black hole, full of tears. The dark storm seems to lead to another world.

Su Ping, who was covered in blood, headed towards the purple blood dragons on the ground!

"Die to me!!"

Su Ping screamed, violent divine fists were thrown out again and again, and each punch shattered the space. These purple-blooded heavenly dragons belonged to the vast sea realm and the virtual cave realm. Although they were in the formation at this moment, they faced Su Ping's brutality A punch came, but there was no ability to resist, and a huge hole was punched out of his body in an instant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like a madman, Su Ping entered the purple-blooded dragon, beheading all the way, all the purple-blooded dragons were not enemies with one punch, and either died or were seriously injured.

Seeing that Su Ping is so cruel, the dragons and beasts of other races next to him are all terrified. No other creature has dared to make such a fuss on the sacred mountain of the purple blood dragon and kill so many purple blood dragons. You will be hunted down until the genocide!

Looking at Su Ping, who was as fierce as a demon at this moment, these dragon beasts were hesitating to consider whether to help.

When they hesitated, Su Ping had already killed more than a dozen Purple Blood Heavenly Dragons, among them was the Purple Blood Heavenly Dragon in the Void Cave Realm. Although he sacrificed the Dragon Clan defense skills, he could not catch Su Ping's punch!

At this moment, Su Pings Demon Suppression Fist has already unknowingly, stepping into the second level. With his strength at this moment, it is enough to compete with the Destiny Realm, and it can completely crush these Void Cave Realms. .

Kill kill kill!

Su Ping was merciful to the purple-blooded Tianlong who had been merciless before, and at this moment, he was unrelenting in killing, he used his full strength with every punch, and he didn't care about the opponent's attack at all, and he didn't think about defense at all!

Soon, his body was attacked by a purple blood dragon and his head was blown.

But the next moment, Su Ping immediately came back to life, and after he was resurrected, he was in the heyday when he had just entered the nurturing world. He once again turned into a demon, burned blood, raised his power to the limit, and continued to kill.

"It's you, don't even want to run!"

Among the purple-blooded dragons, Su Ping saw the purple-blooded dragon that had come from him. His black hair was scattered, and his body was bathed in blood. Like a demon god, he swept away the other purple-blooded dragons, strode out, and headed directly towards it. Pursue the past.

Seeing Su Ping coming straight to him, the scales of this purple-blooded Tianlong were so scared that the whole body was about to turn white, and the pair of icy dragon eyes when hunting were full of fear at the moment.

It didn't expect this creature to be so crazy, instead of kneeling down to apologize, it was still killing it here!

Moreover, the power of this low-level creature is beyond its imagination.

What frightened and puzzled it the most was that Su Ping was actually able to resurrect. He was killed twice before and was resurrected on the spot. It all doubted whether Su Ping was a starry sky-class creature.

But if they are starry sky-level creatures, they can directly use time power in battle, how can they have the ability to resist?

"You, don't come here!"

Seeing Su Ping's striding meteor chasing, the purple-blooded Tianlong couldn't help it anymore and cried out in horror.

In their Lair of the Purple Blood Dragon, where the sacred mountain is, it is terrified of an alien creature, and even feels pleading in its words, which itself feels incredible.


Su Ping roared, his body tore through the void, and he flashed in. He stepped out and stepped directly on the back of this purple blood dragon. The power on his feet was like a mountain, trampling this purple blood dragon. Lie on the ground, then he raised his fist and slammed it at its head.

There was a bang, and as soon as the pleading sound came out, the head of this purple blood dragon burst open.

The blazing brain splashed Su Ping all over, and he did not use the star shield to resist it at the moment, unscrupulous, like a running beast.

After slaying this purple-blooded dragon, Su Ping turned and looked at other purple-blooded dragons around him with scarlet eyes.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons who had originally planned to rush over to fight Su Ping were all shocked by the monstrous evil spirit in Su Ping's eyes, and couldn't help being shocked.

They never thought that a low-level creature could shock them.

They are dragons!

