Astral Pet Store Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Upgrade Shop

"With 25 points of combat power, it is comparable to the legend of the Void Cave Realm. Its skills have space for teleportation, which can only be mastered by the normal Void Cave Realm legend."

Su Ping was quite pleased with the current combat power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast. It was only at the 9th rank that there was a virtual cave realm combat power, and no one would believe it.

"My own cultivation level should also be improved. It is only a seventh rank. Everyone thinks that I am a title level, and I have to become a real title level."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

But he wasn't in a hurry, first test the specific combat situation of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

In this test room, Su Ping didn't worry about destroying it by the attack of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and let it use many skills in turn, some of which are powerful legendary skills, so that Su Ping was amazing.

And the bloodline ability of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the Purple Hell Dragon Flame Breath is also very terrifying, full of violent and destructive power, even the space is melted.

If the creatures below the virtual cave realm take a bite, it is estimated that they will be sprayed to death.



After the test of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, Su Ping understood its condition, took it out of the test room, and returned it to the foster place to meditate.

On the other side, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan, who was guarding the store, to go to the facade purchased by the five big families across the street and call them over.

This trip to the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, Su Ping's two million energy that had previously been sold by the Moze Dragon Crocodile Beast had all been used up and spent on resurrection. Now he is in short supply of energy.

If he wants to cultivate himself, its best to take advantage of the opportunity of cultivating customers to pet animals and cultivate in the cultivating world, so that he can make money and practice faster, and he does not have to worry about problems in his cultivation. If something goes wrong in his cultivation, he will start over again. It can be quite unsolvable.

Soon, Tang Ruyan returned to the store, followed by people from the five big families, but not the heads of the five big families, but the elders of each family.

Now that the reconstruction after the disaster is busy, the Longjiang City Government and the five major families are too busy to get out of their bodies. They only dispatched the old family members to stay here. Always pay attention to the movement in the Suping store to avoid new legendary beasts. To be sold, other families will be the first to be listed.

"Boss Su, you call us over, what's your order?"

"Meet Boss Su."

Several people stepped forward and spoke one after another, with a respectful and polite attitude.

Su Ping was completely famous in the Battle of the other side, in addition to making them in awe, but also respect.

To be able to fight the monster king for many ordinary people, this courage is enough to be proud of how many heroes and heroes.

What's more, things in the peak tower were also spread. They all heard about it, especially the Qin family. They knew that although the patron Qin Duhuang became a legend, he did not join the peak tower circle. Their Qin family should From now on, he is standing on the same line as Su Ping.

If Fengta troubled their Qin family, they could only ask Su Ping for help.

Seeing several clan elders, Su Ping said bluntly: "What is the pet animal breeding service in my shop? I think you should understand that now that the disaster has just ended, many pet masters are still taking care of the funeral and have no intention of cultivating pets. Beasts, the business in my shop has also been affected. Your five big families, hurry up and let those in your clan who need to cultivate pet beasts come to our store, as long as they are not legendary pet beasts, they can cultivate."

Hearing Su Ping's words, several people were stunned, but they didn't expect Su Ping to open the door for business.

The corpses of the monster beasts outside the base city are still being processed, and there is a sad atmosphere in the base. Business in various industries is affected, and the animal pet shop is naturally no exception.

"It turns out that this is the case. Boss Su wants to help young children in our family nurture pet beasts so that we can quickly regain our fighting strength. We really don't repay the kindness of Boss Su.

Several people seemed to understand Su Ping's mind, and said with some emotion, their eyes became more solemn and respectful.

Su Ping was suddenly dumb, somewhat speechless.

"It's not just young children, you can also if you need it." Su Ping had no choice but to say.

Several people nodded again and again. The Qin family elder was a little excited and said: "I have heard from my book before that the pet beasts cultivated in Boss Sus store have extremely powerful effects. One professional training can make the pet beast. 'S combat power has increased sharply, and Tier 9 ordinary pets can be comparable to Tier 9 extreme pets!

Now that Boss Su speaks, then I don't need to ask my clan leader. Can Boss Su cultivate four of my 9th-order pet beasts? There are demons in them. "

"Any department will do." Su Ping said.

The Qin family's old eyes brightened, and he quickly summoned his battle pet.

Seeing this scene, several other people lined up quickly to cultivate their pet beasts.

Su Ping was also not polite, registering their pets one by one to accept them. What made him a little stupefied was that these were all titles. Although they were just more ordinary titles, the pets were all high-ranking ones, and they chose them. They are all professional cultivation, one cultivation is one hundred million, which is one million energy!

The five clan elders had twenty-four battle pets. After registering for the five of them, Su Ping realized that he had only tens of thousands of energy left before, and in an instant it surged to 24 million!

That's right, it broke 10 million, and it's still more than 20 million!

After registering for them, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to take them away, and then looked at the energy display in the store, a bit like a dream.

Earlier, it was extremely difficult to earn energy, and the full table would cost one million every day, unless someone in there came to nurture a higher pet beast and was willing to spend one billion.

But there are very few such people, after all, one billion is not a small number.

And the clan elders of these five big families are simply five pieces of fat, with a rich family background that can be easily taken out of several hundred million. With his current prestige, they seem to be embarrassed to choose ordinary cultivation, and they all chose the most expensive professional cultivation. A pet beast is worth one million, and the energy is earned too quickly.

"24 million energy..."

"If you upgrade a Level 3 store, you only need 10 million energy!"

"You can upgrade now!"

For the first time, Su Ping felt that earning energy was so fast.

However, the 24 million energy is not easy to earn. He wants to cultivate 24 pet beasts, all of which are professional-level cultivation. This is very difficult. If one or two are occasionally handed over to Joanna, it can still handle it, but more than 20 Only, Su Ping felt a little stressed, and he was probably busy for a while.

"It seems that in the future, we still have to start the reputation of higher pet beasts and attract more titles to come over, so that the speed of earning energy will be much faster, otherwise you will always cultivate some lower pet beasts and earn too slowly." Su Ping secretly said.

"System, what are the benefits of a third-level store?"

Su Ping asked silently.

The system replied: "The third-level store will add a new selling and rental platform, which can display the pet beasts to be rented and sold in an all-round way. In addition, the system store will also be upgraded to the third level, and there is a probability that more rare treasures and battles will be refreshed. Skills, even low-level gods and demons level secret methods."

Su Ping said: "That's it?"

"It will also open the higher-level fostering position, and the host can spend energy to upgrade the fostering position to a higher level.

"Senior foster positions will have a lower probability of stimulating the talents of foster pet animals. The probability of stimulating low talents is 10%, and the probability of medium talents is 0.01%." The system said.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, "Is that the kind of talent in the Spirit Opening Illustrated Book?"


"Then upgrade." Su Ping thought for a while and said, anyway, it will be upgraded sooner or later, and if it is not upgraded, the Chaos Nurturing Spirit Pool will not be able to upgrade, and it will get stuck.

When he reaches level three, if he can brush out the secrets of the gods and demons in the system store, Su Ping feels that his combat power will increase a lot again, which is also a pretty powerful feature.

"Requirements for upgrading a third-level store: first, the real estate area connected to the store under the host must reach 100,000 square meters; second, breed upper-medium pet beasts; third, the host's own level must reach the ninth level."

"Currently the third requirement cannot be met, please continue to work hard." The system said.

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