Astral Pet Store Chapter 549

Chapter 549: The Covenant Of Cang Ming The Aid Of The Cold City

"Your Shura sword of breaking evil has been repaired."

Min looked at the space where Su Ping had smashed his sword and said, "But it's only a beginner level, and you still need to practice hard, and the aura in you just now is a bit strange, I seem to feel a bit of aura of God."

Su Ping did not deny that the golden crow **** and demon body had just absorbed the blood of King Shura, most of which was the aura that was exposed by this Ming.

"Thank you." Su Ping clasped his fist.

Min shook his head slightly and said, "The reason why I promised to teach you swordsmanship is because there hasnt been any other beings here for too long, except for those dead creatures. Your appearance is very strange, and now swordsmanship has also been taught to you. You, hope you can fulfill our agreement."

Su Ping nodded, "I will definitely try my best to find that goddess for you."

Min looked at him, and nodded slightly after a moment. He thought of something. When he flipped over his palm, a sword box appeared in his palm.

"Since your swordsmanship has been completed, I will give you a divine sword. This is a sword of the Asura royal family. I have one myself. If I don't practice double swords, this sword will be given to you." Min said, holding hands. The sword box inside was thrown to Su Ping.

Su Ping was slightly startled, and quickly caught.

The start is extremely heavy, like ten thousand catties of cold iron, the sword box is icy and cold, as if it was fished out of the ice.

Su Ping quickly connected it firmly and opened the sword box.

There was a slender and dark blade lying inside, the back of the sword was slightly curved, with an arc, the whole body was pitch black, reflecting the icy arc, and a few scarlet gems embedded in the hilt, quite conspicuous.

Su Ping grasped the hilt of the sword, and immediately felt a suction spread from the sword, as if the sword was going to grow around his palm.

This feeling is very evil.

Su Ping was a little surprised, but didn't let go. He was not afraid of life and death anyway.

Taking out the sword, Su Ping poured in his strength, and immediately saw the snow-white bandage on the blade of the sword wrapped around his hand like a resuscitation, gradually turning red, tightening it tightly, allowing him to hold the sword extremely Prison, I can't get rid of it.

In addition, Su Ping felt a cold and evil aura pouring into his body along the palm of his hand, as if looking for the energy in his body, wanting to swallow it.

Su Ping tried to transfer a part of the energy, and was immediately swallowed by this evil aura. The next moment, Su Ping saw a strong black light appearing on the sword blade in his palm. Around the black light, the space split automatically.

Only the energy is revealed, the blade opens, and the space is broken!

Su Ping was a little frightened, this was definitely an extremely powerful sword, and it might even be a starry sky-level secret treasure!

"Really give it to me?" Su Ping looked at Ming.

Suddenly he felt flattered with such a valuable Excalibur. After all, he had only known him for more than ten days, and the friendship was not too deep, and the other party also taught him swordsmanship. He felt that he treated him too much. Up.

"With this sword, your power is enough to threaten the ghost generals. If you cooperate with your pet beasts, you will not be able to hunt the ghost generals. Only when you encounter a star-level existence, you will have no way, but anyway, at least It is enough to keep you under the stars and have first-class combat power."

Min said.

Su Ping looked at him.

"Remember our agreement." Min stared at him deeply.

Su Ping understood his intentions and nodded and said, "I will."



For the next ten days, Su Ping continued to practice swordsmanship in this ancient city of Shura under Min's guidance.

His swordsmanship has progressed rapidly, and in these ten days, he has more time to train the pet beast, the customers four-headed battle pet, and when he is in the gap of his own practice, he also fights all of them into a powerful skill. After the professional training, the combat power is broken ten.

Among them, the high-level ones have reached 15 points of combat power, which is comparable to the medium-sized sea-level king beasts!

After returning, Su Ping found the remaining demon pets and continued to practice in the ancient city of Shura.

Time flies.

After the second batch of demon pets were cultivated, Su Ping knew that he would leave this ancient city of Shura temporarily.

He came to the beheading stage and said goodbye to Min.

Ming also saw that Su Ping really wanted to leave, and he didn't want to give up. On the contrary, he hoped that Su Ping would finish his training soon and complete the agreement for him earlier.

The farewell was brief, and Ming watched Su Ping leave.

When Su Ping's figure was swallowed by the vortex again, he disappeared in front of him, Min slowly withdrew his gaze, his eyes were a little sad, and he muttered to himself: "Cang Min's covenant, I hope you are still alive, I hope... You can find it here."

He stretched out his hand, the complexion on his palm was extremely pale, with faint traces of chappedness.

"The life span of the Shura clan is not endless..."

"The fate that my father said... does it exist?"

His self-talk disappeared, and the entire warlord's stage fell into a long silence, and the entire ancient city of Shura also returned to silence, once again becoming lifeless, without fluctuations.



Back in the store, Su Ping cancelled the demon pets he had cultivated and threw them back to the store. Then he picked out the sorted dragon pets and began to cultivate them.