Among the heavens and thousands of races, they are all first-class races, the king of beasts!

Was Su Ping shocked at this moment?

Some purple-blooded dragons felt ashamed when they were horrified, but seeing Su Ping's blood and similar brains, the anger inspired by that shame was extinguished in an instant. This is simply a demon, a demon crawling out of the abyss, They are all retreating, just waiting for the big man Su Ping alarmed to come and execute him.

The other dragon beasts next to him saw Su Ping standing in a pool of blood, but no one dared to step forward in a circle of purple-blooded dragons around. This scene was too shocking. On this sacred mountain of purple-blooded dragons, This kind of picture is simply unimaginable. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes and killed them, they couldn't believe it would happen.

"Tell me, where is Long Yuan!"

Su Ping's eyes were blood-red and murderous, staring at the purple-blooded Tianlong in front of him.

This purple-blooded Tianlong was stunned by Su Ping's momentum, and couldn't help trembling, and said: "Lower creatures, you won't be fierce for long. When the saint of our race comes, you are ready to wait for death!"

"You die first!"

Su Ping strode out, tore the space, and appeared directly in front of the purple blood dragon. His body was only a scale of this purple blood dragon, but at this moment, his figure descended in front of the purple blood dragon's head. At the same time as its pair of dragon eyes, the purple-blooded Tianlong trembled.


Su Ping punched in an instant, and the dazzling fist light illuminated the pupils of this purple blood dragon. The next moment, its head was flooded with fist light, and the huge dragon head burst out loudly.

In the place where its head burst, there was a broken void, and even the space there was shattered!

Su Ping suddenly turned around and looked at the other purple-blooded Tianlong: "Tell me, where is Longyuan!!"

Seeing the tragic death of his companion, this purple-blooded heavenly dragon couldn't help but tremble. The one that was just killed by Su Ping was the purple-blooded heavenly dragon of the Void Hole realm, but it was in the vast sea realm and was even weaker.

Even the Void Hole Realm was in front of Su Ping and had no ability to fight back. It felt the shadow of death enveloped. Although Su Ping's figure was small, it occupied the entire world in its sight at this moment.

Seeing Su Ping approaching, it couldn't help but retreat, and said in a trembled voice: "Dragon, Longyuan is on the top of the mountain, you, if you are not afraid of death, go!"

"Mountain top?"

Su Ping stopped, raised his head, and looked at the summit of this huge mountain.

Beside this mountainside, there is a huge ladder leading to the top of the mountain.

No more nonsense, Su Ping immediately turned around and flew directly to the top of the mountain.

The purple-blooded heavenly dragons around were all frightened and did not stop.

After flying to several kilometers, Su Ping suddenly felt that there was some power in the air, oppressing his body, and his whole body burst out, but as he kept flying upwards, the restraint of that power grew stronger.

Su Ping had to land, and when he landed on the giant ladder, the oppression disappeared.

"It can actually fly as high as 7,000 meters!"

"With the power of the rules laid down by the star, you can actually disobey it!"

"so horrible!"

Those purple blood dragons and dragon beasts of other races were all shocked by Su Ping's actions just now.

There is the power of rules on this holy mountain!

Up the mountainside, foreigners are prohibited from flying. This is the rule!

Su Ping unexpectedly flew seven kilometers under the pressure of this rule. This is an unimaginable height. The destiny realm dragon beasts of other races may not be able to do it.


Su Ping landed on the giant ladder to the sky. After feeling that the binding power disappeared, he immediately exploded and sprinted forward, his feet swimming electro-optically, stepping out afterimages.

On the giant ladder, Su Ping was like a light purple smoke, rushing out thousands of meters in an instant, faster than flying straight up.

"On the top of the mountain, there is a starry sky-level town..."

Su Ping thought of those purple-blooded dragons, and looked up at the top of the cloud-shrouded mountain. The huge mountain was too high to see the peak.

However, even if there is a starry sky class, Su Ping will go!

