Astral Pet Store Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Nurture And Learn

Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

"So, it's my cultivation level that is holding back now?"

Unexpectedly, upgrading the shop actually has strong requirements for the cultivation base, but it seems that it can be changed another way... With the seventh-level cultivation base, he accumulated the energy required for the third-level shop and completed the cultivation of the upper and middle pet beasts. , Too good!

Thinking of this, Su Ping sighed, shook his head, and said to the system: "Unexpectedly, even you underestimated me."


"You must be very excited to find a host like me." Su Ping said in his heart.


Su Ping smiled with satisfaction.

Today's game with the system, he won.

My stupid system, you still don't have the experience of coping with human pretense.

"Insult the system once." The system said immediately.

Su Ping smiled lightly and didn't think about it anymore. He wouldn't give the system a chance to retaliate.

After exiting from the shop interface, Su Ping looked at the previously registered pet beasts and divided them into categories. It is still extremely difficult to cultivate each pet beast to a superior qualification, and the money is not easy to make.

"These pet beasts are currently inferior and inferior, and some are still inferior. This has to be raised to the superior in one breath. At least they must increase their combat power by a large amount. You must first enlighten them and let them At least master the low speed talents first. I don't know how much a talent can improve their aptitude?"

Su Ping summoned these classified pets in the pet room one after another. He first summoned two dragon pets, but they were all ordinary dragon pets, and the dragon level was beyond ten.

If such dragon pets are thrown into the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, they are probably everywhere, and they are the "low-level meat" in the eyes of those purple blood dragons.

Su Ping put his hand on the dragon pet's head and released Kai Ling.

No surprises, both dragon pets were successfully enlightened, and their attributes also have more talent attributes, both of which are low-level supernatural speed talents.

Su Ping looked at their aptitudes, and found that the two dragon pets were inferior, and their aptitudes had improved to the inferior at this moment!

Skip the next medium in one go!

"Sure enough, talent is rare. A dragon pet who can awaken talent, like a girl who loves to laugh, will not have bad aptitude. After all, poor ones can't laugh."

These two dragon pets hadn't been cultivated by him, and only rely on talents, and they were about to be close to medium, which shows the importance of talents.

And their combat power, under the low speed talent, also directly reached the limit of 9.9!

The combat power of these two dragon pets was only 9.4 to 9.5. Compared with the lower ranks of their ninth ranks, they could only be regarded as slightly higher combat power than their own ranks. Such an increase was normal among dragon pets.

However, being able to reach normal is already quite a lot of energy for many pet masters.

After all, those who are not well cultivated may still exert their combat power, which is lower than the level.

This is by no means exaggerated and rare.

It's like a normal child can get a score of 60, but his own fails. Is this not common? !

Cultivating pet beasts is technical work. Some pets are poorly taken care of, and even suffer from poor growth and weak body. Some pets often eat randomly and the owner does not care, which leads to accidental eating of some strange spirit grass, often getting sick and weak. , Even if the level is higher, the combat power will be frustrated.

Not every Tibetan mastiff can beat the pastoral dog.

Of course, winning Erhana is no problem.

Su Ping didn't know whether the two dragon pets had just reached 9.9 or the limit of 9.9. After all, this 9.9 is a bit cheating.

In any case, Su Ping is still very satisfied with his ability to improve his aptitude by a large margin, and he can also see the importance of the enlightening illustration book. If he has a medium speed talent, the effect will be even more different, a low speed talent. Just double the speed, just double, there is such an effect, if it is twice the medium, it will be even more exaggerated.

This speed increase is twice that after reaching the limit through other secret methods, which is very scary.

Two pet beasts of the same combat power, one with a low-level supernatural speed talent, in the case of breaking out at twice the speed of the opponent, can completely kill the opponent before the opponent does not react!

Su Ping retracted the two dragon pets, and then called out other pets to enlighten one by one.

By doing this, these customers pet beasts are definitely making a lot of money, but Su Ping is not losing money. For him, it is just a hands-on thing, and after he completes their professional training through other training methods, basically these The pet beast has reached its limit. In the future, if their masters want to continue to strengthen their pet's power, they can only go to his store or go to other stores. No one can improve and nurture them.

This is the "monopoly" of dependence.


