Astral Pet Store Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Pioneer Warehouse

Fan Ganglie and Fan Xiaoyu were stunned.

Looking at the road on the ground that extends to seven invite you, so you can register directly. "

At this time, he tapped again on the screen, entered a string of passwords, and quickly jumped out of a team page.

Above are five avatars.

Below the avatar is the alternative, Su Ping's avatar.

"In the future you will be a temporary pioneer of our team. If you want to get right, you need to pass the audit at the base.

If you are a temporary pioneer, you will not have any allowance in the base city, and there is no exclusive tank configuration, but other treatments are similar to those of the pioneers. If someone provokes you, as long as it is actively provoking, you just fat beat Thats all, but dont kill people easily. After all, you are not a formal pioneer, and you will be punished a little. Fan Yujing said with a smile.

Just a small penalty?

Su Ping was stunned, and once again felt the power of the pioneers.

However, it is not uncommon for the pioneers to guard the base, which has a higher status than the army.

If an ordinary person can resist the pioneers, it will inevitably cool the hearts of other pioneers. For the top federal officials, the loss is even greater.

"Sure enough, strength is the king. If you are an ordinary person who is unknown, in this troubled world, I am afraid that no place is safe."

Su Ping secretly said that he did not dare to say that all pioneers were good people. In case of a grumpy man, an ordinary person was shot and killed, and the family of the ordinary person had no resistance at all!

This is the sorrow of the weak!

In any world, life is not equal!

"Although they are temporary pioneers, the Su brothers also have the basic powers of the pioneers. Each time they perform tasks, they will be assigned merits according to their performance. When the merits are accumulated to a certain level, there will be different welfare treatments, and you can also use merit points Buy all the items you need."

Fan Yujing smiled slightly and said to Su Ping: "I will take the Brothers Su to the Pioneer Exchange Warehouse to see if there is anything they need, but the Brothers Su will pick it."

"Oh?" Su Ping's eyes moved, with some interest.

Soon, they came to another building, where they still log in through the computer and enter the "Pioneer Exchange Warehouse" interface.

"There are pioneering armor, weapons, and various cultivation techniques. For example, the four basic skills increase taught in the college only teaches one to four levels, but here, there are one to nine levels of skill increase cultivation methods." Fan Yujing said.

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