Su Ping kept burning blood, letting the little skull convert it into power to deliver to him, always sprinting at full speed, his figure has reached nearly ten times the speed of sound, two or three kilometers per second, the general title cascades him at this moment Even though he couldn't see clearly, Su Ping came to the summit of this huge mountain after ten minutes!


When he stepped onto the last huge step, Su Ping immediately felt a heavy pressure oscillate over his head. His body trembled and he was almost knocked down and flew down the steps.

Fortunately, he has extremely rich combat experience, and immediately stabilized his body as soon as his strength turned.

Looking up, Su Ping saw an extremely wide and flat place. At the end of his sight, there was a huge purple lake like a waterfall.

The purple water in the lake exudes bursts of strange fragrance and strong dragon air.

Su Ping's eyes condensed, and he immediately asked the system, "Is that Long Yuan?"


Su Ping nodded, inexplicably relieved.

Finally found.

Right in front of you.

He took a deep breath and withdrew his gaze from the Longyuan Lake, his eyes turned to the huge silhouettes on both sides of the side that could not be ignored like an abyss.

They are all purple blood dragons!

There are eight in total, each of which is much larger than what Su Ping saw below. It is four to five hundred meters long, and is more difficult than the extremely difficult Destiny Realm that Su Ping killed. The blood dragon is even bigger!

Su Ping felt the extremely vast aura from these purple-blooded dragons. However, judging from the experience he has accumulated in the demigod, these purple-blooded dragons are the peak of the destiny realm, the very limit kind, and It is not a starry sky level, and there is no such ethereal and vast aura of a starry sky level.

In the next moment, Su Ping saw another purple blood dragon!

This purple-blooded heavenly dragon lay beside the Longyuan Lake. His body was huge and covered with purple scales. The color was dimmer than the surroundings. It seemed to be covered with dust, but its half-opened dragon eyes were With an extremely deep breath of nothingness, he looked at Su Ping indifferently without emotion.

Su Ping felt the pores all over his body shrink slightly, and he felt shivering just by being watched.

Star class!

There is no doubt that the thousand-meter-high purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon is definitely a starry sky-level creature!

Su Ping's face changed slightly, but he didn't back up, he was already here, just the last step.

"How to use Longyuan to resurrect the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast?"

Su Ping asked the system in his heart.

The system replied: "Just let the dragon soul of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast soak in the dragon source, and the dragon source will automatically reorganize the dragon body for it. This is the characteristic of the dragon source. Cherish all the dragon beasts."

Su Ping understood.

He lifted his foot and stepped forward.


A vanity force instantly suppressed it. It was a space secret technique, which not only confined the space around Su Ping, but also turned into a space hammer and smashed it down.

Su Ping broke out with all his strength and took the blow forcibly, but cracks appeared in the bones outside his body.


The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon on the right, with an indifferent expression, was slightly surprised. It seemed that Su Ping would be able to catch its attack.

"Inferior creatures, trespassing on the sacred mountain of our clan, you can destroy the clan!" The purple-blooded dragon said calmly. The next moment, the space around Su Ping's body suddenly split, and countless void swords appeared from inside, Chao Su Ping was killed instantly.

Su Ping's expression changed and he hurriedly fisted to resist, but the momentum of these Void Swords was extremely astonishing, so sharp, and instantly tore his body apart.


The blood exploded.

But the next moment, the blood dissipated again, and Su Ping was resurrected on the spot.


Seeing the resurrected Su Ping, the eight-headed Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon's originally indifferent eyes, like an ancient well, opened their eyes with surprise.

"Back in time?"

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon lying next to the Longyuan Lake also narrowed its eyes. This was the power that the starry sky level possessed, but the human in front of him did not seem to be of the same level as it.

"It doesn't seem to be released by itself."

"Could it be some secret treasure?"

The eight-headed purple-blooded Tianlong was whispering, and when it came to the secret treasure, the dragon's eyes showed light.

Star-level secret treasure!

This is fatal even for them.