In a blink of an eye, Su Ping opened up all the twenty-four battle pets.

Most of the aptitudes of these battle pets are inferior to superior, a few are inferior to intermediate, and some have reached intermediate aptitude, which belong to the higher aptitude that was originally cultivated.

Su Ping classified them according to their classification, and the next step was to cultivate them in batches.

These pets have devil pets, dragon pets, and element pets of various lines.

As for the battle-type pet beast, this is the least common. It does not even have elemental skills. It has only a brute force. Although the defense is good, but compared with the elemental skills, whether it is viewing or practical, it has a little taste. This is also a combat type. The reason why petting beasts becomes popular among common people is that only the poor have to use it.

Su Ping gave priority to demon pets.

There are a total of seven demon pets, all of which are not high-ranked demon pets. The strongest among them is only ranked seventh in the demon rank, which is quite high.

Although Su Ping is only a seventh-tier, his mental power is extremely strong, and he can sign nine pet beasts.

Except for the five in his hand, he is cultivating the world and can sign four more temporary pets at a time.

In other words, for these seven pet beasts, Su Ping needs to be brought in and cultivated in two batches.

This time, Su Ping did not go to the Demigod Land, but chose it from the demon-type pet beast breeding ground.

There are many cultivation places for demon pet beasts, most of them are in the Asura world, the undead world and the like. Among them, there are many distinctions in the Shura world, just like the dragon world.

"Why are there so many Asura worlds, isn't it a unified world?" Su Ping asked the system curiously.

The system didn't answer immediately, but was silent for a while before saying: "There was only one world, in the earliest ancient times, but afterwards it broke and formed a different world."

"Why is it broken?" Su Ping asked curiously.

The system didnt say anything. Su Ping had a long time and didnt wait for the system to answer. He fed twice, but still didnt respond, so he didnt ask any more. Anyway, he knows it now and it doesnt make much sense. Those are too far away from him. .

"Just go to the cultivation place of Sin Sword Shura City."

Su Ping picked a place and made a choice.

This is a medium-sized cultivation site, and the introduction in it is that this cultivation site is the world of a Shura sword king.

In addition to cultivating customers' pet beasts, Su Ping has not forgotten his previous thoughts. He can also take advantage of the cultivation ground to increase his strength.

"If you can find the Shura Sword King in this cultivation area, and get him to teach swordsmanship, it seems not bad." Su Ping said inwardly.

It is mentioned in the introduction that this Shura sword king masters peerless swordsmanship, and Su Ping is quite tempted. Although his favorite is to rely on his fists, because it is simple and rude, but he has more control over other weapons and secret techniques. It doesn't hurt, after all, if there are too many prostitutes, there are only benefits.

After the selection, Su Ping paid the entrance fee directly.

Spending 40 energy from the system store to purchase four temporary contracts, Su Ping signed the contract with the first batch of demon pets to be cultivated, and went to the Sin Sword Shura City.



Sin Sword Shura City.

To say it is a city, it is really a city. The main location of the entire world is in a desolate ancient giant city. Outside the giant city, it is a dim wasteland without much vitality.

In this ancient giant city, there are only a few skeletons and undead wandering around, not many.

At the highest point of Shura City, there is a slasher platform. There stands a tens of meters long dark giant sword. In front of the sword sits a huge figure that exudes a frightening atmosphere that can swallow light. The killing horns of the Shura clan, but one of the horns was broken.

Su Ping teleported to this Shura city, and he summoned all his pet beasts, including the customer's four, a total of nine.

Fighting on the empty streets of the city, fighting all the way, after he was accidentally attacked and killed seven or eight times, Su Ping came to the commanding heights in the city, the beheading stage.

There are no other undead creatures here, not even difficult evil ghosts. Su Ping saw the burly figure sitting in front of the giant sword, and at a glance he recognized the Shura clan. The momentum is extremely strong. It is definitely not a legend, but a starry sky. Level, even more terrifying than the old starry dragon he saw in the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm!

This is an aura that will explode every moment, full of vigor.

The next moment, Su Ping saw the opponent's opened eyes, and the moment he stared at him, Su Ping had a tingling feeling in his eyes.

"There is no malice here, I'm here to learn swords." Su Ping said directly.

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