This time he did not go to the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm, but chose another Dragon Realm.

After all, this time I am going to cultivate the pet beast, not to fight it. If the old starry dragon in the purple blood dragon abyss perceives him, he will definitely send the existence of the destiny to chase and kill him. The effect of petting the beast.

And he also said that going to the Purple Blood Dragon Abyss Realm is to let the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast suppress the Purple Blood Heaven Dragon clan, and it is obviously not time.

Su Ping chose another middle-level dragon world cultivation site to continue his journey of cultivation.



While Su Pingzuan was cultivating pet beasts day and night in the little naughty shop, on the other side, in the cold city base, a beacon was everywhere.

Some wind energy power plants, pioneering bases and other facilities outside the cold city base have been destroyed and flooded, and monsters are everywhere, like a vast ocean.

On the high walls of the four bases of the cold city, blood stained the high walls, like the ink splashed by a brush, under the walls are countless corpses.

At this moment, all parts of the city are in a hurry.

"For help from the north, for help from the north!"

"There are sixteen Tier 9 monsters in the north. They are currently leading the charge and they are almost unstoppable!"

"The east is in a hurry, the east is asking for help!"

"The king beast appears to the east, it is the king beast!!"

"There are two king beasts in the east, ask for help, ask for help!"

"Why are there no reinforcements? Are our cold city already abandoned?"

In the general headquarters of Cold City, distress telegrams came from all over the place quickly, the voices inside were extremely anxious, and some were full of despair.

Outside the city, monsters are like oceans, the base is crumbling, but inside the base, there is no new force to join the front line, the guards are getting weaker and weaker and more difficult to resist.


Especially in the east, when the two king beasts appeared in the beast tide, the countless generals guarding the city, as well as the Xuan family guarding the east in Cold City, all fell into despair.

There is no news of King Beast among the previously detected beast tide!

This king beast was hidden in it, and suddenly appeared!

And they have not received any news from the above that a legend has come to take the seat!

If there is a legend in charge, this news will never be hidden. After all, this is news that can invigorate the military, and it is good if it is not made out of nothing.

However, there was no news that the legend was sitting in town, but instead saw the king beasts with his own eyes. This made many soldiers who struggled to resist the beast tide, including the generals commanded above, cast a thick shadow on their hearts and faces, full of despair.

Their cold city is only a B-level base city, without the equipment and combat power that can match the king beast. Although the parties have successively reinforced many strong people, there are also some title-level battle favorites.

However, in front of King Beast, none of these are enough to see!

In the general headquarters, hearing the news of the king beast from the east, the entire headquarters also fell into silence. All the people who were busy responding to the other sides couldn't help but stop and froze in place.

King beast?

Everyone looked at each other, seeing the despair and frustration in each other's eyes.


why? !

They have worked so hard, so desperate, why do they still encounter such a thing?

This is a cold city!

Some people looked at the commander-in-chief above, the city lord of Cold City.

The city lords face was also pale, and his hand holding a copy of the manuscript was trembling. He knew that the report could not be wrong. He also knew that the peak tower he had asked for did not send reinforcements. The reason given seemed to be the peak tower. There was also an emergency, which resulted in no legend at this moment being able to free up his hands for reinforcements.

The city lord's mind was buzzing, and his sight was a little shaken.

Since the cold city faced the beast tide for nearly a week, he has been running around, asking for help everywhere, asking all the people in his contacts who can be requested one by one. Almost never closed his eyes in the process. He heard such bad news at this moment. He felt dark in front of him and he was about to faint.


His body sat down sullenly, sadness in his eyes.

But soon, he seemed to think of something, the sadness faded, his eyes showed a fierce light, he stood up, and said loudly: "Transfer all reserve forces and materials to the east, and fully reinforce the east! In addition, send a reserve battalion. Soldiers, move the cowardly old and weak women in the base from the refuge passage to the south!"

"This king beast wants to attack from the east, then fight with them on the east!"

When the others heard him, their expressions changed a little.

One of the generals suddenly said sadly: "The city lord, there is no more reserve force to reinforce the front line, now only the recruits of the reserve camp are left."

Another general said: "If you move away, the previous evacuation channel will be destroyed by the monster, you need to open it again, but it is very likely that you will encounter the monster again, the city lord, do you really want to move away?"

They didn't make a move before, just because of this concern.

The city lord's face was slightly pale, and his reserve forces were gone? That said, the cold city is exhausted?

Seeing the instantly aging face of the city lord, it seemed that all the energy and spirit were taken away in an instant, and everyone was also showing sorrow, but at this moment, a piece of information suddenly came.

"East Express! East Express!"

"There is a third king beast appearing behind the tide of beasts, but this king beast seems to be directed at the other two king beasts, and has already been fighting together!"

"This, this seems to be a reinforcement king beast!"

"Some people, some people are reinforcements, reinforcements on that king beast!!"

This voice is full of excitement, and can even hear the cry of joy, which is a surprise from **** to heaven.

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