"There was such a big disturbance at the foot of the mountain, and I dared to come and die. Sure enough, there are some trump cards, but now I have to hand it over." The purple-blooded dragon sneered and said while it was talking, Su Ping's body Countless swords of void condensed around again.

Su Ping ignored the sword of nothingness around him, and immediately joined the little skeleton as soon as he was resurrected, exploded with all his strength, and sprinted forward!

His goal is Longyuan!

In any case, send the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to Longyuan!


These sharp void swords immediately slashed Su Pings body. This purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was the limit of the Destiny Realm. It was only an opportunity for enlightenment from the Star Realm. Its power was far greater than that of Su Ping fighting on the mountainside. A destiny realm is stronger, although both are destiny realms, they are like two realms.


Su Ping appeared again, and then continued to sprint forward!


The purple-blooded Tianlong was slightly startled, but he didn't expect Su Ping to be resurrected.

It immediately shot again, this time from the front of Su Ping condensing ten thousand swords, to kill Su Ping to pieces.

"Get away!!"

Su Ping roared and punched out!

He can not resist the attack from behind, but at this moment, no one can stand in front of him!

With a bang, a violent concussion sounded, that sword aura was shattered for thousands of times, and the remaining sword aura cut the bones outside Su Ping's body, and even the areas where the bones were not covered were also torn apart. Split, and become a blood man in a flash.

Su Ping roared and rushed forward.

The purple-blooded Tianlong was a little angry, and once again condensed a large piece of sword energy to strangle it.

Su Ping couldn't stop him, his body was cut to pieces, but just after being cut to pieces, he came back to life again, and then continued to sprint.

Every time he was killed and every time he was resurrected, he could advance thousands of meters.

After death again and again, Su Ping kept sending the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast to Longyuan.

The purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon was completely angry. Even if it was a starry sky-level artifact, it wasn't such a shame, right? He killed Su Ping more than a dozen times, but could he keep resurrecting? There is no end!

"He wants to get closer to Longyuan!"

"Stop him, how can this low-level creature allow him to pollute Longyuan."

Seeing Su Ping's intentions, the other purple-blooded dragons all had cold eyes and shot.

Eight purple-blooded dragons at the top of the Destiny Realm shot at the same time, and Su Ping was bombarded and killed without any resistance or suspense, but in the next moment, he was resurrected again.

Just after his resurrection, he joined the little skeleton and rushed forward for several kilometers.


The next moment, his body burst open again.

"Damn it, how can it be resurrected endlessly?!"

"What level of secret treasure is this, the star master made it not so exaggerated, right?"

The eight purple-blooded dragons are angry and keep attacking, but Su Ping keeps resurrecting. Their attacks are not useless. They can kill Su Ping every time, but what makes them angry is that killing is useless. , Su Ping resurrected like a ghost again, ignoring them at all.

After dying hundreds of times, Su Ping finally came to the Longyuan Lake.

At this moment, the starry sky-level purple-blooded heavenly dragon slowly spoke and said, "You are not our dragon, why do you have to get our dragon source?"

The surrounding eight purple-blooded dragons stopped their attacks and looked at Su Ping coldly.

"I want to resurrect my dragon pet, I must use Longyuan." Su Ping said.

After he finished speaking, he was shocked in his heart. He felt that he had answered it subconsciously. The words of this old starry sky-level dragon could make him involuntarily answer its words.

"Dragon pet?"

Lao Long looked at Su Ping quietly, and said, "Is it a descendant of my clan, let me see, maybe I will agree to give you some Longyuan to resurrect."

Su Ping was startled, he hesitated, but at this point, he didn't think much, summoned the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, along with its parasitic soul-raising fairy grass.

The faint red spirit gas gushed out, and the phantom of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast appeared on the crystal clear soul-raising fairy grass. It saw the surrounding situation, and was taken aback. For the first time, it saw so many powerful dragon beasts. .

"This is the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast?"

"seems like it"

When they saw the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the surrounding Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragons were obviously stunned and a little surprised. They thought that the dragon beasts Su Ping was going to summon were either from the Purple-Blooded Heavenly Dragon clan or other vassal clans. Yes, but I didn't expect it to be a small dragon and beast clan with no legendary blood.

Purgatory candle dragon beasts inhabit this purple blood dragon abyss realm, but they are only extremely weak dragons inside.

The bloodline couldn't reach the legend. In the eyes of the purple-blooded Tianlong clan, they were completely ants, and they didn't treat them as the same clan at all.

The old starry dragon was also slightly startled. He didn't expect that with Su Ping's combat power, he would actually use this low-level dragon beast as a pet beast.

"You actually want to use the dragon source of my Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan to resurrect this lowly thing?"

"This is also worthy of being called a dragon pet?"

"Used as food, I have a dirty mouth!"

The eight purple-blooded dragons around were very unhappy.

Xingkong Laolong also put away the strange color in his eyes and restored his calm. He looked down at Su Ping and said, "You just want to resurrect him?"

Su Ping heard the words of the other purple-blooded dragons around him. He clenched his fists slightly, looked up at the old dragon in front of him, and said: "Yes, you have so many dragon sources here. If I can share some of them, I would use the same The exchange of things at a high price will never make you suffer."

A mocking light appeared in the eyes of the old dragon in the starry sky, and said, "It's unnecessary."

When the words fell, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast in front of Su Ping's face suddenly showed pain, and the soul energy of the whole body was suddenly torn apart and annihilated.

Su Ping was startled.

The dissipated spirit rushed before him, and Su Ping felt that time had stopped.

This moment is like a moment of thousands of years, solidified here.

He lowered his head, feeling his body tremble slightly uncontrollably.

"Your Purple-blooded Heavenly Dragon clan should be annihilated..." He whispered, neither roaring nor roaring, as if it was just for himself.

The next moment, he meditated on the resurrection.

The dissipated Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast Dragon Soul came back to life again.

But just resurrected the appearance of Jackie Chan's soul.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is still his battle pet, and in this nurturing world, it can still be resurrected again and again!


Seeing the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the old starry dragon was slightly startled, and the surrounding eight purple-blooded heavenly dragons were also stunned, somewhat shocked.

They didn't expect that not only Su Ping himself could be resurrected, but also his pet beast!

Previously, they attacked Su Ping, beheading them time and time again, but the little skeletons that merged with Su Ping were almost immortal and could not be killed by them, so they did not expect this scene to happen.

"Go, enter Longyuan!"

Su Ping passed on the resurrected Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast reacted, seeing the Dragon Source Lake ahead, and flew over immediately.

Starry sky old dragon reacted, a cold light flashed in his eyes, "Dare you!"


Its thousand-meter dragon body stood up suddenly, and its stalwart body was like a giant peak, exuding a monstrous coercive aura. The dim scales on its body had faded away like dust at this moment, and bloomed with bright purple light.

It didn't attack again. Since Su Ping could resurrect the pet beast, it would be useless to attack it again. It just used its aura to oppress, to let Su Ping know that such a lowly thing was not worthy of entering the Dragon Source.

Under the coercive deterrence of the old dragon in the starry sky, the body of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast could not stop, and the virtual body of the soul mist structure trembled violently.

Although it has seen many starry sky-level existences with Su Ping, even in the chaos necrosphere, even some unspeakable existences have been seen, and the courage has been tempered, but at this moment, the starry sky old dragon has used the aura of the starry sky level. The coercion directly suppresses the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

This is completely different from ordinary deterrence. The Dragon Power, which originated from blood, made the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast tremble and fear from the depths of its soul, and seemed to face what it feared the most.

Seeing the candle dragon beast of Purgatory halting, the old starry dragon sneered and said, "This is your lowly dragon pet?"

Su Ping's eyes widened suddenly, with blood glowing, and he let out a deafening roar: "Go! Go forward!! Why do you fear it, one day, I will make you the strongest dragon in this world!" !"

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